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Can you actually make it as a poorfag? I come from poverty. I'm considering getting into this shit to try and afford a house, and some basic financial security at some point. I've been playing with crypto for two months and tripled my shitty little 1000 dollar investment. Getting a house or anything close requires extremely consistent luck.

I know three people throughout my life who were investors. They weren't hardcore, born and raised, investors, they all fucking came from money they could afford to lose. They were all around 18-22 when they decided to do it, one actually doubled his money, the other two lost tens of thousands of dollars and still could have afforded the type of house I dream of one day with what their parents gave to them. All three of them could live more comfortably than I dream of, but hope to be billionaires one day. One of them posted on snapchat once "my mom inherited five million in 2008 and considered investing in apple but didn't, that'd be worth so much now" as if it was a relatable problem.

All three of these guys just fucking lost money and were still completely fine. I've worked 6 months saving every cent for 15k and would be risking everything investing it. It feels fucking hopeless. I just want a comfy life, and it fucking sucks seeing people who have that as a given deciding, "might as well try and be a multibillionaire, no harm if I lose my investment"

I've also contacted all of them about their investing experience and advice, my 500 dollars has had way fucking more success than theirs in terms if return (they bought mostly hype shit and tried swinging) yet I had nowhere near enough to make it. I'm priced out of any amount of success.

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If you tripled a your stack 4 more times you're up to a quarter of a million dollars. and if you did that in 2 months you could be there by the end of the year. stop whining stop comparing yourself to others and focus on what you did to triple it the first time.

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I just feel hopeless
>dude buy LINK
>bought it at 15 and sold when it was crabbing around 23
>traded it for GRT at .40 and sold it for .80 right before it mooned to almost 3 dollars
>bought a little doge because the hype was insane
>sold it at a x2
Made x3, but it was all an extreme amount of luck. Literally everyone would be a billionaire if you could just learn this shit by the book. One fuck up and I'm done. It fucking sucks being on the edge of failure.

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Big returns require patience. If you feel that one fuck up will ruin you, it means your portfolio is too risky. It doesn't sound like your income is too high so you absolutely want to avoid limiting your losses.
Also, even if you land a house and some basic financial security, it only slightly mitigates the existential dread. Money is a palliative, not a cure

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want to limit your losses*

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What do you think are some good coins for long term hold?

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huge gains are made over bull runs anon. you should have secure long holds like btc, ltc, or monero etc justso that you can always have something in case you fuck up that rises dramatically when a bull run happens.
be patient, remember that 'get rich quick' is lowkey a scam and 'accumulating wealth over time' is real.
its only been like 2 months and youre doing great desu :^).

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i can relate to your pain. i send you my good energy. you will make it

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Like I said, poorfag from an impoverished family, 3k was my start, I'm scratching 10k. Its fucking depressing that my hopes of getting a decent house at some point require either astronomical amounts of luck, or 10 years of working without spending anything along with holding safe investments. Meanwhile I've met people my age who are aiming to be worth 10+ million and won't be hurting if they lose what they've been given to invest.

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No fucking clue. I was more into stocks, just started learning about crypto a month ago and still feel like I know very little. I was one of those idiots who thought it was a passing trend but I have to admit I was wrong.

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There are also people your age who are 6 figures in debt and will never escape it

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Like I mentioned earlier, I started out with Crypto and feel like a fucking idiot for the points I sold at, but its better than nothing I guess. I guess my main goal was just realizing profit, but I had a x5 with GRT but sold it at a x2. Missed opportunities are obviously a part of the investing world, but I won't get anywhere on these small ass doubles and triples.

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If you tripled your stack in two months, you should be fine. Just remember to never put in more than your willing to lose, the market is designed to ruin people like you, be afraid when others are greedy, be greedy when others are afraid, and ygmi.

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Fair point. I don't even want extravagant riches, my goal is literally just a good home to raise a family. Boomers literally fucking destroyed this. I hate Biden but I hate Trump even worse for coming from a bloodline of land leeches. Investing is one thing, but within the last 100 years societies around the world have been destroyed by people of some level of means treating land and property as an investment. A side hustle for one diabetic 60 year old is a home gone for a young family. It makes me fucking seethe.

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Don't scoff at a 2x, it's still a win and that shit compounds. No one times their exit perfectly without extreme luck or insider information. You're gonna be fine, already miles ahead of the vast majority of poorfags

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Congrats, you just realized money make money.
People with money can buy stacks of every shitcoin and make it when few of them moon. You have one try and if you fail - you are dead.

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Well if you keep going balls deep on every investment you are either going to be a billionaire in a month or back to your wagie cagie in a week.
You did well even tho it was in a bullish market, now lets see you pulling that shit during a correction or downfall times.

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My x2 is the margin everyone I wish I could be could lose without stress. It feels fucking impossible to break out of my class level. I'm poor yet I've invested almost everything the last few months, and I'm realizing I'll get slightly ahead at most.

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My advice is to do whatever it takes to increase your income first before investing.
By “whatever it takes”, i mean literally whatever the fuck it takes. The system is rigged against you completely, but you dont have to play by its rules - remember that.

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>muh buy low sell high
According to you, now is the perfect time to go full retard on btc, because people are afraid of 7 days red.
Then you will rope yourself when it hits 30k.

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>Just remember to never put in more than your willing to lose,

I hate this fucking saying.
If you are investing something you are ok with losing then you wont make meaningful gains.
You have to roll the fucking dice or you will stay poor forever.

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I started with less than you and we're on even ground.
Shit don't happen overnight, keep doing what you are doing and you'll be at your goal within a year or two.

