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i made a post around 52k that btc is slowly bleeding to sub 40k and bullfags were talking shit
as soon as 40k support gets broken 38k will be your last hope to save this 'bullrun' otherwise see you at 25k and 75-90% correction on alts

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I love you bobo you sweet little beary

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silly bobo haha

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Sorry I made a post at 53k, making an even better call than yours.

Link? Oh, I'll post it right after you link yours :^)

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Checked bobros.
Kek, god of chaos, has blessed bears in this thread.

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>tfw only 1.5k poorfolio
OP stop I'm going to cream my pants

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You literally read the digits backwards. They were dismissing the OP and got digits. How fucking new are you?

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Dubai-based FD7 Ventures, a global crypto investment fund with $1 billion under management, on Friday announced plans to sell off $750 million worth of its Bitcoin holdings over the next 30 days to increase positions in Cardano and Polkadot.



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Seems like they love Bobo to me. What’s not to love about him?
Seething bullfag, I know you weren’t here in March 2018.

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dump it to 0 lets gooooooooooooooooooooo

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I keep collecting waves as prices go down. There is good news to come. It will increase suddenly.

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taking the bobo pill was the best decision of my life. Just tethered up comfy and went short with whatever I can afford. I no longer feel the pink wojak, only bobo's warm embrace.

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:) i love it. hope niggers get rekt on the bitcorn stock. cya in a few weeks bru

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this bear is truly evil, bathing in everybody's blood. i would strangle and stomp it to death like somebody just gave birth to the anti-christ

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Only one thing left to say: fuck you bobo

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For me, it’s not even the schadenfreud. It’s just being comfier, the more it crashes. Just an inverse long based off all the absolute retardation in the space.
Hell, just look at the entire dogecoin fiasco.

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The bear juden

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>based and truthpilled
Tethered up at the first red candle
Waiting for that jigstack release

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Thanks bobro,
shorted at 48k

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