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Anyone else started involuntarily death rattling? When i try to speak to people or even just sitting around i make these hoarse, weak breathing sounds. My skin has begun to fall off, i can feel it, it's not attached to anything beneath and it'll never go back if i pull it too hard. I'm getting tinnitus all the time and i can barely see, like black spots and bright lights flashing. Doesn't really matter as there's nothing i want to see. I'm just so fucking tired i feel like i could sleep and never wake up, i want that and i'm too tired to hide it anymore. This ugly skin just keeps moving around, i'm afraid it could pull on the nerves and break them, that could never be fixed if it did happen, just another thing permanently broken. My skull's getting soft too, rub it too hard and it'll crack. Fall and it'll definitely break. Holding link has been the worst choice i ever made, i'm embarrassed and i'm ashamed.

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The muscles in my right foot for the past month have been spasming on their own non-stop for 24 hours a day. I can look down at my foot and see the muscles under the skin constantly jerking around and I can't get it to stop. It's so distracting that the only way I can fall asleep is by drinking or medication.

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Bro I was just asleep and I got woke up by a sudden flash of this scary ugly monster humanoid face. It had a white background and this ugly face. I’m shaking I can still kinda see it help

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Chainlink is a good idea but it's a bad investment.

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Mfw I share this board with actual schizoes

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Sounds like you're under some stress. Maybe try to chill for a while. Eat well, sleep and rest.

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Hello fellas, wazzap here?

>Did you see that spam attack on /biz/ today?
These homeless niggers really think that clever trader will check their shit
Funny lmao
>I never risk today, my funds are on yield farming on yvs finance and I can reinvest any time

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I traded the USDC balance of my wallet from 3k to 117k in 4 months

Right now it's sitting at about 5k and for the first time in my life I'm suffering for actual depression, my usual motivation and drive are gone, my momentum is completely destroyed.

I'm the kind of tired that sleep cant fix kings

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Oh yeah forgot to mention I also began balding at 22 despite having thick full hair my entire life

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holy shit I can feel my skin growing as I type this.

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Vit d(really important), vit c, zinc, garlic, 2+ meals a day, 8hrs of sleep, coffee
You've almost made it before, you know you can do it, just keep at it.
this sucks ass, I know

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18k > 95k > -3.5k here

Well make it back bro. You’ll get out of it

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great advice, I have gotten my eating, exercise, and supplements back in order after being single mindedly focused on crypto for too long

we got there once, we can do it again

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anon, I think you need to drink more water.

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LINK needs to put up some ADA partnership news until Mar 1, or it dies forever.

protip: Ada will use native Oracles. Eth is the pond, Ada the Ocean, Chainlink is a dead frog in the pond. kek

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what drugs are you taking

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Ah yes. It seems you have Link's disease. Invest more carefully next time.

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edit: not sure about the native oracles but Chainlink is not compatible with Cardano

If Feb 28 there is not a Cardano announcement out, its game over for chainlink

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Punch it very hard

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just googled this shit, wtf?

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I hear a constant low pitch humming most days that goes away with a fan or if i move my head back and forth. Maybe its tinnitus from the fan being on all the time or maybe something cool like brain cancer

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Jesus, reading through this thread unironically gave me chills and a sense of dread. I think I should be less involved with crypto, I'm terrified I'll end up like you guys.

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