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Is Covid based?

Made me rich from stimulus and BTC.

Made me raise up while my peers suffer 30% memory loss, because they are dumb normies who have to wageslave and "socialise" and get covid which cripples them for life lmao

Feeling like king rising from the ashes here. Anyone else feel same?

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>Made me raise up while my peers suffer 30% memory loss, because they are dumb normies who have to wageslave and "socialise" and get covid which cripples them for life lmao
LARP it's just the flu bro

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Imagine the smell of the chair she uses the most. All that brap trapped inside

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and that's a cope.

i know people who are eternally BTFOd by covid. Fucked up lungs and memory. Young people also.

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>get covid which cripples them for life lmao
Covid = common cold
It's not real dude
Go outside

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>i know people who are eternally BTFOd by covid
prove their age and health condition faggot moron
I know healthy people in their late 40s who contracted the "disease" and lost their sense of taste for a few months but are otherwise perfectly fine

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end your life jew

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look at the chart retard, I agree with you

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yes it is. I know people who have:
1) Died from Covid (not old and fat)
2) Have fucked up lungs and memory from long covid

I'm absolutely staying inside and waiting for my competition to whither. Then I'm getting Pfizer vaccine and rising above the ashes.

Chaos isn't a pit, it's a LADDAH

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Go back to Facebook or /pol/, /biz/ doesn’t care about your cringe conspiracy theories

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It's just the flu

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> prove their age and health condition faggot moron

I mean they are literally people I worked with. Under 30 years. Not fat. fucked up completely. Half functioning now. 5 months in. Absolutely owned.


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/pol/ told me the vaccine is a chip to make us infertile as white men. Don't do it

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literally stop watching tv and go outside you faggots
jesus christ
it's almost like you people aren't even human you're so fucking stupid LMFAO

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Low IQ devastated by coof virus decreasing IQ by one standard deviation lmao ngmi

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lol no its not

go out and catch it then

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you write like a literal retard lmfao

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>go outside

I'm not talking about people from TV, I'm talking about friends and co-workers who are fucked up by covid. I don't even watch tv

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Why do you keep saying “go outside”? I know people that have gotten it and been fucked up, I’m not just repeating what “the mainstream media” is saying, it’s real life experience with the disease.

You are a /pol/bot NPC that just repeats their cringe talking points, you think anyone that disagrees with you is just too stupid to understand your gay retarded Facebook theories.

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how does that picture argument anything?

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You watch too much TV. It's all exaggerated. Follow the money, you have to be blind to not see what's happening around the world

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"Socialise" thing is true, my god normies are pussies and needy as fuck, if other people don't give them attention they break like children wtf is wrong with them.
But I wouldn't say its based, some boomerfags are alright and it might kill them.

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>coded deaths
Into the trash it goes

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It's easier to fool a man than to convince a man he has been fooled though, you tards are hopeless. Go back

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> Follow the money, you have to be blind to not see what's happening around the world

What is happening around the world?

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try the redpill, cuck idiot small brained fuck
it's all simply a lie

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> "Socialise" thing is true, my god normies are pussies and needy as fuck, if other people don't give them attention they break like children wtf is wrong with them.


stupid normie sheep cretins, I hope they all fucking die and cough out their lungs

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ok, I'm an idiot, explain to me then?

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> it's all simply a lie

What exactly is a lie?

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all the "people" (we call them NPCs or sheep; they don't have our brainpower) who believe in covid have been duped. They won't admit it, even though the evidence is there for all to see. There is no virus

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Covid didn't pump BTC price. Quite the opposite, it delayed the bull run.

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You don't have friends in ICUs. It's not exaggerated.

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Lot of faggots here. My fiance got covid, lost her sense of taste and smell for a couple of weeks, and then it went away. We slept in the same bed and I didn't get shit. Pandemic my ass. The virus is real, the pandemic is fake.

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So the person I know who died was...a setup organised by government to fool me?

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Yes. I suggest you try the redpill
Join us on
But beware. The rabbit hole goes deeper than you could ever imagine. Your brain will never be the same. You have been warned.

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it’s kind of been a bit of a blessing desu. my gf died in a car accident on Christmas 2019 and I blew through what money I had trying to recover from that, but as my money was drying up, COVID hit. Zero obligation to work, zero obligation to socialize, only obligated to attempt to get better while I’m getting paid to do it. I have my own schedule that fluctuates as much as I do and allows me to work on what I can when I feel I can. Still broke as fuck and depressed as shit, but working on improvement which is all that matters.

