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*ring ring ring*
>”Anon I know it’s your one day off but we need you to come in, we’re understaffed.”
What say?

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>see work is calling
>don't answer phone

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you tell them to fuck off its a wage cage job you have no interest in progessing in, you go in if its in an industry you want to progress in
or this

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why did you answer

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>Sure thing boss, I would love to help!

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You never go in ever if this happens. Fuck them

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just put my 2 weeks in at my wage slave job

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>tell my boss to fuck off because I put my life savings into Bit Coins on February 21st, 2021

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>being over 20 and having a wagecage job kek

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Yeah I was sick, hey I'm gonna need more sick time, make sure it's paid too. Have fun boss
>fake cough

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new fone who dis

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“No” and then hang up.

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just tried to negotiate my base pay up from 9.50 to 12

>Hey Anon, here are some great ~opportunities~ for you to increase your pay!
No bitch, I just want to keep doing what I'm doing and be paid more because I've been working for your cuck scheme for a year no.
>I've already addressed that in a previous email. Please see that.
Here's my resignation

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Based. Not giving a fuck about a job is a great feeling. Spending all day hiding and not being dependable all while making money as much as the hard working people.

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Only if rebecca is working and her butts dirty so I can finger her ass in the cooler and smell my finger after.

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reminder that getting a job doesn't mean you're a functional member of society since 90% of them are useless

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It really does. Now I am free to get neetbux

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I wrote this story

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hello yes this is dog

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