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In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

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yeah, when it crashes to zero and everyone ropes

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Look forward to it bro. Unless it's an unwelcome BBC. This I do not look forward to.

So, what's happening?

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Post hand

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Just post pregnant Sergey already

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so how hard are we dumping

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30 minutes

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Just a hint

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checked, looking forward to nothing happening again.

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We might see pregnant sergey

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It’s Friday bro. It’s not happening tonight

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Strap in boys.

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Bullish chainlink announcements come on mondays and wednesdays. We will dump all weekend as will most cryptos

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in 1 hour i will be finished fucking sergey and will release my potent sperm in his ass

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I hope we're this lucky

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It’s Thursday

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i'm going to sleep, and waking up in 11 hours to find link down 12%.
i know it, you know, they know it.

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>sergey impregnating

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It's literally dumping right now.

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Don't need a token to call external API's bud

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10 minutes

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wow this is really it, we're finally free

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7 min

>> No.30241997

9 min

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checked...god fuck

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10 minutes

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Changed in what way?
I already feel pain....is that not enough pain?

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OP here.

There has been a delay. Please wait.

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7 minutes(ish) to go what’s the story bub

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1..2..3... i’m a muslim man..

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U a pregnanet musliem?

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... those digits.

How long fren? Minutes? Years?

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>Maybe we'll catch up to UNI.

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5 minutes frens I can feel it

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itt retards falling for shit larp episode 21

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1000 dollars EOH

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Those digits

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While whales offload, they supply this board with new larps. Hodl strong they say.

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Yeah I’m fucking going to kill myself in exactly 1 hour

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Faggot op doesn't even deliver pregnant Muslim copypasta.

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Arbitrum? it's Arbitrum, right?

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OP here again.

There is a new time scheduled.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

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Bottom coming this weekend. I’ll definitely be snatching some up after I sold at 28

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Arbitrum will be released within the next 24 years

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K guess I’ll go play some video games until then cool talk preciate you

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man i just wanna fuck you in the ass

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They were finally given permission to be released from the patent so it would be pretty based if they announced something.

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>1 more hour guys

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>> No.30243163

after 1h.

>op here, 1h more. this time for real
We just gonna be lower. Mark my words
Where have I seen this? Hmmm...

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appreciate the honesty and transparency anon, will be back in an hour. excited to see the cool news that you have and will post in an hour (barring further delays)

>> No.30243176

Thanks OP, I await with baited breath

>> No.30243229

Reaching Qanon levels of cope, here OP. 1/10 larp.

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File: 856 KB, 555x781, Screenshot_2021-02-11 im-not-so-sure-about-that-look-here-cia-man-52808600 png (PNG Image, 500 × 857 pixels) — Scaled (88%).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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oh boy I cant wait

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it's an honest mistake I'm sure. give him the benefit of the doubt, he's really going to be helping us out i can tell by his ID

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Just 2 more weeks bro

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> Trust the plan. Trust Sessions.

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i bought, op. you better not be a faggot.

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On a semi-related note, my friend's mom has been going on and on since 2014 (no joke) about how the Generals are about to arrest Obama any time now. It's always at the end of next month. It's like talking to a flat earther...

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Cursed trips

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Yeah all holding waiting for something to happens meanwhile this fagget its unloading his bags on you

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If we break below $25 we in trouble lads.

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its already over
most bearish chart ive ever seen

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we’re just tied to btc, when it crashes so do we and when it recovers we’ll limp along behind

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Gosh I am so excited, just told the wife we might be able to fire up the generator another week or two

>> No.30244043

op is probably selling most of his stack or some shit.

>> No.30244062

It’s 10000000% going to happen. We’ll see $19 by tomorrow. How the fuck did uncle old fag know. I’m seriously fucking bewildered.

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actually its more like 24,30ish.

Which doesnt fucking matter if bitcoin continues to plummet.

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Link always crashes 2x btc it’s fucking annoying as fuck I want to smash the manipulators heads into the ground

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Btc going back to 43k. If that doesn't hold then 38k. If that doesn't hold. Well lets just hope one of those 2 price targets holds. Depends on what JPOW and the FED is gonna do. But lets be honest. This shit cant continue. Not just in crypto but in stocks aswell. How many retards you have investing now and everyone just keeps making this obscene returns. Me included. We are all gonna get rekt as fuck. Perhaps it might be a good thing in the long run...

Link going back to 20$ possibly 18$ or 14$ at its max. That would make another 65% correction. Ish.

