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SOXL is going straight to 0 isn't it?

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first for fuck green energy

buy oil and Steel

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Is urusei yatsura actually a good anime?

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stocks shoot to the moon
and then come back down
but today i invested
like i was a clown

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i wanna buy more barfbags but im scurred

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/pol/ is good enough to not listen to Jew FUD, yet can’t make any money...

How does this happen??

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I don't like it after 3 episodes.

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Remember when people were laughing at us for holding "boomer" commodities while buying 10 years into the future priced tech garbage

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Green New Deal is going to happen. You'd better be looking to take profit short-term off oil.

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I'm down 40% from my ath

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Home Depot Anon, come back and explain why you're investing in Home Depot

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I season both sides when I BBQ, do you?

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yes, i like it

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OPEC is going to show America who runs it lol

WTI is going to 70 if not 100. Your advice is retarded

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>bought green energy at the literal top

Should I just kill myself bros?

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Try me

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>You're going to love this, what you're seeing now is my normal monetary stock

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No, but it might go down to 10. Would be a great buying opportunity actually

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asian markets are killing it rn

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who is this don guy
whats the ticker..

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fat retard

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friendly reminder that 3x sector specific ETFs will kill you eventually

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>"SAVERS could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this rate range before. There could be SAVERS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against his bare chest. "I HATE SAVERS" he thought. For the Love of Money reverberated his entire car, making it pulsate even as the $9000 wine circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of deflation in the economy. "With a printer, you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

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>This is quantitative easing

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Lol literally just buy stocks and hold them lol you will be rich

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Hey look it's the CEO of SOXL

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>holding TSM
any day now...

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>implying oil companies aren’t preparing to pivot

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Is this an ironic shitpost

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I have $5000 in SOXL. Unironically what the fuck do I do? Hold? It feels stupid to sell but the red hurts

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im clinically depressed

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another day
another dollar
working myyyyyyyyyy whole life awayy

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I liked it, but I also skipped a lot of the early episodes

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I sold mine with 16% loss and recovered it elsewhere
If your not that deep then no worries

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To the smg updates youtube poster:

Do them daily. Good stuff. Getting a based recap from the smg perspective vs twitter/msm clusterfuck

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need more suggestions for option plays with 50 bucks. I've been given SQQQ UXVY XLE XLF. What else should I be looking at asides ROPE?

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Rotation into Oil

Your celebrations seems premature

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He did say *killing* it.

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>And THIS, is quantitative easing which has ascended past quantitative easing, or you can just call it QEx2

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>physics will work by political will, or we will simply outlaw the physics
I too enjoy starving to death.

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Reminder to buy AMRS

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Hold. Hope for a break even in 2 years kek

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Bobo isn't in your image because he's doing this to SOXL

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>tfw job is going to make me come back into the office on Friday for the first time in a year
>tfw I was going to enjoy my last week wfh and come into the office rested
>tfw work started getting crazy, everything's an emergency and im one of the only backend devs avaiable
>tfw have worked for 2 weeks straight didn't even get a weekend last weekend.
>was suppose to have tomorrow off but it went to shit

Luckily my xanax prescription was refilled so ill go get that tomorrow. And im not bringing my computer home when I start back at the office. So good luck trying to contact me to help with emergencies. I gucking hate this, my brain is literally coming unraveled.

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>Ho hum, what a useless transformation. You increased your printer speed so what?

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checked, its kneepad time , should be able to get a couple pairs for 50 bucks

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Does anyone know the story of the pirate nun? She kept getting sicker and sicker, but she still did her shoe. She wore an eyepatch because her eye was messed up. Then she got really bad and she was dying. For days she suffered and screamed in pain. They asked her if she would like pain medicine. She said: NO, I will suffer like Jesus did . Amazing woman and faithful to the end.

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is TLT inverse of TMV or how does that work? i had to buy both calls and puts on tmv because i'm brainlet. If jpow whips out his big YCC do i want calls on TLT and puts on TMV or something else?

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>3x sector specific ETFs will kill you eventually
What is "sector specific"?
Dare to sauce?

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Every time someone posts about AMRS I buy another put. For 2.5 years now this strategy has never failed me.

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>Bobo disintegrated
hmmm... interesting.. you've looked at futures, haven't you anon?

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Moar JPOW, gimme moar!

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Why do you guys think this will keep going down?

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I've been slowly getting rid of Bobo. You can some of him left here and there on the bolts and on her thighs. I'm working on finishing him off.

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I buy SOXL and TQQQ and hold through all dips, including last March, and I do not care about the dips at all

Its just that easy, just buy

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Alright I'm laughing keep going anon

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Why would the semiconductor bull run just suddenly dry up with the rest of the market? No one cares about bond yields (yet) and semiconductors are in essentially everything

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>"SPENDERS could be here" he thought, "I've never been in this CPI range before. There could be SPENDERS anywhere." The cool wind felt good against his bare chest. "I HATE SPENDERS" he thought. Pump It Up reverberated his entire car, making it pulsate even as the $90000 wine circulated through his powerful thick veins and washed away his (merited) fear of inflation in the economy. "With a printer, you can go anywhere you want" he said to himself, out loud.

