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Sisyphean day continues

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Giving up hope: Is that the secret?

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So, T? Anyone have a good take on T? Seems like a good hold for dividends.

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that's it friends, I'm logging out of my brokerage account. no point staring at line go down, it's not like I should be selling anything.

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Don't fall for this gay ass bear trap lol

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Buy the dip, put some realistical take profits, forget about yout broker account for 3 to 6 months enjoy your gains

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What's a good resource to learn the basics and intermediates (i.e. stuff like theta) of calls and puts?

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I was already too invested, not much cash on hand to buy anything substantial. Still unsure if this "timing market vs time in market" is a meme but that's what I was trying to follow.

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im praying for 13150 before close

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idk if my penny shit will ever recover from this

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I´m happy that you sold at the right time anon! I´m also satisfied that I didn´t get too greedy and trimmed nice profits last week. I used bad wording, you are absolutely right in that investing in these shroom companies isn´t investing in a new "miracle-drug" but to new lines of therapies for depression and PTSD. I feel that the industry is going forward, I´m hoping for incremental progress and not some pump and dump for the whole sector. Welcome back at some point!

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hey guys, nobody that called me wsb tier for buying tqqq/soxl has a chart worse than mine, right? I remember when i bought the “top” back in september too.

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i bought the top in september too. after this current dump im barely green

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Didnt mean to mislead you, the “top” i bought was the correction. But permabear retards here told me as i bought the dip that i was still buying on the precipice of a 50% crash. Never listen to bobo. Your issue has been (and i recognize your portfolio) treating an index fund that should be the backbone of your safe, set it and forget it money, as something whose price action should concern you at all. Just relax

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I shorted W again

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For now, I have to concentrate on making as much money as I can in a short time. I'm waiting for news, ANY news.

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I know and I tell myself that during times like these, but I cant help but look at it since im always at my computer. I'm still young so I shouldn't even be worried since my timescale is 20-30 years

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What's there to say? It's just a boomer long term dividends stock and if you buy you shouldn't expect price to increase at all

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Keep calm and keep riding the Basedhorse.

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>Cathie hit piece on the front page of CNBC
She had it coming.

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Most people are having a bad week.
3k this week so far.

As for any long term investors, what are we looking at?
Apple, Peloton, Spotify

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If you want to feel better you could consider liquidating your qqq right now, buying 200 TSM (best stock on the market right now in my opinion) and sell covered calls until you die.

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Sold any lose that wasn't looking to recover within a month. I'm a winner. But now where does my money go.

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What is this pattern called

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i'm pretty optimistic about 4U in the long-run, though it looks like it needs to relax a little before anything major again

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I was thinking of selling some of it so im not so heavy in it. Semis were definitely something i'd look into putting that money in but I'd have to double check how much weight they have in the nasdaq so I'm still not so tech heavy

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Shit we moving son

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TSM is not included in the nasdaq index. Im pretty sure you have no TSM exposure in QQQ

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Meant for>>29501667

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There's a semiconductor bubble. There's a shortage, but the stocks are in a bubble, so gains are limited.

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thanks i'll look into it a bit. once i get my tax return and stimulus (hopefully) Id like to put them towork

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dont really like this line of thinking. firstly, even if we agree there's a semi bubble, it doesnt mean it's the same equities bubble. TSM is an excellent company and even at the current mkt cap, with an arizona foundry slated for 2024 it's still a good time to buy. will it be a better time to be if the entire market collapses and TSM retraces to like $70/share? of course, but time in the market > timing the market.
it's just a rock solid bluechip you can hold for 10 years. simple as. i dont even think we disagree

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The markets can remain irrational longer then you can remain solvent, you leveraged fund gamblers.

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I bought the dip. I hope i made the right decision.

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but the irrationality is exactly what's pumping my bags you queer
unless you mean SQQQ

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No I mean the people fomo'ing into TQQQ and SOXL

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Why did your ID change?

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>why did your ID change?

