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anybody else here startin to think it's ogre

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It never started, freedom was always a dream anon.

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no, this is still a bull market
if that seems impossible to you then you're a pathetic goldfish investor with no memory, no imagination, and you will never make it

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I imagine a world in which chinks ran out of food and cannabalized each other. They deserve the worst of plights for killing the run this early on

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Yes it’s over, now leave and don’t come back until the next boom in 2 years and make sure to not accumulate over the next 2 years and make sure to only start buying when it’s already boomed 300%

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I started investing in crypto literally a month ago and I am down to half of my original investment. Fuck this market, it's a fucking scam.

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Hope not, just booked a vacation for 5k and haven't cashed it out yet


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Same... even got my parents and my sister to invest in some of these altcoins. I thought altseason was coming.

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Chinks should get it for everything they’ve done through out history

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They are unironically some of the worst human beings on the face of the earth. If you have ever seen LiveLeak videos from China, you know what Im talking about

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Lmao I just made 30% on SBX. Made 100% on VLT. This time in the market is what separates the guys who are able to win to the bull market tourists that populate this board during bullruns

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can u tell me what to buy

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you are goldfish if u forgot that BTC and every other altcoin did a 10x since last year LOL
HODL the line cucjk

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it didnt go in the rhodl zone tho yet bro we good

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First, go into BSC. Then find a shitcoin that just shook out it's presaler buyers. It'll do at least one moon. I can pull 3-5 30-40% gains a week if I work hard. Minimal risk because they've already launched.

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>buy high sell low

Maybe you shouldn’t buy over pumped markets Elon tweets about faggot. Not selling though this is the beginning, but it’s hilarious watching people lose their money in a month because they have sense of vision and just invest on their emotions

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I'm not selling shit you nigger if anything I'll be buying everything I can when we hit rock bottom. Either this shit makes me some money or I kill myself.

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