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the guess went in his favor. all you had to do was see jpow on thursday and jobs report on friday, add this to the usual weekend dumps and you get 4-6 days of blood if everything goes wrong, which it seems to be. if powell had been less boneheaded we wouldn’t be crying like cucks atm

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I fucking did it again, I didn't sell the top. Seven days ago my linkies became eligible for long term capital gains. The long-term capital gains tax rates will be nice but it fucking blows that I will once again have to wait for the next top.

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Would that be it the end of the bull? Like is this 2018 right now where we crash 80%. But can you imagine link actually being that low in value?

>> No.30244449

Is Chinklain dead?

>> No.30244524

Ok that makes sense but to put money where ones mouth is is impressive I don’t know if he did but if so he was spot on and nobody else here really had the balls to short it. We’re all thinking of hey Here comes the ETH like movement of link

>> No.30244550

No idea. Might be. But if it is, my personal opinion is that we would see a quicker recovery. But before that a 80-95% dump or a flash crash. I'm staying bullish on long term though. I would imagine all of these funds and companies are not buying bitcoin now because they think its gonna crash and burn.

>> No.30244591

Yeah when it was over 30 I thought about selling to clear my margin, now I get to sweat bullets over another weekend because I’m a retard who needs to get punched repeatedly until I learn a damn thing apparently. nice link chan btw

>> No.30244698

he never posts screencaps the shorts are just larps

>> No.30244745

Ya I’m annoyed I pumped another 90k usd in the last couple weeks. I have 50k link like 1.3M still so whatever it’s not the end of the world but ya I’d rather have that 90k for dips now

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>> No.30244857

Might be but the last two crashes he literally came and spoon fed us and he was correct even at 37 all the way down to 21 flash crash. This is different tho this is the fall after the return to normal. It sucks but we got fucked this cycle link is so fucking important and it’s crazy’s how it’s less than a 10B company like it’s fucking insanity

>> No.30244858

Same here, should have fucking closed my margin at 30+ but now im under water for god knows how long while sweating my ass off. Im such a retard. Down 2k links already

>> No.30244869

I would like to see what will happen with crypto when the dollar crashes and burns... Gold and Silver are gonna moon, people will have trouble getting that, and now we have a system where you can transfer money from your bank onto an exchange and buy any shitcoin you want in a few clicks. That is gonna be an interesting scenario in the future... I dont fucking know whats going on or whats gonna happen, but I have a feeling that the goyim is gonna get rekt one way or another. Maybe even both ways SIMULTANEOUSLY.

>> No.30244932

sweet christ am i excited for you guys. congrats on this marines, seriously. you deserve it

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Is this it?

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>think about selling a 0.1% of my stack
>price shoots down
sorry guys

>> No.30245088

oh yeah, that's gonna change my life
big time

>> No.30245105

Quick question because I'm a TAlet, what does it usually mean when the spread on the order book tightens? I think it was yesterday I saw orders from like $20-$30, now it's like $24-$27.

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>it's just another filler blog post

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Just another price feed

>> No.30245304


He's been pregnant for so long. I'm starting to think he's just fat.

>> No.30245516

that's not what spread means, spread is the difference between the highest bid and the lowest ask, i think you mean you were seeing orders on the books in those ranges, you probably just zoomed in so you see prices over a smaller range

>> No.30245638

fucking LOL you werent wrong because my life did change i just bought more link at the bottom of that glorious dump

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10 more minutes. my god i cannot wait

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checked, gave up but now i'm excited again

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checked fren

>> No.30245869

Checked based money belly

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yo how does this even happen

>> No.30245948

one year later its 135 chill lol

>> No.30246033

sucks man I bought at 27... could've bought at 26

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I bought x1000 at 29.20 it hurts. it looks like its holding just below 26. Hopefully it hit the floor and we can relax a bit

>> No.30246230

Thanks for buying my bags :)
I'm enjoying sitting on the sidelines during this

>> No.30246248

You should really be looking at the depth charts instead of throwing money in with "hope"

>> No.30246462

Ah, that's probably what I was seeing then. Staring at charts all the time seems to have fried my brain.
>green id

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OP here again.

There has been a delay.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

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Stop larping you fag

>> No.30246802

sirs is this on the indian time zone??

>> No.30246835

My life hasn't changed. I'm a little bit poorer, but not too much. Looking forward to it though, if it's good.

Prolly I'll just lose more money. This is a shame.

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absolutely based. i was considering blowing my entire yearly bonus to gather myself some more stinky linkies. wagmi marine

>> No.30247219

Thank you for the update, OP. We understand that it's been kinda crazy right now. Hope to hear again from you soon.

