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Last warrning

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Sell now

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I bought

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This I assume is a negative pattern. What does it mean?

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Unfortunately you are correct :(

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pennant down we go

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Already in the negative. Bought last week.

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i went all in already
been waiting for this dip for weeks

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Forbidden W-shaped recovery incoming

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for the live of me i can't figure out why you idiots aren't shorting even a small bit.

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Breakout wedge. Very good.

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Ascending triangle top resistance. Very bad.

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Me too.

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are you retarded
ascending triangle in principle tends to brek to the upside (60% chance)
it's only bad if it breaks down the upsloping resistance at the bottom (lower chance) and good it it breaks the top resistance to the upside (higher chance)
the problem is that by the time either of those happens it's already too late so you have to take your position earlier

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Ascending triangle is a bullish pattern.

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Read >>29490041
This looks bearish friend. Can't break upper price resistance which will ultimately exhaust buyers

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Floating Rectangular Bear top. Very bad.

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would the upward angle not imply an increase?
the resiliance is growing with the dropping price, so would it not imply that it's about to break upward?

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>Most traders use pennants in conjunction with other forms of technical analysis that act as confirmation.

TA doesn't predict the future, it confirms the past.

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except when you have top resistance like that and you are in a downward trend. I give up you guys are retarded. Enjoy your money loss.

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Also if the bearish break happens, new target around $37k which will put us at a 36% correction and may be the bottom

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crypto moves up and down
today you are pink wojak
check my fucking dubs

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It’s over
Check these

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99% postive the TA traders on this board have made more money than you dumbo

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The sheeps wont listen, they will hold onto there coin if its needed forever, thats why they are called normies.

You can tell them what to do 100times with proven trackrecord and they still will not follow a good advice - even if they know that it is valid.

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worth mentioning that on the two wedges, you usually view them as pennants (bing bing wahoo course end flag) with the direction you entered the wedge pattern being the final breakout direction more often than not

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>implying the I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE crowd isn't anti-TA and that your meme is backwards
low IQ people should exit

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reminder to stop making fun of people who think TA is bullshit, they are the retards were taking money from why would you guys educate them?

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sold ;)

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I've screenshotted this whole thread to laugh at and publicly shame you faggots when btc breaks $50k again later today.

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almost got your dubs
instead you have zero twice
wrong place though. shameful.

crying pink wojack
your losses today are large
swingies get the rope

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What's always amused me is that TA patterns are voodoo magic that mean nothing EXCEPT for the fact that algo-trading needs rules programmed in, so these meaningless meme past-predicting-the-future patterns end up becoming reality simply because they got implemented widely enough in the end

We all just decided that shit like fibonacci retracements were a real thing as if price action is a naturally occurring phenomenon, lul.

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I sold off yesterday morning brainlet

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Yea it's almost like once you apply a shareded collective symbolism it would be stupid not to follow it

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The ride ain’t over. Next stop is 100K.

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seethingly he lies
"bitcoin will make 60k"
portfolio red now

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the fuck does that mean

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It's like nostrodamus predictions, nobody can ever look at it and tell you something that is going to happen, they can only mold events that already occurred into fitting it. IOW 100% bullshit.

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BTC is going to at least $100k this bullrun. Anybody dumb enough to sell now will rope in the months to come.

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No, everything on the left is based as fuck. Science is also probabilistic. The probability of an apple falling towards the earth is just very good.

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>he thinks time is linear and there are no patterns to human behavior
/biz/ truly is the dumbest board

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The biggest "TA" thing I subscribe to is the even number shit i.e. $100.00 acting as support/resistance depending on the direction. Same sort of psychology behind the $X.99 price tags

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and yet he sold coin
probably bought at 55k
look, pa. i'm investing!

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do i buy or what the fuck does this mean

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what's her problem?

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You're all wrong. This is the famous Feed and Seed pattern. Chuck all of your money into Sneedcoin asap.

