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Have you been rugged yet and what was your worst?
I was rugged once by Yam for almost $25k. Kinda shitty but only 5% of portfolio so i got over it.

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Bao pulls the rug March 1st

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Dragon, PokeFarm, Wynaut, Starfish. I've pretty much lost it all in a week.

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this piece of shit for $800. I got HOGED.

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I thought my OIN & DEXG were rug pulls but they turned out to be legit
I'm 5x comfy as fuck

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oldfags only

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Not yet, But I'm gonna be rugged by RBC.

Where my RBC gang at??!?!


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not technically a rug but im a crypto newfag, but I DMOR and decided to yolo my entire principal into ALPHA literally 2 days before it got "hacked". Bad timing because this was right before BTC decided to be gay the last week and tl;dr I havent fully recovered from it, still down like 25% from my principal. now I have a seething hatred for andre and any project he is a part of and I am hoping/praying that everyone in on FTM gets rugged hard

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i haven't been rugged yet but that scares me because id be less nervous if i was previously rugged. i feel like its bound to happen. I have 115 iq which protects me from the obvious scams, but im worried about midwit traps ie projects that seem good on paper with lots of documentation and use cases

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I'm in there too.
How much did you get BRAIN CHAIN GANGED for.

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>doesnt know what a rug pull is

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You fell for StarFish?

fall for one, I get it, but christ man you are probably the reason why this place sees so many.

take 5 mins before being impulsive and look at things like Twitter, see if there is any info on a team, do some vetting

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I've never been rugged, because 99% of my portfolio is BTC.

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RLC is being sued and near from rugpulling

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If this isn't a rug pull I don't know what is

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OK, it wasn't a rugpull, but it was a disaster and the devs just started giving away free DBCs everywhere.

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I got rugged by ASKO bought at the top and lost 1000€

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well i thought i got rugged by DFT last year for 800, so when it hit 10 again this year i swapped it for PLT. then PLT went from 0.2 to 0.09. i don't think active trading is my thing...should just stick to holding

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Got rugged by GST, bought at $56, now it's $23, don't know if I should just sell and cut my losses or if I should be an eternal bagholder

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Slow bleed outs over the space of months are very different to rug pulls

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MCDC because I thought I could time the pump and dump.
Only lost .3 ETH though so it's ok

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I aped a few eth into Badger when it was brand new...only to find out that I bought into a scam contract, not the real Badger. was rugged immediately after this realization. feels bad cause the real Badger has since pumped hard af.

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Did you contribute to posts in those threads that were specifically telling people a rugpull is impossible? I hope you’ve learned that that’s a huge red flag by now

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I bought KirbySwap and that one rugged the same day it released, although I sold for a loss before it happened

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still have my tokens in my neon wallet lol

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THIS and TKY for me

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There was this shady swap asking for BNB in exchange of token. Went to the telegram, saw the admin was a jew, logged off and walked way. The day after he went away with the BNB retards had gave him.

This day /pol/ saved my precious BNB. Thanks.

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this POS

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ASKO wasn't a rug, dummy, none of the devs sold. They just released a garbage website and everyone immediately NOPE'd out of it.

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Bought the stinky top?

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lost 6 bnb on soda...was blinded by the sleek design that i even overlooked the obvious signs such as 500,000% apy for a day ahhahaha i'm such a faggot

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as a rule i completely ignore new projects with pages that remind me of the fucking iphone store sales page. fuck that sleek bullshit

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I remember i made $1000 swinging DBC. It was my first trade in crypto. Good times.

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sounds like you needed farm insurance

>yes its a thing, its the next BIG thing
automatic onchain compensation if your initial deposit isnt paid back

dont sleep on it anons, migrated to BSC yesterday

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Dragon Swap few days ago

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SIFI I was impulsive and an idiot.
Thankfully is wasn't much

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HOGE. The worst part is that the pajeet group is STILL shilling it here and samefagging

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Rubic. Lost $10k.

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I have been rugged. I bought a yam thinking it was a sweet potato.

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rugged 0.8 BNB on SODA. this was the first time i put money on a memecoin. figures.

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i actually threw 2 BNB at this yesterday because I like the idea of there being insurance against rugpulls. fuck all of these goddamn pajeets and their scams.

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lost a couple bitcoin on XC back in 2013.

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How was that a rug? Getting hacked isn't the same as being rugged. Yam v3 seems to be doing fine.