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im not sure you understand what fomo means

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Because 4chan blocks my network so I have to relog my pass every 5 seconds

Have you even been over the /smg/ today. Everyone's crying they don't have enough cash to buy SOXL

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>>try to short sell it
fucking idiot, don’t spam on /biz/ with this shitty trashoptions u faggot
trading with best analysing and various bots is on Bot Ocean now
but still you may find an idiot who will buy your fuckbot

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>Have you even been over the /smg/ today. Everyone's crying they don't have enough cash to buy SOXL
kek, that's because they fomo'd in at $700+
>have you been to /smg/
fuck no

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>Dow is green
Clown market

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lets see how sour hour goes. looks bullish rn

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wew wkhs just took a fat doomp

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Who the hell dumped WKHS that hard? Holy fuck.

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sold all my memes for oil
kept 1 biomeme for sentimental value

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bought some more to average down so i can hopefully get out of this dud

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so bullish i cant sit down

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RTX is such a comfy hold :)

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I looked at Marathon this morning. It was right there. I could have bought it. Fucking hell.

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imagine nasdump goes green

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my $ET position just went green after something like 9 months in the red

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Please give me a green on SQ, I need it

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seconded. whenever they pay dividends i feel like i'm getting an extra tax refund

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>pump it

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I really hope bayhorse doesn't rocket before my deposit clears

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>he thought the money printer was off
im going to keep posting this to shame you into oblivion

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I opened my account for the first time in a week and saw that I had lost $200, or 10% of my active portfolio. I am so sad.

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futures 450 points off the low from this morning and nearly green after being down almost 4%

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I do not undersatnd CMG

Can you guys check Mochimo

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MA, V, and RTX almost offset the losses from the rest of my portfolio today. I sold some trash and picked up more of those

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holy fuck wkhs

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>down 60k this morning
>now up 10k
thank you shekel sama

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KEK what the fuck. im buying more when the bleeding is over but what the hell is going on?

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>NIO is almost in the green

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You were down 100% this morning? Or are you rich?

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well, answered my own question

>> No.29506131

Oshkosh got the contract

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>just checked this
Thank god I took profits on this at 39 Unironically a good buy right now

>> No.29506305

Will it even go up after this?

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ahahaha what the fuck

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And I change my mind. Guess I am stuck bagholding 10 shares of this, but I guess the need to gamble on them getting the contract and going to 120 a share was too great a pull

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>wkhs stocktwits

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>QQQ green and pumping

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Damn. It's not even recovering a little bit. Just straight down.

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im actually, finally in the red. wow

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It was halted mid-plunge.
And halted again...

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im a hundredthousandaire, not a richfag yet

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im a hundredthousandaire, not a richfag yet

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>I got this.

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Oh no...

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Once again I worried like a pussy instead of seizing today's opportunity. How do I disable feelings?

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>leave for a few minutes
>1200 new posts
those poor souls

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What, just be permabull? Why did WKHS take a shit so hard, this doesn’t seem like the rest of the market

>> No.29507606

Just remember, the one time you decide to listen to this man is guaranteed to be the rugpull.

>> No.29507703

buy the dip

>> No.29507718

WKHS didn't get the contract.

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stop taking profits and let it pump into close

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>The entire company hangs on the hope of one contract
That's NOT comfy

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>WKHS halted slightly up
what does it mean...

>> No.29508125

Oh lol

>oshkosh goes up 8% on news
>wkhs bleeds 50%

Losers always lose harder than winners win, huh ?

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it means i need to pray harder

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Look at the orders rather than the bar.

>> No.29508257

are you in the right thread? just compare the market caps

>> No.29508337

Everything is still red today. You still have time to buy.

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im glad i listened

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Even if im fucked I bought at 14.88 because why not.
I thought this day would come but I didn't think it would hurt so much.

>> No.29508678

Damn, I had to eat a 3k loss on WKHS between the shares and written put I had on them.

