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>1-BTC:Peer to peer digital cash evolved into store of value that can lose its value by %20 or more in a single day
>2-ETH:Spaghetti code, can't scale
>3-ADA:Promising and future number 1 candidate
>4-BNB:Chink copy of ETH
>5-DOT:Pedocoin, retarded name, has no purpose
>7-LTC:Better bitcoin but bitcoin is garbage so that doesn't say much
>8-Chainlink:An erc20 token
>9-Stellar: Why is this even in top10 ?
>10-BCH:One of many btc forks, better than btc but it's still shit

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ur mom is a joke

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>Ada:Vaporwave trash

fixed it

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>3-ADA:Promising and future number 1 candidate
imagine actually believing this

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>imagine actually believing this

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>3-ADA: a 44.7 Billion valuation working website

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Ada 2021 = xrp 2017

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ID, omg check his ID

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all crypto is a joke

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>ETH: Home of DeFi, everything is built on it, eth2.0 coming soon, It will flip bitcoin

Fixed another one

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OIL do your own research RLC chads to the top

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>1-BTC:Peer to peer digital cash evolved into store of value that can lose its value by %20 or more in a single day
grandpa shitcoin I agree
>2-ETH:Spaghetti code, can't scale
I think they just dont want to scale, why would you
fix the "problem" thats conveniently making you billions of dollars?
>3-ADA:Promising and future number 1 candidate
>4-BNB:Chink copy of ETH
agreed but thats basically perfect for its intended usecase. eth with lower fees is unironically perfect for degenerate shitcoin gambling
>5-DOT:Pedocoin, retarded name, has no purpose
dont really know much about it, but I havent seen much other fud so it can't be that bad on its merits
>7-LTC:Better bitcoin but bitcoin is garbage so that doesn't say much
This, but its basically the only coin used for actual realworld payments for anything other than btc->gold and stuff like that
>8-Chainlink:An erc20 token
>9-Stellar: Why is this even in top10 ?
>10-BCH:One of many btc forks, better than btc but it's still shit

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XRP: the standard

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Priced out poorfags

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Check em

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top10 is defined not by having the best product technologically, but also previous growth, marketing, and a fuckload of other factors retard

with that being said
definitely belong in the top10. BTC is effectively a crypto market index and marketing vehicle at this point and still needed, like it or not. and yes ETH tokens represent the potential of smart contracts and also belongs in the top10
overvalued vaporware
purely historical reasons
dont get it either

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>>3-ADA:Promising and future number 1 candidate

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>Home of DeFi
Not for long
>Eth 2.0 coming soon
>It will flip bitcoin
It won't be in the top10 eoy

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Literally history repeating itself tier. LINK may actually pull an ETH, we’re gonna make it bros.

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lol ADAcuck confirmed
IOTA > LTC > BTC > ... > PEPECASH > ... > ADA

instead of putting money in ADA donate it to niggers like Charles wants you to

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Another priced out poorfag

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stop with the shilling Chang, 99% of coins on BSC are copied versions of Pancake which is a copied version of uniswap itself kek

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>That hack was bullish

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>Its another 'Let's shill ADA differently this time' episode
pic related

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my ID confirms you are a faggot

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>ADA:Promising and future number 1 candidate

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stopped reading and saged at

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>It is the market thats wrong, not me
Have you ever considered that maybe you are just an unimaginative autistic retard?

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>overvalued vaporware
Sort by volume faggot. Consistently top traded cryptos.

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keep seething and holding those heavy fagdano bags, they're going to dump in the coming weeks and I won't be catching them

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OP is just a poorfag who missed the boat on everything. Cry more bitch and KYS

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I am not defending ADA retard

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>RLC digital oil?

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ADA is fucking trash

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Has the ADA team even finished writing the whitepaper yet?

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How can chainlink, an erc20 token, be taken seriously by anyone?

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This. Also even if ADA had the mcap of bitcoin it would be worth like $4 a coin, imagine shilling something with such a low growth ceiling.

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Literally the key to financial independence and great future wealth. You don't realize the value of what you are holding.

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Their website doesn't even load in Brave.

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So you have no fud for xlm? I just bought 100k today

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Monero needs to come into the top 10 immediately.

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Flare literally blocks your path

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stellar is the cutest crypto that's why

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>all this ADA FUD
so bullish it's not even funny, thanks for buying my bags in the future when it's $20

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>>3-ADA:Promising and future number 1 candidate
OP's obviously a troll

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RLC top 10 eoy

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Is it true this shit doesn't even have working smart contracts? If true Why the fuck did this even pump when it's not even finished yet?

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not immediately, I'm still accumulating and these crypto noobs are still clueless about it

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the absolute state of ADA shills

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(You) literal a retard

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Kek 100% this

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is this ada shill thread? lol.

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Just sold 1/4 of my ADA to buy MATIC

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Because over 90% of the human population is completely retarded

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RLC to enter the top 10 EOY.

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Link is a scam you shill

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based, OP is a faggot

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I don’t get it. How do you make money sending 5 people 5 dollars?

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Xrp the standard nigger.

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Don't listen to anything you've heard about XRP, do your own research and decide by yourself
Do yourself a favor, do it, you'll thank me later

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They don't know fren

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ok that's it,next week im actually looking into ADA

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what can you recommend to read about?

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Obvious to anyone paying attention.

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1,2,5 and 10. The rest can be deleted from existence and nothing of value would be lost.

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