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vaccines lose effectiveness against new strains faster than how they make them.

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speak for yourself, nigger

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just wink at the nurse and pass her some Algorand

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most of the population wont be able to have children in 7 to 10 years, screencap this.

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>Bribe CVS nigger to mark you as vaxed in the system
>Continue to enjoy your unadulterated RNA and societal freedom
It's like this is a great filter event for uninspired retards

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I’d sooner shoot myself in the head than take that vaccine

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nurses couldnt stop me from running away from my flu shot so i think im good

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How is your RNA being changed by the vaccine? Do you have any clue how it works? It just puts in the virus's RNA to make your body think the virus is there and start preparing to attack it retard.

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Shhhh....don't tell them that. I want them and their children to die.

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>the municipality of our garbage education system

jesus christ we're all a bunch of retarded conspiracy theorists

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Whether or not you trust the vaccine, you can blame our government with a horrid track record of deceit, psychopathy and general evil for the amount of people not trusting them at all.

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I'm not taking the vaccine. I seriously don't care about not being able to go to some gay sports event or a cookie cutter bar / restaurant. Plus, I'm working from home permanently now.

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jesus christ, please, PLEASE kill yourself. Go hang yourself in the bathroom.

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I took the vaccine voluntarily. Weeks ago. I'm fine. Now Link on the other hand is strangling the life out of me year after year.

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Checked but what do you really think is going to happen if you get the vaccine lol

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fucking kek. The world has lost against a fucking flu virus.

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explain this; https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=tmCR_1580001940 all these chinamen dropping in the street took the first trial vax, we are getting the 'improved' second trial

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I'm taking the AstraZeneca vaccine once I'm presented with an opportunity to do so. There are some reasonable arguments to NOT take it, but the schizos never bring them up. Instead of talking about safety and the swine flu vaccine, all I ever hear about is the jews, bill gates and the great reset.

Which one

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It doesn't matter. They lie about vaccines in general. The scientists are all paid off and the studies are all intended to show that vaccines are harmless. They've always lied about health. They've flagrantly lied throughout this entire covid shit. Why the fuck wouldn't they be lying now?

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got my first shot about a month ago
my hands are rotting away.
i got excema on both of them.
got to take a shit ton of cortison atm that makes me want to vomit.

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Almost all of Israel has been vaccinated goyims. You really think that the jews would get vaccinated if it wasn't harmless?!

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>people drop dead in china
>/pol/ makes some quality memes and shitposts about hazmat suits and gas masks
>shit gets really fucked and the entire world gets pozzed by corona chan
>suddenly /pol/ flips position and insists that this is a nothing-burger
>now over a year later, those same videos are recycled in order to scare people about the vaccine
>despite the fact that the chinks have their own vaccine, completely unrelated to AstraZeneca / Moderna / Pfizer / J&J

It's all fun and games until the happening becomes real. You want to watch others suffer, so you post about happenings all year, and once there is an actual fucking happening that also affects you, you deny that it's even a thing, because you are a little bitch. Fuck you. Words can't convey how much I fucking hate you. Kill yourself.

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Anyone with half a brain knows that no vaccine is 100% safe. You just need to weigh the risk of the vaccine against covid, which is kinda impossible. Kind of a gamble.

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Poor bastard

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explain the violent spasms then, to me it sounds like neurological damage... it's certainly not a symptom of 'coronavirus'

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I'm not above forging medical paperwork

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>get paid to be in study
>protection from covid already
>no side effects
>deposits into my account every other week for phone call followups

Imagine listening to Facebook boomers and /pol/ lmao ngmi Qanons

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Why have all RNA vaccines in the past not been approved for use?

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Death causes spasms. Death sucks. Vaccine protect you from death. Karen on Facebook no protect you from death. Pol fuck with your head. Biz fuck with your head. Your head is fucked.

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Yes it is, lol. I've been here since January, back when the media were the nothingburgers. What do you think the loss of smell is, it's fucking (temporary) nerve damage. Almost everything in your body has ACE2 receptors. If you are unlucky that shit can go into your brain. This only happens in a few cases, though.


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Because boomers don't like new things.

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It modifies your muscle cells to make spike proteins, which the body then recognises as intruders and creates antibodies for.

The risk is that if there's anything else in your body similar to the spike proteins, your body might attack them too. This is how autoimmune disorders start.

I've heard that certain cells in the placenta and the blood/brain barrier have similarities to the spike protein. So we're potentially looking at autoimmune brain aneurysms or stillbirths in the future.

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take that girly snark elsewhere

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>So we're potentially looking at autoimmune brain aneurysms or stillbirths in the future.
Which would be caused by regular non vaccine antibodies as well, in which case we are fucked either way.

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itll be digital and on the blockchain mate. plus those of us that understand basic biology dont want to anywhere near your mangey ass.

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who the fuck is "they"?

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The government created the FDA, which has the say if a vaccine is safe or not. Therefore, the government can control the FDA to say whatever the hell they damn well please. If you sincerely think they're concerned for your health, may I remind you of that pretty much 75% or more of olive oil in grocery stores is fake shit cut with other highly processed oils that are inflammatory to your gut (canola, sunflower, etc)? You can't just assume everyone has your best interests, man.

