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robinhood fucked up their 1099 again
it generates hundreds of errors when it is imported into online tax programs.

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Just get audited and let the government do your taxes for you retard.

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Coinbases form doesn’t work on turbo tax either, I had to use cointracker.io

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lmao I just didn't report it after that

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Good luck with that if they calculate that there are huge gaps. Welcome to prison for tax evasion.

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That is not how that works at all.

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What a surprise. I was holding off on taxes partially cause Im certain they will mess up my forms like last year and I'll her a corrected version a few times, probably more this time cause I was profitable

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What if I give the governmemt a large quantity all while not doing the tax forms? Will they audit me and end up giving me a check for overpaying? Or is it the one way street I suspect it is?

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What did they fuck up? Was it on everyone's? I've been waiting to really comb through mine, but it says I ended with a $500 loss for the year so I'm kinda fine with that

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People overpay on taxes all the time. They get it back in a rebate known as a tax return in the USA

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You wouldn't have this problem if you picked Fidelity

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Idk myself but last year they sent me an email or a few with a correct version after I already did my taxes. Had I made gains I'd probably have to submit a correction. Not interested so I instead am waiting this time. Had I submitted a correction id probably have a better amount sent back to me or larger loss write off.

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