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Ready for round two?

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You betcha, shorts are in, ready to win, check em!

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bring it on you little faggot

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been waiting all night bobro. but I don't want to get my hopes up

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That was round two bobo kindly fuck off now

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6:34 AM in Signapore and Shangai, 7:34 AM in Tokyo.

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been short so long I made more in negative funding fees than in unrealized losses
lmao bullcuks

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Give them hell bobo

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Will they buy the dip...
Or sell everything...

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fuck you bobo no one wants your poop dollars

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I did hear no bell. Based reddit answer

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it's not happening is it

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yeah, go ahead bobo. I can't feel anything anymore

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We’re in a dead cat bounce, what goes up must come down

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I don't want it to dump but i'm scared of 2 hours from now

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