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what do they really mean? like actual land with nothing on it? why though?

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The same way you buy and hold bitcoin. To sell it down the line to some rich desperate person who missed out.
Reminder that land is something they aren't making more of.

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Everything you ate today was made using land. If you have no idea how to use land you shouldn’t buy any, but in that case you’re also an inner city serf with no freedom.

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what if the population decreases, won't the demand and thus price also go down?

so I am supposed to produce things on the land to make profit?

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buy land that's
>outside the US
> In a first world country
>Close to water but not a river or the ocean
>Close to mountains but not too close

And you'll survive and prosper.

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With the way Mexicans, blacks and other low IQs are reproducing the population should continue to rise

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so close to a lake? or a spring?

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You’re supposed to produce food on the land so you don’t have to eat GMO antibiotic ridden zero mineral slave food.

Otherwise known as having freedom. Though even if you’re completely unskilled you should still buy a little bit of land just to play on and learn the value of it. If you can’t imagine the value now you have my sympathy

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I am talking about buying land as an investment not living on it. I do understand the value of land when you live on it

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Yes. That way even if you dont live there youre still gonna make a profit. It's way better if you farm it obviously

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why are rivers worse than a lake?

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As a pure speculative investment it’s super long term just because of the logistics. But you can rent it to farmers

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