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What was the purpose of his philsophy degree?

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Knows how to make the world a better place :)

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So no one could suspect SN=SN
but also logic and critical thinking skills

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High iq require high iq degrees

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Because it's interesting and he has a set of skills he already knows.

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fucking bitches

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so that it could qualify him to work at Starbucks where he learned how to copy and paste code.

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good excuse to go to college and drink and party all the time

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Wait what's philsophy?

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Why not?

after he made [REDACTED] he could do whatever he wanted for rest of his life

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>Knows how to make the world a better place
Is his end goal to allow every one to pursue their own dreams or is his goal complete and total control?
The more I listen to him explain BTC & blockchain as well as the number of people working around him. The more likely him being SN is true imo. That being said, there is something about the way he speaks now compared to earlier years that seems completely different. There is an aura of total confidence that feels 100% welcoming.
There has to be more to it than just being interesting.

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>tfw masters in philosophy but didn’t invent chain link token ticket (LINK)

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To find out the answer to that very question.

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>im so fucked up with from losing assets
>wish to die everyone who talks to me
>i see graphene DISTRIBUTION soon
>i put money in in $PHR and get some graphene tokens
>i get profit from sharding tech
>i fuck you all

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He was searching for an answer to his philosophical question
>Should I change trust forever?
Then built bitcoin

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Sometimes you change interests as you get a feeling for other fields. Happened for me I started in political science and then got an interest in stats and that lead me into analytics. Still have a BA in political science but been working in the anaytics field for a while now.

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To uncover the true nature of reality

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Same as mine. Become skilled in critical thinking, logic, and reasoning, then do whatever you want.

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same purpose as the chainlink token

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I saw some study showing that philosophy majors were one of the highest IQ degrees. Maybe captures people who are intelligent but not exactly mature or dont have family to say "no you're doing medicine/business"

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>There has to be more to it than just being interesting.
When you're a genius, there really isn't.

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Kek finally a real answer.

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Ancient Greece

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I bet his birth certificate is fake

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a lot of lawyers get philosophy degrees

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So he could solve the fucking oracle problem, why else?

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He’s a modern day Julian Huxley. A prophet of the Aquarian Age to usher in a new humanity, to initiate the revolution; the fourth and final revolution.

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Sergey is 10 years older than suspected.

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>The only purpose of education is economic advancement
yep, I'm on the merchant board.

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I watched an interview with him, or listened to one.. I can't remember, it was from early days. I am paraphrasing but it was basically this:

>Interviewer: So, your parents were both computer engineers but you went to school for philosophy, tell me about that
>SN: Yes, because of that I learned to code at a very early age. I had spent so much time studying that logical type of mindset that comes with coding, that I was interested in how I could apply it but with a more human natured perspective, and so studying philosophy seemed like the natural choice

He's probably a fucking genius because this is honestly a big dick move.

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>smart people get philosophy degrees, learning morality from different perspectives
>this limits their options to wage
>they're the dumb ones
real big brain there, homes

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wtf I have 1000 linkies and was not even aware that he had a meme degree

Is he able to code at least?

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do you think sn ever gets nervous hiding in plain sight?

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actually this answers it, massive buy signal.
Will buy another 500 linkies on my next paycheck

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mates I'm ready today.

Currently -5%, purchased top three during yesterday's lowest dips..

>low volatility
>stubid investment and trading for whole day

only one point saves my money - lp staking and yield farming on YVS Finance. Look at it if you don’t want to risk

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Well not exactly what i meant - but at 17 when you have to choose everyone is a complete retard including geniuses. So a "smart" 17 year old is at least thinking of a good career and that they can do medicine for example. I said as far as ive seen philosophy graduates are on average incredibly high IQ but im just postulating it's probably an immature or ill thought out choice, smart people going for what interests them over what is sensible.

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A lot of philosophy majors don’t even take ethics stuff. The reap big brains talk metaphysics/epistemology. The money is made in logic tho.

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>philosophical aspects of betrayal in history
this was his thesis, you judge

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>Sergey Betray
It all comes full circle eh?

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Philosophy builds logic.

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What else do you think Pythagoras would study?

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>he's probably a fucking genius

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