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Im 26 year old and still virgin, its not funny anymore, this shit hurts

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marry a good christian girl

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>a good christian girl

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Sex isn’t that cool bro.

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37 and still a virgin here OP, you do not know pain. I do not fret however, if it is God's will for me to have a wife and kids I will. I also acknowledge I need to put more effort in to making it happen as well.

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What did he mean by this

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m-me too op
w..anna lose our virginities together?

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You're not missing anything besides women being retards and having to deal with their retardation
>gf says she is tired and hasn't slept since day before
>tell her to go to sleep
>gets mad at me
Seriously, don't bother with this bullshit

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Just fuck a hooker. After doing it a few times you'll see that a good wank feels the same or better.

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>Going to be a 32 year old virgin this year
>Still don't know what crime I committed to deserve this punishment

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let me tell you how my high school life went down

>1st GF
>dated for a few months
>kept ignoring her at school
>ignored her texts to play league of legends
>she breaks up with me

>2nd GF
>friend of first GF
>make out with her at the park
>every time we are alone we are making out
>ignore her again to play league of legends
>we break up

>3rd GF
>sexy vietnamese chick
>make out with her behind the school all day
>extremely intimate relationship
>break up with her over text randomly to play league of legends

>4th GF
>lasts 4 days
>got in the way of my league time

*takes a long rip of a cigar*

and that OP, is how i ended up forever alone
it all comes back to league, everything does

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Don’t fall for the hooker meme, you will hate yourself unless you just don’t give a fuck about the consequences to your spirit

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Based and league-pilled

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This guy is right anon. I have had a few girls in my life. It was always the same bs. If you've ever used one of those pocket pussy things it's really not much difference.

Don't let this define you. It really isn't a big deal.

Also don't watch porn and do not beat off. Focus on yourself and be the man you aspire to be.

All the best,

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>read this thinking im in the lolg
>realize its biz
weird feeling...

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I'm 33/virgin, the pain will slowly go away and you will move on

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sh-shadilay fellow anons d-dubs and im uncircumsized i swear im ill buy on the sabbath

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Well, that's your own fucking fault though.
LoL is a shit game, and a kind gf is worth more

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I lost my virginity to a fat chick on 4chan when I was like 21. I'm 33 now. Haven't had sex in over 5 years. To be honest if I wanted it that bad I would just go to an escort.

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>LoL is a shit game
correct, no one plays it because its fun though
>A kind gf is worth more
let me give you an example

>GF at 9:00 AM: LOL good morning cutie :kiss_emoji: :smiling_blush_emoji:
>GF at 9:02 AM: Sent TwerkingColorGuard.mp4
>GF at 9:02 AM: make sure you like it on his IG ok sweetie? <3

absolutely insufferable, please stop pretending like thats okay

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How do you meet a grill on 4chan

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4 more years till wizard class...

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How do you do fellow

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you gotta get that done bro, just fuck some hookers to get your confidence up and then move up to real girls

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I am 26 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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Oh really what's her onlyfans?

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why'd you date a hoe?

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ive kissed girls and have played with several boobies, still a virgin though at 23
will probably die a virgin because i am an absolute failure and am ugly

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>fuck good christian girls

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invest in a high tech sex doll. seriously it's better than real sex. oldfag here

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42 years old and haven't had sex in years because I no longer try, eventually you'll realize women aren't worth the hassle

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Fucking loser.

I'm a 30 year old hugless virgin, but by the time I'm 37 I will definitely have a wife

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Custom Chatbot anime girlfriends are coming soon anon. Just give it another 2 years and you'll be better off with a fake gf. Don't believe me? Check out Replika ai and imagine it more realistic with text to speach and voice recognition. Loneliness will forever be BTFO. I give this tech 2 years tops.

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This is just what normie women are like

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Waste of time. Even hot looks wear off quickly and your stuck with a nagging annoying bitch.

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Thanks anon.
You know what the true blackpill is? I’ve had sex with over 100 different women and I don’t even care anymore because the only woman I ever loved dumped me 6 months ago and all I want is someone to love and comfort me and cuddle me and send me cute & loving texts.
I don’t even masturbate anymore, I’ve lost all feeling and have become completely emotionally numb. I’ve been making more money than I have ever made before, and I don’t even care because I don’t spend money on anything besides food. Materialism won’t solve anything, things are just things.
Idk guys, I’ve never had such a laissez-faire attitude towards suicide but idk...I really don’t know anymore

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You were born a white male living in the 21st century.

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>If you've ever used one of those pocket pussy things it's really not much difference.

Not gonna lie, first time I used an onahole it felt like losing my virginity. Kind of a 'holy shit' moment. Even if you've gotten laid it's worth trying at least once.

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the jew mocks the goy, knowing no good christian girls still exist, thanks to jewish subversion of media

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ok normalfag

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There is more to life fren.

"lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:" -Matthew 6:20

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Fucks your problem fren?

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I am obease and i've had 2 2-3 long relationships. both were objectively skinny and attractive by any standard. I dont know what the fuck to tell you guys other than if you dont take any chances you wont have any successes.

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2, 2-3 year long* sorry

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