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Okay be honest.. report in this thread if you just sold the bottom

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Nope. I learned my lesson when I sold my linkies at $18 when they started dropping from $20. Holding, and not only am I holding, I am actually buying crypto as we speak.

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Feels weird seeing weak hands getting shaken out in real time and not being apart of it

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yeah i sold shitcoins to transfer my money on large caps that were on a sale and you know will pump like crazy

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Panicsold and panicbought 20 seconds later

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Me, I learned it’s not worth the stress investing to stocks this volatile - I only lost a few hundred dollars from my initial investment so I’ll go home and tend to my wounds and never invest in Bitcoin or crypto stocks again

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I purchased 5k of DAI and 5k of Tether.
I don't give a fuck. I will buy back then Eth hits 3 digits mid 2021.

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You'll come back in the future, I can guaranfuckingtee you. The reality of the situation is that all you need to do is learn to hold.

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Bitch ass pussy

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I closed a small portion of my position at a loss in order to pump money into my margin because I got nervous about being liquidated.

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Sold CRO at .185 (£)
bought more CRO at .17
kill me

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I bought

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Fuck no. If you sold the bottom just get outta crypto now fucking pussies.

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FOMO will hit you before the week is out

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I only buy ATH and never sell.
So that makes me just half retard, right?

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Sold 30% at the bottom, 20% still in and 50% sold at the top

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Uh, I just sold my 50 ETH portifolio, but I didn't sell the bottom. Why? Because this isn't the bottom. The bottom is when it's -60% next week. I'll be buying your bags when you panic sell faggot. That's right I'll be buying your entire 100 rbc and 10 mcdc stacks. fucking newfag

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I just added 10% to my stack when it hit $46,500. I never end up buying the dip like this. Feel like a real chad anons.

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not my first rodeo, cowboy

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I did

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Hopefully you didnt cash out into USD.

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Lel normies on Twitter were dumping everything for a loss

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I bought so high that selling makes little sense now. It's moon or death.

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So you sold the bottom for stable coins? That's a taxable event. Make sure you withdraw 30% for taxes before buying back in

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i have all my crypto in an hardware wallet.
im way too fucking lazy to go fetch it, connect it to a laptop, send to coins to an exchange, sell them. I never sell out of pure laziness.

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Bye fagboi

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I sold at 50k but that's a 50% profit from my investment. Now I just have to decide whether to buy back in (to some other coin) or sit on the cash for a while.

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>crypto stocks
Okay grandpa

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No, but I attempted to swing my RBC stack and FOMOd the top and just got dumped on. Literally could have avoided it had I gone for a walk.

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Almost hit the first rung of my stop loss ladder
Fuck that was close.

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good lad

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it does. this is the first time i didn’t go full retard and sell for a loss. i’m learning it feels good

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Just sold 20 million... bro’s...

I’m literally financially ruined. I’ll have to sell my boat now

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I'll tell you your real problem:
You take investment advice from fucking 4chan/biz/
You never, ever, take anything said here seriously

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I had that fucking tweet in my head too
“Those that can’t hold will never be rich”

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Come back when we're in full blown bear market again, fren. You can get some LINK at the absolute bottom for $300.

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no, but i bought the top

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I sold because I couldn't understand why my fucking stop sell got rejected. Lost 1k out of my 10k. Jesus christ. I should have just stopped fucking looking at the graph.

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You got fooled by veterans posting pink wojacks just to fuck with you

Never forget this

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I just sold all my shitcoins into BTC and ETH today.... did i do something wrong biz

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Have fun wage slaving forever moron

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Just about to make my first buy

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>week old stop loss activates right before pump
I forgot to clean it

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Imagine having a stop loss

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i bought at 55.7k, it was DCA
it seemed like a nice small dip to get these extra 1-2% from

haven't sold anything, i'm not that dumb

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>bought another 1K in BnB at bottom

Feels good to be a winner

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Nice bait

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i sold 3 bitcoin at 51k
lucky i still got 10 left so meh

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I pity your weakness

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i sold at 33k and it's back up to 38k already
this better be a dead cat bounce or i'm fetching the rope

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I only managed to hold my BTC. My alts all got eaten because I couldn't remove my sell limits on Kraken. Now the exchange is having too much volume so I can't buy any cheapies back.

