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How come all of you still talking about making it? You had over 10 years to make it.

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How old is she now like 48

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>imagine being that bored

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I'm an 18 1/2 year old zoom zoom ok. There is nothing else for people my age to keep up like every other fag on the planet.

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I only started a month ago and nearly doubled my investment since then, just give me a little more time and I will

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You will never look like this guy

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What's wrong with this picture? I mean it looks distorted in some places

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I am 17 and I bought link at 15 unironiaclly my net worth is in the 100k territory, step up lmao or you will stay a pussy

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same, only i started 2 months ago and tripled mine, if we continue this way we should be done by EOY

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>plastic razors

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>born poor
you had nine mothns

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I’m 22. And by this logic you’re retarded for not just starting Amazon considering you were of an age where that would’ve been possible at the time of its inception. Get fucked faggot

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Yea. Most of us have belly buttons

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>No belly button
Did they biologically engineer this man to fill Taylor's pussy with his cum?

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>I am 17
Enjoy your vacations.

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That dude is hot af. no homo

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thoughts on asko?

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what the fuck

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Yeah god forbid I go to the gym for about six months and half-ass a cut

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i imagine having a girlfriend is her staring a mirror all day and wanting to take selfies

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It's a normal body for men who spend 1-2 hours in a gym per week and doesn't eat fast food for dinner every day.

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But it's about his face

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I do look like this guy rn

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can confirm, all they do is take sexy photos and not have sex with you

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I'm 19 and it's over. I live in Eastern Europe, so it's twice as bad. You faggots have english as your first language and could've known about buttcorn years before me (I'm talking to fellow zooms). I first heard some rumors about btc when I was 13 or so. The language barrier put me aside for quite some time, also poorfag, so it's over thrice the way.

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women need to be kept in breeding cages 24/7

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Come back in a few months once you can smoke junior, the adults are talking here.

(Extremely based if you actually bought link when you were 15 though)

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The best 10-100x shot rn. Near 50% staked, on the rebound, high ATH, great comeback story, solid tech, audited and now being audited again.
The only FUD is that there was a meh site released at launch and the founders are anon. Site fixed and they could be anon for a bunch of bullish reasons. If there was gonna be a rug pull it would’ve happened, which is more than you can say for other low mcap coins

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Wait thats Taylor Swift wtf

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Why doesn't he have a belly button

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rather than that, simply amputate their arms and legs entirely. then just keep them floating in a nutrient gel with an oxygen mask on with a hole for impregnating them when needed. no need for sedatives, they wont be going anywhere anyway.

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He was grown in a vat of German blood like all Anglos.

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guys taylor is still a virgin right :( shes my make it waifu

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just be white lol

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Get your ass crack off the fucking sink.

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Just be white AND good looking, in my shithole being white is nowhere near enough

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That's not taylor swift retards.

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Lost 25 BTC worth of coins when Cryptsy exit scammed and was so traumatized that I didn't invest in crypto again untill 2018.

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I was 10, 10 years ago anon.
I started trying to make it 1 year ago.

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bnb and avax in its prime

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hahahahah not your privatekey not your coins.

So on the good side u never had any coins to begin with

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what country?

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Underrated post.
Yes, anon, there are clones among us. Remember Dolly in the 90s? Nobody talks about it anymore, you dont see "science" publications talking about it, because it became a dirty reality (((they))) dont want us to know about.

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Mental health is my issue. I can't go 3 years without some kind of breakdown and I eventually have to start over. Been like this for 12 years. 30 yo now. I'll probably an hero if I'm still a loser at 40 (most likely will be)

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Eastern europe

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uhhh are there any more Taylor Swift pics? think she's a real babe.

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i was 13

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5.8 peepsqueek.
6.5 220lbs here
Small net worth still

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the fuck that's not taylor swift is it?

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Bros wtf he actually no belly button?

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I became a millionaire last month. Which was my "make it point" until money printer went BRRRRRR

So maybe I have to wait until 2 or 3 million before I've made it now. Feels bad man.

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dont give up my friend, there is always another opportunity around the corner just hang in there

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>10 years
Are you serious? You had 30 years to make it.
>Buy Apple
>Buy Microsoft
>Buy Amazon
What the fuck were you guys doing with your lives? You literally just had to buy and hold, it's free money! How can anybody NOT be a billionaire by now? Fucking losers.

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