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Will it hit 46k again today

>> No.29492902

Last chance to buy BTC at $4xk

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quite right good sir, thanks
whats your twitter or youtube
where can i buy merch

im sorry you lost
better luck next time, my friend
please buy low, sell high

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The patternism of TA is entirely taken from events that already happened. Every bearish event has a caveat of "unless there's a bullish breakout, in which case it's a failed bearish pattern" which is especially true here where we've had dumps every weekend.

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>"stocks will go up unless they go down"
t. every "TA" and "expert" ever

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I agree, most TA is absolute bullshit. Support and Resistance is easy to spot, but predicting future patterns based on past events is entirely retarded.

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You can say that about astrology too. Actual patterns are based on large scale macro events that actually occur, not the pattern a line happens to kind of make (if you squint) on a piece of paper.

Again, I'm screenshotting this whole thread, gonna have a good laugh at your expense soon.

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Understood and I think those are strong criticisms of it. That being said, whether these patterns are real or just everyone drinking the same kool-aid it seems silly to me to ignore it as a trading tool. I don't know what you lose by using it esp in crypto which is much closer to Forex than FA trading in the stock market

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Go ahead friendo. This is an anonymous image board so nobody gives a shit

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Massive reverse UwU happening on the 15-min chart
It is all loosely based on the psychology of crowds & their archetypal tendencies. More or less Jungian psychoanalysis mixed with game theory. Every astrology reading ever: “You will look for love in X way that humans usually tend to do.”

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thanks. Bought 250k more
Also reported you to the FBI for deception

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Basically they use it as "confirmation of existing patterns" which only works on weekly charts which is why everyone says applying it to the minute/hour chart is stupid. It's also why it's stupid that you see random dumps that are clearly a result of people trying to apply TA to minute charts, it's like backwards TA on crypto minute charts.

The point, essentially, is that on a weekly chart where you have a confirmed bullish breakout you can be sure that in several weeks that number will continue to go up. Meanwhile with a confirmed bearish breakout, you can be sure it will go down and avoid that until it bottoms out.

It doesn't work on minute charts for this reason- it's meant to be applied on a large enough timescale that you can actually respond to the confirmation of a pattern.

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lmao you still use this shit
I’m not a bastard who believes you and go for scam
I’m longing for bot ocean open to trade with safe

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looking at the price variations I expect whales have shorted a couple of times already.

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hmm, the inverse scrotum doomp hexagram... very crabish...

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It can't be used as a trading tool on a 4 hour chart. What you have here is a crypto-unique form of TA where retards are trying to apply patterns meant to be used over a monthlong period of support/resistance and fit it onto a chart which is influenced by in-the-moment decisions. TA is about reading the market on a large scale over a large period of time, what you're doing here is trying to figure out what panic selling fucking retards are going to be doing in 20 minutes which is impossible.

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>but predicting future patterns based on past events is entirely retarded.
You say that, but 90% of trading is bot trading carried out in the same way over and over and over again, with whales playing it for 1-5%, and little fishies in the remaining 5%, making repeating long term patterns highly noticable, because the entire thing is a ponzi scam.

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Lmao. You havent been here long.

>> No.29494178

Did you miss the entirety of GME? The entire market is a ponzi scam, but crypto has a lot more obvious manipulation and the manipulators have a lot fewer tools to do so.

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Kek, thanks for proving my point.

>> No.29494213

Unironically this and absolute bare minimum brainlet-tier observation of gap between current price and EMA is enough to beat the market consistently, it’s ridiculous how stupid it is

>> No.29494215

Started in April 2017. Not an oldfag, but here for a while

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That has only a very minor part in reality. For example: yes even astrology has some "truth" since you mentally forced since a kid by morons to be like a certain sign.

But since it's completely untrue it only matters in a small part and it's very unreliable.

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>kek thanks for proving my point

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I'm keeping my profit position open until ~45k. That happened this morning but I'm a fucking dumbass that went to bed without setting my buy limit. Banking on it going down again and not going past 51k at least today (if it does I'm down 50% of my initial capital for margin trading only, which isn't a big deal BUT if get some nice gains out of this then I won't feel like an idiot anymore for getting... uh.... rug pulled... last week).

