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COTI is so cozy. We are sheltered from the dip once again lads.

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I sold this shit for OGN. I recommend you to do the same

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Extremely comfy hold. Buying more this afternoon!

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fuck sake just realised OGN has doubled while ive been holding this crabbing piece of shit

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COTI = Best in Crypto Space

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No thanks I've been buying COTI since 2 cents. I expect us to reach $3-5.

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Dude, look at the roadmap. 3-5$ within this bullrun will be totally doable :)

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Yup fren. COTI is one of the blue chips of this decade.

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I bought coti at .20 and sold at .23 on the dip becuase the bond fud got to me fuck sake.

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Just buy COTI, get comfy and never do such a stupid mistake again.

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COTI is one of the few to have gone against this Bond FUD dip its strong - hope you get an entry fren and one for me to buy more COTI.

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Welp its dumping

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same man. dunno whether to cut my losses now and get on the HBAR/PPAY/ORN train

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It's up 12% on the daily still.

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Look at the price of OGN over the last month or so. Then look at the market cap. Does this look like a stable investment that's going up? It looks to me like whales fleecing people. I've already doubled my initial investment in COTI and it still has a long way to run.

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>chasing pumps
fuck off and never come back

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It's got a strong team and a good product that's being used right now, and it has the NFT craze going for it. It was in a Forbes article (unironically). I think OGN is solid, that said I'm also in COTI so...

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my dopamine reserves a running low dude. anyway, what else are we in this game for?

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Yup COTI delivers steady comfy gains and is a real business with an impressive roadmap. Top 20 in the making. I'm up 1200% from when I initially bought in and expect any buys at this time to follow suit.

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green ID confirms what you're saying is legit. yagmi

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Hello! This is nice coin u all have. Heard it got to 0.25 today

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Be gone, Bear bro.

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Fine, I'm going out for a while. I'll be seeing you soon though

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Im slowly dcaing back in . Never selling.

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Should I sell my 17k stack now and wait for the drip? If there is a dip

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not financial advise

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>GRT stack that I bought at 0.2 still undelegating so I can flip into COTI
>Matic moving over from Quickswap back to Etherscan because I was drunk and did a Plasma swap and have to wait three days
>figured I still had a few weeks for COTI so wasn't too worried

I fucking hate my life.

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this feels low...
unnecessary! you should strive to be a better commando, anon.

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i take it back, im sorry. HODL. no getting off this train now fellas

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Where is the dip?

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Coti has been keeping my portfolio in the green this week

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