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It’s ok bobo, you’re still cute in my eyes

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My market now, bobo

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This stpuid fucking image send my sides for a trip around the moon every time I see it

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I fucking hate this crabbing, cant we fucking crash and pump 10% everyday? i need to make money swinging you fucking boomers

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Why? Don't you have enough money?

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God I hate Crabby or whatever he is called. At least Bobo makes buying stocks more affordable. I would rather have Bobo except when he is on the roids like those 2 times in 1929 and 2008. Stocks aren't bank accounts!

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50k hasn't been crossed. We will not be liquidated. This is a red week

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why is Bobo so cute :3

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because hes brown

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Does this cute 'lil fella have a name?

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fuck yoo bobo
i hope you die in a fire

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He doesn't get enough love and is under appreciated. Both Bobo and Crabby are a good for buying long term investment but Bobo gets you a better deal. You still have to wait a long time for Mumu to come around so you can sell anyway. Sadly Crabby is sometimes a sneaky fuck who covers for Bobo sleepwalking. I really hate it when Crabby is at or under for a stock that I am holding.

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I call him Kiki

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I am a new fag who just started investing. Could you guy post some Bobo and Mumu memes? I wished I had saved the Bobo meme of him smoking a green bar cigar and turning it red.

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Not so fast...

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anyone else kinda comfy with the crab? its been a lot easier to sleep with BTC being a stablecoin

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Eternity is a closed circle.

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I cant find anything about a crab market unlike the bull or bear market. Where did the terminology involving the meme come from?

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I always thought it came from the way crabs walk. Side to side

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