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I need some fucking copium....

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What you need is some ropium

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> 2019
> ends with a post from king cuck himself
Not that kind of copium

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Token not wanted

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if 4-5 years is too long to wait to be a millionaire then gamble with indian and israeli shitcoins

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We're already nearing 4 years since my buy and we don't look like we're going to hit $100, let alone $1000 any time soon.

So some real hopium is needed.

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It's over. It only goes downhill from here

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This will probably happen

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>Ultra optimistic meme TA
>still not $1keoy

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Look again at the image it shows us easily reaching $900 by September.

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you realize if that trend continues it is indeed $1000 by eoy

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This fucking crab coin is killing me.

20k link doing fucking nothing.

3k FTM that I bought for $80 in 2018 violently mooning, actually pissing me off more than being happy.

literally own nothing else and I have to watch a shit coin moon while I've held link for 3 fucking years and once we're in the bull market it fucking crabs, posts lower gains and dumps harder than anything else. FUCK THIS PIECE OF SHIT.

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>mental health problems, the picture

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You guys thought we would get to 1k without a lot of pain and mental turmoil?

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Not really sure what that TA is based on.

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Best I could do

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If shit like ftm is mooning its not delusional

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sergey is dumping tomorrow

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your pain is legit, do not let retards who tell you to stop whining get to you. those same people preach 1k eoy while making hundreds of thousands, even millions on other coins.

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Screen cap your comment and look at FTM in a week

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Wow! Someone on Twitter thinks his software protocol investment is going to be worth trillions of dollars! What a unique and exciting piece of information! Tron cryptocurrency will be $10,000 one day!

It's all speculation and no one knows WTF is going to happen.

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the tech and systems are already there to do this without the Token.

The Token part of Chainlink anyone else can do.

How can any company use this Chainlink for economic purposes when one guy controls 60% of its supply along with knowing how to use bots to manipulate the market?

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Like 60 - 70% of the DeFi eco system relies on this fucking thing. Now after OCR they are all going to have to bend the fucking knee so it should be %100 and yet all the other bullshit fucking scam food tokens are mooning like crazy. LINK in the meantime falls from 5 - 10 in market cap. While fucking XRP in the midst of a fucking lawsuit with the SEC still sits above it. BSC fucking centralized bullshit chain (which still fucking relies on fucking LINK)

What the fuck is wrong with this fucking market. It's inevitably going to hit triple digits during this bull market but what the fuck it should be $100 right now where we can realistically preach 1k EOY

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There is no "hopium." You just have to wait and see what happens. You already know eerything there is to know. There is no piece of information that says "CHAINLINK IS GOING TO BE $300 on August 6, 2022! ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SAVE UP AND BUY ON AUGUST 5 AND YOUR LIFE WILL BE CHANGED FOREVER!!!"

Like wtf do you even expect? If you bought Chainlink in 2018, you've made WAY more fucking money than you should have. I'm a complete loser piece of shit and I have like $800k right now. There is absolutely no reason I should have $800k. I shouldn't even have $8k realistically.

Stop spending all day every day waiting for your "new life" to start. Take some of your gains and go start living now. You have enough money to take $10k and go do some shit you enjoy doing.

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Pay day is coming up to buy the downward crash, anon !

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priced in.

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not everyone could afford to spend 8-10k on a stack in 2018. this is pure naivety.

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Do you realize that no asset in history has linearly grown like that?

You do realize that if Chainlink 10x's that it will be followed by a MASSIVE dump. You won't time the top and you'll be just as miserable as you are now because instead of "MAKING IT" and having "$5M" now you only have $2M.

If you don't change your shitty mindset, nothing will ever be enough for you and you'll always want more and you'll want it quicker.

Chainlink is the only thing giving you an opportunity like this and you'll never get another one, so you really should learn to be thankful for what you have instead of being a shitty faggot about what you don't have.

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BTC goes up
Every other coin goes up

Chain link was at 2 $ a couple months ago. Nothing changed, it did nothing diffrent, its completely tied to BTC and Eth. If BTC goes up Chain link goes up. But the difference is that unlike other alt coins that are controlled by free market Chainlink as a top ten is controlled by 1 guy with 60% of the supply and will crab or dump the price when everything else is pumping for money laundering reasons I think. Maybe child trafficker's like using the coin because its a top ten and one guy can control it so hard.

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>Do you realize that no asset in history has linearly grown like that?


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Ok, well if you couldn't, then lower your fucking expectations and realize that you're not going to make it during this bull run. Realize that it's probably going to take you 6 years to make it based on these market cycles.

Also, realize that you can live your life as if Chainlink doesn't exist and then if it is a huge success, it will just complement whatever you were already doing.

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no one has made it buying this coin besides the very early adopter whales and sergey dumping his wallets every week. If you bought in at its 2$ crab price you can't even cash out your sack because taxes will fuck you.

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market manipulation is very real. the people in control of LINKs price don't need the money like we do. luckily Sergey designed LINK so its price would go up independant of speculation but unfortunately the finished product has yet to see fruition. until then we have to sit, watch and beg these greedy fucking whales for a payday.