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Oh absolutely, but its incredibly apparent in crypto when you look over the charts.
Crypto imo seems way less affected by fundamental analytics too versus the SME ponzi.

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>if I post a crying wojack nobody will see how breathtakingly stupid I am

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No it's apparent in crypto on the minute charts purely because there are retards who heard about TA and decided it must apply to minute charts and panic sell accordingly. Crypto has its own TA for minute charts that can be summed up as "retards will panic dump if this pattern forms". Stock trading conventionally does not have this and ideally on a long term in crypto trading you should prefer to apply TA to days/weeks rather than minutes or hours.

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Imagine being this retarded.

>> No.29494923

You’ve got it backwards. The more people follow ta the more accurate those predictions are because everyone’s following those rules

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>imagine getting this butthurt over memelines

>> No.29494967

So literally the Ascending Triangle Top Resist? Time to sell.

>> No.29495024

Nah, it's ok, I just read my tea leaves and they say it's going back up.

>> No.29495082

>replies to every single post like a faggot
>y-y-you're the o-one who's butthurt!!

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you have spent the whole thread saying nothing to retort TA. all you have done is sperged out faggot. So yeah if you action like a dimwit, that's the level of response you will receive

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Well, it broke down. I'm betting there will be a fast drop and big long shadow followed by a slow recovery to end next week with an ATH.

>> No.29495477

Remember: Crypto is a Casino.

Don't gamble what you can't afford to lose

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i bet we wont see 50k again for another few years at least

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These are exactly the same, ffs. How are you supposed to tell anything from this?

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You're not, that's their plausible deniability for when their method is as accurate as random chance.

>> No.29495694

See you in six 4h candles, have fun /biz/

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stopped reading

>> No.29495752

The lead into the trance determines the trend. If a sell-off leads the pennant, it is bearish

>> No.29495850

>t. infinite IQ

>> No.29495909

trend not trance

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Looks like a strong buy signal to me.

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The j*ws have to make it look like it's legit while they run off with everyone's money.

>> No.29496561

It's silly how easy it is to trick low-information people just buy drawing some random fib retracement and arbitrary trend lines. You have a 50% chance of being right anyway, which leads to retarded confirmation bias and that's how you get cringe circlejerk amateur investing gurus

>> No.29496700

When people with your sentiment become bullish because you've cried wolf every correction BTC will drop like a rock. This is classic 2017.

>> No.29497071

1 to 70 and then back to 30, kek

>> No.29497231

underrated post, kek

>> No.29497242

Bear flag. We going DOWN.

>> No.29497870

meh my target was 50k, already exited most of my position, yield farming with usdc 28% apy right now, letting the rest ride for the blowoff top

>> No.29498292

poorfag spotted

>> No.29498573

He bogged?

>> No.29499288

TA is just human psychology and patterns playing out from that, when everyone knows about TA things would get front run and it would be harder to trade. if you could read the charts like me you would understand how predictable things are in the short term at least(my style), most humans really are no different than animals. I tihnk less than 1% of humans can act objectively and not be an instinctive animal

>> No.29499373

Where do you get that kind of yield?

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Then why did it predict the future?
I put limit order @45k when the price was @50k

>> No.29500686

Because you and a bunch of other zero IQ retards don't understand what TA and sell accordingly.

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For these big ass donkey Kong nuts?

>> No.29501093

Whatever makes you sleep better. I've went from 500, to over 10k this year. Years before I've been consistently profitable even in forex, but very bad returns and extremely competitive environment there. Forex is mostly mm/brokerage profiteering.
Crypto is extremely good for trading, swinging. It's perfect, because moves do happen and they're sizeable.
I don't leverage and only look for places to BUY in this market. Suck my huge cock.

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what happens if these cross?

>> No.29501522

You act when the formation completes you literal brainlet. Look at where the buy/sell points are.

This is why you failed at school, anon. You're just not smart.

>> No.29501533

Oh my fucking shit, this is literally what TA is- confirmation of patterns over several weeks you assblasting fucking stupid mongoloid. If you are using TA on the hourlies, you are using it wrong and when it fucks you in the ass you get what you deserve. Faggot redditor.