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>down $10k
I held but it was very unpleasant and ruined my morning.

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Based. Now go buy some EGGs. 1K EOM

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Gr8 B8 M8

>> No.29382570

It’s not going back down today anon.

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Stop loss triggered for Ren it hit $1 i guess. If I buy back now I lose $700 but I still have a 3x gain from my initial investment. This shit sucks.

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this is why I cant for the life of me understand why retards open insane leveraged positions in crypto. If shit like this happen, you gonna get liq'd. Just comfy hold like the rest of us lmao.

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S2 when?

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sh8 b8, dubs confirm $60k end of day

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Who the fuck still panic sell?

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Have a sell tx pending for 200$ gas

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never read the manga

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People need to be taught lessons

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Good, fuck off

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You and me both. I had set the stop loss last week because I didn't have access to binance for a few days. Stop loss got triggered, buy-back didn't.
Lost around 350$ so far

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high five anon we in the same boat

>> No.29382993

Sell 15 eth, thank god for standard gwei, quickly replace with 0 cancel transaction, better tonlose 200 bucks than 3k

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>S2 when manga ends with her suicide
I don't think you would like a S2 anon...

>> No.29383082

I sold, then realized I've done this too many times and it always goes up after I sell. So I bought back at the same price, thank god

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high quality bait

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people selling when cryptos are down....why? did you buy with money you need right away?

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i was literally almost klicking to swap my shitcoins to usdc and decided against it

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Guilty, had no idea how far it would go. Have a feeling we're on for another dip.

>> No.29383363

eventually you'll have profit

>> No.29383376

>her suicide
manga is basically a SoL now she unironically made it

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It was pretty fucking terrifying seeing it moved below/near 50k so fast. I was retarded for selling. I learned my lesson. Do not fucking sell.

>> No.29383442

Not one shitcoin sold out of my poorfag portfolio, all my pennies. Not selling.

>> No.29383461

ngl i really thought it was the end. BUT I knew you couldn't hold bitcoin down so i braced for 20k

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wew lad i sure love ethereum

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>tfw bought long on margin expecting shit to rise
>tfw didn't expect a ~40% dip in value so quickly
>tfw ran out of margin and had my position forcibly liquidated in one of the worst price spots

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I did. I don't have the patience to stress out 24/7 over marginal profits on Coinbase coins. (I didn't sell my BSC shitcoins.)

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>mfw i actually made more money
all these weak handed cucks

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No but I’m pissed off that Nu hit .71 5 mins before my alarm went off... missed the fucking dip big time

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when in doubt zoom out, 24h low is 47,780.... which is what the ATH was only 11 days ago

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Mad cuz sold? Kek

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Sold my stellar stack just to secure profits, don’t think this is over anons

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I kept holding through the dip until I was actually scared of it going down 80% because of ptsd and sold at literally the very bottom

>> No.29383799

u retard you just costed future self hundreds of thousands.

>> No.29383954

i dont have enough eth to 'confirm' my shitcoins in uniswap, much less swap them for something else/sell lol.

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I only buy bottoms

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I bought the dip

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> not a brainlet
> do not sell on the bottom
> now back at safety.

>> No.29384044

Kek bought ftm at 2c thanks to biz, don't listen to this retard. This board is based and makes people rich on a daily basis

>> No.29384048

Bullish for BNB

>> No.29384063

Retards sold into the bear trap. Stay poor faggots

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Literally the exact same big dip has happened now on Sunday night/Monday morning for 4 weeks in a row and that’s just since I started observing it. People selling are just not paying attention to anything

>> No.29384178

Hah, before going to bed I was like, nah, it’s not gonna go lower so I canceled my stop loss lmaoooo. I do margin with very little money so no biggie but it’s certainly one of the dumbest things I’ve did in a while.

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fucking otakus and their fan service shit, back in my day a character would murder their entire family and then commit suicide by getting their organs pecked out by crows.

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checked based neet id

>> No.29384725

what is causing this anyway?
I'll be ready next week.

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Thats why you take out a bank loan instead of using margin, fagboy.

>> No.29384850


Cancel the cunt? Just pay even more kikecoin transfering 0 to yourself with the same transaction nonce.