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I don't even know what you're talking about. I'm comfortably making at least 500% per year since buying. I don't have to do shit. All I have to do is sit back and watch my money grow.

You faggots are deluded to think that you can catch and time every pump and you all have ADHD and will end up poor.

If you want to make money, all you have to do is buy and hold Chainlink.

Even if you get a job for $10 per hour and put that money into link, it'll be like you have been working for $50 per hour.

Change your perspective and stop expecting to hit the lottery. It has been a long fucking 3 years since I bought Chainlink, and now I'm nearly a millionaire (I was a millionaire last week).

If you don't have at least 10k link, you're not going to make it this year or next year, just accept it. Develop a strategy for how you'll make it by EOY 2025.

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Look at githup updates instead of price and shut the fuck up

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Sorry but Link wont necessarily moon. Pumps are driven by hype not by fundamentals.

Chainlink can keep releasing good news, grow the solution and scale and YET, the price can still crab. And this is again, because Link is a legit and not manipulated project in the same way as binance chink coins.

Link already mooned 10x from the start of 2020. The same rate as most coins.

Right now , Link is just following BTC proportionally to its volatility. It NEEDS a “fomo/artificial/manipulated/“ call it whatever you want, but an out of the box PUMP in order to significantly go up.

Staking, arbitrum, OCR is already priced in. Most people already bought-in the idea/news or releasing it. The only news that I see it would legit increase the price is a sudden big company like Google UTILIZING link. Buy we are still not there yet, at least not this year.

If you want a quick 10x , then sell Link and follow the hype coins and come back to Link if you see it being pumped. Link can pump but get out of your head the mentality and idea that Link has to pump massively because of fundamentals.

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its fucking over bro
cardano was 7 cents
while link was 13$
there is nothing more painful than this
not even fudding ive been all in link with 90% of my portoflio since i got into crypto
pure fucking pain.

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Even Google using Link wouldn't pump it. Only someone like Elon Musk tweeting about Link would Pump it.

People don't want Link to pump like a shitcoin...they want it to grow steadily like a healthy network.

It hasn't even launched 5% of its ultimate functionality. It is technology for 2025 and beyond. It's sad how many people will miss out chasing stupid shit when all you have to do is sit back and wait.

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the only hopium we have is that now OCR is out the viscous sell pressure will finally let up
but i think we are fucked isnt that only 1 50m link wallet down and there are 2 or 3 more to go?
holding link during this bull run hurts more than when link dumped from 4.80 to .0001 cent
at least then everything dumped but now im watching a bunch of retards get rich off vaporware
Think about it like this
DeFi is powered by CHAINLINK
DeFi coins all MOON
While Chainlink crabs
they are literally getting rich off of our pain

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You're late to Crypto then. You can't realistically expect to make it this year as such a late adopter. Many of us have been positioned since 2017 and increased our positions throughout the time since then. The people who made it in 2017 were building positions before us.

You're going to have to wait. You're going to get wrecked in this upcoming dump, and if you have any balls, you'll keep accumulating until 2025.

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okay op hear me out
links value is tightly correlated with network use
we did a x10 two years in a row in network usage and in price
from 0.2 to 2 and then to 20
so orc is expected to allow another 10x of data to enter the network
guess how the price will react in a few

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>$10 per hour
>put money into LINK
unless you have 0 expenses (live with mommy) and work overtime this will do nothing for you. you have 0 understanding of how the real world works kid.

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when you think about it link having the shittiest price action makes perfect sense
smart players will trade their pump and dump shitcoins all bull run then funnel profits into link
keep it under the radar so they can accumulate more link by the time shitcoins are dying
we just didn't play the bullrun right by holding link
but lets be honest they could have had some mercy i mean we couldnt even get a 2x KEK
so much weakness because of the constant sell pressure. just look at how often link has a devastating liquidation wick
should have gotten out when i saw that wick down to $7 in december such big weakness shown
we literally have one shot this bull run to jump back over the btc pair support. we already got rejected hard once
if we get rejected again id say its probably GG no one will hold on after that

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Most people here do live with mommy

>> No.29679708

why not just buy BTC?

>> No.29679755

That being said, I would get a fucking job if you don't have one and save as much as you can. Become a monk for the next 3 years and you'll make it by 2025.

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I honestly don't see a future in Link. Why would Link ever go up to the same level as Ethereum when it comes to market cap. No one just a simple data layer can be worth that much. Why can't you just build oracles natively on Ethereum and skip all this middleman stuff. Chainlink is just unnecessary in the long run imo. I mean you can even see this on chain because the founder keeps dumping Link, probably lost faith in the project or something idk. I would stay away from Link personally speaking

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based beyond belief.

>> No.29680071

Read this from start to finish and then think about the bit about investing in crypto projects:

>> No.29680134

unironically this
10k link next two years should get anons 4-10M USD at least, which is enough you can figure out how much you want to actually pull out and how much you want to continue to let grow / stake / etc

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Right there with you. Went big on ETH and LINK and of all the coins right now, they are the only 2 not doing FUCKING ANYTHING.

>> No.29680193

You're a millionaire thanks to chainlink. Clearly from your mentality, you're a child, so you should be very thankful to have 7 figures.