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I made the same mistake, anon.
Options are essentially roulette, high reward but its hard to take profits on them and you end up losing it.

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I’ll ask again, what is the deal with UWMC? Why is R*edit shilling a company that employs 3 people?

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Who's the Majin Buu of the stock market?

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Bought 1k in psychedelics today.
Down $50.

I thought stocks couldn’t go down? If I wanted to lose money I’d still be buying crypto at the top

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>she didn't buy the dip

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So I would assume you're still green after the last couple weeks? What's your long term SOXL prediction?

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well what the fuck is TMF? whats the difference between puts on TMV and calls on TMF?

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*Toilet bowl shatters*

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SOXL CEO was caught jerking it to loli on a zoom call
It's fucking over

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where can i see the outflow of ark etfs?

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What revenue do magic mushrooms have every quarter? You know the candy on top of this post is if it is a Canadian company

Canadian companies are almost as bad as the Greek shipping tickers. Jesus lol

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Another -3% day on the Nasdaq tomorrow fuck

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>whats the difference between puts on TMV and calls on TMF?
What's the difference between calls on SOXL and puts on SOXS? Mainly liquidity, I imagine.

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Why didnt UUUUfags drop the bag when I told them to?

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no, line go up

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because everything is super fucked and has been for a long time

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a great purge is imminent. i have never felt such hatred for my /smg/ brethren. i am surrounded by strangers and they must die.

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Balls deep on $65 ARKF calls for 3/19. Either Cathie comes thru with the memes or doesn't. I have no way out of this. Bought at the top. If SQ x2 and Crypto moons back, ARKF bros we might make it. Hold strong

Fuck bond yields boomer shit fud

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Bad, bad idea.

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it is literally illegal for oil stocks to go down this year

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What are the indicators of a B E A R M A R K E T?

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lmao bonds gonna rip your face off

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i dont fucking know either and thanks for not explaining anything about either of these tickers. very helpful

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>UUUU net income

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You forget this is clown world. Markets go down and markets go up. Like magnets you can't explain that.

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holy fuck

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(i sold it at $80 though lol)

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Why should I buy

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yeah my mistake lied in weeklies for meme plays like APHA and NOK AEZS WKHS. I had calls for WFC and ORCL that had I kept them instead of selling and going into memes, I'd have made a profit. I'm going to short reddit from now on

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Well fucking see bobo

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United States
ISM Non-Manufacturing Prices

United States
ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI

United States
ISM Non-Manufacturing New Orders

United States
ISM Non-Manufacturing Employment

United States
ISM Non-Manufacturing Business Activity

Free money, isn't free.

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Why did you buy such early expiring options? You better pray for a market run rest of this week and next 2

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One is betting on going up, the other is betting on going down

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If you're this retarded, you should absolutely not be using bond ETF options to frontrun the Fed. This part of the OP is more your speed:

>Boomer Investing 101:

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Bros, semis aren't considered "highly speculative tech" right?

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>SOXL CEO was caught jerking it to loli on a zoom call

this real?

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they give you something just to take it away, otherwise you could have just lived without it and what fun would that be?

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down pretty hard for 2021 - anyone else?

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If PLTR's so shit explain this

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holy shit

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Yes, but there will come a day when even the clown cries, and that will truly be the saddest day

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Mortgage related stocks went up in sympathy of RKT the other day. Honestly wouldn't spend much time looking into it, probably a waste of time.

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Why the fuck anyone in the right mind would want to buy fucking steel or semiconductors or bitcoin when you could just buy 10year bonds and have mind blowing 1.482 yield?

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What is the entry to reward for your trade?
This comes from:
Who/What is the market?
Who are competitors?
What are the costs to sustain?
What is the real market?

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Yes, the SOXL CEO is a complete degenerate. He's also been caught soliciting transexual prostitutes in the past too

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VXX 2 week calls at 15.5 or 16
triple your cash ezpz

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Lurk more newfriend

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Ultra Drip Speculation Tech

Is Asia dumping tonight?

>> No.30173984

Scalpers sleep well tonight! Ahhhh......

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Cathie is an insane person who by pure luck had a trading strategy that synched well with the market over the last year. If there's a real bobo moment in the markets and ARK has big outflows, they could face a liquidity crisis that could wipe out the entire fund.

>> No.30173989

but how is betting on 3x bull going up different than betting on 3x bear going down? should be same movement, no?
and i reaally dont understand how TMV a 3x bear treasury rate etf tracks the treausry rate instead of inversing it. Is that whats really happening?

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I... what? I know the difference between the tickers. I was explaining to him that if you pair each with opposite option plays, they'll move the same directionally. The main difference is just going to be which has better bid-ask spreads.

>> No.30174008

>Sold my 07/19 calls at a 2x profit during the poomp
Made the mistake of greeding during the last pump, glad I learned my lesson this time. This stock just loves to take a harsh dip and crab after hitting a new high

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Bought at the top, literally the day before the the dip. Next day Bond FUD began. All I do is pray bro.

I gotta give a shout out to a bro here who convinced me to go $65 instead of $75 tho. Thanks anon

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I don't think current /pol/ would bother to even read a book. No idea if the list is a meme, but I am enjoying Republic so far.

