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CONT... from last weekend.

I am back gentlemen, and yes i am back for lukso

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ASK any questions

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LUKSO is an incredible hidden gem. $100 will be in a few weeks.

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yeah every one knows that lukso is next ETH 2.0 ,, but ppl are confused as why,, i am here to answer that

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My Lukso pumping and PRQ crabbing has saved my portfolio this week. Honestly not sure about NFTs, but wanted some exposure and Fabian is a known entity so this was a no-brainer for me. Comfy.

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>lukso is next ETH 2.0

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I am super bullish for LUKSO. Getting this gem below $10 is unbelievable. Its like buying ETH for under $10.

>> No.29837445

technical explanation or some reasons

LUKSO meaning is leap ahead .. or a jump. ERC 20 is onlything which has kep ETH @ no.2 and defi hype. now erc 115 and 721 are causing some NFT stir. PPL say gavin wood made EVM,, no he was part of writing that yellow paper. but mr FABIAN was the real developer , and when he saw all these ETH killer and protocol war without real usecase, he made LUKSO.

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he unified the war against protocols . so instead of competing start complementing .. FABIAN is only person in crypto space who wants to get LUKSO distributed among many many PPL. so it be next asset class (joining BTC and ETH)

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Anon LUKSO under 50 is FUD

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will i make it with 500 LYXE?

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easy, in 3 years 700000,,

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Do you know what happens with the coins that weren't sold in the rICO?

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yeah ill trust retard ,,, anon ,, , that write like ,, this

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38 million @ mainnet in 2.5 months

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that means no more 2nd private sale (orRICO) but no burn or something like that

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u hate money, go buy ur chink coin. .. . go to ur BSC

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Can you explain why it will be the next 300x

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This is a telegram pnd scheme

Theyre literal indians

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Not buying your ICO bags

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notice how these threads pop up after it starts violently dumping? ICO just want to dump on biz

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smells like curry in here..

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