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which one is the best platform for borrowing? which one are you using?

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Press S to spit on Simeon

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blockfi by far
US based so much more trustworthy

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Nexo, because I'm not a burger whose own government won't trust them with their own money. Super comfy dividends and daily interest accumulation. I love that I can count the amount that my interest increases daily due to the previous day's interest.

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What kind of borrowing terms are available on blockfi?

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looks like 4.5% at the lowest

Sergey is using Celcius right?

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SmartCredit will beat them all. IYKYK

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I have a full BTC on blockfi. seems pretty reliable and at 6% its pretty comfy ngl

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Does it compound?

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Yes it does.

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Both compound.

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And im having it paid out in BTC. Pretty dank

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Sounds good but aren’t you guys worried you’ll lose your investment. I don’t trust either but I’d like to.

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yeah what's the safety guarantee from these platforms?
Nexo and Celsius has some form of insurance, couldn't find the equivalent from Blockfi

Avanti bank by Caitlin Long might be safer in the future

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>Nexo, because I'm not a burger whose own government won't trust them with their own money
Nexo is a Bulgarian company that's not trusted by their own government, and they're banned there.

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Blockfi & Celisus are legit, stay away from anything else.

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Look at the people backing Blockfi. They will not fail

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Do they have any insurance? The apr is appealing but I don't know how people can trust these companies. Do people actually invest 6 or 7 figures in these companies? Seems so risky to give up your keys, one hack or fraud and you're fucked with no recourse. But damn 7-13% is tempting.

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Remember it's 6% APY, which already includes compounding.

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Wait a second ANON and what about Mochimo.org?

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Cool to see mochimo $mcm finnally starting to blowing up. So few projects like it these days.

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what's wrong with dYdX?
I'm just testing it out and interest varies a lot but I've seen it as high as 30% for DAI. For 11k I made 100 dollarinos in 2 weeks.

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