>> No.29680199

Because the market contrary to your belief actually doesn't need Chainlink. Link is just a bandaid solution and eventually easier oracles will rise that are built natively on chain and Link will fade into obscurity. You really have to be delusional to think that something like Chainlink can ever become worth anything when its just a simple json parser. There is nothing in store for Link and everything is already priced in. At BEST you might see a $50 valuation but that's it and from there it will all go down

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im a neet with zero job experience and im 25
how am i supposed to get a job?
i make decent money between trading and yield farming to pay the bills
with 100k in stablecoins you can earn 70k a year off yield so what am i gonna do go work for sheckelburg for 35k a year? No way man
I'm not even in a bad position its just infuriating watching cardano pump day after day from 7 cents to 1.20 while link crabs around 20-30 bucks
Really I'm just mad at myself for making the wrong decisions
smart players are 100% flipping shitcoin pumps then funneling profit into link
thats why it never pumps only crabs upward

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You can sell now

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Exactly this.

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lol ok buddy
nice cuck mentality
this is a bullrun
of course i can expect a certain level of performance from as asset i invest in
right now link gains are probably being outpaced by inflation at this point

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You think it's going to reach 400 in 2 years? Genuinely curious btw.

>> No.29680613

>right now link gains are probably being outpaced by inflation at this point
It is pathetic how this can be true. I feel bad for you linkies, I really do

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oh my god, you guys are so impatient. do you not like money or some shit? Either sell now and go enjoy your life or be patient and make a couple million in the next two years.
0.17 to 1.70 in '17-18
.40 to 4.90 in '18-19
1.90-to 20 in '19-20
we can safely expect that this years floor will be roughly 11-15 before we fucking 10x again, but we'll probably 100x this year because they can bring in 10x more data for SC's.

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I worked construction for minimum wage in south Florida to get my Link stack. I was also 25. Sounds like maybe your problem is that you're a pussy and don't deserve money. You're retarded if you think Yield Farming shitcoins for 70% APY has any longevity. You're gonna get rug pulled. Hope it works out for you though.

Remember in 2020 when Link was the only project doing anything? Now just pretend that instead of running from $1.75 to $35 over a year that it did it in 2 months like these other shitcoins...now you're in the exact same position except you can cash out with long term capital gains instead of short term so you're better off.

Also, you all sound like whiney fucking faggots, jesus christ. It's pathetic.

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Patience is the best copeium

>> No.29680900

You're the one with a cuck mentality being jealous of shit you don't have. I'm completely happy and content with what I have. You're the retard who is unsatisfied and afraid to change things in his life.

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My fucking sides..

>> No.29681071

I'm in 6 figure hell and there is literally nothing I could buy with that money that would make me happier than I am. A car? For everyday use it's more convenient to call an uber, for traveling I just rent a car and don't need to worry about shit like servicing it, changing tires, washing it etc. Expensive clothes? Why? Travel? I can't travel anywhere anyway due to covid.

I'm wealthier than anyone I personally know, yet there's nothing I can buy with that money that would give me joy. For things that would actually give me joy I need to at least x10, probably more.

>> No.29681094

at least we didnt drop below 20 on that last dump
if we drop below 20 it is game over there will be nothing left
there will be no smart players buying the coin if it cant even find proper support levels
we literally have no choice but to pump or the project will be on its death bed because
1. if we fall below Last point of Support
2. if we fail to break up above resistance on the btc pair
we are going to dump to oblivion if either of those happens and it will be game over

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this is great advise dears

>> No.29681172

this cuck said he won't be back until $50 link..... it's gonna be a long ass time before you hear from him again.

>> No.29681187

Wow, can't wait to cash out my Link at 200 github updates per token!

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This is why I hate these idiots. They deserve to be poor forever and I hope they cash out and become poor within 2 years because they are completely incapable of functioning as adults. It is also why any of the OG marines that helped us get where we are left this shithole.

>> No.29681253

thanks bruv, you've given me hope to keep going. all i have is a 3-fig stack (poorfag) and i know that i won't be a millionaire or anything but do you think i should keep hope alive and keep on DCA'ing into link or should i give up and search for shitcoins to flip and put the profits into link?

>> No.29681473

You expect link to solve all your problems but when you decide to use it to change your life, if you ever do, you will waste a lot of your stack to buy your way out of problems that don't take money to solve. Unironically you are a cuck to money.

>> No.29681575

>i worked construction for minimum wage
oh so youre a 90 iq retard, got it KEK
opinion thrown right into the dumpster
although good point about the link run up just being an elongated version of most of the shitcoins run up. You're are right about that
I'm just overly emotional because if we dump hard again i dont know how $20 will hold and if 20$ can't hold i dont see us getting any decent price action for the rest of the bull
Buddy I stack link and spend like 50$ a month on food and ride a bicycle as transportation
I am the opposite of a cuck to the money money is a tool that works for me

>> No.29681596

It might well end up being too long. Should logistics collapse and hyperinflation crack the developed world. It'd be nice to make it in time to hold the essentials + some LINK going into what comes next.