>> No.29508712


>> No.29508732

you were long on them for reasons other than just one contract, right anon? please tell me you didnt buy a microcap EV company just on promises of ONE contract. it's a good company that's just getting started

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No I think the Truck as an EV for end of delivery cycle would be a good idea. I didn't think they would get 0% of the contract though. It basically blows them out of the water. I'll be buying but I'm willing to lose another 1k since this horse got me about 1k before this dump

>> No.29509091

>Even if im fucked I bought at 14.88 because why not.
Well it's higher than $15 now so you're good, you made money.

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I also liked its name.
Also a live look at my shares.

>> No.29509245

i want to buy 100 more but not sure today is the day to do it. could be a dead cat bounce right now. they have almost no revenue without the contract

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"Did you know that the average penny silver stock went up 150 times in price, when the price of silver merely doubled? Think about that for a moment. The AVERAGE penny silver stock—I'm not talking about one or two stocks here—the AVERAGE one—went up 150 TIMES—when silver merely DOUBLED. One company, Coeur d'Alene, even went up 1000x! Does this sound unbelievable to you? Well, trust me, it’s really true. It happened between 1962 and 1968, and similar things have taken place in subsequent silver bull markets. The data is common knowledge among academics, and is right there to read in Doug Casey’s 1980 classic economics book “Crisis Investing.”

Bayhorse Silver (TSXV: BHS; OTCBB: KXPLF; FSE: 7KXN) is one of the only penny silver stocks which can DEMONSTRABLY go 100x from here at $60 silver. This is on the basis of imminent production (1.3 million ounces per year) and future cash flow (cost per ounce as low as $7) at a 30x cash-flow valuation, vs present market cap, which is minuscule—only $20 million! At $60 silver, you could turn a $1000 investment into $100,000. At $1000 silver, Bayhorse might go 2000x—you could turn $1000 into $2 million!

$60 silver is obviously inevitable. But what’s more, the COMEX is going to break, imminently. 20-day deliveries of 10.4 million from 02/19/21 are the highest amount ever over the past 20 years. If that breakage happens, silver could go anywhere, from $500 to $5000. Where is the price of Bayhorse then? Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime in BHS! We’re still at rock bottom, and, without exaggeration, this investment might be bigger than 2011 Bitcoin."


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DING DING DING. How comfy did you get today? -18.51% over here. Uncomfiest day bar none for this post-March 2020 investor. Still had some cash on hand to buy the dips I wanted.

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File: 353 KB, 1280x720, ONeill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"1000x for BHS is pretty simple to demonstrate. Don Durrett says that that it is common for miners to trade at a 30x cash-flow valuation in miner bull markets. This can be the case even for one-mine producers. Starcore International Mines, a one-mine producer in Mexico which is similar to Bayhorse, did actually trade at a 30x cash-flow valuation in the ’01 to ’11 miner bull market.

These calculations were done for a $20 million mcap and BHS is now trading at $30 million but even so they're not too far off:

It is generally agreed that Bayhorse can produce 1.3 million silver ounces per annum. At an AISC of $10, this means that Bayhorse could conceivably go 100x at $60 silver. In other words, a $1000 investment would become $100,000.

[1.3 million x 60 – 10 (50) = $65 million cash flow, x 30 = about a $2 billion market cap.)

Extrapolating from here is easy:

At $120 silver, Bayhorse can go 200x.

At $240 silver, Bayhorse can go 400x.

At $480 silver, Bayhorse can go 800x.

At $960 silver, Bayhorse can go 1,600x.

(This last figure means that a $1000 investment would turn into $1.6 million.)

In the '60s silver bull market, Coeur Mining did actually go 1000x when silver merely doubled.

(According to ShadowStats, $960 was actually the true inflation-adjusted ATH for silver, in 1980, so it's perfectly possible to see it again.)"


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>VTI dips to red at the close

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>down $1400 this morning
>end down $136

7 red days in a row for me but crisis averted for now

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That sucks, anon. Hope you didn't lose too much.

Big oof.
I'm -3%. Not much to say.

>> No.29509752

i don't even know, i didn't once login today to check balances, but i did watch the charts every so often while i did other things; i'm probably fucked and not in a good way today

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I died a fair bit my shorts pulled me up then the horse me in.

