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I literally sold my GME shares this Monday because I thought this shit was donezo.
Suddenly, earlier today, I see massive GME MOONING posts literally everywhere, and lo and behold, this shit is mooning even faster than last time.
Why the fuck is this happening? I thought most of the shorts were covered? Is this unironically the big squeeze everyone was talking about?

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I sold 50% of my GME few weeks ago and kept all my AMC because there is a real case to be made for AMC to go up. I'm not entirely sure why GME is mooning unless GME is still heavily shorted which means it's possible GME can go up to $500 or higher. Diamondhands!

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So it goes

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trying to save face before the trial

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Seriously, I want to know if there is a legitimate reason for this huge increase so I can know for certain if I should buy in tomorrow morning or not.

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Still heavily shorted. They've covered their shorts in superficial way by hiding them in bundles of stocks that contain gme. Its a time bomb

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I market sold my AMC yesterday to put it into fantom, took three days to get to my bank account anway

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There are two theories floating around that are equally reliable:
1) Some whales are manipulating the market by buying after hours to make the price go up. Normally you can't with such a big market cap, but with after hours when nobody is selling, you can. It's basically a pump and dump. Additionally, GME already has a reputation after the event last month, so people are easily tricked by FOMO.
2) The shorts have never been actually covered. The data reported 2 weeks ago used a different formula so that the short interest can never be above 100%.
This could be the start of the squeeze, but what actually trigger it we don't actually know yet.
All I can tell you is that it's a risky play now because no one knows what will happen.
Always buy what you are comfortable losing.
Not a financial advice.

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Your sacrifice will not be in vain. We will always remember the ones who did not make it.

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Good day Gents, this is a reply to the OP >>29607978
>entire market is down
>ENTIRE market is down
>AMC picking up, a meme stock second to GME
>GME picks up a tiny bit
This should've been a strong indicator to either stay in or pick up some GME. You're fucking retarded.
Some retards on /biz/ and r/wsb have done several DDs involving the entire market being down, and it supported in staying in GME.

Also, I hate women and jannies.
Thank you, and have a good day.

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