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Not doing nothing for me, I am in the middle of working out. Will then go to my uncle's house for lunch who is also working from home

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my lil wfh employee doin none

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three short meetings and painting some wh figures great workday so far

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Same. Some days I feel bad about it but this is not one of those days.

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Luv me WFH.Never going back. Simpul.

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I've had almost no work all day, for the third day in a row. I sat ins one meeting for over 2 hours before lunch and done nothing since then. I have only one meeting tomorrow at 9 am and then nothing.

Does my manager know I have a busy schedule of browsing YouTube???

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Enjoying it, but worried my team are getting suspicious during our scrums

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Holy fuck same today I forgot to set an alarm and slept through the scrum meeting. Later told them some bullshit about having to go get a package

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at ease, gentlemen

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How are you a developer but don't do anything?
I work my ass off..

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>these threads

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They're calling me back into the office, bros.

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Fight it you had 1 year to become independent.

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I do snow removal and get paid for 40 hours no matter what. We have a pizza meeting tomorrow for an hour which is the entirety of my work this week. Weather is looking clear for next 2 weeks. Soon you officecucks will be forced to return, and I will continue to sit on my ass doing nothing like always.

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u are anon
none of those is real
as well as you trust this shit they try to shill here faster you will lose all your cash
Buy skeptically, don’t risk and getprofit
wanna use staking or yield farming, choose modern systems
I use YVS Finance, take a look and realize how smart project should be like

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>> shill

Pls, this is a business thread.

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