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Wouldn't it be like a super safe bet to buy Coinbase stock as SOON as it goes public?

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What if they sold 1 share for $1,000,000,000,000?

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Then I will sell it to someone after me for 2,000,000,000,000

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Only if crypto is not shitting the bed while they online.

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Yes no shit

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do they have presale?

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>boomer cex
>crypto focused
>doesn't ico

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Yes but it is going to moon immediately so you better get in during the early extended hours

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where can you buy it? Also it's not foolproof I heard they made a 3m loss in 2018, although i do think the future is bright for them

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I plan on. I should find a solid brokerage in the next few days since I don't bother with stocks. EU niggers have no access to webull or rh.

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>Since inception through December 31, 2020, we generated over $3.4 billion in total revenue, largely from transaction fees that we earn from volume-based trades on our platform by retail users and institutions. For the year ended December 31, 2020, transaction revenue represented over 96% of our net revenue. We have leveraged the strength of our trading business to scale and broaden our platform by investing in our flywheel to launch new products and services and grow the ecosystem.

>Our operating results have and will significantly fluctuate due to the highly volatile nature of crypto.
>Our net revenue is substantially dependent on the prices of crypto assets and volume of transactions conducted on our platform. If such price or volume declines, our business, operating results, and financial condition would be adversely affected.
>A majority of our net revenue is derived from transactions in Bitcoin and Ethereum. If demand for these crypto assets declines and is not replaced by new crypto asset demand, our business, operating results, and financial condition could be adversely affected.
>The future development and growth of crypto is subject to a variety of factors that are difficult to predict and evaluate. If crypto does not grow as we expect, our business, operating results, and financial condition could be adversely affected.

this is straight from their form s-1. you'd be a fucking idiot to invest in coinbase since its revenue (and therefore perceived value) is tied directly to crypto. crypto crashes and this crashes. crypto pumps 20% in 1 week and this does what all boomer stocks do and goes up maybe 20% in 1 year.

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you can buy the future on deus.finance right now. on the eth blockchain

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Crypto will ALWAYS go up. It's unironically the future. If you don't believe in the technology and philosophy behind crypto, you're just another meaningless pink wojak-poster.

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Substrate + Ethereum
ParaState provides a smart contract virtual machine (VM) for all Substrate-based blockchains.

Hidden Gem

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just admit you don't understand any of what i wrote and move on.

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>crypto crashes and this crashes
I don't see how crypto prices will affect their revenue at all. They are an exchange and all income they make is from trading fees. They will get their cut whether people sell all their shitcoins during a crash or buy more when it goes up.

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>she missed the cheap entry into Coinmetro whos gonna blow coinbase out of the water

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coinbase will literally die in less than 2 years because of their stupid fees
mark my words, don't invest in this shit

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look at their results from 2019 (also in their form s-1) for a year that might be typical of a bear market. they have large fixed fees (sg&a) and their variable fees scale fucked up. revenue is up 2.7x this year but tx fees are up only 1.6x. not good news when tx revenues drop in a bear market.

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They don't care about the price only transaction volume. They will be fine as long as there is a market

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sustained trading (idiot swingies) is driving revenue. look at BTC trade volumes in bear market and it probably correlates pretty nicely to what they're showing as trading volume in non-GAAP financial measures. that would be a good starting point for estimating future revenue in a bear market.

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Aren't people paying 200 dollar fees on ether?

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price drives volume. they don't disaggregate their revenue by month but i'm willing to bet they started making all of their money in 2020 in Q4, during the beginning of the bull market.

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i liked, they do break out revenue by quarter. just as i thought.

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My account is locked up, I emailed them and haven't heard back in over a month.

How do I even talk to a human being in Coinbase?

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Maybe if you want to feel like you are investing in crypto if you can't buy it otherwise.

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basically this.

their business strategy should consist of three things to increase revenue.
>More tradeable assets
>New York Centric
>.1% fixed fees

that's it they will be the exchanges preferred by the world if they do this.

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there are no humans

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>investing in rigged boomer stock
Are you kids fucking retarded?
(((Insiders))) get to buy/trade Coinbase shares before they even go public. Why do you think the initial share price and valuation for the "public" (goyim) is going to be so high?
The stock market is a rigged game and everyone who buys Coinbase stock will get dumped on for months or even years after the IPO.

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Hedgies always have first crack so they set the prices

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What if you can buy coinbase stock ON coinbase?

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How reliable is Coinbase as an exchange service? I tried registering but it asked photos of an ID so I gave up.

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I like it
All of them require ids now, no way to get around it

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I am having a problem with the phone app the last few days where if I hit the Home button it just gives me an error message. The rest of the app seems to work though.

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When airdrop?

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That's even better. If you buy cpimbase stock during a bull run you are buying high.

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