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we all die

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>buy when it goes up
>sell when it goes down
So yeah, the triangle doesn't mean anything at all. Thanks for confirming.

>> No.29501877

When we drop below 45000 your really going to see some panic

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So what kind of chart is this?

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Everyone on the rollercoaster

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nooo im personally attached to my coins. i dont wanna sell my coins now and buy back double the coins later because they wont be my coins

>> No.29502037

>muh noise
There's no ''noise'' in the markets, only low iq people screaming ''muh noise''.

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I warned in some other threads too. Here's my shitty TA. Already below my flag. Next stop 45k but potentially down to 40k.
You can't do it as well with something like BTC. Check 2017 using days. You'd ride it down. Even using daily this doesnt look good. It's falling below where it should to rebound nicely. That doesn't mean it wont, concerns over funny money could give us an unnatural pump of course. But I'm sitting on sidelines for now.

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Bobos should off themselves

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Get fucking ready to see some shit BTC goes below 45k

>> No.29502677

Bear trend evolved into a trading range. Generally trading ranges have a 50/50 and the target of breakout is the height of the range. But trading range break outs fail 80% of the time, so it ends up doing a lot of fake outs. This in particular has trending lower highs, so the ratio is probably 60/40 to break down, but selling a breakout down now in the chart gives you really bad spot, because it's a bottom of a range/support. There's going to be lots of potential buyers there. It'd be quite bad trade to sell in majority of cases. You sell high, buy low. Selling breakout is selling low - it's often dumb.
Nobody really trades on patterns which are posted in this thread, because they're all too late and provide dog shit risk/reward ratio.
Trading on support/resistance, with patterns and trendlines and 20 ema is the best thing.

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Who is laughing now, faggots? Meet you at 41k.

>> No.29503057

what a retard

>> No.29503111

comfy short at 48k see you at 40k faggots

>> No.29503115

Further simplify for a brainlet's brainlet

>> No.29503298

What's a token that'll drop at least 50% so I can short 40x and BE DONE WITH IT?

Or give me a token/coin that actually goes up when BTC drops (inb4 TRX)

>> No.29503410

Too late for that homie

>> No.29503421

ftm and btcst went up.
Just from memory.

>> No.29503428

It wont go down much further. Expecting ~44k at the lowest.

>> No.29503490

And then it reverses immediately and technical retards claim that's just more technicals.

>> No.29503727

look closer anon, you sell when it bounces off the bottom and buy back in IF it hits the top again
if it doesn't hit the top your hands are clean when it enters free fall
you pay the small price difference but reduce your risk a large amount

>> No.29503736

That's not how you trade them. That anon is retarded and 100% would lose money trading them. You only use it to confirm your prior suspicions/solidify a trade that has been done beforehand, for other reasons.

>> No.29504009

How much have you shorted?

>> No.29504074

In other words TA is useless tea leaves reading and should be completely disregarded.

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Awwww, c'mon little feller.

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Thanks I'll buy.

>> No.29504212

Is it gonna dump more or go up what the fuck are you warning us about.

>> No.29504380

Hey guys just saw Machimo is it a good project?

>> No.29504467

Then proceed on trading on tea leaves, because in fact that's the only actual other option(your option).
Or you know, low iq problems. I see myriads of repeating patterns in every market on every time frame chart. Spent too much time to even entertain the thought of it all being random - there's too much logic that's easy to see and discover in there.

>> No.29505169


>> No.29505300

This is one of the worst ones I've seen.

>> No.29505406

I only see a merchant there and I'm pretty sure it's a bad signal

>> No.29505866
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>funny lines make funny pattern

>> No.29506323

Yeah OK schizo

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File: 329 KB, 735x413, Screenshot_2021-02-12 sell button - Google 検索(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The drop could have happened last month if it wasnt by the retard musk who told everyone to buy bitcoin and doge.

>> No.29506565


>> No.29506686

Portrait of (You)
Because I'm lazy.