>> No.30174053

Makes me think back to the 80s where you could buy a muni bond that gave you a 10% tax free return

>> No.30174067

premiums are priced differently
always use a calculator to check what is more efficient

>> No.30174073

>other boards think a five figure portfolio is impressive or a larp
>/biz/ shits on it regularly

How does this happen??

>> No.30174076

no i'm learning how to do this shit with real money fuck you

>> No.30174085

How fucked am I bros?

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Because stocks actually make money

>> No.30174116

she is just trying to save face by going "oh look PLTR is going dowm imma buy more such good value!!" so money stops outflowing from her sinking ship

>> No.30174125

ok i got it now.. THIS! is the bottom

>> No.30174132

Debate me: until bottom line earnings reflect actual growth then inflation isn't real and the market can be in a bubble

>> No.30174137

>Can't even look up ticker symbols
You're gonna be forced back to fake money pretty soon lol

>> No.30174143

she was buying when the tech bubble imploded, she's probably right but I doubt many people can stomach her approach. She said today she bought amazon when it crashed. Most people would have sold and said she was crazy. Her idea makes sense, basically if there is a crash just buy into the top tech companies on her list. I'll buy if ARK dips but fuck......she is really up for the drama. I don't see how it's really an ETF syle to be honest, ETF's are supposed to do the opposite.

>> No.30174151

So what is the riskiest strategy possible? Using margin to sell naked calls for a triple leveraged security?

>> No.30174162

im hundreds of percent green over the last couple years, lol

my SOXL prediction is 3x whatever QQQ does annually, at minimum, forever. Only way semis go away is if the world collapses in which case I dont care about a 80% drawdown

>> No.30174164

thermal depolymerization
only company that claims to be able to use all seven types of plastic part of the feedstock
turns garbage into renewable diesel (not bio diesel)

>> No.30174168

it explains itself really

ok i'll take that for an answer. i still dont understand why a bear etf isnt inversing the underlying but whatev

>> No.30174169

Almost hit seven before the Nasdump desu


>> No.30174171

because most of us graduated to 5-, 6-, or even 7- figures thanks to GME

personally i went from 4-figures to mid 5-figures and I hope to graduate to 6-figures by summer even with low-risk plays

>> No.30174173

3 letter agencies never call, only send letters
100% a scam

>> No.30174178

what did you do?

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>> No.30174188

Remember to buy footlocker before niggers get their tax refund+stimmy
Thank me later ;)

>> No.30174193

How much tax fraud did you commit? A lot or a little?

>> No.30174207

Psychedelics are a medium-term game. You should sell while your loss is trivial and buy something that's more exciting instead. You aren't going to be happy waiting.

>> No.30174209

>Atos 2.50 April calls
>Gte 1.50 may and August calls

well thats it for options from me.

>> No.30174217


what are you guys talking about.
All I see in google is that the CEO had to apologize over zoom security lapses

>> No.30174224

i just dont understand how a BEAR etf tracks the udnerlying congruently rather than inversing it that doesnt make sense so much that I'm doubting my understanding

>> No.30174235



What's your take on this? The day before this it had "the biggest outflow"

>> No.30174237

meme stocks are going to get thrashed in the next two weeks. Get out for an 80% loss anon, you'll thank me

>> No.30174254

It didn't used to be like this. I think with GME a lot of us went from 4 to 5 figs, and 5 to 6 figs. In other words, recent pump and dumps combined with the recovery from March has changed a lot of people's accounts entire orders of magnitude.

>> No.30174255

Do not respond, this is a scam

>> No.30174256

I used to smoke weed every day for years and thought ever seeing 5 figs in my account seemed impossible. Then I quit and now I have 5 figs. People spend their money on retarded shit like I used to.

>> No.30174277

If you give that poo your info, you're outright fucked. Just send him the numbers on the Visa Gift Cards, they accept those.

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>> No.30174291

How is she active manager? Aren’t the ETFs passive index?

>> No.30174297


I'm never buying something that makes food again. Never.

>> No.30174302

Is there any stock as good as Suncor Energy Inc.? Serious replies only please.

>> No.30174305

>> No.30174315

Probably some futures or forex shit. Options on MARA and RIOT too maybe, until Bitcoin decided to become a stablecoin.

A bull 3x ETF will use margin and calls to replicate the underlying on steroids. A bear 3x will use margin, shorting, and puts.

>> No.30174317

current portfolio size doesn't matter, we're all at different stages of our investment journey. what matters is the path you're on. gamblers rarely make it in the end.

>> No.30174326

pre-hype gme entry lel

>> No.30174329

Selling naked calls on meme stocks like GME

>> No.30174330

withdrawal cash from atm with credit card, dump all cash into brokerage, use 100% of allowed margin, put all buying power in OTM calls or puts on 3x leverage etf

>> No.30174338

ok just tell me where the money is going please

>> No.30174344

It was a non robotic woman, also not a pajeet
Non I think? I registered a cottage kitchen business this year but all the markets where closed so no revenue

>> No.30174359

>isn't setting aside taxes
you guys are in for a huge fucking disappointment, when your personal wage level gets increased in tax as well.

>> No.30174372

They are also in incredibly short supply.