>> No.29681968

No fud replied to this because they know it’s checkmate.

>> No.29682007

Then why do you give a shit about Link's performance?

>> No.29682072

I make $12/hr and I do live with mommy
stay mad wagie

>> No.29682129

You’re right I had 4k$ and I bought link.
I can afford to take 10$k and spend it on the things I like.
I just won’t.
No one is telling you holding link excludes you from holding other things.

>> No.29682167

That chart is worthless. Everyone can spam Github with commits.

>> No.29682179

What copium? Anon, don't tell me you didn't read the whitepaper... 1 Link isn't suppose to cost more than a cup of coffee... it has nowhere to go down as it's severely overbought, have you ever seen a cup of coffee cost $27? Exactly.

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>> No.29682348

You think that’s what they’re doing?

>> No.29682409

I really have no reason to believe otherwise. It really doesn't inspire confidence when the CEO is selling all their assets

>> No.29682417

Truly amazing.
The subtle fud, the subtle humble brag.
This isn’t a pasta, but i would like to turn it into one.

>> No.29682471

You shouldn't write off people's IQs based on what they've had to do. There are extenuating circumstances as to why I had to do such shitty, degrading work, so I have nothing but contempt for the whiney faggots that can't figure out a way into financial freedom but instead choose to cry about how Chainlink hasn't made them $10M yet.

Also, who gives a fuck if Chainlink dumps below $20? That just means you can buy more. Any retard here knows that Chainlink isn't going to just dump and never recover to new highs. The amount of development that is happening is ridiculous. It's exhausting how short sighted you are. How would your life be any different if Link were $300 instead of $30? Do you even have any plans as to what you are going to do with that money?

I've already bought two car washes with my Link gains and I make enough cash flow to pay for all of my expenses. I'm in the process of buying a small farm right now.

>> No.29682506

1) its painful watching everyone get rich with every shitcoin under the sun doing 20x
2) salty i didnt even sell any at the local top, who could have guessed we could not even make it to a 1.618 fib
even the shittiest of shit boomer stocks like FORD and GM can make it to a 1.618 fib extension ESPECIALLY IN A BULL RUN
Yes you are right about shitcoins being pump and dumps and can't expect those type of instant 20xs on a real coin but literal boomer stocks have better price action during a bull run.
Maybe Sergey is a genius and has been waiting to pump link for btc to be at its highest because it we pump in sats while btc is 80k the ATH for Link will be a lot higher than if we pump in sats and reach sat ATH when btc is 40k, catch my drift?
This is my main hopium. It's a possibility still that this is the truth.

>> No.29682519

You can fucking see the GitHub yourself.

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>> No.29682635

Based and gmi-pilled. Stack your crypto semi-Neet and make sure you buy mommy flowers when you make $1M

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>> No.29682682

Reddit spacing. you don't fit it here

>> No.29682686

I researched Chainlink heavily and I realized that it is on its way to become a ghost-chain. They have no real customers and why would anyone ever want to pay to use smart contracts. That just seems absurd. The GitHub commits are just there to make you believe that there is actually work being done when in fact no one literally no one cares about Chainlink. Tell me one customer they have, you probably cant'

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>> No.29682799

>t. larping child

>> No.29682866

are you fucking retarded? you're incredibly lucky if you have somehow managed to make it through life without accruing a fuckton of debt. money is literally the only thing that solves that problem midwit.

>> No.29682904

Low IQ nigger with no contribution. At least share a s0ijak or something you absolute piece of shit.

>> No.29682908

>Also, who gives a fuck if Chainlink dumps below $20?
Insane cope right here. Of course it matters if Link drops to $20. Why would you ever want to see your portfolio lose that much value. You are literally losing money holding Link. The state of this board is terrifying

>> No.29683020

I worked shitty minimum wage jobs for around 10 years. Now I'm a programmer making mid 6 figures. You're not very good at judging people if you literally just rely on their income.

>> No.29683076

I am the opposite of lucky and I have managed to accumulate 0 debt. Ironically you're fucking retarded for thinking "luck" has anything to do with it. It has much more to do with not being a low-inhibition consumer.

>> No.29683107

oh damn. this was supposed to be a cope thread now it's turn into a shill bs. fud battlefield. crazy part is that the fudders are probably the biggest bag holders....pretty telling if you ask me.

>> No.29683163

Anons If you want copium go to coingecko and look at the volume in the last few days.
$100 is inevitable.

>> No.29683221

classic nigger fud right here

>> No.29683306


we dont use that word here.

>> No.29683307

>I am the opposite of lucky and I have managed to accumulate 0 debt. Ironically you're fucking retarded for thinking "luck" has anything to do with it. It has much more to do with not being a low-inhibition consumer.
Everything in life is luck. You are just lucky that you discovered Link when people didn't realize it had 0 value. Now people are starting to realize thus the price drop.
most of the volume there is fake. Go to messari.io and you can see that Link barely has any real volume

>> No.29683309

>you're fucking retarded for thinking "luck" has anything to do with it
Luck took me from being a miserable retail wage slave with 10k of credit card debt, to being a programmer with a comfortable 6 figure salary. You're just lacking the self awareness to realize that your success comes down to luck too.