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Bought the top of this shit

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fucking zcl, my blood is still boiling from my own utter stupidity

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Bought at 0.015 (coming down from 0.03) and a piece of shit whale just kept dumping every time it even seemed like it was going up. It's like at 0.0006 right now and the TG is still shilling to try and salvage their bags.

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Some really ultimate shit coin I'm pretty sure mods even banned being typed on here because of the shilling around it at the time - called rf...BTC (no dots).

It was an absolute text book pump and dump, from launch at 0.003 to 0.09 in half a day, then back to 0.003 again within the next 24 hours. Luckily I sold at a decent time and actually made good profit - it was my very first shitcoin and I accidentally executed buy/sell time near enough perfectly, sold at like 0.82 or something and made more than a 10,000% return. I remember I posted the all time graph in their telegram after the dump with no additional context and they banned me at the speed of light, lmao. It was a real lesson learned and a very textbook rug.

I feel kinda bad because I later realised that I had rode the wave with the scammers and had also accidentally scammed people too by proxy. And also because some of the community has now inherited the coin and is trying to build some game affiliated to the coin to save it or some dumb shit I really have no idea how that works or is remotely useful for anything but yeah, it is never seeing the light of day again. Still holding about $20 in it for absolutely no reason

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Kek he bought a dash fork scam

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$350 for me. I thought I could get in and get out but it dumped immediately and never recovered. Do you know how I can stake my coins?

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lol imagine getting rugpulled. Don't buy shitcoins. Can't wait until rubic finishes their rugpull.

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DMG was a cia honeypot rug pull
luckily sold my dmg a few days before the crash to 0

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yam never rugged though. it went from $100 to $1 while also increasing the supply 100x

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I don't get why you would buy an obvious shitcoin without having a very conservative exit strategy once the pump starts. Its way too risky for me.

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have you sold yet? its getting listed on whitebit sometime this week or next, it might pump a bit. sorry about ur loss :(

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TRANQ was my first and last rug.

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No because I don't put my money in to food/pokemon/anime/meme coins like a retard.

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Rubic aint a rug pull retard (pls dont say that)

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Guys don't upset Rajesh, he really needs the cash

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rugpull != pump and dump/crash
its when the devs pull eth liquidity (or BNB now) from the pool so you can't sell your useless coins

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brisketswap, gainz, foodbucket in the last couple of days lol lmfao gambling on shitcoins is a dangerous sport yall

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ive been in BSC shit since a month ago and somehow have not been rugged yet. im developing some 6th sense

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You invested in something called yam? Did you look up the devs and whatnot? Zero dollars should ever end up in these actual shitcoins. There's no reason for people to be so stupid but I guess idiots will always exist.

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Was doing good, but got rugged for small amounts with VICE and SODA. Seemed slightly ruggy, but I took a chance. To completely coinfess, I shilled them a bit here, but at least let people know they were probably rugs and to take profits. Still feels bad. No more shitcoins.

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Following this, if I can give some advice to people - if you join the telegram of a shitcoin and it has like 5-10 guys who are just spamming gifs over and over, it's very probable that it's a scam and those guys are who are behind it. This coins telegram had 5-10 guys who would do nothing but spam gifs to push legitimate questions out of the chat and they were non-stop circle jerking about how it's going to moon and etc etc. It was pretty clearly an organised effort to keep the gifs being spammed as much as possible and keep the 'hype' up. As soon as the rug happened they all disappeared. Big red flag to watch out for

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Got in early on Saltswap.
Made a nice profit.
Pulled out, saw a massive pump and bought the top in a haze of retard-greed.

Got dumped on and ended up 3 grand in the negative.
It wouldn't hurt so much if I didn't KNOW BEFOREHAND what I was getting into.
I wasn't naive, I was just fucking greedy and didn't bail with my profits early enough.

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Yam wasn't technically a rug. It was untested code that broke to shit and inadvertently fucked delegators in the ass (I was one of them). Sushi is a fork of YAM which I avoided for that reason and look what happened to that. Yam would have been the current sushi if it could have worked, which is why people took the risk on it.

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Isn't sushi a fork of uniswap?

>> No.29581087

Well they both have a website so i guess so? Otherwise, it's not. Uni is an exchange anon.

>> No.29581241

Sushi is also an exchange.

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2020 Winter Rug season was harsh

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checked and kek'k

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I avoided every rug(and every legit project) only to get phished right on christmas. -_- fuck my life

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GJ. I got fucked, got out @ 0.10, lost 1k

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I was rugged by your mom when I found out she was your dad.