>> No.30174378

then why does the bear etf go up when the treasury rate does and the bull goes down when the treasury rate goes up? i dont understand

>> No.30174383

It's going to be a bloodshed much worse than yesterday.

>> No.30174384

honestly, i'd rather just pick what's simplest, it's too much effort to try and minmax the best strategy when what really matters is where the actual market is going

another one is debating between QQQ calls vs TQQQ calls

>> No.30174385

I have read all of Tier 1, and a few of Tier 2
incredible list thank you

>> No.30174389

So you’re telling me

I need to be

>great personality

Just to get a shot at one of these 7/10 whores walking around my campus....

Holy fucking shit how do I short the marriage market??

>> No.30174393

I don't think AQB is gonna make it.

>> No.30174395

>I'm sorry it took so much longer than the other, but I haven't had much occasion to practice this one. This is what I call yield curve control.

>> No.30174400

TQQQ 30% OTM call options
because they suffers from severe decay a 3% downturn in the market will cause a 10% dip in TQQQ, and kill about 80% of the value of the option in a day
also, because of how percents work, its harder for TQQQ to go up than down

>> No.30174410

If there are any Christian brothers here I’m in a bad place in my life and in dire straights if anyone can help me you will be saving my life, hopefully someone sees this will know my struggle is very real, thank you brothers and sisters and God bless you all.


>> No.30174412

Do you know of any semiconductor companies whose earnings doubled with their share price? I don't.

>> No.30174414


>> No.30174418

So I should just hold my SOXL, and even potentially add more? I have cash to throw at stuff in the long run but I just don't want to keep catching the knife

>> No.30174428

no just have a nice face thats it

>> No.30174430

>isn't self employed with massive tax write offs to stay at 0 agi

>> No.30174437

What ever happened to anon that had like 250k on 75c riot calls with expiration dates for March?

Did he ded?

>> No.30174439

>laughs in TFSA

>> No.30174448

im athetist and wanted to give you money but you are a christ cuck

>> No.30174455

imo the real problem is the potential liquidity crisis. ARK owns over 15% of float in something like 25 of their holdings. They also have 30% of float for the mutant fish company. Most of these large float % holdings are small cap companies with low volume.

If the fund experiences a massive outflow and they have to sell a ton of their underlying, there might not be enough buyers to absorb shares of the small caps, leading to a massive plunge in price driven by forced selling. ARK's plan to manage this is to sell their more liquid holdings first, but this feels to me like a death spiral. If I was deep in ARK and I saw Cathie selling off Tesla and Apple to hold on to the mutant fish stock, I'd fucking bail.

Spooky. You don't want your ETF experiencing that kind of volatility. It forces buying and selling of underlying, which could force you to pick up some heavy bags.

>> No.30174486

Isn't Mommy Cathie basically doing the same stuff the TQQQ Chads here are doing, except she cant just make her ETFs 100% TQQQ so she just buys the stuff mooning constantly?

I mean isnt ARK basically TSLA-lite at this point...

>> No.30174504

Do you use StockTwits?

>> No.30174505

Wow it is over for the nasdaq

>> No.30174508

this is something zyzz would have said.
We're all gonna make it

>> No.30174520

eat shit faggot

>> No.30174525

holy fuck you're a whiny faggot. you only need 1 of those three and if you have the wealth you and you alone are the problem you insufferable fuck. buy a whore get the fuck over it and never post here again.

>> No.30174532

the IRS NEVER calls people. Its that simple

>> No.30174534

Lmao, I have to pay 25 grand in extra taxes in 2022 (combined fed and local so far) because of this shit. Using withholdings to avoid quarterlies.

>> No.30174553

It's overdue you dumb cunt. The march crash should have been far worse but Powell postponed it. He can no longer.

>> No.30174555

You dont need margin to sell naked calls, which is why the plebs don't get to do it. Too many retards would just sell calls on stuff like failing video game mall retailers and then use the premium to fund stable bull plays and make themselves instantly wealthy

>> No.30174566

>but this feels to me like a death spiral. If I was deep in ARK and I saw Cathie selling off Tesla and Apple to hold on to the mutant fish stock, I'd fucking bail.
Yeah, I'm not even in ARK. I'd buy if it the death spiral happened, I guess that's what I'm saying. I'm not up for how she does things. I don't know if it will work.

>> No.30174571

>Non I think? I registered a cottage kitchen business this year but all the markets where closed so no revenue
Probably a sweep for PPP fraud then?

TMF and TMV are for the long end of the curve (20+ years). We have yield steepening going on. So they sort of match a chart of 20 or 30 year bond yields, but they will *not* match 1:1 with a chart of 10 year yields.

>> No.30174572

Do you want part 2 of the list?

>> No.30174573

Also on this. When ARK had massive gains from Tesla and massive cash inflows from new people buying because of Tesla gains, they could have used that capital to diversify their holdings. Instead they're doubling down on their big holdings and ignoring the risk posed by their large small cap positions. I don't think that was a smart move.

>> No.30174593


>> No.30174596

You use what ever tool you can get your hands on info anon.....

>> No.30174597

I only lose money so this isn't an issue.

>> No.30174602

I hate mumu almost as much as I hate niggers.