>> No.29683313

18 posts by this ID.

>> No.29683335

link threads invariably suck ass now. i remember when they were good. i had more fun here when link was sub $1

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yes (we) do.

go back.

>> No.29683410

if were all holding chainlink and not aelling,theyre just never gonna pump it. some of us have to be sacrified for it to pump. simple as. and if wee still never selling, theyll just drive the prive WAaaaaaaAAaAaY down to force us to

>> No.29683417

It seems their code is pretty shitty if they need to commit so much

>> No.29683422

le ebin fudders shake out those redditerinos xdd not in my coin!

>> No.29683619

git commit -m "Fix a bug where bigmacs could become lodged in the oracles when flung at sufficient velocity"

>> No.29683707

Your FUD sucks just give up. You're seriously going to use 2017 FUD for someone who has held for 4 years. Get something new.

>> No.29683726

>spending all day every day waiting for your "new life" to start
based.I really hate this idea and how easily it infests the minds of normalfags.

>> No.29683827

>The state of this board is terrifying
Sorry, sir, no fag speak allowed

>> No.29683886

not sure if this is fud or actual advice

>> No.29683939

Bud maybe if you get some time off from wagecucking read up about market structure. Wyckoff is a good place to start
if we break below 20 its bear market for link smart players dont just trade on hopium they trade on market structure. Its not complicated.
If we bust below 20 that means supply has greatly outpaced demand and it will take a long time to recover
Sergey will have no one to dump on the game will be over. They will chalk it up as a bad investment and dump
The difference if it were 300 vs 30 is that there wouldn't be massive red flags about it having terrible price action. The market is telling us that something is wrong

>> No.29683958

See >>29683770

>> No.29683962

He ignored the wicks for the candles.

>> No.29683967

The volumes look exactly the same on both sites. It's just high sell volume during a dump from stop losses getting triggered. Not exactly bullish for the short term.

>> No.29684058

>The market is telling us that something is wrong
this would be true if the market was rational but it isn't

>> No.29684391

You fags are all about copium but you refuse to see the facts in front of you i am a top Link holder but I am not biased by hopium.
>the market is wrong!
the market is never wrong and do you really think if we dump below USD ath that we hit nearly a year ago while everything has been on a massive bull rampage, thats good?
We got raped in sats already which is somewhat understandable but there is no recovery that is the problem
Eth got raped in sats too 80% down
but it recovered. Where is the recovery for link?
You retards think im fudding but i think link is the best project, it is just when the facts are staring us in the face
you have to have an open mind that something may be severely wrong
If we cant even hold up a high we created 1 year ago we are going to drown

>> No.29684554

But I already experienced that for many years long before Link was even a thing

>> No.29684589

listen nigger take you and your fucking short position and gas yourself
>the market is never wrong
ah yes

>> No.29684676

Its price is higher than expected from my calculations last year. Say this in 6 months if it's the same.
I doubt it will still be $27

>> No.29684678

>The market is never wrong
>Doge is a multi billion dollar project
>XRP is a top 5 project

>> No.29684721

You don’t need shit. You need to sell your shitcoins for something with actual value, not a cheap fad. LINK is going to tank like you’ve never seen before. All those holding will be FUCKED and literally NEVER recover. SELL NOW.

>> No.29684733

The blackpill is that what you said will happen, none of us will make it but LINK will be used to enslave us in a dystopia

>> No.29684976
File: 277 KB, 795x600, 1585788135334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's literally called chain link. Of course it will be used to enslave you. Open your eyes, fools.

>> No.29685050

Once we start moving again LINK will be unstoppable. Bank on it!

>> No.29685454

if we cant pump out in sats by end of the march im market selling all my link
do you guys ever think about the possibility that we were wrong? Look at xrp retards they seriously believe it will hit 2k
what if link marines are the same delusional tards? The price action is telling us that something is fucked in Link. If it was such a great project it wouldnt be crabbing because the DEMAND would be outpacing the SUPPLY
Market makers are not marking up Link because they are getting TOO MUCH SUPPLY
our last hope is that node operators dumping was the cause of this constant downward pressure and now that OCR is out we will get relief
We should see this in the price action over the next month.
If we don't see that then there is something wrong. It is literally our last hope

>> No.29685796

sell right now

>> No.29686058
File: 120 KB, 1509x480, Screenshot from 2021-02-25 14-14-48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you guys think im trying to FUD and this and that but you have to think critically when investing.
You can never be 100% sure you are right you have to question yourself in a meaningful way....
The market has been telling us that something is wrong so all I am trying to figure out is the something wrong simply too many node operators dumping to pay costs?
Or is it something bigger?
you can't be a fucking SIMP for what you invest in you invest to MAKE MONEY
you invest to support STRONG PROJECTS
We have to keep an open mind that Link may not be the hosanna we think it is
I guess the truth will be told soon enough. Im really hoping it was just node operators dumping keeping the price down

>> No.29686281

Without link, smartcontracts are useless for real world adoption. And Link has zero competition.


