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My father passed away recently. One of the things he left was this damn near new pressure washer. There's also a floor cleaner attachment. How much can i charge to go around the neighborhoods cleaning vinyl siding and concrete drive ways? Do i have to get a permit or licensing just to do three or four jobs a month? Im in the US.

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Id see what competitors are offering and base it off of that. If it really is just a side gig to get some extra money, just do the service for a little bit less than what you can find.

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Time yourself and see how long it takes you to powerwash a 20x20' space. Quote people by the square foot, give discounts for bigger areas, but make sure it works out to you making >$50/hr. Burgers don't even need a permit to buy a gun just fucking do it.

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You'll probably get away with it if you're not driving around in a truck advertising your service. If you live in a city like I do (pop 11000) where people are paid to drive around the city and find shit to be dicks about then they might start to recognize you and your vehicle and whether you have a team of people or not. But if it's just you and a few jobs a season you're probably tight, and you probably won't get cited or anything regardless if you feign ignorance.

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this. i tried doing it with a residential pressure washer, but it was a nightmare. you gotta start small.

I ended up giving up. HOWEVER! Cool idea I saw.

These guys straight up just clean garbage cans.

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1. A lot of people already have pressure washers
2. Don't just do pressure washing and floor cleaning. Do other shit too.
3. Buy Fantom

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A good rule of thumb is 50% taxes. So you make $100 then $50 goes to taxes. So keep that in mind quoting jobs with your profit margin.

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Nice man. A non shill doing thread. I've thought about doing something similar. I've just recently bought a brand new lawn mower, line trimmer, pressure cleaner and have a small list of things I still need to buy. I plan on starting a lawn mowing side business around my community and neighbouring suburbs. With a ute, trailer and ally equipment I figure I can offer a range of services. Lawn care, green waste removal, pressure cleaning, car washing, things like that. I was thinking $70 for basic lawn care on a regular sized block then I can do extra services if required. Its not hard to do these things and I've worked harder for less pay before in other jobs. Cash would be the preferred payment and I wouldn't report it at all.

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This is a good idea as well. I will offer this service aswell when I get started. Do you think they just clean them on the customers yard or what? Would they take them somewhere else to clean? I'm guess it would have to be straight after bin day so you couldn't do this all the time

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>plebs ITT don't know about changing screening on pool enclosures

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Damn just googled that and sounds like fresh money. How did you get into it?

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Get one of pic related and buy some screen. Watch some YouTube videos on how to do it, and you're good to go. I would recommend you practice first though by making a little panel to work on, or by working on a fren's pool enclosure if you are able to.

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tthey have a truck designed to clean them on the street. but you could probably do it on the curb.

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