>> No.29509808

was almost -$10,000 this morning

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forgot pic

>> No.29509963

This is not comfy. One more day like this and I'm going to get kicked out of 5 fig hotel and sleep in the 4 fig motel.

>> No.29509974

Unfortunately I had no cash to buy the dips, so it was just an agonizing hold for the whole day.

>> No.29510086

holy shit what happened

>> No.29510271

Fidelity doesn't bother to tell me until a few hours after the close.

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File: 292 KB, 945x745, Bayhorse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should have bet on the right horse. There's still time.

>> No.29510324
File: 249 KB, 517x524, 1603216704629.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad I didn't fall for these scams haha!
ah fuck

>> No.29510356

>try to short sell it
>it grows
>"alright, shit, let's just buy and hold"
>it goes up
Schizo crypto, I believe in God.

I got only one lesson, wanna trade with profit - try bots. Waiting for Bot Ocean release to use best instruments

>> No.29510421

Dude this is so uncomfy at least get rid of the line breaks

>> No.29510496

How can you and so many be in the negative? Did everyone here buy last week or something? I had a few trades stopped out during the dump so lost like 1% of my trading account, but at the same time added positions in WMT and NQ so I'm up 2% or something. I don't even look at my long term portfolio but that's obviously green since I bought a few years ago

>> No.29510642

Probably calls and WKHS, I agree though people posting -18% and not explaining should fuck off to TikTok, a platform for useless attention whores

>> No.29510653

Post portfolio

>> No.29510813

up 0.36%

>> No.29510837

Looks like Ocugen got an approval from the European commission, pumping currently AH

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>calling the dingbro an attention whore for doing the same thing he's been doing forever
how about YOU fuck off you disgusting piece of newfag shit

>> No.29511086

fuck off

>> No.29511105

wait wtf happened to uber today? when I woke up it was losing me 4% but it closed up

>> No.29511156

down about 0.1%
Was a lot worse at one point in the day, but I'm glad I started diversifying away from tech over the last few weeks.

>> No.29511190

>Everything is dumping in AH
Okay, is that a bull signal because it's the same pattern as before, or a bear signal because the market didn't crash today, so it definitely will tomorrow?

>> No.29511227

Oh, I forgot about this.
Looks like it's time for me to cope with FOMO once again.
C'est la vie.

>> No.29511260

-2.8%, kinda sucks.
I wanna move from IBKR UK to one of the European branches so I'm not limited by the PDT rule and can profit from days like today, but it seems I can't transfer my position between accounts.

>> No.29511374

>calling the dingbro an attention whore for dinging
I never did this.
Dingbro posts the reason for his big ups and downs usually, today he didn't and that's all I pointed out.
Now I think about it he's an attention whore for the ding thing too, whether you love it or not
Don't throw this around if there's nothing to base it on in my post, fren

>> No.29511422
File: 2 KB, 382x32, thinkorswim_2021-02-23_16-24-37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone shed some light on my the strike and expiration date are blank on these warrants?
Is it just SPAC pre merger things?

>> No.29511477
File: 63 KB, 818x312, SmartSelect_20210223-162209_Trade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We stayed in the green today frens. XOM continued to hold me up. Still wouldn't shill for them tho.

>> No.29511522

>dingbro posts once without giving his reasons for being down
>>people posting -18% and not explaining should fuck off to TikTok, a platform for useless attention whores

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File: 571 KB, 858x617, mfw uncomped sushi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't this bull thesis fundamentally equally applicable to all other silver mines, though? They all do... uh... mine silver.

>> No.29511833

I didn't called him an attention whore for dinging.
I called him a useless attention whore for posting -18% without explaining.
They are both reasons he's an attention whore but only one is useless.
I hope you understand now special fren.

>> No.29511846

BHS, much like CLF and NAK are uniquely fucked within their respective sectors.

>> No.29511890

-12% between bitfarms and workhorse. I really shouldn't have written that put, but I thought USPS would have dragged their feet further.

>> No.29511897

I just need to make $12k more and I hit six figures...please please please

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