>> No.29686347

I seriously do think that the node operators dumping played a big role in the shit tier price action and now OCR solves that problem.
Although if OCR doesn't solve the problem then what am I to believe? It basically means we were fed bs copium to HODL the entire time if Link doesnt feel the effects of OCR in the price action

>> No.29686415
File: 88 KB, 1080x1212, 20210225_205738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29686445
File: 908 KB, 900x841, 1606864844669.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29686563

this copium worked, thank you

>> No.29686889

So is this shit ever going back to $30?

>> No.29687115

probably trades in a range for a little
after an aggressive dump like that im sure many will be wanting to refill supply
wherever we end up on the next leg down would create the trading range where our recent local top was formed

>> No.29687298

How low will it go?

>> No.29687433

The absolute state

>> No.29687579

i hate to say it but that chart is a terrible indication of where we're headed. the first two circled spikes where the price increased exponentially afterwards were increases in satoshi value. the third is unfortunately not the case.

>> No.29687662

I said it was copium in my post, meant it
Feels good, doesn't mean I'm throwing money at it (the chart)

>> No.29687907

That's not implausible. Sergey himself predicts $100k BTC

>> No.29688196
File: 727 KB, 1170x2532, 1FFF189C-40A5-43FC-9383-4CD07188E85B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Retard, now look at the BTC chart. There’s no point in holding alts if it’s not outperforming BTC, only brainlets look at USD charts

>> No.29688220

It depends
if bears are weakened now that OCR is out we shouldnt go below 25. In fact we should pump HARD as soon as reaccumulation is done (selkling volume drys up)
if bulls are still weak we may retest the local low a little above 20
if it falls below 20 its probably game over and we enter long term distribution aka bear for link
The reason why 20 is so important is because if bears are allowed to take a zone back that was reached last year then well... yeah its fucked
We seriously should see some pretty big pumps soon because we need to take certain levels on the BTC pair
its getting to be do or die for link in the next month. The thing is the longer it takes to make its move the higher the move has to go to be convincing
Yes this is my main hopium. Sergey is actually playing 3d chess the whole time and when Link does Pump it will blow these others away... Sounds like copium but if you think about it...

>> No.29688223

>Link is just following BTC proportionally to its volatility

Dude, we're floundering sats-wise. Chainlink is being heavily suppressed and has been for ages.

>> No.29688228

>Sergey himself predicts $100k BTC
no he doesnt retard

>> No.29688255

Stani (aave) said they pay for link services. You had 3 years.

>> No.29688313

literally looks like a shill, fucking pajeet scum

> are you thinking we are full faggots here?
>I got bot ocean coins and wait for full project for dex trading launch

clever boy knows what tools to use for best trading

>> No.29688406

why are people still responding to this larping faggot

>> No.29688409

You are talking about the past (for some reason)

>> No.29688720

look at my post little cuckboy
u mad that a neet whose never worked a day has 100x the wealth as you?
fuckin retard 1 million is POCKET CHANGE If you think people who say they have 1 mill is a larp then you are poorest of poorfag

>> No.29689100
File: 8 KB, 164x308, 1613960031807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the network wouldn't even exist right now if sergey couldnt sell links to keep it alive.

>> No.29689205

Fuck man were almost the same age. I live in south Florida too, I slaved in public for 1.5 years for shitty pay trying my luck in Amazon FBA. Worked so hard on it but Amazon ad fees ate my profit.

I knew about crypto but I thought it was bullshit. Here I am now “should’ve could’ve would’ve” my life since 2017 when a buddy told me about Bitcoin

>> No.29689209

>We're already nearing 4 years since my buy and we don't look like we're going to hit $100
and also whats going to happen when it hits $100? have you not noticed how fucked everything is in the world right now. please tell my what youre going to do with your $4million zimbawe dollars...fucking faggot

>> No.29689381
File: 161 KB, 600x600, mongoloid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29689437

Are you retarded? I’m talking about the present, where LINK is massively down against BTC. You’re unironically the one talking about the past when LINK was actually pumping against the market. Now it’s the opposite. You’re living in the past hitting copium

>> No.29689462


>> No.29689547

El oh el

>> No.29689575

>but we'll probably 100x this year
Will you shut the fuck up retard, Jesus Christ this is absolute delusion

>> No.29690156

Fuck the ccp

>> No.29690221

It will go up huge eventually

>> No.29690244

this actually made me sell a good portion of my stack, i moved on a bit

>> No.29690323


>> No.29690673

So much cope. All the linkies btfo in just one pic.

>> No.29691274

465$ is to much buy pressure
Where will it come from?

>> No.29691546

Uh we all sold bro
We moved on

>> No.29691945
File: 25 KB, 512x512, Linktevate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29692963

there are other problems to solve beyond how to pay for the material things that you want

>> No.29693995

instant like an injection?

>> No.29694417

>you only have $2M
>shitty mindset
>be thankful for what you have instead of being a shitty faggot about what you don't have
And all spaced as is customary on Reddit. Are you perhaps from Reddit, and eternally priced out?

>> No.29694489


0% chance

>> No.29695038


>> No.29695505

It’s retracing and will test prior peak. When link plummets to $16 around march 20 (plus or minus 5 days), that is your signal to buy.