>> No.29506787

Damn imagine browsing a business board but being too much of a smoothbrain to actually do technical analysis. Is this a result of biz being flooded with tourists

>> No.29506834

newfag to bizness what is an EMA

>> No.29506848
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>Last warrning

>> No.29506851

post portfolio

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What are the bars thinking about friend?

>> No.29507150

100% tether.

>> No.29507190

does anybody know why i would be getting a connection error when trying to post on /pol/?
it hasn't happened before, i don't get what the problem is

>> No.29507313

it was just about to fall down to 27k at least, and now it will fall to 38-40k at most.
i'd say it worked pretty well for him, and for me too desu, specially considering he was nice enough to also call the top on twitter

>> No.29507390

the red one was a little sad and thinking about bees

>> No.29507393

thanks just bought 10k

>> No.29507614

The Devil himself shows up

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Well Op's screenshot shows he was using hourly chart for that example. Weekly chart shows an ascending triangle then a massive red dump as you can see by my photo. I literally can't determine anything from this weekly chart.

>> No.29507855

>The probability of an apple falling towards the earth is just very good.
How's your gender studies?

>> No.29507971

>I literally can't determine anything from this weekly chart
Textbook price/volume divergence

>> No.29508082

pay close attention to the chart. chances are that you spot the buy/sell point from a mile away.

>> No.29508133

>line goes up
>line goes down sell

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>> No.29508435

Can easily determine that there's an open gap and to close it the price needs to go back to 42k.
That'd end up being as a test of a breakout(markets often do it), if it holds, then it can do 2 things. 1 crab in 40-60k range. 2 go for a measured move as a third leg, thus completing a wedge(often time biggest and most climactic move) that is also often a reversal point. A spike wedge move up, which breaks upside trendline could get it to 70-90k range.
That's from 2min of analysis.

>> No.29508636

bermuda triangle

>> No.29508653

If it goes up, you know you shoulda bought.
If it goes down, you knw you shoulda sold.

Whats not to understand?

>> No.29508741

It's gay.

>> No.29508761

>You have a 50% chance of being right anyway,
If you can make it a 51% chance, you'll get rich!

>> No.29508762

If it goes up - you take profits. If it goes down - you buy.

>> No.29508933

My number is $26k. Is that gonna happen?

>> No.29508955

Buy before the 100k departure

>> No.29508988
File: 158 KB, 478x463, 1E29C94D-C45B-49FA-A9AD-8581781345C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pic very related

>> No.29509080

Can't wait to get free tendies when this bitch goes to 70k

>> No.29509117

we had a literal triple bottom and people couldn't forecast the reversal
its incredible how some of ya'll hate making money

>> No.29509337

>triple bottom

>> No.29509396

1h chart ? with a huge encompassing candle, this is very bullish
if we go up for a while we'll also see a golden cross

>> No.29509593

Here we fucking go, all aboard the gains coaster. Last call to get on losers.

>> No.29509731

It should go to 52k, actually it should have done so long time ago, so it's a bit unusual.
There's nothing guaranteed and certain. All just probabilities.
Tripple bottom can and do fail.

>> No.29509811

the very fact you're trying to use TA to predict a price range over reversal patterns and overall value zones tells me you're an astrological faggot who can't TA
TA does not predict a price, especially not as narrow as "52k"

>> No.29510037

you're on the schizo coin meme board that starts mini cults over eth forks because they like the logo and regular old TA is where you drew the line?

>> No.29510075
File: 31 KB, 530x696, 1607041143428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I'm think we are back

>> No.29510157


>> No.29510378

52k is is a resistance. so is 55k.
I predict based on 1leg=2leg. 1leg had 10k move down exactly to the support, pullback 7k near exact to the 55.3k resistance. second leg was also 10k, down to support at 45k, pullback of same size would be 52k at a resistance, but it could imo go to 55k
You're just retard and can't see obvious things. piss off loser.

>> No.29510522

Also 49.5k is short term resistance too and at ema 20.

>> No.29510555

going by 2017/2018 trend, it's going to drop approximately 35% (to 37k) from ath, reaching its floor in a month or two.

would you say that this is an accurate assessment?

