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Let the hate flow through you.

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Haven’t you heard? A major whale from twitter just absolutely DESTROYED link

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>Cures cancer

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Really seem these guys got caught with their pants down and are now scrambling for LINKiES

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God bless him.
Hes the reason i can afford to get in on this shit.
Also saging to help suppress price further.

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How is a medianizer coupled with a json parser considered to be innovative?

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It’s completely worthless technology. Anyone can parse through data with the click of a few buttons, why would they ever need a worthless ERC20 token to do it for them?

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ERC10 now, Vitalik demoted it

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It's not supposed to be worth more than an expensive starbucks cup of coffee though? Didn't you read the whitepaper?

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It's a citi bank pdf

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It's getting ridiculous at this point

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Priced in

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Literally no one will ever use smart contracts for anything. Blockchain is a retarded meme.

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So Citi end their paper with the same quote Sergey used at EthDenver a few weeks ago? Holy fuck, and of course we dump on the news

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It's almost as if we're still early.

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link was a great ride, but it is dedicated tied so tightly to ETH which is a skinking ship. Unless LINK frees itself from the ETH shitshow it will go nowhere fast. Other oracles are coming to market.

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That's just your puberty blockers talking. You don't mean that. Shhh.

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OCR arbitrum eth 2.0 or AVAX
It's going to get alot cheaper my guy

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I'm gonna lose it soon I swear. ANY OTHER FUCKING COIN and it moons to high heaven on something like this. I mean CTRL FUCKING F & ACTUAL RESULTS - ..AND IT DUMPS!!! WHAT THE FUCK??!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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if you actually think it said that, you should get out of crypto, now.

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it has nowhere to go other than link. anything that surpasses link will have basic table-stakes like external data channels built right into it. even ethereum's second layers threaten chainlink itself. link's time is today, not the future.

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it's almost like it's a piece of shit

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tom talking about link and then this fuck me we're in for some delayed market reaction

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This has nothing to do with Chainlink

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When do you fags understand something like this means nothing????
This world is so fastpaced and ambigous.
These paper will be read by fucking analyst boomers that do not have a clue about anything and wont remember anything after going to this 20sites paper. And also analyst big finance hedgefund boomers DO NOT go on fucking binance to buy a obscure ERC20 with $50.000.000 daily volume. THIS PROJECT IS A FUCKING JOKE AS OF NOW AND 5 YEARS AGO. WHY SHOULD A PERSON WITH $1.5BIL AUM TRADE AN ILLIQUID OBSCURE "UTILITY" TOKEN FROM SOME RANDOM STARTUP? AND EXPOSING THEM BEING ON A VERGE ON SOME CHINK EXCHANGE CASINO CALLED CZ TO LOCK HIS FUND AND GET LIQUIDATED IN A MARKET HE IS NOT MANIPULATING HIMSELF.
If you really want to get the price pumping you should send this PDF to telegram groups. DUMB RETAIL CATTLE. BUT EVEN they are too low IQ and buy into some more retarded obvious scam.

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>It is thus already possible to envision a commerce-linked or infrastructure-linked coin that may eventually eclipse Bitcoin.
Wtf is this saying then? It's ok anon, non of our link bags are big enough

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I'm not buying your shitcoins

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Is Citibank some small pajeet bank or something?

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sure, but chainlink is a scam. that's why it doesn't pump even when high level shills shill it

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yeah they can't even spell city right

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yeah in 10 years

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stinkies will claim they're appealing to the ethereum council, but it has been passed on to the kleros court already
sell before it's too late

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>It's going to get alot cheaper
Reminds me of how Bitcoin was going to replace Visa for small transactions and cost less than a cent per transaction. We're totally buying coffee with BTC these days.

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the difference between crypto OGs and newfags is that the OGs know chainlink will eventually be the #1 crypto.

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tom gonser?

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You morons know how investment banks work right?
The next in something then promote it.
The writer of that article probably has plebbit level knowledge of the market.

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it's not but there is a lot of chainlink propaganda out there in large part because of autists on this board

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He's making his list.
He's checking it twice.
He's going find out who's naughty and who's nice.
Eric Holder is coming to town.
He sees you when you're sleeping.
He knows when you're awake.
He knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.
You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout and I'll tell you why.
Eric Holder had Paul Walker assassinated in a gun smuggling operation known as Fast and Furious.