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35yo poverty here. i was seriously down to my last $100 last month. i had lost hope ever making it and started applying for any shit job that was making $10+. when the GME shit was hitting the news and RH started blocking buys, i knew the antsy normies couldn't stand having unspent funds in their account and that they'd gravitate towards some meme shit instead. i went all in on doge at .12, made $750+ overnight. awesome, i can live another month without working but i still not enough to make it long term.
two weeks later, i woke up hungover and laid in bed looking at my phone. saw a shitload of single moms on facebook screaming about Mcdonalds pokemon cards. i immediately drove to every mickys in the area and made $500 profit by the next day. still selling them now, just had my best day today and im up like 15k+ since i started. and i still have 90% of the cards left to sell. markets prob gonna crash hard by the time im out of cards, then i'll pick up a ton of cheap coins and hold till the next cycle.
i actually think im going to make it.

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If you want to make it as a poorfag get a job and live cheaply, put 60% of your paycheck into coins that'll appreciate over time
>(IE: no vaporware that'll dissapear overnight, read: shitcoins)
>20% in high risk low marketcap coins
>once you accumulate $20-30k consolidate 60% of your wealth into 1 promising blue chip coin and invest the rest in 3-5x moonshot lowcaps until you make it

you wont do any of this though so fuck ya anon

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good shit if this is true

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You definitely wont make it if you dont invest

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literally based af anon keep up the hustle YAGMI

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Never said to go all in on BTC. Doing that is retarded.

Sorry dude, but unless you're a 200+ IQ super-genius, which (you) and I are not, that will not work in 99.999% of cases. Sure, you might get lucky. But what happens if you don't? You lose everything. If you want to become filthy rich, you need a basis of wealth to bounce off of. If you're like OP, and you only want to live below your means, then there is no point in not playing the long-game. Buffet warned people about this very recently, and you will likely regret taking his advice. For if you don't, you are bound to be just another blade of grass in the pink fields, and soon after, the mower will cut you down.
>history doesn't repeat
>people do

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you could just put it in dhedge and watch the APY beat whatever trading your friends do too.
They have real managers getting great returns these days.
no sense in risking it and becoming a pinker wojack because it just isn't a good look, sir

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Well played anon, VERY well played. I hope to read about you in an editorial in a decade or two. YAGMI.

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Currently at 17k from 2k in less than two months. Don't give up negro.

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You have to learn to trade options and you will have to take big risks with your account. If you play your cards right, you will make it.

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>You have to learn to trade options

>options are the only way to make it

get a lot of this guy who doesn't know you can trade crypto with leverage

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Best advice? Especially if unlucky? You have a great approach. Be very not greedy when getting into trading anything. 3x on your money is AMAZING despite fuck ups.

I'll use my example:
I could be up $3-4k on stonks right now, but because of greed and not taking the profit that was in front of me:
Lost $1.5k on GME pump and dump
Lost $1k on CLF options that decayed fast
Lost even more on options.
Lost on a penny stock trying to get the last 20% before selling.
Jumped into ideas shilled here faster than ideas I researched and came up with myself.

Please, don't be me. I'm right more often than I'm wrong, but I'm so shit at execution, I'm still at home base with my starting capital.

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Holy fk what are you all yammering on
Wanna see real income? Don’t believe this stubid scammers
they try to show you trash spamming on /biz/
>my advice = take a look at YVS Finance! That’s real yield farming GEM!

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> >2 98 85 73 4
>ESL reply
This is totally organic and real

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Leverage is leverage. If you know you will be right 50% of the time, you want more than 1:1 leverage

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Just follow MMcrypto on yt and go 25x leverage long when btc is 39k or below. This bull run Is not over.

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this bot is always structured the same:
>holy fuck what are you X
>wanna see Y?
>they try to show you trash on /biz/
>go into Z
it's downright eerie

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Lol i made a thread just saying "I'm, gonna kill myself"

Sat empty for like 30 minutes till a bot came in "Now is a good time to buy MCDC" I actually laughed.

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well, suicide does go hand in hand with buying MCDC kek

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>One fuck up and I'm done
Manage risk
Or just hold long enough, link, grt, and so on, theyre not noname projects
I turned 650$ to 200k$ betting on absolute dogshit

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Dev team has been fudding the ever-loving shit out of their own coin lately. Talking about intentionally devaluing HODLer coins n shiet. The tech is beautiful and game-changing but every time I listen to one of them talk or read any of their posts I get a sick feeling in my stomach. Their PR bitch makes my skin crawl too and goes out of her way to talk about her "struggle" every time she's put in front of a camera. I'm not dumping my bags any time soon, but let's just say I have ultra-sensitive alerts for GRT and their dev team on my phone.

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We can't do options in the UK were stuck with normal stock trade if CFD margin trading which sucks even more

Same here anon this pisses me off like mad, no I'm not comfortable to lose what I have in But I can either take it out, maybe buy a new computer, pay off 1/10 of my house mortgage then spent another 40 years paying the fucking rest off, having what I have in now while afraid to lose is the ONLY fucking possible way of being able to pay it off within the next couple of years and live a "comfy" paid off house life even if not a millionaire

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"Never invest more than you're willing to lose" is just bankroll management translated to retards.
Say you can consistently find an edge in the market as follows(not actual numbers just example):
>60% of the time you make a profit
>30% of the time you lose money
>10% of the time you get wiped out

Do you want to be able to keep playing this edge for the next 40 years or do you want to eventually end up on the shit side of a trade and lose 15 years of progress?

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this is a fundamental principle found in every poker book, too

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>10% of the time you get wiped out
What. No.
Do you even Kelly Criterion?

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Yeah, disregard that, I just woke up and I'm still retarded.

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is that a aoe meme...

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