>> No.30174605

this is exactly why selling covered calls on positive days prints free cash. One day that ISNT a 5%+ rocketship, and suddenly the option is basically worthless so you buy it back for pennies on the dollar and do it again

TQQQ/SOXL CCs are free money

Look at it like this: do you see a scenario 20, 30, 50 years from now where we are using LESS computers, things that use semiconductors? We haven't even INVENTED anything that would come after semis

>> No.30174608

No the IRS though, looked like a state thing

>> No.30174609

startred with 8k now have 300k
GME bb.

>> No.30174610

how the fuck could you possibly even make money doing this?

>i'm christian
>goes to 4chan for help instead of church
rot in hell hyprocrite fuck

>> No.30174628

you just gotta go up and say hi.. works everytime

>> No.30174633

Market taking a dump, but oil bros are sitting green and comfy

>> No.30174639

>BTC tanking again
just how low can RIOT go

>> No.30174654

what would that mean for my ARK puts?


>> No.30174658


>> No.30174663

>yeah sure it is
do you not understand why the same shit applies to you?
again, post your positions, post your investments, and I'll admit I was wrong and bow down to you
posting a tracker means absolutely jack shit, as I demonstrate here >>30174147
>'Wow!! Look how rich I am!! $13.7 million!!'

>> No.30174671

no, i got permanently IP banned because i posted the suicide hotline in the GNUS page

>> No.30174674

I shouldn't have sold my uvxy. These numbers are priming up to be a limit down.

>> No.30174710

> beat orochi
> the last 12 hours were just the tutorial
First my soxl and now this

>> No.30174715

what would they be calling about?
Washington State has no income tax

>> No.30174719

market will red to green on OPEC news, GUSH at market open for a free 12% day
information for oil bulls only

>> No.30174720

Buy and hold these in the long run


You'll thank me later.

t. Pennyfag

>> No.30174723


>> No.30174725

So if the story in the US is "bond yields are scaring people out of the market!!" what's the story in China for why the market is sucking dick?

>> No.30174736

jeez you've been fishing for complements with this screenshot for the past 4 hours? no wonder you can't get chicks

>> No.30174739

If I'm looking for a pump and dump I wanna attempt ya. Otherwise I just shitpost on there occasionally cause every fucking ticker is just a bunch of people giving each other hopium.

>> No.30174750

I can turn a bloody diaper that is tangled with plastic into diesel.
Cielo Waste Solutions

>> No.30174753

>China crashing their own markets
>OPEC meeting tomorrow, more than likely still pissed at Russia
>Bond auctions are the worst they've been in over a decade last week and could be as bad if not worse tomorrow
looking pretty crashy frens

>> No.30174758

>market dump
why not just walk away from the computer and ignore it until it goes away? unless you think it'll be a 10year depression

>> No.30174765

>me on the left when I check the futures

>> No.30174766

you're a faggot for lying, and you're a faggot for mocking gregory mannarino
kill yourself

>> No.30174784

Drug dealers get the rope.

>> No.30174785

nothing has changed other than fucking bond yields
powell still printing, stimulus still coming

>> No.30174787

TMV rose last week with the 10 yr so if the 10yr is gonna drop i want puts on TMV is what I'm thinking call me a faggot if i'm wrong

>> No.30174789


Damn anon. Ill think about it

My bags are heaviest as they can get. After this one I'm not playing ETFs again. This "trust the fund manager" is hard to stomach

>> No.30174805

>He can no longer.
You know damn well he's got at least 3 more tricks he can try. And he will fucking try because with the dramatic increase in debt the interest rate ceiling has been lowered. Again.

>> No.30174809

It's fair value is probably about $25 and that's including being bullish on the future bitcoin price

>> No.30174815

>Almost at -1.3%
Wow that's bad

>> No.30174820

go to bed greg, you're not doing your brand any favors

>> No.30174826

>velocity of money
>sounds important, tracks how often money changes hands
>it's just gdp divided by m1 or m2

>> No.30174827

> 10 year depression
But I’m already doing that

>> No.30174839

china never crashed last year remember?

>> No.30174846


>> No.30174866

well TQQQ went from $86 to $99 in a matter of like 2 days, the 95 dollar call option that was going for 9 cents suddenly was worth 5 dollars.
That's a 50x return or so, but obviously you'd have to be very lucky on the timing

>> No.30174871

>nothing has changed
Actually a lot has changed, namely that prices are way higher than they were last February, while the economy has actually contracted since then. In other words, the market is way MORE overpriced than we were this time last year.

>> No.30174879

No one trusts China

>> No.30174880

You were only trying to help!

>> No.30174894

I kinda hoped you fags listened when I shilled it in december

>> No.30174896

>lumposter posts this
>suddenly the chinese dump and btc fucking dies

You are better than bobo at this.

>> No.30174898

>I won!!
no you didn't, you dumb faggot
you posted a tracker showing your net worth
likewise I did the same >>30174147
I'm clearly worth $13.7 million, I mean, how could anyone fake the picture I posted??
Gregory Mannarino is based as fuck - you are a faggot, lying retard

>> No.30174901

I think it might be about a business license I got this year. Makes me less stressed about stocks

>> No.30174902

I recognize that picture from another thread too, lmao

Anon come on bro

>> No.30174913

>what would that mean for my ARK puts?
Well if the fund actually blows up, the shares cease to exist so you can't actually close out your puts. Just like everyone who had Enron puts.