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Link can just migrate to ADA

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Yeah, that way we can ensure link really is never used

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It's time to drop the cult and move on, anon. Memes can only get you this far.

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I don't own any but: What is BSV?
Unlike King Shitcoin BTC (which is nothing like it's inventor described) Chainlink is under control of it's founder. The company has a huge warchest to finance it's operation and expansion and WILL dominate this market since they can buy up anyone that threatens them. Also I don't think Sir Gay Betray is in it for the short term by the looks of it.

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>Developers that utilize the Chainlink network pay with the protocol’s native token, LINK. Thus, a token that helps to facilitate the growth of the on-chain ecosystem may also gain prominence over Bitcoin in time as it becomes increasingly critical to the operation of the blockchain infrastructure.
>It is thus already possible to envision a commerce-linked or infrastructure-linked coin that may eventually eclipse Bitcoin. More such possibilities may emerge. Innovation in the chain-based ecosystem is continuing apace and today’s offerings may yet give way to a new invention that garners more attention and assets than Bitcoin.
>may eventually eclipse Bitcoin

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So why aren't we at $50 right now?

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It's in your ID
>Shitcoiners Love Q
People are retarded.

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Because of Q.
Trust the plan

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checked. old talk reshared by chainlin on twitter my bad.

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you are a nigger

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You sound retarded but there's truth in your ravings.

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Check them digits. Ridiculous indeed... probably would help if they stop dumping 6 million tokens a month.

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Unfathomably based

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>Unlike King Shitcoin BTC
Name one coin that even remotely approaches the TPS required to take on Visa. Even the centralized bullshit can't even begin to complete.
You're fooling yourself to think scaling still isn't a major problem, even with the incoming "fixes." Eventually it will be side chains of side chains of side chains and completely unusable.

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I'm not saying that scalability is not a problem. It's the biggest problem of crypto since day one. I'm saying your comparison of BTC to LINK is bullshit.

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Smart Contracters Love Q

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it's shittibank anon

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They didn’t exactly say that, no need to be hyperbolic, but your point still stands, would’ve been an easy 2-3x for any other shitcoin.

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LINK isn't "muh eth killer" so it is irrelevant in the current hype market.

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literally ANYTHING ELSE would have pumped 50% on this.

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get outta here, Q lover

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im surprised we didnt dump more desu

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this. right now all the dumb money is mad about muh fees so they're looking for eth killers. this is why giving a fuck about the day to day price action is so dumb.

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It is however tied into all of the current crop of ETH killers, so it is relevant in the next market no matter who wins or loses.

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Can’t wait for the crash to buy all ur coins cheap, cheers.

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Scaling is a hardware dependent issue not a consensus based one.
You can easily have a 5000 tps blockchain (average visa network tps) provided your network nodes have minimum a Nvme ssd, 16 cores cpu, 128 GB ram and a gigabit connection.

It's a problem only because such specs would cost an average of $3000 bucks which obviously hurt decentralization but ultimately L1 will scale.

L2 are not an issue either, for example you could imagine having geographical sidechains (if you live in Germany chances are you transact at 90% with germans or at least europeans on a daily basis therefore it makes sense to have such a secondary network).

Same with rollups for smart contracts.

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Hahaha and he blocked the comments. Hahahahhaa what a whale he is

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Doesn’t matter dudes. Shut like GME pops off, need some massive fomo action on link then and only then will it break $30 to crash back down to $25 hahaha.

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Guys tell me if I’m being retarded

There are ~18 million BTC and 1 billion LINK
So even if LINK had the market cap of BTC, a link would only be worth 1.8% of a bitcoin, right?

I mean that’s still LINK at $900 but not all that amazing

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>investing in the WEF-signalled "next big thing"
>surprised when the cypherpunks don't want to touch it

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>implying poorfag “cypherpunk” money is relevant in any way

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>cypherpunks don't want to touch it

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The cypherpunks are the early adopters retard.

They're millionaires.

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staking will reduce the circulating supply.. by how much? nobody knows yet

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The people who actually matter are billionaires

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>13x too expensive
>OCR makes it 10x cheaper
>Still 3x too expensive
Why even bother?

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It’s not mate. We just wanted to scam normies and it worked but you know how meme magic is. Apparently they believed the hype.

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Sergey is a muslim homosexual, you better sell now

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That faggot and his supply fud? Yeah totally destroyed.

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