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I told myself at the beginning of this bullrun that there was going to be a period of time where the temptation to look elsewhere would be so strong that i would start swinging and lose all of my gains. that time is now.

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I already have started swinging into other shitcoins. Just ask yourself how like is it for LINK to do a 3x from here and then follow what your gut says.

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Link has been tamed for so long. Once the beast is unleashed the world will bow to its roar.

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this is why i put my 12 word seed phrase in a lockbox and threw away the key. now im guaranteed to hold forever, and when im finally ready to sell, I'll have to use a specialty saw or something to get it out

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Enjoy being homeless.

Oldfags, you know how LINK works ;)

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Link is quite simply a mechanism of being able to call external APIs from a contract... if the price is too high, combined with already extortionate gas fees that just doesn't work.

Coins that are taking existing technologies like uniswap and link and making them more efficient, cheaper, and better, those coins are the future.

Look at something like RUBIC instead, it's due a x30 and is an extremely good project that will replace uniswap.

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i had that and a near breakdown 2 days ago. its okay. the whales have mercy and show compassion. they let the price rise above 35.65 and i was able to take a screenshot. its all i needed to never sell for the next year

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How long have you had that saving position?

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The market doesnt give a fuck if you hold or not. Traders will short the fuck out of Link if they see the opportunity.

Zoom out and watch how much Link has grew. BTC will correct itself and Link will dump hard to $20 with bo exception

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i dont even know anymore. i managed to dca and it took the entirety of 2018 to accumulate 50k link. its why all the fud is bullshit when fudders talk about "only" appreciating since august when it was at 20$, like, bitcoin was fucking 10k in on average in 2018. if i all inned bitcoin i would only have like 600k usd RIGHT NOW

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>price too high
18 decimal places. Read the fucking paper.

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That's great bud, but alts of LINK are still much much cheaper, and in many cases faster too.

Look at the price to call an API that does nothing but list the price of eth at closing... $50... come the fuck on.

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based bagholder

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Are you fucking high? We capulated in sats insanely

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The team is now taking $200 mil in profit per month. Ask yourself if that sounds reasonable.

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Based if not a larp, I did have to cash out 10% for BTC this bullrun, holding since 2017

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Indeed, I am fearful, uncertain and doubtful about the state of the Chainlink (ticker: LINK) project. I am demoralized and will be market selling my LINK tokens ASAP I hope this post will help influence other Chainlink holders to also sell their LINK tokens because I am geniuniely concerned about their financial wellbeing

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Someone should take a look through Sergey's house and figure out what the private key for the dev wallets is, in Minecraft of course

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Now is def the time. Link has fucked us out of so many gains it’s insanity. I wish I could fucking punch link is the fucking dick

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Agree some big brain needs to figure out how to stop the fucking suppression

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its really easy. wait for all the 10k-50k linklets to sell. its the only way for it to go up. again, link had one of the largest accumulation phases in crypto without sudden pump and dump. its really hard to rise when all the ogs are slowly cashing out. its not just 1 guy with 10k selling due to the btc bleed but its hundreds.

stop blaming market makers. blame boomer link holders who think 33$ is enough

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what kind of oldfag who lucked into a 5 fig stack and held since 2018 is going to sell at these prices?

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A FUCKING LOT. my rank has gone up 30 places to approx 530. i know the ranks flucuate but it means 15-20 people ABOVE MY RANK cashed out. the 1000th place only holds 30k fucking link now. theres a fuckton of people getting the fuck out and this is not even considering all the sub 20k's getting out as well. its too much sell pressure

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Youre w fag I’m OG with 65k link and haven’t sold a single one. Stop making shit up it’s actual suppression from shorting idiot.

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>a bunch of old holders ditch link
>btc inevitably corrects down, taking link down with it
>link drops in price even more and sheds even more people
>eventually link recovers and can go up to new aths since the coins are now more evenly distributed across wallets than they were before, and can hopefully match with btc better than it is right now
is this an accurate assessment of what we can expect?

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Old holders will never ditch link like how stupid do you have to be to realize this.

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I hope so. I only have 2100 link and I go up like 5-10 ranks a week.

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hey dumbass, its not suppression. suppression was stopping link from breaking 1$ and 5$. the rest is poorfags cashing out. its not YOU who hasn't sold, its the hundreds of people with 10k+ selling. look at the link marines chart from jan to feb. people in the 5 digit range are disappearing. its not suppression.

exactly it. too many OGs got in on the ground floor with 1-4k usd investments. imagine 4k turning to 800k its literally what happened when 2000$ got you 10k link back in the day. look why BNB was able to pump this much, its price in 2018 was 12$. not a lot of people could accumulate so much

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>>a bunch of old holders ditch link
>>btc inevitably corrects down, taking link down with it
>>link drops in price even more and sheds even more people
>>by this time the bull run is over and btc crashes to 7k link goes to $8 and we enter another 4 year bear market

more like that

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>exactly it.
Then wouldn't staking just reintroduce the problem?