>> No.30174915

Interesting. I work in this field and I know at least a dozen start-up companies (early stage) focused on lignin degredation into commodity chemicals, but not fuel. I'm surprised this company isn't using dehydrogenation catalysts to produce higher octane fuels from polyethylene/polypropylene at around 200 C. A lot of oil giants are doing this with plastic already.

>> No.30174934


>> No.30174941

they also said they didn't have the extended interal slowdown from COVID, though they did have it from global trade.

>> No.30174944

SP futures broke through 3800. No real support for a good bit so a large dump is completely possible.

>> No.30174948

Now, if GDP equals M2 then what does that tell you?

>> No.30174949

Oh you mean the bond yields that control the 100 trillion global bond market, and 30 trillion global real estate market? Those bond yields? Yeah why the fuck is the market tanking lol

>> No.30174960

of course it is, there's nowhere else for money to go and powell has been printing like a mad cunt
that fact has not changed at all, overpriced market or not

>> No.30174968

We are going to have circuit breaker today.

>> No.30174969

CEO of Texas just got fired


>> No.30174971

Lost 30,000 over the past 2 weeks
Are you fucking happy now bobo? Get your chuckle?

>> No.30174990

i lied about trolling the account summary was real

>> No.30174991

Alroght anon im sold. Im going to do this with soxl. How far of an expiration date do you put on it

>> No.30175000

Is there anything that could stop a bigger crash from happening right now other than general market sentiment changing overnight? I really don't understand why it's happening now, of all times

>> No.30175001


>> No.30175004

Isn't that from the movie where Lum almost marries a nigger?
Yeah this is a complete market rout, maybe those cheap calls weren't a good idea.

>> No.30175012

Anyone on /pol/ who wants to make money is already simultaneously on /biz/, genius.

Current /pol/ are chinese people posting under american flags about how based and hitler-like xi jinping is.

>> No.30175016

I really should have bought some sqqq instead of staying all cash

>> No.30175017

cope. and also seethe. Cathie is chosen by God and has never trailed the S&P.

>> No.30175018

Well I lost money on YINN call. XOP better make me money tomorrow. Oil Chad's we bullish

>> No.30175032

oh? kinda spooky, but I'm confident I'll get out before cathie crashes the ARK, with no survivors

>> No.30175036

“This time it different” how come we never fucking learn??

>> No.30175038

same here bud, just gonna look numbly at the red line as I feel nothing about it
he sold?

>> No.30175050

How’s another 15% lower in the COMP sound? Aka 75% lower in SOXL

>> No.30175053

That being said - depolymerizations are energy intensive and most companies are not profitable without subsidies.

>> No.30175066

I'm glad I had a busy day at work today so I didn't have to watch my line do a nosedive

>> No.30175069

Reread my post, you wrong faggot. TYD and TYO are the pair to trade if you're interested in the 7-10 year.

I'm not gonna tell you how that's the wrong play here.

>> No.30175079

Its mindless fun if you're bored / run out of decent anime

>> No.30175088

Some of you are alright, don’t go to the market tomorrow

>> No.30175090

wew im glad i found a job

>> No.30175091

>the account summary was real
Then prove it! I'm waiting
You post your positions, post your portfolio, I will admit I was wrong, bow down to you, say that you were right and an investment genius, and I'll even put a sharpie in my pooper
Post proof
Don't post some bullshit tracker like I did.
Post proof.

>> No.30175093

This one took a very long time

>> No.30175094

Drats I should've rolled my puts.

>> No.30175109

could have just bought oil while it was still under book value a few weeks ago

>> No.30175114

>there's nowhere else for money to go
I mean, bond yields are important, but you're also literally better off in cash right now, unless you're day trading

>> No.30175117

It’s happening now because nobody expected it to happen now and that’s when it happens.

>> No.30175130

How new are you this was GHIV SPAC, it has 8000 employees and why yes I bought 5000 shares at 7.50$

>> No.30175135

that and NASDAQ's $13,000 support
it'll be a bloodbath in the morning. We'll see what Jerome can do at noon

>> No.30175157

JPOW says some shit about Yield Curve Control tomorrow

>> No.30175159

is this a lot of afterhours price movement?

>> No.30175164

I was doing so well with stocks under Trump. I'm actually considering market selling everything tomorrow or the next green day under Biden.

Any oldfags weigh in on this? Is it always this way when a dem president takes over?

>> No.30175165

What do you mean? an expiration date on buying SOXL? I just buy and hold and will do so until I have enough to retire on, then I'll unwind into less volatile stuff like SPY and live off the covered calls of that

>> No.30175166

I'm going to buy SOXS and nobody can stop me

>> No.30175175

most of my time on /pol/ I was a NEET with zero money to spend on anything; could have gotten into bitcoin in 2012 but I was busy playing dota; now I have some money and a job, so I have expanded into biz

>> No.30175185

I expected it to happen in March again though, does that make me king of the retards?

>> No.30175189

>he thinks im not buying the dip
remember your training

>> No.30175209


Also : RDS.A/B is undervalued
Look into it
Might be more profitable long term than SU.TO

>> No.30175210

rational? Yeah sorta.

