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This week is going to be huge for you stinkies. Genuinely happy for you. Trips and I’ll tell you what and when.

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Are you pregnant?

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Is this related to that nerd from Nano posting in their hub of gits?

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Muslim pregnant sirgay

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im gay and sergey is my pregnant sperm whale

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You overplayed your hand fren. Too many gay muslim pregnant Sergey posts.
But ironically a broken clock is right twice a day.

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larp #870123

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New announcement? Dump incoming...

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isn't it on the 12th?

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its tonight

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salami lekkem

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All gays should be hung

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Boring. We already had news you pregnant muslim shit poster.

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I am gay mudslime and I hold Chainlink

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Are you muslim

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wut da news at doe

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I'll give it a try

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hung as in big cocks? agreed

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Not quite.

This isn’t the pregnant sirgay copypasta.

Not cold but not warm.

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Congrats on the pregnancy..are you going to tell us when you are due

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okay tell us

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>He actually believes the sou testosterone thing
Oh boy, its either under 80 or over 120 with linkies

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I said what i said the rest is up to your own interpretation

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what else ya got, b?

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Rolling again

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fuck you cucklord and give me the news.

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We already know it’s going to be 3/5 you fucking tease

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$1000eoy confirm

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Are we all going to make it? Are the prophecies true

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What he said is literally the rught interpretation, wet cunt

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If you are a gay muslim then i'll be really dissapointed. But no matter, link will still be 1keoy

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oh my

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We are all going to make it...praise kek

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Based insider larper

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oh boy

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ok... fine i'll roll

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Nice, just bought 100k

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Good for you..enjoy your aids

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OP is a fag and won’t deliver

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3 - 3 - 3

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It has been, is, and always will be known.

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nooooooooo you cheated this doesn't count link 1 dollar eoy check em

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>tfw never chainlinked with 2 Thai transexual hookers
Why even live

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Checked and heil Sergey

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say it. say the thing.

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Checked time to spill beans

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You just win.

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>real info

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First it was Saturday, then it was Sunday, now it's this week.

I'm so fucking sick of this AGGGHHGG

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Haha you are all just pigments of my imagination..This is crazy but fun

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he done did it again!

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He did dodnt he

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praise kek

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chex n effect

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I see that trips have indeed been acquired by a fellow Anon.

Chainlink will end Q1 with the absolute bullish announcement of a partnership with Old School Runescape.

The main attraction will be the update to Old School Runescapes grand exchange. They will be using Chainlinks smart contract technology, with Arbitrum meaning instant trades on the grand exchange itself. No more waiting seconds for the order to process. Now we are talking milliseconds. Absolute fucking game changer.

All the best in the futures, fellas. Fuck niggers, trannys, jannies and everything that isn’t link.

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Guys arbitrum. Arbi-FREAKING-trum.

We've been waiting for this for a while. The big man himself Ed Felten has been on it. You know it's going to be spectactikular.

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I am so fucking jaded by this market that I can't tell if this a joke or not.

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that pleases the N U T

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So why would this be bullish? Its a game?
Sorry I never played it so I don't really know what's at stake...

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my uncl wage at runscap says u larp
sorry fappin with othr hand but hadto insult th larp

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$1k EOY
$81k in 10 years

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>81k in 2031
stop lying. It's 21. of December 2026

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larpitty larp larper

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I have 22 linkies

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>using the centralized ge instead of standing in w2 fally for direct p2p trading

U fuckin newfag

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L2 is a complete meme, eth is over.

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There we go.

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God bless whoever makes these. Memes are the only thing stopping me from selling.

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How does $1.78M sound?

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I have 26.6 linkies

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whew boys we made it

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How does $2.15M sound?

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Runescape gold makes up like 20% of the worlds GDP.

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Kek this is so fucking stupid that it might actually happen. I wouldn’t be surprised since they tweeted out about some dude feeding luxury watch data

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My dad too works at Nintendo.

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Holy shit Runescape? This is bigger than I ever could have imagined

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Link is going to pass Litecoin soon!

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Wait so doesn't that mean stuff like bancor, balancer link etc etc are gonna blow stuff like uni/sushi out of the water?

Arbitrum will come sooner and its cheaper?

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Holy freakin check'd no-linkers BTFO

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>I am so fucking jaded by this market that I can't tell if this a joke or not.

Me too bro me too

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>L2 is a complete meme, eth is over.


Optimism is a meme and ETH will survive as a settlement layer because of LINK

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kek, well at least it wasn't preggo muslim this time

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what is it

>> No.30012335

Was I just cucked by the chainlink price

>> No.30012440

Is that you uncleoldfag. I see your short was a failure

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Based and legacy systems pilled

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Video games are now for minorities and gays. Why would you play them?

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Don't mind me

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Checked. Please mister no lie. I can't take this shit anymore. They be telling me $1000eoy for 3 years now. Please be true.

>> No.30013558

YES. Buy accordingly.

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larp said this week but then said about the end of the month

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honey cake is enq, that is what you should look at now
look at it and tell me that I am stupid
check their pos and poa algos, if you smart you will learn everything

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First time posting here. This made me smile. I have about 70 linkies and being that I am well off poor (live in a shack, poop in a bucket and put sawdust on top no joke) I would be able to buy some land and a few cows and maybe even a car. (I don’t even have a bicycle) the links were gifted to me and I was told not to sell them until the price is 1k. I don’t even have a way to sell them but if this happens I’ll find a way.

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Can someone explain to a brainlet like me the difference between OCR and Arbitrum?

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When you feel it in your pants
And you do a little dance

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Fpbp with a based pregnant muslim Sergey reference. Post it OP

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To my knowledge, the only way to invest in these L2 platforms is to buy LINK. Is this correct?

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What is the news anon?

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>No more waiting seconds for the order to process. Now we are talking milliseconds
Kek it'll be slow as fuck running on Ethereum

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God bless you third worldler.

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Checked. May the Lord bless our linkies.

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checked. kek has spoken

>> No.30020853

Checked. Kecked. Based. Gassed. Raped. and of course, confirmed.

>> No.30021914

you would know right?

>> No.30022001

Kek has spoken

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I’ll be able to afford a shotgun to put in my mouth... Yes!

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show proof. anything I don't care

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Holy fucking based.

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How much is this going to boost the price brahs?

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I guess it's time to buy party hats.

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Checked and confirmed.

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shitty news buddy

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Ohh fuck I coomed
This runescape is courtesy of chainlink god about 1+ year ago. he was formulating the idea on twitter and it sounded fucking solid

>> No.30025325

>he was formulating the idea on twitter and it sounded fucking solid
Got a link to that?

>> No.30025511

I found this

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Where can I buy servey's shirt?

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$2000eoy confirm

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This image reminds me of someone. It makes me happy.

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