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if anyone read that thread about the person who got rejected from fucking everywhere, should I just take a vacation to japan for like ~10 days to just reset my mental? was planning to go to sapporo, has any other anon done this? how can i do it for as cheap as possible?

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delete degeneracy from your computer and read https://easypeasymethod.org/the-easy-method.html . Then go to japan.
buy your tickets in advance to save money. find cheap hostels.

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japans not open you fucking idiot

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rejected in what sense? jobs?

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mfw been on nofap for 3 months i just find waifus more wholesome than 3d women kek

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applied to a shit ton of math phd programs and didn't get into any of them

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it's closed you retard, the only place you can go right now is Malaysia

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i am vaccinated and this is obviously assuming it opens in the future, should have been more specific

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>assuming it opens in the future
yeah like in 2030

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10 days not worth it
something longer like 1-2years would be best
pretend you are interested in learning Japanese then apply for the easiest, most beginner Japanese class then you can come with student visa that can last 1-2years
class usually takes 4-5hours a day
outside that just wagecuck at konbini or restaurant (school usually helps you to look for wagecuck places and arrange the hiring)
while wagecucking and studying, in addition to having fun, start looking for normal job (hopefully you got some skills)
once you get a full time wagecukcing offer, just quit the school and convert your visa from student to job visa
at this point congrats anon, now you are resident of Japan who has a decent job, pays taxes, and has high chance of getting Japanese qt

all these speaking from my own experience
inb4 someone call me larping

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this is your brain on dopamine addiction. read the book.

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今おれの日本語レベルはJLPTN3です。so i can be an english teacher for a year or so but JET applications only open in november for next year, so id have to get a job or something for this year in the meantime

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ive literally read that book multiple times. If I don't fap to it and just find waifus cute I sincerely fail to go down the water slide that the book mentions. then again i suppose anything that induces dopamine can be considered an addiction so w/e

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What's your financial situation currently like? A trip like this would usually be at least $2k+.

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20k in crypto, 500$ biweekly thanks to part time uni job. No expenses besides consooming alcohol and fast food occasionally since I live with my parents. Was planning to with draw some of my crypto earnings

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Fuck off. /pol/tards are the worst bunch not a minute passes without them preaching puritan moralfag bullshit jesus christ.

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