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This, these sheeple are all in fear and cope.
This is more true than its ever been.
Go outside you skinny little losers.

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Thanks shill

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> /r9k/
> /pol/
you must be larping

those boards are full of incels

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>my gf died in a car accident on Christmas 2019
As an incel who pretends to hate all women as a coping mechanism for being unloved and unloveable and with the prospect of a lifetime without romantic love ahead of him; my condolences. It's a boring, meaningless platitude, but she'd want you to live a fulfilling life despite your loss. Take care

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>get lucky and find job
>coof happens
>no CDL but apply for local truck driving jobs
>get interviews for all of them
>can't go cause no CDL
>get CDL
>get local driving job
>14hr most days
>wagie life for me.jpg
>get the coof
>NEET again
>discover biz
>portfolio breads
>see bizraelis making bank
>learn more about crypto
>sign up for a ton of wallets and exchanges >gave my ID to binance, coinbase, coinberry
>spent $230 of my NEETbux on memecoin
>appled for better driving jo
>get interview despite having the coof
>schedule it 12 days later so I heal
>get job


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Well done, congrats :)

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Fuck the normies near me didn't even 6 months, they were crying after 2 WEEKS that they were 'lonely' 'had depression' and 'covid was really mentally tough on them' You sit at home on the couch NEETing and don't do shit you stupid normoid fucks how is that mentally tough? This is why they make perfect wageslaves, they need something to keep them occupied. Social media and wageslaving fill that empty space in their heads

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Thanks bud, and as everyone’s said to me about my issue, I’ll say the same with yours if you even consider it one: things will change, things will get better. It’s funny I browse this board to try to find ways to make some gains, like everyone else I guess, but almost all of the gains I make go towards plants to plant at her marker which would piss her off endlessly since I’m not saving or investing, but she loves flowers and I love her so what the fuck to do ya know? Probably won’t make it big time with these financial plays but hey, so it goes, it’s only money.

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thanks, I'm just waiting on his insurance company to approve me.

Damn I got so lucky with the coof. Everyone keeps saying how hard it is for new drivers to find jobs, which is true but because everyone went to collect gibs instead of working (Leafland) I get a chance because they're so desperate for a driver.

The job I have now which is a "whenever we need you" not full-time and it pays $16hr ($13hr after tax).
This new job is pays $3hr more, full-time AND it's only 9.5hr days not 12-14

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because I literally made the same thread with a corona virus image and it got 0 replies:


You primitive monkeys are so easy to manipulate lmao, just like those normies coughing their lungs out, because "Muh birthday parties!! and its just a flu breh"

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no theyre full of psyop bots and this kid got fooled by them

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Your gf died in car crash?

Good opportunity to collect sympathy points from normies and good reason to find another hole.

Seems like win-win

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oh, cool fren sorry I just needed to vent
glad you're having a great time thanks to coronachan.

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I’ve more or less dropped off the face of the earth for the time being, just not interested in seeing anyone or being around anyone. Friends/family/holes, not interested at this point. We were together for basically 3 years straight, really big chunk of consistent back to back time, really big shock when it’s all gone. One day I’ll get back into things I guess but I’m fully aware of how fucked up I am and have been the last year and know better than to make anyone else deal with it too.

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>but almost all of the gains I make go towards plants to plant at her marker which would piss her off endlessly since I’m not saving or investing, but she loves flowers and I love her
That's beautiful. Reminds me of 'The Little Prince' by that French guy, i.e. "Take care of your rose". Take good care of her memory and youself as a living embodiment of it. Read the book if you haven't. It's a children's book, but its subject matter is universal

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Fingers crossed, bro. It's a testament to your perserverence to make something from a bad situation. Sounds like a real opportunity and a much better gig

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sounds like that event really pierced your soul and you are just putting yourself together now

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Thank you. That title sounds very familiar, feel like I probably read it a long time ago but I’ll definitely give it a relook. I’ll do my best, all I ever tried to do.

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stop larping faggot, it's literally just a flu

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tf you mean cope, I literally don't give a shit about this faggot virus. My life has not changed at all

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I’m a dumb normie. Came on here in March because I couldn’t club and got Chainlink and then flipped it for ADA. I’m a millionaire. :-D

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Okay but 1/700 Americans are dead currently and people are still saying “the mortality rate is .000001%” because you can’t do math at all.