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The chainlink team is relentlessly greedy. No one thinks they have a 200 mil a month budget.

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This. Thanks for playing bozos but I’m out. Enjoy holding my bags

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so why is it, 3 years ago the top 1000 holder held 42k link, and now that position is only 30k? or are you when of those trust the plan qtards that unironically think theres a shadow cabal of link holders with 1b in assets dumping the price slowly upwards from 15$ to 33$?????? wtf????

no because then theres a legitimate alternative to now which is just sitting on your ass and hoping it does something. staking will lock the supply. eventually in 5-10 years theres not gonna be anymore links held by sergay

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Consider that they are purchasing ETH, DOT, AVAX, DOT, ADA etc needed for operations. And then have to pay massive capital gains taxes on those transactions considering their starting price is $0.
OCR being a game changer.
Arbitrum not even out yet.

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so basically, it's the disbelievers who must be purged from the ranks before we can moon again. they don't understand that $1000 isn't a meme. what a pity

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Look, what in the fuck is the point of even holding LINK if you're not patiently waiting fo $81,000? I mean that meme is still true? Right guys? r-r-right... guys?

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>He doesn't realize Chainlink will be used to keep live DATA feeds of literally everything in the world and isn't limited to just price feeds.


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>I sold 10 links

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Deluded morons.

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>he hasn't been swinging for 3 months
holy shit you're retarded

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Enjoy the dip to the $20s again.

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yes. its a completely different mindset to be holding 10k back in the day which costed you 2k usd to now where if you sell you get 330k usd which sets you up for financial security if you keep working your lame ass day job

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Hold. Once links projects start to complete, it will have its bull run. Sergey is pissing me off through. He should understand that people will begin to lose their patience if he doesn’t complete his projects quickly enough. He needs to stop adding new projects and just finish the ones he started

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fuck them. purge everyone of those cunts for selling now. purge every og who survived the crypto bear market of 2018 and thinks holding is too hard now. purge them all for daring to think 6 figure hell isnt real. they'll all be roping in 3 years anyways.

i honestly think 10-20k link holders are the biggest cowards anyways since anybody can drop 2k on a shitcoin so they didn't even go all in back then and are cashing out fucking over everyone else in the process

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Sounding a bit GME like desu

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i only managed to get 10k but i'm holding. i'm a believer

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i've held 52k since 2017-2018, and i just wanted to drop in and laugh at all the retarded poorfags in this thread fantasizing about how all the og's are suddenly going to sell
im sorry, but we know what we're holding and it's still extremely comfy
go play in traffic with the potential rugpull shitcoins and fartcoins or whatever it is you're doing

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Thanks for being so concerned. I'm glad someone like yourself is looking after how I spend my money, and who is definitely not a Rabbi.

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as the other guy has been saying about the top 1000 wallets, a lot of the ogs have already sold. The data is there dipshit

bear in mind this means nothing about where the price of link is heading, which you will inevitably interpret this as

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im not fucking talking about ogs like you. ogs are unironically selling IN MASS and its HEALTHY for the long term. i watch the top 1000 holders and you cant deny your rank has gone up significantly since 3 years ago

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i got 50 linkies like a bitch and don't have much cash.
i'm going off the vague relation to sergey being satoshi, some cryptic allusions to sacred geometry, the fact that it appears to be the market leader for oracles, and some great reset connection.
i'll stack more weekly. i believe u linkmarines

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lmao. stay on message guys

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Its bullshit. A lot of linkies are fomo selling some of their stacks for alts, but the amount of link actual big whales hold, the ones who have been suppressing and accumulating for years is orders of magnitude more than the OGs.
Put this way: those ogs may be adding to sell pressure rn, but they are in no way preventing it from mooning

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your patience will be rewarded. i stopped looking at the price since it got to 35.65. just playing osrs everyday when i get to 99 fishing i'll have made it irl anyways

you might make it too. as long as you hold

>> No.29350690

patience brother, our time will come

>> No.29350749

i'm stubborn and hopeful so yes, i will hold.
if i could help bring some grand and great vision come to fruition, fuck it i'll stay

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What kind of faggot has a job? This is biz

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except ogs are literally preventing it from mooning. we've seen what happens with stupid whale games, the supression was there at 1$ and at 5$. the coinbase pump absolutely BTFO the market makers.

you're so fucking stupid to think whales are "suppressing" link from 13$ to 33$ (good job guys) and then somehow, after all that have finally grinded link to a standstill... at 33$...

ITS OGS CASHING OUT. how fucking hard is that to understand

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im a 2k linklet (bought below a dollar in may 2019, im a poorfag NEET and was all i could afford) and ive been tempted to sell all my gains for GRT. should i hold until 4-5 years from now and sell like my initial plan, or should i bail for GRT?