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I bought ASKO, COR, ADD.XYZ one after another. Wasn't aware of pajeet pump&dump groups operating here back then. Lost about $2k total on those. Still holding all of them, not sure if I should sell or just wait.

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How does the coin being on binance lower the chances of it being a rug?

>> No.29583459

Their CEO ALEC CURRY was literally doing AMA on /biz/ the night of the pump. He 100% was on it.

>> No.29583544

I actually put my time into telling people how this is blatant scam, but no, you needed to buy this shit jesus

>> No.29583930

this was the most obvious shit ever. Supposedly the next big exchange despite absolutely ZERO social media presence prior to the BSC craze; every medium post, Twitter, etc. was made on February 20 or 21, basically the day before. No search results nor archive results turned up starfish, and any time it appeared in any thread it would suspiciously get like 20 replies when most posts averaged about 1 or 2 (You)s.

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It was a rug, they were involved in shilling on here for a week beforehand to try and pump the price, but it didn't work, they got nowhere near the price they wanted before they were forced to release that abortion of a site.

>> No.29584511

Didn´t get rugged, but Rayquaza was a speedrun.
Didn´t even take 30 seconds to get rugged.

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>filtered by biz pajeets
Clean it up wagie

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I feel for Wynaut. Im just waiting for it to reach 0.04 and then I will be back even. II should really cash out at 0.035 but It hit 0.05 when I was asleep once.

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They better make me my god damned money back. I hope they're reading this. I can't stand being swindled. I've ruined people's lives before for scamming me on the internet. I'll do it again.

I'm not referring to violence.

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i knew it was a scam and i still bought. i didn't deserve your help

>> No.29585039

Anyone remember Rentberry lol. Also wysker, they spent 100% of their ico funds on a run of billboards in time square when the coin wasn’t even tradeable lmao.

>> No.29585091

I bought fantom and cashed out 400k USD at 6 cents. Absolute retards don't realise it's getting hotdogged.

>> No.29585205

You won't do shit lol. I really wish "the devs" if you can even call them that, would be punished but we both the only thing you can do is acting tough over the internett, so don't embarrass yourself.

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Cosmoswap, today, is the first time ive been rugged. Only lost 0.65bnb fortunately.

>> No.29585270

i got in on saturday then saw people kept saying $10 monday. as the price shot down to $2. I noped out break even. And the telegram was really fishy.

i'm done with the swap/farm tokens.

>> No.29585309

They are about to get listed anon. Even if it was a shitty rug, the community managed to turn it into something half decent.

>> No.29585360

kek, someone's mad they cashed out 400k instead of 4m

>> No.29585366

hahaha. what about this?


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Pumpkin Finance was so obviously a rug but he almost had me going there with how much effort they put into making the community "engage." I realized right then and there that airdrop hunting is for pajeets and wasn't worth the effort at all.

>> No.29585414

smelled like rug when i did my checklist but my 0.1 turned into 0.4 and i cashed out super fast

>> No.29585514

i still don't get what's so bad about the site.

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oh woops this is pumpkin defi, not pumpkin finance. pic related is what rugged. no idea what that i linked is.

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This one will rug for sure. Same devs as $chode.

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McDonald's coin. I put in 500 and someone on /biz/ warned me about this rug. So I got out in time with 1500.

>> No.29585635

I got rugged by the Soft Yearn "team" for 1.5 or 2 eth can't remember.
I'd made a bunch of eth on Soft Link so I bought into that too ...

>> No.29585646

It's a non-responsive website in 2021, ffs. Doesn't work on mobile OR 4k monitors, and the ceo was a fucking dog.

>> No.29585684

Not really a rugpull, just your average 2017 china hustle project

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>the ceo was a fucking dog
arguably the best part of the whole saga, honestly.

>> No.29585758

No, I'm seriously not referring to violence. Just find their friends and family and potential employers and reveal their actions. I run merch sites and had some bigger sites steal my designs and I did just that. Simply exposing people's scummy actions goes a long ways.

>> No.29585792

responds for me fine...

>> No.29585794

How do people not know its a scam?
Doge is already a pyramid scheme so why would this curry-canine be any different?

>> No.29585810

Why are u guys so quick to drop money into some random shit that was advertised on a. Biz post?