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nice cope incel

>> No.29686276

its just old people and with "pretermined healthy conditions" so it doesnt count lmao, sheep

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Gajnz are cool but I'd rather have my sense of smell back

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Every aspect of it did over the entirety of the relationship. It wasn’t some casual fuck or we see eachother every few days, it was consistent time spent for three years. She approached me at the gym out of the blue and that was that. We lived a few hundred feet from eachother for about 10 years without any idea, same tastes, same weird experiences, just interesting shit you wouldn’t really expect especially from a fucking random with no prior contact with you. I knew where I was gonna propose, where we were getting married, what we were gonna do next, so much shit planned out with the outcome being a head on collision with a drunk driver on Christmas Day. I’ve dealt with a fair bit of loss in my life but this was so beyond blindsiding and world shattering it’s hard to put it into words. It definitely broke me, I’m trying to figure shit out, but it’s much easier said than done and it’s not easy to say either. I hope to leave behind something she would be proud of. Ideally I buy the plot of land where the accident happened and turn her marker into some sort of plant nursery or wildlife preserve or something, but that’s such a long shot off I see myself dying in the same place she did before I could even begin such an endeavor. We will see, one day.

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when you've made it and turned the marker into a beautiful thing, hire a fucking assassin to kill that worthless drunk driving piece of worthless shit. Seething reading this.

>> No.29688213

I would if she wasn’t already on the way out herself. She’s like late 70’s, shouldn’t even be driving to begin with, definitely not at night, definitely not drunk. But hey, luckily the stupid old drunk cunt who killed a beautiful woman with a very promising life ahead of her got out mostly unharmed! Sure she now has bills to pay and emotional trauma, but she’s gone within 5 years easy, so uh at least she doesn’t suffer too much? Makes my fucking skin crawl, makes me fucking inconsolably violent. I want her head on a wall just so I can piss in it, but unfortunately, nothing will ever be enough to justify any of what happened. She doesn’t have enough time left to suffer the way I want her to, so it’s just another L to take on my end.

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>"deadly" virus
>lost her sense of taste and smell for a couple of weeks
>then it went away
how strange, its almost like covid is actually just the common cold

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Why do you make it seem like she didn't get charged? She did go to prison for manslaughter and DUI, right?

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Fucking newfags don't know how to use cope.
Oh and it is literally just the flu. Half my family got it and they're all fine. Stop larping.

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stop seething coping incel

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She did, but only gone for 9 months! Far from a fitting punishment regardless of what she might have to pay out, or think about before dementia sets in within the next three weeks.

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Are you having fun farming those (You)s, mate?

>> No.29689840

yes, I'm definitely having fun farming Yous, what about you?

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The thrill has long gone.

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unlike you, most of us don't ever "Larp". please stop posting

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hey smart man, did you ever consider that the symptoms vary depending on the individual? nevermind, forget it, you can go back to VR sucking trumps dick, inbred flyover faggot

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I don’t understand the cult of personality around someone with such a shitty personality. He was funny at first but if you didn’t have an “oh god” moment you just want America to fail for lolz. He alienated all of our allies.

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>pretermined healthy conditions
you are embarassing yourself a little more

>> No.29690606

made for BWC
also covid has been an absolute blessing for me: made a fortune off crypto which gave me the starting capital for my business

>> No.29691022

how am I wrong?

>> No.29692676

Gonna be hilarious to find out about that serious lung damage you get a few years later.

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>get covid which cripples them for life lmao

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>just 2 more years bro

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I unironically block all images on 4chan. But you raise a good point. It's sad how easily retards who claim they are high iq are manipulated into action by an image file containing boobs and ass. I bet these same retards probably get milked for their money indirectly by woman off this board (either through only fans or other avenues such as tips).

Coomposters and coomresponders are NGMI

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Covid+Binance made Chainlink drop under 1 cent.

>> No.29695022

>literally the most devastating thing to happen since humans have existed on earth
why are you retards so fucking dumb?

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jesus christ you zoomers are sad

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Holy shit you have to go back
You dont know anyone who died stop lying
Are you him?


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Im not sure it has its positive for half neets college students like me aswell.
But overall i dont like the way they are talking about the "new normal" even if for now it may seem partially based.

>> No.29696026

>1/700 are dead in one year
It may be shoking to you but 1/80 are dead in real life. 1/700 is the part that ostensibly died of the flu in this period (or you know they included car crashes, old people who never got testet, etc).

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