>> No.30247292

Fuck you man. Thank goodness I'll be up in an hour anyway

>> No.30247333

And here I was thinking I sold too early at $29 Tuesda. Feels good to be in the green and free of liquidation.

>> No.30247342

I already bought my rope - extra soft silk. I have all my linkies organized perfectly - arranged in such a way as to make a suicide note. It reads:
Didn't read. Not selling.

>> No.30247452

There is nothing to check newfag.

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>> No.30247608


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thanks fren
I bought x800 in april for 4.00 and sold at 33. this is profits i'm gambling with and i'm sure it will be north of 30 by june at the latest

>> No.30247820

I'm so excited for this

>> No.30248143


>It's happening. Tonight!
>divided by 24

>> No.30248324

You should've saved this thread for tomorrow OP, when I close on my first house.

>> No.30248348

I can't go this long without pregnant Sergey

>> No.30248599

Dude... you said that three times now... I need to get some sleep for work... are you absolutely sure this time?

>> No.30248630

>buying a home at literal all time max
live in a fucking tent and hold

>> No.30248685

>two more weeks

>> No.30248778


>> No.30248871

charts going fucking nuts wtf

>> No.30248880

Did I missed it?

>> No.30249043

dude I love this guy lmao

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>> No.30249347

That was in 2019


>> No.30249355

6 minues.

>> No.30249357

forget about this low trash
no need to go for this scam
>you shouldn’t be smart to understand how to do profit on farming
follow Jul on Binance Smart Chain
>no reason to pay 20% of your portfolio on fees and taxes

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>> No.30249580

Oh shit, 1 minute until our lives are changed forever

>> No.30249586

1 minute, anons.

>> No.30249689

What happened I missed it

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>> No.30249817

OP here again.

There has been a misunderstanding.

Fuck OP.

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>> No.30249962

OP here again.

There has been a delay.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

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Anons, Sergei has betrayed us.

>> No.30250063

Thanks for the update OP I really believe you

>> No.30250104

dear diary,

today op was a massive, absurdly, unimaginably huge nigger and also a fucking faggot.

>> No.30250215

Understandable, these things happen.

>> No.30250396

Alright, fine, but this is the last time! We can't keep doing this...

>> No.30250484

Okay you sound completely legitimate
I believe you

>> No.30250508


>> No.30251032

are we fucked, or safe? if it dips more ive got 0.02btc to play with

>> No.30251144

i got a good feeling about this one

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Where's the next update OP.
I swear the Ganges will run red if I don't get my hopium

>> No.30251326

OP is dead I fucking killed him and stole his link, I will distribute them to the first 3 that re

>> No.30251380

give me

>> No.30251472

LINK is the final stablecoin. All other assets appreciate and depreciate, but LINK remains constant. What happened today is that the value of fiat surged. LINK didn't actually dump.

>> No.30251626



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>170 replies

>> No.30251876

I didn't buy though, I took out a loan at all time min interest rates

>> No.30251891

Ah, that brings back memories.

>> No.30251916

even if Chainlink goes up to a million dollars and you all make it. A million dollars is nothing. You got like 2 years max before you are broke again from uncle sam.

>> No.30252061

do you know how to have fun?

>> No.30252179

Historically chainlink sees a 40-60% crash after a top which you'd know if you'd been here longer than a few weeks. I've held link for 3 years and don't feel a need to fud. He's a larping retard. I could post a larp like his and convince you retards I'm some all knowledgeable whale when in reality chainlink has just always done this shit

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Only 5 more minutes

>> No.30252626

OP here again.

There has been a delay.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

>> No.30252647

OP here again.

There has been a delay.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

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>> No.30253124

i swear to god you stupid faggot if you don't at least tickle my penis with pregnant muslim gay sergey in 49 minutes im gonna prime factor your RSA keys

>> No.30253183

the funniest thing would be if its real. ha ha wouldn't that be crazy guys if we actually made it and could live lives with human dignity?

>> No.30253212

I'm waiting OP.
I put everything on hold for this.

>> No.30253877
File: 393 KB, 1016x703, 1572410412650.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30254071

Thanks OP this time it's gonna come true!

>> No.30254170

well? did I make it?

>> No.30254239
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>> No.30254524
File: 158 KB, 900x645, 1555984972001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30254599
File: 531 KB, 2048x1536, 1577073737312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.30254675

OP here, on a different computer. Your lives have already been changed. You finally realise that you’re clinically retarded for sitting around waiting for my post for hours.

Thank me.

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>> No.30254935
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Thanks anon!

>> No.30255103

op you are changing me forever and it isnt good

>> No.30255428

i am better then you.

>> No.30255800

OP? it didnt happen? was there another delay?

