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>2017 - same thing.
First truly big scare, pink wojaks on biz, panic selling, then panic buybacks as the market recovered and alt season began.

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Alt season has finally begun

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i hope u are right i lost couple thousand in just a few hours, lets see where we are next year at this time
hope we all make it anons

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Yupppp now is the time to buy

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You are going to get JUSTed newfag

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when will alt season truly begin? all alts are crashing just like the big boys right now. will i make it with my bag of BNB?

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We went from 40 to 30 in january this isn't the first scare of this bullrun.

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I scared your mom with my dick last night

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50% of the board is saying it’s the first sell off. 50% are saying it’s literally the end of the season.

I don’t know who to believe, but, even my grandmother was asking about ‘bitcoins’ ... surely when it’s all over the outlets like that, it’s over.

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yes it is, that drop you mentioned scared no-one. everyone just kept buying through it

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Wrong, it was exactly like now you just can't remember or are too newfag

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panic selling btc, panic buying AAVE

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awareness is always on the rise and it builds over time. 2017 grannies are very different from 2021 grannies. in 5 years everyone will be in crypto and using iphone dapps with crypto on the backend. that red-flag is obselete. crypto awareness is the new normal

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I sold 1/3rd of my stack a couple weeks ago.
I used half that fiat to buy today's dip and I'll be using the other half next week.

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oh fuck right off dipshit, i live here

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it’s called the “media attention” phase you newfag, you’ll know it’s over when literally everyone is x10 and x20ing and everyone is telling you how this is the new way of making money and we’re all going to be billionaires. Usually from peak to peak BTC is x16, my sell price is set at 300k

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You are lacking, this is delusion, the cycle is at denial already

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delete this now

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>this is a sucker’s rally

it so funny how you know the chart yet fall exactly onto one of the parts of it. buy high sell low. never change /biz/

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alt season has begun with a banger

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This is 2018 crash desu. Don't act like it's not. Faster recovery tho. Aave back at 500$ in no time

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How can this be the 2018 crash? It’s 2021.

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Not quite though, because the WSB thing happened which distracted everybody. That was to keep them from buying the dip, this is to scare them away.

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I’ll be too busy putting my benjamins through the counting machine, but you’ll pick up my slack when you FOMO at 200k and hodl to 50k newfag

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You lose or gain only when you cash out, friend.
I hope you don't have your money in BTC or shitcoins because those are the only ones that actually risk not getting back up.

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if everyone was buying, why did it drop?

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