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Bobo hiding in the shadows, ready to attack, waiting to strike at just the right moment, when nobody expects him. That's Bobo! Fear him.

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You bear faggots always come out of every crevice to try and get retards to sell. Newsflash retard, you arent a bear, youre too broke to be a bear, youre too much of a coward to be a bear. You were created in a test tube in a pig fetus, smothered in chicken shit. Thats why youre ugly, will always be ugly, and your mother will not mourn your death because she will finally be relieved of having birthed and put up with such an embarrassment of a human being.

The most obvious choice in life for you, is to drink a bottle of sleeping pills and down it with gasoline.

You were never loved
You will never be loved
You hate yourself as much as everyone hates you
You will die alone.

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bearposting is kinda cringe but this pasta is the worst pasta across all values of pasta on the damned numberline

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Bear posting is fun
Mainly because I am desentized to wild price drops but many newfags are not.

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