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>no one is talking about this
I miss 2017 /biz/, you faggots don't deserve to make it.

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theres nothing to talk about. Threshold signatures paper was released in 2019, took them 2 years to rebrand it to OCR and put it on mainnet, and they managed to time it at the worst possible moment when the bear run started

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>when the bear run started
This is how I know you're retarded

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OCR is vaporware

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It’s priced in

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Don't worry we are here. There is just no point in talking about it when all you have to do is wait and observe

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We talked about it for weeks prior to the tweet. Sorry you're a tranny that relies upon twitter for your information.

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its been talked about

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we already talked about it you fucking bug

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You know I'm in your group, right niggers? Thanks for posting a link to this thread. You'll never figure out who I am, suck my dick faggots.

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1) We've already had 300 post OCR threads when it was actually breaking news
2) What else is there to say?

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we already talked about it you fucking pizzalover

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$5k into LINK right now EOY is...?

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What's there to talk about? NOTHING. BURGER. Eat my shorts

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bout $3.5k

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>actually writing link fud posts in 2021

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LINK is going to go into negative price and you will literally have to pay people to buy your LINK from you. Remember what happened to oil?
Never trust Russian scammers.

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Can i get a link to the discord fud group pls?

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Threshold signatures are not even implemented yet. This project is one of the biggest disappoinments I've seen on the whole crypto space. They have failed.

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Chainlink fud group? Lmao

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why even bother with LINK fud. everyone who was gonna sell sold

yeah, pretty excited that they tackled the "ETH problem" for now. really they just need to migrate to a chain that can scale. and I know a project that's going to easily fill that niche

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It’s discord. Everyone there has a little online identity lmao. Online “friends”. You can imagine how fucking gay it is

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>It’s discord
Yup, and these fucking 10k stacklets think they can "accumulate" more by fudding on fucking 4chan. There are a few whales, but they are all 40+ years old and all they talk about is libertarian bullshit and how pedophilia should be legal. Once I hit 10 MM from link, my first personal goal will be to find these fucking inbreds and put them down.

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Screencap ?

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Bear run, cmon if you're gatekeeping at least try

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Check those Trips and Dubs

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Well we are being flooded by pol/reddit at the moment thanks to GME.

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based and im with you on that one, do what you gotta do when the time comes
>t. 36k link baby linklet

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Checked and unbelievably based

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But about this, yes, a x10 from current usage is in the blogpost. Along with the TSLA api's etc out today. The future is looking good. Arbitrum I really hope rolls out next month.

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Haha based. They have no power here.

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bro I have 45 freakin' chainlink what do I do

I want to stack at least 500

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checked and stole the meme. have a nice day you stinky mf :-D

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checked. 50k stacklet here and i'll be doing my part as well

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our destiny is to be a stablecoin

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Just keep buying lol. I'm unemployed and have acoomalated 580 link since August.

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Please post screenshots and logs of this group. Black out your name and timestamps. I'm fucking sick of these stacklet tranny faggots shitting up our board with third rate psyop fud trash.

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whoa ngl these guys sound pretty based

i have 0 link because i dont buy shitcoins. kys pajeets ITT

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Holy shit wow. Did you write this then run back to your virtual friends and say how cool you all are?

t. 28k link and not a faggot who shits up this board all day

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seething. didn't read faggot lol

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It's exciting but the majority of biz these days doesn't understand what it means, and those of us that do are just happy to see it deployed on mainnet, I congratulated the milestone in my own way, but I know what you mean, I use to be able to celebrate things like this with biz... this place is a dumpster these days

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when the bear market comes back and the tourists sell/leave we'll have some peace and quiet. not gonna happen for another year tho

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5 million

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This, i can help and have a 10k stack

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You are late to the party and /biz/ is completely overrun by reddit and paid shills.
We really need an alternative...

It's really sad that these people got a Link stack.
Luckily they won't manage to keep their wealth in the future with this mindset.

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>>29700877 checked
videostarz88 g amil

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