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>he really didn’t buy any ripple

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Not buying shitcoins IS sexy, how could you tell?

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Imagine trying to use my sexual frustration against me to get me to by some schizo coin

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XRP is one of the few tokens that is actually being implemented in the real world.. It is the only IQ test that matters.

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What's the context for xrp being a schizo coin? I knew a guy that was heavy into xrp and he actually had schizophrenia. Fell out of contact with him but saw him in the crime section of local paper. He punched some lady in the back of the head. When asked why he did it he said because she was korean. The article went on to say "she was not, nor did she look, Korean.

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>/biz/ doesn't need arguments. they just need memes.

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Do you honestly believe this?

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I’ve no idea but it seems to attract all the weirdest schizophrenic’s around, gambling addicts and just general degenerates

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>he really didn’t buy any ripple
>he's not getting exit pump and dumped

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yes, 100%. Not only is it going to be the global reserve currency, but its going to redefine what it means to be the global reserve currency.

Pay no attention to the multi-billion dollar 'startup' that has connections with the IMF, blackrock, vanguard, BoE, BoI, BoJ, DTCC, etc...

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$50 worth about a month ago
It hasn't gone anywhere

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That was taken before world powers discovered the Jay Gould tier stock manipulation scam Garlinghouse was running at Ripple.

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>he bought into the political theater
that's funny. As I said, its an IQ test.

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>Your psychological warfare doesn't work on us fags try again you shill

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