>> No.29510764

it will hit 40k or below, but keep coping

>> No.29510874

when? EOY? sure

>> No.29511091

on this downtrend

>> No.29511176

That looks like an ascending triangle

>> No.29511187
File: 36 KB, 438x392, debunked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29511255

still waiting bobo. last I checked it was higher than it was when op was posted

>> No.29511437

I guess this makes sense; is the trick in learning/deciding which timescale to consider when searching for these patterns? How micro/macro do you go?

>> No.29511496
File: 28 KB, 320x240, 1347612973896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks /biz can into TA
Bro I just dump excessive funds into BTC and pray to green god.

>> No.29511659

i think the timescale is relative to how long you are holding right

>> No.29511683

The trick is to absolutely NOT trade on them. They're all breakout patterns and 80% of breakouts fail and they're often fakeouts too.
You have to do exactly the opposite.
Those charts - all of them tells you to sell low, buy high. Think for 1 minute.

>> No.29512457

So you're telling us that nothing works?

>> No.29512952

No. I wrote a lot in the thread. Just find a trend and buy pullbacks and forget about everything else. Until the trend reverses.

>> No.29512996

Definite possibility. I was sure enough to take my money out and have some friends do the same, but use tradingview.com and compare yourself before you take advice from a rando. I could be wrong. Bogdanoffs like to dab on people like us as soon as we make a trade.

>> No.29513080

Sorry this was meant for >>29510555

>> No.29513174

>just find the trend lmao
Well, okay. So in my opinion trend is downward. How I can do research to be more sure of it?

>> No.29513420

Trend is most certainly upwards. Short term it's down now, yes. But how can you invalidate 4month long bulltrend based on 2 days?
Just look for places to buy, not to sell. This is not ''it''. It's most likely a crab of 1-6 weeks now.
Moving averages tell you the absolute trend.

>> No.29513547

>buys GME

>> No.29513560

It means drawing lines is not enough to know the future. It's a time series, maybe by applying mathematical models one can learn something about the market... Idk really, maybe a well parameterized moving average may remove the seasonality of your time series, maybe some residuals analysis (e.g. with a regression line) might prove something is changing about the market. Idk really, just guesses.

>> No.29513599

Bought gme, made profit. Problem?

>> No.29513642

Heeded. Sold all for DAI. Thx OP

>> No.29513669
File: 82 KB, 1080x1891, 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴�.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok enjoy losing money

>> No.29513719

trendline es no bueno indicator on things without underlying value relying on speculative momentum alone

>> No.29513775

When I trade I lose but when it does work which is rarely It's because I follow the EMA 12 and 26 lines.

>> No.29513808

Traded purely on support resistance. Didn't even bother with trendlines on gme. Also obvious lower low double top.

>> No.29513945

On that drop last night I just scalped constantly on the 15m candles. Buy red, sell on green. Repeated like 20 times EZ gains.

>> No.29513979
File: 89 KB, 669x696, gme butterfly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And a head and shoulders too. Made a nice butterfly pattern.

>> No.29514044

bullish divergence on the 1H, bye bye nigger

>> No.29514179

>But how can you invalidate 4month long bulltrend based on 2 days?
Previous and this week are red on my chart, that's not two days.
The growth in the second half of post-covid period is even stronger than first, I could even call it bubble-like.

>> No.29514240

The breakout depends on the volume. That's how you confirm. Yes it can still be wrong. It also depends on the overall trend etc etc

>> No.29514568

I woke up at 3am and cracked open the laptop and battled. When it was pushing green too far above the upper EMA I'd sell and wait 5min for it to dip red under the lower EMA and then watch if the lines were spreading apart or getting closer together. I suck but got lucky today.

>> No.29514610

UOHOHHHH BUTTERFLY pattern? BEATRUFIL! Textbook example!

>> No.29514734
File: 32 KB, 558x462, what.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Previous week was a huge green dildo. This week is only 2 days old. Idk why I even bother replying to such low quality nonsense.
Not sure what kind of broken eyes you have, but mine show 2 red candles consecutive candles only after huge bull trend.
I'll be buying down to 0 and will be making money all the way down.

