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When do I sell this shit. I doubt it'll ever hit 100, let alone 50.

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sell it now, buy some rope and quit making these faggot threads.

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literally hitting 20k minimum in 5 years but ok

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a bloo bloo bloooooo blarg blarg

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buy fucker

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just sell at 100

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explain your rationale for that number and lend me a cup of hopium.

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Sell all and then kys. If you don't believe it's going to 1k eoy you shouldn't be in it.

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If you don't believe that then you should sell now you baiter

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How do you even sell link? I can't do it

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You sell at $1000 at the end of the year 2021 AD. Check them.

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How is chainlink gonna exist in a year?

The founder has like 3 wallets to dump to fund his very expensive nodes.

After that he is gonna have to find other ways to fund the nodes.

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Hmm how about the CEO of dousign literally sucking sergay and cl dick, saying how much smart contracts are going to fuck up everything.

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I finally sold my 2017 stack a week ago but I feel pretty naked. I’m actually hoping for a crushing bear market.

Dubs for 90% crash followed by 300k

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doubles of Truth. Chainlink exist because he eats his own wallets to keep the chainlink nodes up. There is a time limit.

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>When do I sell this shit. I doubt it'll ever hit 100, let alone 50.

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Sell all, and buy yourself a dictionary.
Maybe then you'll learn the proper usage of "let alone".

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>I finally sold my 2017 stack a week ago
Never selling. Get fucked bottom crawlers

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Yea it called the satoshi wallets.

“I’ve been working on blockchains for 10+ years and 7+ in smart contracts”

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Imagine selling right now

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That's fine for you, loads of tards sold eth and btc at 25$. You can now go and buy yourself a nice piece of rope or a really quality exit bag

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But we aren't Ethereum we're useless

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The trips say otherwise

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My linkies are getting stinkier by the day

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ya, but how do you get the date? I'm digging in my heels to wait a decade.

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Youre supposed to state the smaller amount first retard.

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Derivatives market tap. Big big money. I'm surprised its not already worth more than 1000, just shows how slow we are implementing new technologies an those who stand in the way like janet yellen.

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I’m so fucking bullish on link my friends genuinely think I’m schizophrenic

If they knew how much money I’ve made on it they might think differently

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then play with rugpulls and roll profits into the long holds, not tht hard. This isnt a one month x10.

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you should definitely sell now

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Alright I'll take another paychecks worth of link, oh.... and this time EXTRA ON THE STINK!!!

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Stfu faggot

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You fucking idiot

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300 dollars eoy

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>thinks "let alone" would be in the dictionary when it's two separate words
Kek what a fuckin retard

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Checked and praised

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Nothing to see here haha. Fucking suppression is madness

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God damn man.

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they have to take their time and implement them right the first time. any fucks up and (((they))) will never let the "crypto kiddies" live it down. A LOT of money and entire bureaucracies are at stake here

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I hope this is a larp

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Checked and blessed

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Holy shit 3 years of spoon feeding and real life testimonials of swinglinking and that isn't enough to stop you from roping?

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if you have to ask at this stage of the game you are too brainlet to understand

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What's the suicide stack these days?

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I think I’m genuinely just schizophrenic and hold a fair amount of link. Try taking some niacin and zinc desu

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well, i have 150 and i have the feeling that i'm going to make it. But I think suicide stack is supposed to be 1000 (more 250 imo)

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>HA in id

Kek is laughing at you

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If, by 2026, you made 10 million dollars, would you not rope? If the answer is yes, then the current suicide stack is exactly 123.45 link.

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Are there any collateralized loans I can take on this shit that will do 3-4 year repayment periods instead of one year?

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Stop being such a poof.
Poof's look in time in the moment, without the context of time,silly poof.

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Never tell anyone

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Sooooo comffyyyyyy

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Why are you still holding then? Your opportunity cost is massive.

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Since 2017 it’s always been:
Suicide stack - 1k link
Make it stack - 10k link
Fuck you money stack - 100k link
>inb4 “mug faggot 10k is suicide stack”
Fucking liars, it’s why I made each one in my family back in the day buy at least a suicide stack. Now my entire friend group and family have stacks of 2-3k link each kek and thank me regularly for granting them this key. Tbh I did it mostly to prevent them from asking for hand me outs later, and made that point clear many times. All of them are still holding after 3 years, not selling a single one

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does suicide stack mean 1M usd or 100k?

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It does bring me joy that there are newfags who are so new (think GME, Doge that brought them in) that genuinely think that LINK is a shitcoin shittier than their pump of the day coin

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Holy checked and based.