>> No.30175211

I just started reading that book. We never learn, humans can always find a way to justify

>> No.30175217

This isn't a crash this is just a normal cycle. The commodities supercycle is just starting. Uranium, oil, wheat, shit, even pork bellies. The markets are moving away from highly speculative growth stocks like PLTR to stocks like CCJ, SU, etc. This is a really easy play here guys. Get out of SOXL and look into major commodity producing companies.

>> No.30175230

Joe Biden sucks as president. He needs to get off his ass and pull the economy lever in the "good" direction. Seems like the man is asleep at the wheel.

>> No.30175247

sometimes i cant tell if you guys are just shitposting or if some of you guys are really panicking now realizing for the first time that stocks can't just go up forever

>> No.30175251

Bros does anyone own APTS. they were up 11% today, have a good portfolio many located in the south, still way down from the high and are could be potential reopening trade

>> No.30175253

The expiration date on the covered call you sell. You have to pick an expiration date right?

>> No.30175257

>nothing has changed other than fucking bond yields

This is big tho. For a few reasons.

Bonds compete with stocks for investment capital. If bonds start giving a better yield, some money will naturally rotate out of stocks and into bonds, aka a sell off. In fact, ZIRP/QE relies on this dynamic. In 2008, money was leaving the stock market. The fed took rates to zero to basically make bonds a shit investment, forcing the money back into stocks. And personally I think the decade plus of ZIRP has artificially inflated stock prices and artificially suppressed yields. Meaning once yields go, I think they're going to go.

Interest rates are also a major parameter in valuation models. When rates rise, every investment bank and hedge fund calculates new value predictions for every company. Higher rates mean lower valuations. Based on this, they will choose to sell their positions if the current price is sufficiently above their newly calculated price.

The dark horse of all this is corporate debt. So many companies are relying on being able to roll debt forward at low rates forever. The entire post 2008 VC model of loss-leading with VC cash and debt to manufacture a monopoly (uber, netflix, etc) depends on rates staying low. Rising rates could blow these companies up.

One company I've been following for a while, Greensill, is starting to blow up. They basically create off the books shadow debt for companies. Who knows what the fallout will be, but I don't think it's a coincidence that this is happening right when rates are rising.


>> No.30175278

yeah that line aint stopping, good job texas

>> No.30175283

"stocks are always better under democrats" t. people who confuse recovery from economic recessions with the result of Democratic policies. It's especially obvious now that stocks pumped the day after Trump was cheerleading them at CPAC and now are dumping again with him quiet. The market really can't fucking handle a bresident who doesn't lead and puts in place regulations that fuck things up. This wouldn't be bad if the democrats had any policies that were actually good for labor, but at this point they're just a hollowed out corporatist shell that helps no one. Fuck.

>> No.30175288

Rate my portfolio

55% SOXL
30% SOXS
15% cash

>> No.30175296

No he's just got his hands on the Mario Kart steering wheel

>> No.30175318

Lmao imagine having a brain this schizophrenic to think the markets cared about TrumpCon.

>> No.30175324

>bonds dont matter hurr me buy stock
this is why hedgies laugh at how stupid and utterly inept the average retail trader is

>> No.30175345

What makes you say its undervalued? What do you think a fair valuation per share is and how did you come to that conclusion? Just curious.

>> No.30175347

If rates continue to increase, won't their debt become a problem?

>> No.30175368

perfectly hedged. are you a professional?

>> No.30175389

We were paying china to take our garbage, now we aren't. I wouldnt be suprised if municipalities paid to offload it for the feedstock. who knows, there is an issue there. we also import all our renewable diesel and cuckdea wants us to be sourcing it locally, who else will be set up in the next few years to accomplish this?

>> No.30175393

Hedgies are getting fucked too. This is all mutual fund manager type shit.
Hedgies were buying TSLA at 800 and BTC at 50k

>> No.30175399

Heard you mentioned Greensill earlier today. What do you think gold will do this year?

>> No.30175412

this shit sucks because 99% of you retards just cope post so fucking hard. Your post fucking sucks ass, do me a favor and never respond to me again with your useless fucking dogshit posts. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth

>> No.30175420

TQQQ calls? Going to put that on 10x margin? Why not just go to vegas?

>> No.30175424

Just an idiot who's sick of buying dips on SOXL. My position in SOXS starts tomorrow.

>> No.30175426

Inflation is bad and distorts markets Jerome you double nigger.

>> No.30175427

i never been to jail though

>> No.30175436




>> No.30175458

100 trillion eh? Always knew the bond market was big, but didn't know it was that big.

>> No.30175462

haha i just remembered i bought tqqq calls last week and didnt sell when they were green. guess that money is gone now
so obviously i'm too dumb to do what i'm thinking of. I think i'll stay cash and start buying oil tomorrow. Maybe a little SOXS and SQQQ

>> No.30175475

Imagine coming to /biz/ to make money and then denying the very basic principle that the market has been shitting itself while gas prices are skyrocketing because Biden's policies are shit for the market. Might as well just go back to red dit and accept you'll always be a poorfag, maybe join vaush's discord and hope to become a commissar in the hypothetical communist state, you stupid faggot.