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Shiba token for like 250 bucks. Not too bad, but could've been worse. Those exchange fees made me reluctant from buying more

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pic related, it's the chart for DistroCoin in 2014
I sold my $1.50 XMR for this

>> No.29586091

So you know they say "only bet what you can afford to loose"? On one occasion I lost around $ 7k within a few months and on another I lost $ 4k in a minute (all with a net worth around $ 80-100k). And omgf that feeling. How do you cope with it? I feel, and am, so retarded. The feeling of winning will never surmount that feeling of loss.

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Anon, the man lost everything in rugs and you throw the next one at him? Topkek

>> No.29586269

How’s you lose it?

>> No.29586398

I lost $60k on a rug pull in marijuana stocks a decade or so go when I was only worth $68k. That's when I learned to not be greedy and take profits.

>> No.29586410

asko literally ruined my trajectory in this bullrun. i was well on my way to making $15~18k from a $1200 investment. I told myself if it dropped to 25 cents. I would sell. Not only did I ignore it. I went to bed thinking it wouldn't drop to 20 cents. omg it dropped to 5 cents. wtf.

i'm now choking to make over $4k

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File: 2.75 MB, 3024x4032, 1593730425278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There was a literal rug on the background when somebody asked for the DEV's hand

>> No.29586470

i saw that too. i think i sold when i saw his dirty fingernail.

>> No.29586632

actually sold mine 3 days ago for a measly 10% profit because it was crabbing and the telegram smells like shit.

>> No.29586717

this. invested like $100 though cus i was a poorfag at the time

also lost $1k in HOGE and $1k in MCDC this month.

>> No.29586775

Yeah, same here I lost everything because reasons before the chink flu. Finally rebuilt and had some capital to throw at trading, ready for this bull run. Then asko killed it. I'm gonna give it some time to see if they're just fuckups or dishonest.

>> No.29586795

correct and based.

>> No.29586963

yeah i lost $30 in coomcoin and $80 in shiba. also $100 in lition. then uniswap gave me $10,000 so im in the green by a lot lol.

t. poorfag

>> No.29586994

the 7k on a obscure (now) penny med tech stock in urope, everyone waiting for that break through that never happent. Sold with like 65 % loss.

The 4k bought on peak after "big" news, came crashing down horrendously.

I guess I learnt something?

>> No.29587095

did you also check if you're eligible for 1inch?

>> No.29587107


Yeah, the gains you make feel "normal" so fast while the losses fuck with you for ages.

>> No.29587152

i have to keep going. I have less than 3 months to return to some semblance of work. I'm not going back empty handed.

While EGG on BSC helped me bounce back. But all the rugs and pokemon scams are scaring people from it. So I sold. I'm on Polygon network now. It seems a bit more trustworthy. And there's a lot of symbiosis between ETH and AAVE. Looks like some major things are in the works. The irony is being able to trust jeets, and I'm getting decent sleep now.

>> No.29587241

Had to laugh. Add Rubic & FTM next week.

>> No.29587289

i dont think i am since i only ever used coinbase wallet.

>> No.29587337

at least check the same wallet where you got uniswap

>> No.29587391

Wynaut didn't rug really just a panic sell happened and tanked it

>> No.29587407

that would be the coinbase wallet, i dont see it listed on 1inch's connect-wallet page lol.

>> No.29587488

I got rugged by mcdc chode and wynaut

>> No.29587542

probit doesn't have as much liquidity, but makes it easier to trade tokens without the gas fees.

>> No.29587677

Cryptokek is looking to be one, the site doesnt even fucking work anymore

>> No.29587734
File: 35 KB, 1038x523, ss (2021-02-24 at 01.59.22).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's another RUG. this one was called xstable. this is how i learned that twitter influencer "Calls" are code for "i'm going to dump on you". And that's exactly what happened on the following day. SpiderCrypto IMMEDIATELY dumped on everyone, because he's a complete bag of shit. And "rebase" tokens don't do shit.

by the glory of god, i instinctually sold at that dead cat bounce of $2.63 cents. RiP to the other holders.

>> No.29587736

Rubic. Didn’t lose much luckily and swapped it into fantom.

>> No.29587993

You should exit Fantom soon as well, when Afghanistan is dumping its bags

>> No.29588060

Akita. Got greedy after the first pump and put 3 more eth in.

>> No.29588458

It was most definitely a rug. Just semantics. Don't tell me you believe in the new project too.

>> No.29588528

I got rugged by satoshi
I bought BTC at $50k and on the first of March he rugged it to $0.0001

>> No.29588988

heh check out my rug trading cards

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File: 606 KB, 674x899, rugged.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pic related

>> No.29589166

based dubs

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