This is just my guess based on looking at prior price action.

>> No.29695775

This. With every commit you introduce additional potential failures to the code base.

>> No.29696214

I've used 4chan for 14 years newfag you were probably still shitting your pants when I was browsing /b/.

>> No.29696262

LINK is pegged to the #11 market cap. It's not "derp herping against the market". It's stagnant. ADA and DOT and BNB have fucked with your brain. Most of the other shit is waxing and waning. You'd be riding it up and down unless you're a fucking larp. But yeah, if you reallocated in August 2020, congratulations but you also wouldn't be in fucking LINK threads. I know I'd have moved the fuck on and exited the market by now if I'd swung into ADA & DOT & BNB. So you didn't? Or your stack was so small that it didn't matter? Most of us who are wandering around like in the aftermath of bomb, most of us are in 6-7 figure hell and can't just swing it bruh. There is so little liquidity in the order books that bots will devour us if we make the kind of jizzfest moves you're making.

>> No.29696331

imagine having this image saved on your computer. confirms that youre a fucking faggot

>> No.29696407
File: 3.20 MB, 2387x1710, 1613613730508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You did well getting the point across. Just wanted to add my agreement because I'm right there with you. Writing's on the wall. Literally everyone responding to you has fuck all to say besides personal insults or "be happy with what you've got" which just sounds like people without any kind of strategy or critical thinking who stumbled into LINK or crypto.
It has obviously been a devastating year. This bullrun probably has another leg up to go in March, although possibly after a mini cup and handle for a few months. However LINK performs after that will be my sell price. I just can't justify holding this fucking thing through another bull.

>> No.29696451

Bump that it's actually 15 now.

>> No.29696869

>There is so little liquidity in the order books that bots will devour us
what's the meaning of this?
For example I have always asked how can people with millions in Link cash out without crashing the market

>> No.29696984

how does one buy link? what software do you use to buy? i want in.

>> No.29697049

>t. guy who thought link would never break $1

>> No.29697052

Also it's now increasingly becoming more unacceptable that the team has no hard roadmap or deadlines - not even any fucking updates whatsoever. Not even proper insight into the dumps to reassure anyone about anything. That shit was cute in 2018 when the sky was the limit but it's bullshit now.
It's weird how all the most classic fud just lingers around. Like, is Sergey just a fat cunt who doesn't know how to set a deadline for his goals and stick to it?

>> No.29697089

You sound like such a pathetic faggot, sell your bags loser

>> No.29697139

install gentoo

>> No.29697485


>> No.29697754

I wanna purchase mainly link and monero rn what software would let me do that coinbase? where the fuck does biz buy all your shit at?

>> No.29698017

Case in point.
No response whatsoever to anything of substance raised.
>"link has totally underperformed and if bears retake $20 we have established no support and this year at least is likely a write-off"
>... you sound like a faggot
Awesome man, thanks for that contribution to the conversation.
The funny part is it's only retards like you who are left apologising for this bullshit.

>> No.29698476
File: 28 KB, 366x390, 1527986241179.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Case in point.
>No response whatsoever to anything of substance raised.
>>"link has totally underperformed and if bears retake $20 we have established no support and this year at least is likely a write-off"
>>... you sound like a faggot
>Awesome man, thanks for that contribution to the conversation.
>The funny part is it's only retards like you who are left apologising for this bullshit.

>> No.29698512

you have to install gentoo linux

>> No.29699066
File: 21 KB, 416x352, EUeYcuDU8AASgKB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literal 15yo unsure of how to purge his frustrations because he secretly agrees with what's being said
I guess we all cope in different ways, some more retarded than others.

>> No.29699334
File: 19 KB, 330x189, 1515114028608.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>literal 15yo unsure of how to purge his frustrations because he secretly agrees with what's being said
>I guess we all cope in different ways, some more retarded than others.

>> No.29699630

i dont use linux though.....

>> No.29699809

I’ll bet you $500K LINK doesn’t 100x this year. We can put it in a smart contract.

>> No.29699889
File: 125 KB, 1844x990, 20210226_054327.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29699891

There are dozens of new job postings on Links page. They are scaling up big time.Big things ahead. But also big wages to pay too, so Sergey needs to cover those expenses. So what does that mean?

>> No.29699949

how is this delusion? link 10x just about every year so far, its almost March and chainlink can officially provide 10x more data. this is also the first year in which crypto isn't just a joke and used for sending money back and forth between two users. we'll unironically sniff 2k usd by this time next year. get cucked

>> No.29700028

fuck this scam, set a stop loss that it seems intent to hit because it HAS NO FUCKING VELOCITY

>> No.29700087


>> No.29700381

FreeBSD then

>> No.29700707

>I've used 4chan for 14 years newfag you were probably still shitting your pants when I was browsing /b/.
I'm still shidding and farding right now oh salty one.
Either way I'm not selling for 5 years at least.

