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hey biz, i managed to save up 7k to put into crypto
should i long or short btc?
i feel like the market went up alot these past few months so it might crash hard from here

i'm not sure what to do... pleasee help

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Fuck crypto

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it's difficult to say, we are either in a correction and we will later keep going up if we are still in a bull market or this is the begining of the bear market and we will keep going down for a year

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Today's a great opportunity to buy, go safe with BTC or ETH or research some lower cap coins to maximise gains.

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i feel pretty lucky that the market crashed today, giving me a lower price to buy in
but i also realize that bitcoin and ethereum have gone up a lot these past few months so i'm kind of in a crossroad.. ahhh

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im thinking something similar
man this is harder than i thought it would be..

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chainlink, avax, hbar

dunno man

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personal advice is to buy now a small amount that you would be ok with losing
in general the best thing to do would be to do proper research on the crypto market find a coin that you think might have a great potential and then slowly buy in small amounts each month (dollar cost average), it's very difficult to time the market anon

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thanks bro
i'm going to stick with bitcoin and ether since i barely understand other coins lol

going to buy in 20% now, then wait a few days and see what happens

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