>> No.29514833

Sorry, I forgot we might be talking about different securities.
I was talking about Russel 2000.

>> No.29514930

My average purchase price was $35k, my hands arent feeling tired at all though

>> No.29515021

idgaf about pattern itself, it was a signal/expectation that it's going to crash hard. I spotted it early at 200+ I won't be trading it, but it ''said'' to buy at 80 and guess what? That was quite a fucking good trade in hindsight now. Also support too.

>> No.29515140

he's right you know

>> No.29515194

wow, who told you about these alts? This is trash man, don’t believe these dumbs
if you wanna get profit use your brains and follow yield farming
I participated in metalex and they made a new system, a guarantee of triple apy

>> No.29515239

Naturally everyone would assume the topic is bitcorn here...

>> No.29515310
File: 121 KB, 1510x796, Capture99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still seems close to the top. It failed hard in 2017 when it closed below that supporting trendline.

>> No.29515382

I'm not really interested in Bitcoin currently.
It had a pretty brutal drop, tho.

>> No.29515658
File: 196 KB, 1510x796, ok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yea, but if you look at the chart and bought all the way down, you'd have made a huge bank.
And there were plenty of setups also intraday you'd spend time looking for them, I just bat an eye at obvious supports for 20seconds.

>> No.29515757

A drop which I bought and made money from. Problem?

>> No.29516041
File: 127 KB, 1479x560, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get ready for some massive pump action!!!!!!!!

>> No.29516074

>down to 0
i know that's an exaggeration but based on your analysis, where do you think btc will bottlm out at? i projected high 30k but i see a lot of low 40s being mentioned.

>> No.29516091

No I know. That's the nice thing, the volatility brings forth many opportunities. Just warning with what I know for the people who can't afford to lose their shit while they sleep.

>> No.29516140

Two, maybe three lowest dips seem profitable if you were to buy at every single one, unless you mean selling off those when they rose up.

Nope, haven't bought the top.

>> No.29516294
File: 100 KB, 655x488, 1613278444554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29516405

lmao my charts look like that sometimes when I don't delete my old temp markers.

>> No.29516683

Charts don't mean shit these days, social media controls the market

>> No.29516883

Tradingview in a nutshell

>> No.29516938
File: 197 KB, 1510x796, ok.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literally nobody could tell. One can only look for obvious spots. Also fundamentals might be a more important point, now that hedgies are in the game.
Now major points are 42k, 30k, 24k, 20k, 15k, 12k, 9k
It's simply too early to say with certainty for bottoming out.
I would still expect a third leg up on weekly/daily. Or at the very least a test of ath, so 58-55k return sometime in not too distant future. If it does a 3 leg wedge then game might change drastically, depends again on a type of wedge and how far it goes. Also a wedge could just form a double top at 58k, if this pullback goes below 40k
Literally every single one was hugely profitable buy. And I want to highlight intraday possibilities here too also real trading. There was countless amount of setups.

>> No.29518105

We gonna dip again?

>> No.29518360

Can you can bet on when a apple falls?

>> No.29518507

If you had precise enough instruments, you could predict with 99.9% probability.

>> No.29518665

When the euros wake up

>> No.29519157

Just sold. Thanks man, it’s good to know there are smart anons out there looking out for me

>> No.29519192

>BTC literally crashes during 10pm - 8 am euro times
>t-the euros are to blame!
it's the chinks mate.

>> No.29519424

What is with this blame game stupid mentality?
Market moves = good. Market crabs = bad. That's all there is to it. Who gives a fuck about direction.

>> No.29519551

its literally morning in europe

>> No.29519662

it's 10pm

>> No.29519776

It's 11pm, I've sold and am comfy in bed waiting for chinks to shit their pants and tank the market again

>> No.29519809


>> No.29519863

A candle just flew over my house wtf

>> No.29519942
File: 109 KB, 828x554, 1608133739505.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same here, sold. My mouth is open wide for chink shit.

>> No.29519977

PT fag

>> No.29520503

Whew, just sold my 40k stack
thanks sir

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