>> No.29700717

this will drop to 12 dollars again before it hits 100

>> No.29700774

zoom out

>> No.29700848

Sure thing I'll take your money

>> No.29700863
File: 66 KB, 700x560, 1543499697612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.29701286

yup, i think bubble peak will be somewhere between 300-1k
i think funny enough it'll happen this year and next year will be a bear year where we regress back down to mean and below it temporarily before starting another cycle with link

>> No.29701287

Uber every day would get very expensive, really quick.
Unless your idea of a daily driver is a Rolls Royce.

>> No.29701380

0.0001% chance of this happening, but I would cum so hard.

>> No.29701704
File: 31 KB, 512x512, 1581749693478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Investing is relative. Chainlink has performed like shit this run. Everyone knows it. Lights are green and we aren't moving.
We waited 3+ years for this. LTC cap is 20% higher than us. XRP almost double. I know you had higher hopes.
No amount of copeposting from low iq retards changes this.

>> No.29701955

the market is literally (literally) always wrong

>> No.29702405

Ok let’s go. You’re one of these faggots who has been screeching $1K EOY since 2018 and now you’re saying we’ll hit >$2500 in the next 365 days when we haven’t broke $40 and just got bodyslammed back to $25. Fucking delusional. Enjoy getting rekt

>> No.29702528

Kinda hoping it crashes just so you sell and then it breaks ATH 27 times right after you sell, cuck.

>> No.29702820

It's funny to imagine what these anons would say if LINK topped out at $10 last summer and still went to $36 in feb 2021. Link would have been branded as a strong performer, a new contender in the top 10! But because LINK was short squeezed to $20 in august and experienced a deserved cooldown after that, all retards are up in arms to shit on it. Keep squabbling about short term price actions, faggots. Pray your hands are strong.

>> No.29702878

I use Gemini to buy my link nowadays.

>> No.29703245

Oh look, the retard actually wrote a paragraph.
We're still down 70% or so in sats. Your example is hilarious because moving from $10 to $36 would also have been pitiful underperformance compared to any other shitcoin. A 3.6x? ADA, DOT, BNB at least all blew link out of the water even in your hypothetical. That's how lame this shit is.

>> No.29703355

Fucking cope. That’s still vastly underperforming to most of the market, even higher cap alts like DOT and ADA

>> No.29703736
File: 279 KB, 500x622, 1550192539725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's funny that you are so riled up about this. Exactly how shitty is your life that seeing your investment go up from $20 to $36 counts as "a devastating year"? That's from peak to peak too, LINK was like $1.50 at the bottom 11 months ago. Anyway, if you are so demoralized, seething even, just fucking sell. What is stopping you? Sell and move on.

Buy DOT and ADA, they outperformed LINK like this anon said >>29703355
, so will probably continue to do so. Literally can't lose.

>> No.29703949

guys...hows this for copium?

>> No.29704306

It's devaststing in the sense of my investments only. I'm all in on link. Stop grasping for a point.
You are shifting the goalposts because you have no way to address that link has been a piece of shit this bullrun. Any upward movement has been off the back of btc. I hope btc can sustain this run but that's all we have besides ocr which was finally fucking released and maybe could coincide with better movement if there is indeed another leg up for us before the inevitable 80% correction.

>> No.29704352
File: 564 KB, 1101x1974, 1607172182462.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29704401
File: 1.84 MB, 1600x900, linkitylinklinklink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i got you bruv.
i'll cope you.

>> No.29704521
File: 132 KB, 900x900, linkballer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29704606
File: 756 KB, 1562x580, coffeezone.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29704609

So close to dumping for BNT

>> No.29704710
File: 133 KB, 1000x665, cup'o'link.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29704722

i used to fud like this, concern trolling is most effective

>> No.29704929
File: 2.84 MB, 640x480, mylinkiesstaystinkies1keoy.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok, i must go.
always remember.

>> No.29705024

yes, take note FUDers

>> No.29705081

Yes. If say, LINK hit $100, we would crash crypto as a whole and/or send LINK through a series of flash crashes to $0. There's what, 2 million dollars of depth on each of the large trading pairs (USD/USDT/BTC)? Going through even a small percentage of that will cause bots to fuck around with the order books.

We wouldn't be able to do anything resembling cashing out because, $100 LINK is 1 million USD per 10000 LINK. How many of us decide to carve off 10000 LINK to just have enough to buy an apartment and set up the kind of life we could landlord out once the rest of the stack gradually returns ludicrous amounts of cash? It's going to be hundreds or thousands of people looking to do that. So a billion dollars say.

There is no fucking chance that we get to cash out like that. Also, because that's money going to poor fags who will remove it from the market and float billion(s) away from exchanges and mining cartels, well they're going to do their level best to wash trade LINK into a band that discourages both euphoric and dysphoric profit taking. IE hold it at #9-10 in a, "maybe we could make it", "hey it's not dead yet" purgatory. Rich fags will just profit take to BTC and sell it OTC or borrow against it or whatever. Poor fags take it out of the space entirely. There are a lot of whales who are, in reality, poor fags.

>> No.29705249

So you’re saying Elon musks long game is to enable retail price discovery of this by fuding and fomoing Bitcoin?

>> No.29705500
File: 3.62 MB, 4000x2400, 1607548543104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best I could cope

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