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You got her here, the pizza just came - it's your first date night IN OVER 5 FUCKING YEARS but you're 26, there is still hope

What do you do, /biz/? How do we/you get the pussy? that's all I want, how do I let a girl know I want the pussy and maybe a relationship. Like as in she can always be in my life as long as she's giving up the pussy man.

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25k net worth but I have a BBC and I used to work @ Delta making a lot of money so my status is validated

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become friends with her and have laughs, you fucking aspie

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be white

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just b urself

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Look at that droopy, flaccid pizza.

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>How do we/you get the pussy?
Easy, just be White.

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I can make girls laugh but how do I lead the laughs to the pussy

I can't be suave/romantic like other guys, that's not my play but in the moments I've subconsciously had a sultry voice I've seen some Women's react to it in the most ideal way (submissive) - I just can't hold that state forever

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lol ngmi

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I'm Black so the rule applies still

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stop thinking about your dick for once, ape

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Be relaxed and don't put on a front, because they can sense that
Have a creative follow-up location that's moderately romantic
If she's into it get a second date and kiss her good night
On date 2 take her to dinner, invite her to your place to watch a movie
Get laid

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>shes asian
I'd rather stay incel.
I get up and walk home while listening to sad music.

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you've never split an Asian girl you're 100lb heavier in half?

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just requires practice, think of it like any activity you've never done, you just gotta go for it and get used to how it works

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Don't reveal anything about yourself. Talk in broad generalities, almost like you're talking to the police. That way you can't give her a reason to disqualify you. Ask her about her (((passions))) and (((interests))) and you'll be golden

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so nigger?

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find a Shanina and tell her you'll give her chicken and watermelon in exchange for pussi

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10-4 my nigga

Thank You

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I can fuck a black chick with tattoos but nothing serious

I prefer AFRICAN women

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why are you asking me I'm a khv

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LMAO. No. No it doesn't

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Did you go to your High School prom?

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I would, but only with an axe.

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Trust me, in person them birds going to chirp

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Are you an archaeologist?

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touch her a lot
come up behind her and grind your dick into her ass then whisper that she looks "so fucking sexy i cant take it" in her ear then she'll giggle or go silent at that point you smile and take her hand and pull her to a bed and make out

anyway good /biz/ thread

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How about you focus on not killing anyone and finding your father.

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don't listen to this incel
you need to beat her up and rape her to gain respect, bitches love to get beaten up

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i think op is from africa, which would make him a based black man and not a ni6623

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>status is validated
retarded buzzthinking like this is why you aren't getting laid.

Plenty of girls don't care if you're something special or not. They want to get laid too. You just have all the other guys on earth to compete with.

Just tell her "hey let's go to my place" after having a normal conversation with her that's interesting to both of you. That's literally all you have to do.

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Then go to africa lmao

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are you willing to pay for her mother's medical bill back home?

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>"used to work"
checks out

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talk to her and make her comfortable
make her laugh
set a sexual tone, make it clear you wanna fugg (but charmingly)
bounce her to your crib
start making out go dor the pussy
if she wont give it up on the first date just be cool about it and try again on second date

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>had gf that looked like her at 23
>dated a wild blonde stripper at 26
>31 now and haven't been laid since
Get away from this place before it's too late

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