>> No.30175489

i heard that in november and bought my vale calls then. hurry up with your supercycle

>> No.30175492

it could work, but just a heads up. those 3x etfs buy swaps on a daily basis to enable leverage. as soon as things get a little volatile, the price of the swaps increase greatly, and both will begin to slip against the underlying index they're tracking.

>> No.30175502

Federal rates directly effect the floor for corporate bonds in the US. It's a huge market

>> No.30175513

pretty sure everyone's been expecting it since september to happen any day

>> No.30175522

Imagine unironically believing economic reopening is why the nasdaq is dumping, you dumb fuck cultist.

>> No.30175616

Interesting. I guess I could stick to 1x leveraged ETFs once I make six figures for safety, but for now I have a goal to hit and I want to stick to more volatility.

>> No.30175640

I wasn't commenting on that.

And don't you think the market should be shitting itself?
Nobody was gonna send you a fucking memo that said
>Okay, time for valuations to return to some semblance of normalcy, so sell
What the fuck do you want kid, straight line up? This was gonna happen sooner or later and you literally had a 2 weeks to see it

>> No.30175649

Yes, this is very, very bad.

I cannot emphasize enough how bad this is.

Opening half a percent down or close to a percent is generally bullish as shorts cover and momentum goes higher, opening higher is generally bearish as longs dump on the open or people FOMO in and it stalls then reverses.

If we open up 1.5+ percent down there will be a wipeout and we could easily go limit down. ETFs mean there is systemic risk of forced selling and that is going to be triggered tomorrow unless something big stops this. You see, futures are an aggregate of a basket of stocks. The stocks trade in the cash market. They can be away from each other in price but must reconcile one way or the other eventually. The futures settle to cash at the marked price of the actual aggregate underlying on settlement date so in theory the stocks drive the futures and futures are just a speculation on where the underlying will be in the future. Hence the name futures. In reality the hedging of them by program traders frites the price of the stocks from the futures and the ETFs which are a similar concept though without the interest component, settlement and leverage in futures.

What we are seeing now is a cascading forced liquidation across the board cause by the concentration into ETFs. That’s why you see shit sell off that really has no reason to be selling off. The funds have no choice. It’s literally the law that they must follow, it’s in their charter. They can do like you or I and say “it’s still good I’ll hold it”. They MUST sell. Numerous papers have been written on this for years. These are core components of modern market structure. Obviously there is more to it but that’s the basic gist of it.

>> No.30175667

Well, it's fairly easy. Go look at their charts online, you can find that info pretty fast. Their share price is generally valued at around 58$, while currently they are still under that.
Pre-coof prices were even higher than 58$, which is a good indicator that they will go back up, helped by the inevitable (and visible) rise of the oil barrel.
The economies are also restarting everywhere and Shell is everywhere and extremely varied in what it sells and produces.
If you look at annual and quarterly reports, they are climbing back the revenue loss they suffered in March and so, slowly but surely. They haven't taken on any major liabilities or debts since then either.

If you mean interest rates, I doubt a corporation of this size can't cut deals left and right. They were well on their way to reducing their debt considerably until coof happened. I've read a week ago that they were going to increase dividends once a chunk of their debt would be taken care of, and seeing their revenues, it won't be too long.

In conclusion, Shell is a good buy in my opinion, then again so is Suncor. I just don't trust the Canadian government not to sodomize them.

>> No.30175686

Why not? Nasdaq is pumped on obsolete pandemic plays.

>> No.30175708

I don't know dick about gold. I'm just interested in seeing which big companies get bogged by Greensill, because there will be at least one. Greensill (the person) actually invented the reverse factoring business for Vodafone, so you know they're balls deep in it. Literally no one knows how much "totally not debt" Greensill created. It'll be interesting to see how they unwind it, and which companies will go under once they can no longer use Greensill/Cedit Suisse to churn money through their balance sheets.

>> No.30175734

just buy a fucking straddle and chill.

>> No.30175752

oh yes sorry, on CCs I sell on positive green days above the 20 EMA for 45 or so days to expiry. I buy to cover when I either: can net half my initial sale as guaranteed profit, or I roll it forward at about 21 days until expiry. I dont much want to get exercised because I have a very low cost basis on my holdings so my taxes would be relatively significant


This is a good video to explain the basics conceptually about why you do that with covered calls. Its not an emotional thing, its pure math

>> No.30175788

we should steal this man's secret recipe and make an american version

>> No.30175810

There definitely is something very pepega about "Get me one of every stock listed on this index. No matter what. OK, now I'm bored, sell all of them."

>> No.30175867

So should I buy TQQQ tomorrow or wait til next week.

>> No.30176029

But not in their positioning. Put call ratios measures in hundredths in many things, some options series had zero bids in outs that were 30% probability in the money. vol skew was inverted, dips were bought faster than they were sold. It was full blown mania by every metric.

We need a deep scary correction but honestly we are YEARS overdue for a real bear market. I have speculated we will never see another numerical bear market only an inflationary one. What I mean by that is that stocks crab as the money inflates. Holding stocks high but in real terms cutting their value as measured in goods and services by 50-75% before they go back higher. That has sort of happened as measured in the DOW. In dollar terms the Dow is lower now than it was a year ago.

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