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1m usd

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>digits: checked
>ID: blessed
>GET: whitnessed
>post: kekked

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I didn’t help my friends or family because I want power over all of them.

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I'll gladly buy them from you. I didn't even know link existed 6 months ago so i need to expand my meager 230 stacklet

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Just broke the 30 resistance level. The sky is the limit now. Also, stop using the same image on your fud posts. You aren’t even trying, fagit. Link is mooning and you’re going be left behind.

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A x5 in 5 years would be a letdown

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Suicide stack is just the minimum amount needed to not kill yourself when it moons because you didn't buy more

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I’ll still have 12x more than the second most person, so either way they already look at me that way kek. Hell even my clients at work told me they are afraid of me leaving any day since they know I’ve already made it off link but have no idea how much. I never bragged about it, they all just knew I was heavy into link from when we’d have crypto convos dating back to 2017. And now they are no joke shitting bricks every day because we all know no one can replace me at my job kek

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swingies get the rope

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>777 TRIPS

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>makes ICO universe boom as users join network

>makes Defi universe boom as users join network

You have no idea what's about to happen.

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You sound like a total faggot

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why does that pic mean suppression?

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Checked and truthpilled.

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Based and checked. Is it just me or is your bottom time axis for the second chart fucked up?

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Lovely digits. Checked fren. We're going to the next galaxy.

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Why? Because I’m good at what I do to the point where I don’t work for anyone exclusively, pick my clients, and I have a ton of link? Kek eat a dick sorry your life sucks

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Yeah I messed it up because I pasted it over a older version of the same image. Here is the real time axis.

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You a lawyer?

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Retesting $31

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this is even sexier than before with the timetables matched up, based anon
nah, basically my positions are coo's/heads of product/R&D for their companies basically helping create new products/concepts, depending on the company. but right now work for 4 at same time

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Fucking based checked keked redpilled and chadpilled. Wagmi

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By April 15 - btc 100k, link 60-80

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why all this happens

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20k usd is the inflation adjusted price of a cup of coffee

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>link 60-80
Come on dude... you’re telling me we’re not even looking at a 3x once we go parabolic? I will unironically kms.

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I want to believe anon

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if this shit ever hits like $1k i'm going to kill myself because i bought like 1000 links at 0.1 and then lost access to my exchange account where i have them and don't even remember what exchange it is

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omg yes, I've been waiting for this thread
sell OP so we can moon please

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poorfag here. just bought 10 LINK because of this. am I gonna make it?

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Ever noticed how link is never going above 31 while everything else is skyrocketing?

>> No.30111936

How does 1 quadrillion Mexican Pesos sound?

>> No.30111998

>literally dumps at $30.99
>literally dumps at $30.95
I’m so fucking tired bros.

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>we're in 2021 and the prediction implied by this graph hasn't happened

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nice 4th dimensional shill on Chainlink.
can I ask you to do the same for PNK. we are needy but make excellent memes

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Lads should I take out a loan on aave to buy more link? I already own 70k and want to scoop up 5-10k more

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Sergey has a one billion link on sale for 31

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me gusta

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Check your E-Mails ?

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jeets gonna jeet

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sell now, plenty of people will happily buy it

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For the tech lovers.

Check Mochimo

Share the thoughts with me

>> No.30113181

Luxury Fashion House
Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion house, specialising in leather accessories, shoes, luggage

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1k per link isn't a meme.

As of right now with current overall market caps it may seem it. But within 5 years the overall market caps will be much much larger.

If chainlink were to reach 1k each, its market cap would be about 410billion.
Now you think, thats more than double current Ethereum and bitcoin is currently around 1 trillion market cap. No way chainlink would reach those numbers!

5 years ago bitcoin only had a 3 billion market cap. It went up over 3000% in 5 years.

By the time chainlink reaches around 400 bill, bitcoin will be in the multi trillions, ethereum will be in the trillions. Chainlink will surpasse $1000 pretty easily within 5 years,

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plenty of people

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Do not understand what is this.. But I am seeing $mcm on all boards and the site looks great.

> Fast
> scalable
> quantum
> Blockchain

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It will hit 100, just not within this half decade.

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Sweet baby Jesus...

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1mil at least

>> No.30113521

Just bought 100k.

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checked and based

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Fuck yeah

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Can they please stop doing this

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Digits so it must be true. Based and linkpilled

>> No.30113994

After this weekend. If it doesn't break out, just sell and move on.

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oh boy

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>1m chart

zoom out aussie

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when it's top 1 you dumbfuck

>> No.30114403

So bitcoin is going to tank?

>> No.30114460

It doesnt, hes fucking retarded.
Ups and downs of few cents really ? wOw

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