I agree, and I should be allowed the free choice to CHOOSE what gamble I take. This isn't Ebola, I am perfectly healthy, hardly go outside anyway and would be obliged to keep wearing a mask in alternative to taking this vaccine. I'll admit I actually don't have concrete evidence that this vaccine is poison, simply unsafe due to rushed process or some conspiracy of mammoth proportions, but it just feel shady. I go by a personal motto: "Be as least dependent and trusting on others as you can, for there are monsters everywhere." I don't trust the black suits in DC.

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If your god emperor Trump told you all to take the Covid vaccine to own the libs you spergs would all happily do it.

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'The Scientists.'

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There is nothing wrong with well tested vaccines over a long period of time.
The government inject stuff in you body against your will however is beyond disturbing.

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True, there's the risk of autoimmune disorder anyway just catching the virus, but less likely. Risk analysis makes me lean towards taking the gene therapy if you are at risk, otherwise don't bother. It's a gamble either way.

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go watch BBC news dumb dumbs, it's almost time for your fifth vaccine! and remember... two masks are twice as effective! build back better!

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In the cost-benefit analysis I consider the benefits of lockdowns in preventing deaths from COVID-19, and the costs of lockdowns in terms of the effects of the recession, loneliness, and unemployment on population wellbeing and mortality. I did not consider all of the other so-called ‘collateral damage’ of lockdowns mentioned above. It turned out that the costs of lockdowns are at least 10 times higher than the benefits. That is, lockdowns cause far more harm to population wellbeing than COVID-19 can. It is important to note that I support a focused protection approach, where we aim to protect those truly at high-risk of COVID-19 mortality, including older people, especially those with severe co-morbidities and those in nursing homes and hospitals.

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>against your will
People have a choice not to, but thats their retarded decision. Biden isn't coming to inject you at home and take your gun no matter how much you want to LARP it and be victim.

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Wrong. Most population will be dead next year or two.

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I have no clue.
I read about something like that being possible but as far as I know there's no records of this actually happening? Why would the immune cells start attacking those potential targets later in years and not right now after vaccination if that were the case?

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unironically, nice motto anon

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Then how do you explain most boomers literally fighiting to get this vaccine rn ? Poland got over 1.1 of them vaxxed rn.
I personally heard one boomer fag, that was outraged as he couldn't get the vaxx due to high amount of antibodies.

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what is that photo about?

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Not even a Trump-supporter. I simply am just nervous that either this vaccine is either:
A. Rushed and not as effective as they're saying.
B. Possibly some actual part of a mammoth conspiracy to make the population weaker. Not kill. Big pharma already makes a killing lobbying the FDA and others organizations to allow bullshit into supermarkets which poison everybody. Then sell them the cure for the health issues they suffer from said bullshit food. It genuinely wouldn't surprise me.

Hardly a decision when so many are threatening to bar pretty much every business and service to refusers. If a government is so trustworthy and reliable, why do they have to force their way onto everybody? Notice how most people (such as myself) are A OK with having had the average vaccines as a child are suddenly extremely skeptical of this shit? Maybe it's because we had similar situation in '08 with swine flu and everyone STILL went to school, worked and didn't worry a damn bit. Now all of a sudden it's panic-galore.

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Did you use reddit between 2017-2019? do you remember all of the anti-vax memes on the front page? Were memes about vaccines really that popular amongst le redditors? It was almost predictive... like some kind of predictive programming?

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It wasn't even approved by EU commissions top kek.
Creators didn't managed to pull off enough shit data to make it look convincing.
How long will people have this choice though ?

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you're either a paid shill or a moron

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Nobody really knows tbqh.

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no you fucking retard, it instructs your cells on how to react to it.

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The people peddling this bullshit. Media/healthcare/pharmaceutical corporations, government officials, the WHO, etc. Are you retarded or something?

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This is why you buy silver

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It's really not impossible. My chances of dying from covid are similar to that of the flu. I'd rather be intentionally infected with covid and get over it in 2 weeks than get this mystery meat vaccine.

Are you in any way afraid of covid? Are you under 50? If so have you not seen literally any of the statistics?

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This. OP is a 16 year old rule-following nigger faggot.

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Keep in mind there are enormous faggots on /biz/ invested in biotech, they literally have vested interest into convincing you that this untested gene therapy technology is totally safe, bro.

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why should taking a vaccine even matter? if people want to take a vaccine for covid that's on them. they are supposedly protected against the harmful effects of the virus. why does it matter whether i take it or not?

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Why a retarded decision.? Is it retarded to not get a flu vaccine? Are you legitimately afraid you'll die from covid? Why?

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>"Make it" with shitcoins
>you just get hunted down by NWO after being declared a climate change al qaeda terrorist
>you try selling it and your stuck with inflatebux thats just numbers, I mean who the fucks gonna accept your shitcoins?
>"make it" with stonks if your lucky
>you just get capital gains taxed
>still stuck with mcdonalds money
>"make it" with real estate
>you get ruby ridge'd or swatt'd for not accepting terrorists, I mean "refugees" into your house
>try to be some van dweller crypto matrix hackerman
>heh sorry kid oil is now 1000 dollars a gallon and we're gonna have to repo that gas terrorist van and send you to gitmo for making greta angry

yeah might as well buy some guns and WACO ((them)) ..in minecraft of course...

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Dear god let's hope. Take me too, merciful lord.

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