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The integrity of Wynaut’s code, value, and potential is intact.
WYNAUT is completely reborn, up 400% and going

>This did not happen through an exploit in code or other method that compromises the integrity of our coins, rather it was as if a fat whale sold their stack in one sitting causing the whole market to panic sell. This is where our story begins, but nowhere near where it will end.

Still top 3 trending on DefiYield

Unique community with now fight devil devs on the battlefield, and the team is hiring
>t. me/whynotrebuild

This is a comeback story. Prevalence of the stronger.

Check the adress yourself

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just give up pls

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Wynaut is forever, must catch them all

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>just give up pls
No reason to. It survived the dump, and is gaining traction all the time

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I got back in at 2c, I knows it'd retarded but I mean I'm already up 300%. This meme just won't die

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is it back in operation?

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yes it is

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We don't give up. The Wynaut Community is about to change the whole game with pokemon coins. @BNBENDGAME is going to want to rope himself as we fly past his dump price.

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This memecoin is here to stay it has been stable this whole day now, crazy

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Wynautbros while you're waiting for it to come back to life, check pokefarm.finance
It's a gem me and some other anons found released a few hours ago, if you get in early you make profits and its still the first day. Won't be profitable or as profitable tomorrow so check it out at least, it's easy too just remember to harvest every few hours

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I made x5 with this and bought 4 cents today.
Very comfy

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Tokens are still burning every transaction
Didn't you remember what happened to RFI?
it digged out from the fucking grave

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Didn't this rug already?
Also what charts work with BSC coins?

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considering almost everything else dipped today, this beautiful bastard rose from 0.028 to almost hitting 0.06 now

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Were going strong in top riser list #wynaut #meowth

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This picture is more relevant than ever

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This shit is having a serious comeback. Congrats to the rest of the devs for not bailing and returning this back to it's upward trajectory.

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20 cents Tmwr

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When this will be at 0.10 again when all fomo that happened will happen again

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"he didn't buy wynaut? does he hate money or something?"

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Liked this coin a lot, even though I knew it was an evitable rugpull. Song was the highlight. But damn, I'm not buying into this again. Now there's still hope and hype. But that will die out rather soon, as new investors stay away due to the stain the first rug left.

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>dev sold all liquidity tokens
>now he comes and tries to scan people again

The audacity of this guy.

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then why cake is still going when the same thing happened to them?

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the dev is gone, team now is working hard to make up for the impact he made.

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Cake has an actual usecase

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Pokemon NFTs.

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other stuff is being worked in too. Devs are actively thinking of new things to implement

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