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Vesper > YFI in TVL
#1 here we come

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based, can't understand how this is still so low market cap

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Market cap will explode once people start paying attention to this project

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wait for geyser to end over the next week

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Why is it so popular? Why no pump?

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Not popular yet. Normies haven't found it.

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Really bad timing on the release.

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some whale who got in early and farmed the high early rewards are dumping. It happens to all projects, some whale are not interested in the project, only the early yield, then they move on..

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>why no pump?
it's a farming project, until the yield curve evens out people are going to farm and dump a shit ton of vsp.

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Would discuss NEXT Chain. Next chain is the new blockchain where assets and smart contracts can be built on the bitcoin core technology. Due to these extensions they are able to perform many transactions at very low costs. With this they increase scalability and they are able to fully support DeFi. No more high dynamic gas fees or slow transactions, join on Telegram @nextchain

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some whale liquidated his 50k VSP stack yesterday, causing the price to dump from 27$ to 22$. it got bought back in a few hours tho

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i have so much fucking money in yfi this is bullshit

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Time to switch

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what does the yield curve look like?

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where is AAVE and SNX?

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i'm not sure but i know it's heavily inflated due to shit like geyser

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shit tokenomics
personally I have ETH staked and will dump the rewards in VSP

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wdym shit tokenomics? are you high?

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geyser is ending within a week

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>co-founder of vesper shilling his coin

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co-founder of defi alliance
qiao is an advisor to vsp

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he's the cofounder of defi alliance, if you could read english.

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He's literally featured on the website ofc he's gonna shill it. You guys are really sensitive about your crabbing boomer coin.

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who's the sensitive one here

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this shit is gonna pop

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not going to waste my time on you, retard.

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What a terrible looking chart.

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>shit tokenomics
the only protocol to distribute 95% of revenue to tokenholders unlike the empty governance tokens of YFI, AAVE, UNI etc.
anon what? explain yourself

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Checked triple 8 of fortune.
Ps. Stack VSP if ur not retarded.

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i bought at $18 and not worried at all. this is a blue chip project at launch, buy was a total no brainer. looking at charts of similar projects shows that in the early days these kind of swings in price are perfectly normal. this is a top 100 token easily, but nobody wants to buy low

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