>> No.29385007

No I like the pain.

>> No.29385201

This is me.. also checked. based neet

>> No.29385383

Same, negative balance on Kraken now and no clue how they plan to come calling. I was going to hold and I'd be okay too but no

>> No.29385584

I lost close to 1k due to stoplosses on Kraken. I am now down 450 from my initial. I'm just going to fomo back into ADA and hope for the best.

>> No.29385709

You don't sell BNT fucking retard.

>> No.29385711

I lost so much money on LINK, i can't even bother selling by now

>> No.29385759

Got liquidated.
Fuck me.

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Already have 15k, was too irresitible to not deny some people to make it.

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>> No.29385855

we r lurning

>> No.29386114

Cashed out ETH at 1700
Bought back in at 1650 on the rebound
Still got fucked due to exchange fees
Also locked in my gains tax for next year I guess
Lesson learned. Just hodl and buy dip.

>> No.29386214

i-i sold almost all of my crypto
Please tell me I'll get you buy back before 100k...

>> No.29386273

>he sold the 4th industrial revolution
Never going to make it

>> No.29386369

made 1400

>> No.29387193

ETH already flash crashed to 3 digits on some exchanges

>> No.29387215



fortified BTC with many of my shitcaps. Turns out shitcaps on uniswap cost $200 to sell when the market is tanking. This was a sneeze, imagine a real crash.. I'm not fucking around with Uniswap shitcoins until the next bear market.

For now all high caps and I'll be taking my speculating to BSC coins until gas fees are under control

>> No.29387278

lost 4bnb trying to swing and buy back lower, I promised myself this is the last time I trade with emotions, ahhhhhh

>> No.29387324

seek help schizo

>> No.29387459

Didn't quite sell the bottom, but I had to sell to not get liquidated, lost 14k. Bought back in at a lower price, made 10k back so far so not that bad.

>> No.29387499

My hands are folded steel, tempered by firey pajeet shits

I will never sell

>> No.29387567

i was bagholding BNB at 275 cost basis. sold it all and pivoted into BTC at $49.7k. think i'll go back to BNB right now.

>> No.29387577

Didn't sell but it is terrifying knowing the institutional backing means nothing if there's an actual crash, since I assumed there would be support at 50k but it just plummeted straight down.

>> No.29387595

I was still in the green, but I converted my BAT to BTC then got into LINK when it at $28. I'll move LINK back into something else when it starts going back to $33.
I'm making incremental gains and trying not to get greedy.

>> No.29387657

I was *this* close to panic dumping half of my stack of ADA... then I remembered the last 2 times I got burned by swinging/liquidating and held. Some lessons you have to learn the hard way I guess

>> No.29387777

made that mistake with BNB. Not this time, bobo

>> No.29387841

I bought 250 ETH and 42k BNT during the dip.

>> No.29387853

They want it cheap too

>> No.29387878

No. Actually sold top and bought bottom. Isn't that a fucking life lesson?

>> No.29387893

Checked. Nice. We are back. Weak hands get the rope.

>> No.29387909

there are no brakes on the rollercoaster. the stock market would do the same thing if it weren't for (((ticker halts))) and (((circuit breakers))) that do nothing but let institutional investors get priority dumps on retail niggers.

>> No.29387930

I broke into 6 figure hell last week now I'm back to 5 figure top
Oh well

>> No.29387938

i lost 80k within seconds

>> No.29388007

I helded but didn't buyed the dip.
I feel like average intelligence. Neither söy nor based.

>> No.29388213

Assume it’s over and that the bear market has begun and that they will be able to buy everything they own back for cheap

>> No.29388242


>doesnt think institutions aren't going to market sell 1000 BTC at a time when the market looks iffy

tbqh the crashes this time around might be significantly quicker and more volatile than in the past since now you have weak-handed CFO's scared to get ousted if their BTC play costs the company half their capital

>> No.29388449

I sold half of my ADA bag to break even. The remaining coins are pure profit but if I did this 48hrs ago they would be much more. Oh well.

>> No.29388572

This is a Larp

>> No.29388605

Only thing I'm willing to sell is Eth. For that I'm waiting for 3 things that will pump the price.

1: 1559
2: Uni version 3
3: Next stimulus check

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