>> No.30255819

I just bought at 30$, I had only 4k, but I heard it was sure thing 1k end by the end of the year

>> No.30255844

brown id pooo

>> No.30255866

I wish it dumps to 0.00001$ so I can scoop some $LINK
>seething nolinker

>> No.30256385

One thing I learned on biz is when multiple threads say sell, you should buy. When it says buy, you should sell.

>> No.30256873

yes, you sure got everyone
we were all taking this very seriously as you can tell

>> No.30257301

Real OP here again. I'm actually on a new computer.

There was a delay. We are back on schedule.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

>> No.30257349

I fucking hate this piece of shit so god damn much

>> No.30257402

Not OP here
OP is a faggot
In roughly one hour
Your life will change
Yellowstone will blow
LINK will go to $50

>> No.30257484
File: 851 KB, 2048x1365, 1609737063709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OP Here. Slight miscalculation. The singularity begins tomorrow.

>> No.30257535

OP here again.

There has been a delay.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

>> No.30257557

thank you for the update

>> No.30257568

Keep me posted.

>> No.30257657
File: 582 KB, 853x839, 15948CB4-8A38-4D41-B790-37D12EB9AED8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fantastic shit post

>> No.30258971

OP here again.

There has been a delay.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

>> No.30259064
File: 3.51 MB, 1331x1369, sergey partyhard.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Missing work tomorrow just to stay up for this, will nbe fired this tim

>> No.30259283

Here roughly lives tomorrow good OP forever change hour 1

>> No.30259469

You know what might change your life forever?
Assassination smart contracts for people making these threads.

>> No.30259690
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>> No.30259714

OP here again.

There has been a delay.

In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.

>> No.30259774

OP here again.

There has been a delay.

In roughly 1 hour from now, I will stop sucking cocks.

>> No.30259959
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Don't bamboozle me. FAKER

I need my life to
>change forever

>> No.30260369

Anon, ngmi (not gonna miss it)

>> No.30260819

Hey guys, OP here. I just came inside my brother's asshole and now my lower body is covered in a hummus like substance. In roughly 1 hour from now, I'm going to want to cum inside my brother's sweet sweet asshole again.

>> No.30261570

I cant wait for the muslim

>> No.30261605
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Fuck it's s almost time

>> No.30261667


>> No.30261680

the eternal state of linkies

>> No.30261683

has it been an hour yet?

>> No.30261741
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>> No.30261765
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Wow, it's fucking nothing

>> No.30261776


>> No.30261793
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>> No.30261810
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>> No.30261998

So I have to stand on this ledge for another hour? Nothing works out for me.

>> No.30262053

Thanks OP

>> No.30262077

>8 hours ago

>> No.30262385

What happened?

>> No.30262388

2bh, it looks like it may be a good time to get some Linkies. Look at the RSI and MACD together.

On the 6m, 3m, 1m, and 7d charts they all look promising. RSI on the 6m and shorter is 50 and below. And on all MACD trends show we're coming up to a buy signal and a pump. Only the 1D charts for MACD show opposite, but that's the 1day charts.

I have to say, I am FAR from a financial advisor and am very likely talking out of my ass. That being said, these trends look like a good buy indication and that a price rise is coming.

>> No.30262897
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Good post

>> No.30262962

The price rise was yesterday now its dumping for a 24 hours

>> No.30264108
File: 109 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot from 2021-03-05 10-37-00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>In roughly 1 hour from now, your lives are about to change forever.
>9 hours later nothing happened
>pic related
never change /biz/ never change

>> No.30264116

>Tfw I sold all my Linkies and BTC when it was at 43k and 21 dollars each because I heard some millionaire say bear market inc cash out your profits.

Why even live

>> No.30264147

This was last week btw. Literally wanna KMS.

>> No.30264450
File: 751 KB, 1200x720, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i am.... demoralized.

>> No.30264552

based op

>> No.30264640

wow it's almost like /biz/ is just a bunch of LARPing NEETs and wagies

>> No.30264663

NEVER swing with a full stack.

>> No.30264727

Wow this thread has been going on for 10 HOURS. This is some new lvl of FUD

>> No.30265336

OP, you okay?

>> No.30265558
File: 55 KB, 258x360, LMAOO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30266384

Stop posting shit like this its really annoying.

>> No.30266545

> 1 hour from now
nothing changes
did we miss it?
did sergey fall asleep after his big mac feast?

>> No.30266743

kys newfag

>> No.30266872

Listen niggers should I keep accumulating at these prices or wait for a bigger dip when the bear market comes? Have only 200 link and want to make it with you link degenerates.

>> No.30267441


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