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>order food
>specify contactless
>delivery woman keeps ringing my doorbell constantly and i wait for her to leave
>shes still there with my food in her hand waiting for me to open the door to hand it to me

I put it in the delivery instructions, the app says leave at the door and she does the opposite
This isn't the first time its happened


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I never tip anyway :D

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I was going to make fun of you for being afraid of COVID but then I realized you’re probably just autistic and don’t want to have to talk to people

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This is true

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Or he's just offended by even witnessing the existence of his servants.

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any food delivery anons here that can explain why you do this?

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Based. OPs gonna make it

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lol where the fuck do you live for women do be the one delivering food? im in canada and its only arabs, blacks and pajeets men

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Probably didn't read it because of haste (you need to haul ass and make as many deliveries as possible for it to be worth it if it's your main source of income) or has experienced an issue with leaving food at the door (ie faggot customer claiming he never got the food).

Either way, OP is a pedantic annoying little bitch cunt.

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America? There's tons here. They like the autonomy and a lot of them are wives that don't do much with their time anyway so why not make extra money.

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reeeeee how hard is it to throw us five bucks???


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nice, they can also suck ya peepee for an extra buck

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I don't think you're aware of how right you are lol.

Yes, some women have taken advantage of this constant meeting of new people, and likewise, so have the customers.

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You selected CASH PAY

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>people asleep in house
>have dogo
>driver instructions
"Don't knock on the door, thanks :)"
>knocks on door
>spaz starts barking

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The only flaw with technology is that humans are still a part of it, delivery apps are one example. Ted Kaczynski was right

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i use doordash, which doesnt let you edit tips after you order - good thing for these monkey brained delivery drivers because they do that shit to me all the time

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Imagine, with all the stats on net deaths and flu deaths that you were still so scared by the media that you have to dedicate brain power to this.

Fucking loser

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topfuckingkek, so glad nobody tips around here

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is this a man or a woman

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I've ordered from doordash 200+ times and it's mostly jeets and chinks. I tell them to leave at teh front gate and I have never tipped.

I also report anybody who comes to my door. Also every 3 or 4 meals I say something is wrong and get some free credit.

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I hope you die in a car wreck from COVID.

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