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>down 20% on my portfolio already
>calm as a river
It's not that hard to wait and resist the urge to click "sell". Really.

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I am down $500,000, and I feel nothing. Faggots are sweating bullets about 4 or 5 digit losses. Bitch, i wipe my ass with $10K

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>down 20%
>still not selling

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have fun HODLing through the next 5 years of $15k

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Sold the top already this bitch is going way way lower like nothing you need fags will fathom

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I went all in on SOL. Im good.

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Same here bro

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Either you meditate or trading has left only a burned shell of a human you once were.

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>bought on margin
>lost everything because a sudden 40% dip pushed the position beyond the collateral limit and it got auto-liquidated at one of the worst price points
>the steepest spike lasted just a couple of minutes but it was enough to fuck me in the ass like that

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Bitch, every other time I sold in the same situation I was bogged beyond belief. Not this time, Bogdanoffs, not this time.

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Bogs algorithm knew this was the time you were smart enough to hodl so they’re slowly twisting the knife as the streets run red

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Three happenings I hoped for didn't happen, as well as the stock marked haven't crashed yet. Nah, I feel safe.

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Filthy shorters ITT trying to maximize their positions, stay strong OP. These corrections are normal for any lurking newfags, dont listen to anyone on /biz and DYOR

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You are 12 years old and a liar

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