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Ok guys here is the deal, i was here in 2017/2018 and this is playing exactly the same.
This week BTC will maybe dip one more time, maybe to 45k.
After that it will literally explode, maybe even reach the fabled 100k
But dont make the mistake of being on BTC and only doubling your money. Together with BTC the whole market will explode too and we will probably reach 3 trillions market cap. At that moment please take profits, leave 15% of your portfolio on a good project that seems to have missed the bullrun and the rest on USDC or DAI or a basket of both.
Then wait for all the goodies to be on a firesale in a couple of months
It is that easy

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Checked. I actually believe this might be decent advice. Elon only prolonged the inevitable. Americans can't 'save' the market every time it crashes, hard times are coming and normies are gonna want to save their shekels.

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Looks about right

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thanks bud, but i'm 2k avax all in come march.

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check'em + green ID with ZOO
larping anon, be kind and tell me the exactly time that I must sell everything. the 100k buttcorn millestone?
im heavy in alts... DOT maximalist.and staking
first bullrun ever
afraid of holding bags
share more wisdom and why USDC and not Theter?

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Wow, an anon who is not retarded, not trolling, and giving sensible true advice for once on this board full of autistic basket weaving faggots.
Good karma coming your way anon

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Ok guys here is the deal. I was here in 2018 and this is playing exactly the same.

2018 after chinese new year the market crashed nearly every day. this is exactly what will happen again.

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If everything goes that way till summer I think I'm gonna buy house and bunch of silver with initial 4000$ crypto investment.
But most likely I will lose half or more till that time like most of us.

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Checked and green ID, we are going to make it bros

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it's coming

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Checked and brown id to match based Don Draper

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Is it a good strat to wait for the dead cat bounce before selling based anon ?

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Sauce plz

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green id: check
dubs: double
bullish? yes, sir!

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I only invested in good projects, selling is pointless.

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literally read you retard

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sell all, ngmi

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the dip again actually is a good prediction. Probably between now to Friday future expiration. I would guess it will come down to 42k before lift off fast.

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>bonus blocks

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I noticed the same thing. This is one of those posts. I’m all in.

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Read the fucking image you brainlet

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Bonus kebab filling.

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>it will go down then up then down then up then up

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sell everything. the prices are only going to be lower from here and they will never recover.

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You have clearly not learned your lesson from 2018 and I look forward to buying back in after the hordes of pink Wojaks have been posted

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At a certain point you just don't have any new buyers. No one is coming into bitcoin new at this point. It's literally just people buying the dip from people who are getting out. And when you have no more buyers left? See ya.

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I know this is too good to be true so somebody find the fault in my plan.

>Hammer altcoin season
>convert to BTC as it hits 100k
>Cash out to /pmg/ through a site that accepts crypto

Note that I'm not trying to evade my taxes, I'm just thinking the safest place to exit to is bullion.

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>trying to time market

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So why wouldn't someone just buy when it reaches green, sell when it reaches red and repeat?

Am I missing something, or wouldn't that earn you way more than holding?

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exactly this
we crab for 3 weeks, retest 45k maybe 2 more times and then moon to 70-80k. at that point there could be a longer consolidation thatll last through the summer, or we break out up to 100k and beyond

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Just bought 8,000 Stellar Lumens

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yes of course it would earn you more than holding through the bear market

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Slightly off-topic, but Elon bought into Bitcoin and I bet this will lead to Tesla's demise. Tesla's price now being partially influenced by Bitcoin, it's shares will plummet just as they are starting to do now, when the Bitcoin correction comes. People will start panic-selling Tesla shares, inevitably leading to the bankruptcy of Elon, because his Tesla shares are his collateral against his debts.
He'll most likely sell the company, make up a story how they treated him wrong or how others made bad decisions in the company that screwed everything up; start up a new company and out of pity his fans will once again buy whatever he comes up with.

What is the end result? Elon continues his conmanship elsewhere while leaving his Bitcoin plaything absolutely ravaged and unable to recover. I just hope it holds up. Bitcoin deserves to be way higher, but he ruined everything.

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Yep, this is just healthy consolidation.
Can’t have the weak hands getting rich, gotta shake them out first.

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Yeah I know but I'm saying since it's so rigidly cylical and can be easily predicted, why is HODL such a common mindset? I mean there is a big difference between swinging the market short term and looking at macro trends/cycles.

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Do you hate money?

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I can tell you know what you're talking about by the glasses and necklace

heed this mans advice /biz/

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You faggots can't decide if the dip is 45 or 25 most of the time, which makes all the difference.

Everyone is a "genious" that thinks the price moves so the point is how much.

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i'm really hoping we can cool off and go sideways for a while. Everything was going up way to fast, let whales take their profits and plebs leave the market traumatizes so we can get a fresh start at ~40k

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Because anyone that is above 50IQ would realise that first models are based on pasta datas and are therefore predictive until they aren't. Second, all those charts are known by everyone, if you can't understand the consequences of both of these things and how impacts the price you don't deserve to make it
Occam's razor isn't the best answer facing the markets, not gonna spoonfeed more, though.

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Seriously, this is a good thing.
We were about to blow our load before the show even started.

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imagine if amc went to $50k a share. would you not buy some when it was at $46k a share? even just buying like $5, $10, worth right now, you forget about it and realize one day you are a millionaire, or you lose your $5, $10. your choice... we have seen what bitcoin has done before, and what it can do.

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Bitcoin has halving cycles though so is highly predictable.. it doesn't matter if they are known by everyone if it still follows the trend. Most investors just react based on emotion and fear.

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I was here in 2013 and I'm saying you're a fag. This is only the start of the bullrun, 200k EOY suck my dick cunt you're not getting any cheap BTC from me.

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Who's going to buy?

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At 3 trillion market cap cash out you mean?

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You're a clear case of a dunning kruger thinking he's way smarter than he actually is by making money during a bullrun
Oh well, facing reality will be difficult if you can't even understand the zero sum games implications to what you said
Everyone's a genius in a bull run, lets see how you fare once bobo awakes, and if you truely are retarded enough to think you're the first one to think that way, you should put a shotgun in your mouth

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I'm not long-term bearish on crypto but invested myself. It's just saddening how it's been propped up by hype. I hope it corrects to the value it belongs to so we can continue the healthy growth and not because Teslaboy tweeted about it. A dip to 38k is not impossible

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You're a dumbass.


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thanks to elon WE are going to blow our load early, he shaved 2-3 months off this cycle.
Thats why my prediction is that everything i said on the op will happen within march

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yeah, it could crash and never go back up, thats the thing about these cryptos and stocks. all im arguing is that bitcoin seems like a really good bet and im shilling for bitcoin here because i put $6.90 into it just a few minutes ago

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Is there anything more midwit than being a bobo and declaring "IT GO UP, MUST COME DOWN THO" over and over?

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I hope this is larp, otherwise, go back

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I hope you're not baiting, fren.

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How do you take full advantage of altseason?

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That's exactly why it drops when it reaches the red and goes up when it reaches the green. Fucking hell this bored is full retard. We're going to 100k but not in a straight line. Then it will go back to the green someday and everyone will say its over forever. Rinse repeat.

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