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Yeah no.

All you had to do was buy LEND at 40c, or SNX at $1, or UNI at $3.50 but you idiots held from $20 to $7 and haven’t even made a 2x from the august 2018 ATH. Kek. Keep funding sergeys hunger. This is NXT 2.0.

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My linklet stack is at 6 figs and tge gas fees trigger me enough not to use uni

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everyone sees through your bullshit discord. What is this delphi 2.0?

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a lot... not even memeing ogs who spent only 1-2k cashing out 100k is not unforseeable if they actually had to spend or wanted that money. its why they don't post on biz anymore...

do you think im not an og? with my 56k link stack? dont even talk if you don't even know how to look at the wallet holders and see balances going down

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OGs are NOT SELLING you fucking retards. You really think a couple hundred people selling 10k stacks are going to move the market? The top wallets are changing because we are moving our link into different protocols to get apy. I have some on Celcius and Bancor. The real suppression comes from the team selling 1.5million link every friday. Its all public. OCR, VRF, DECO, STAKING TONIGHT

>> No.29351132

Mine is sealed inside a pvc pipe and buried

>> No.29351135

its a legitimate question you nigger

>> No.29351169

i absolutely think you and everyone i replied to is on discord coordinating your concern trolling, as you have been for weeks.

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Never called them good guys. And its true. When its ready to moon it will and ohs wont prevent it much. They hold almost nothing compared to the whales and big players who have been accumulating. Just look at largest wallet growth since 2019, its moth flooring how much they accumulated.

Yoi are just another whiney bitch like wll these “IM SO DEMORALISED” posters. Go cry somewhere people care and atop whining and making stupid posts about why its so unfair.

When the right developments happen and the time is right it will go up and OGs will barely stop it even if they sold.

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thats just fine if you just buy what you can afford

>> No.29351361

>staking tonight

Hey how’s that staking looking? You still waiting on linkpool with your worthless LP tokens?

I’m an OG who sold and I couldn’t be happier. (Sean Rutledge, oatmeal anon, rutabaga, Pepe baller , AB era). It was a good run but I can just move my stacks to other investments. Stop being deluded for once and use some brain cells.

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yes. because trying to explain whats happening without it being qtard-esque is going to cause 100 ogs to dump their link right? gtfo

in what way im i whining? hundreds of wallets leaving with 10-50k is a fucking lot of link. they sell now and its what causing the bleed since theres no fucking news. its that easy to understand

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gay retard alert

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I literally couldn't imagine being as dumb as you

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>so why is it, 3 years ago the top 1000 holder held 42k link, and now that position is only 30k?

People are separating their LINK into other wallets and putting them on CEXes to earn interest and yield farm for liquidity pools. There are tons of options. OGs are holding while gaining profit without risking everything its pretty legit actually

>> No.29351640

Fuck those nufags. Whales are selling. Been moving up without selling. t.top 500 wallet

>> No.29351650

>its pretty legit actually
massive sell sign

>> No.29351697


You are whining like a bitch because its not going up fast enough. Your posting all these reasons which are temporary just to whine

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Difficult times create strong links

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22k bagholder here (i'm using NEXO), I'm selling 10% of my stack once it hits $100 and another 10% once it hits $1000

I don't even need this money lmao

>> No.29351764

You do have to admit segey dumping 5 million token doesn't help one bit. The team is expanding too fast. U cannot micromanage 100+ people team. Things are getting done too slowly.

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>massive sell sign

Dude people that spam massive sell sign is a buy signal. I bought in 2017 faggot

>> No.29351812

this is the obvious answer. As peoples stacks grow in fiat value they break them up into multiple wallets for added security. They also earn interest by lending them on defi protocol's wallets.

>> No.29351828

>Dude people that spam massive sell sign is a buy signal. I bought in 2017 faggot

>> No.29351885

Have fun losing everything in that re-hyphothecated scam of a platform.

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>As peoples stacks grow in fiat value they break them up into multiple wallets for added security. They also earn interest by lending them on defi protocol's wallets.

Right Its not rocket science. Its just more organized FUD suggesting OGs are selling. We must getting ready for another leg up lmao

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Jesus are you a fucking bot? Your replies are the most overused canned trash on this website. For your sake, I hope so since the alternative is sub 85 IQ.

>> No.29352020

>Jesus are you a fucking bot? Your replies are the most overused canned trash on this website. For your sake, I hope so since the alternative is sub 85 IQ.

>> No.29352080

there’s actually poor people coming into LINK threads and actually telling us to buy rubic.

man I wish the jannies did their jobs

>> No.29352082


Sub 85 IQ it is. There is no seething only unfortunate amounts of pity I feel for you.

>> No.29352179

>Sub 85 IQ it is. There is no seething only unfortunate amounts of pity I feel for you.

>> No.29352416

so in all of your retarded rants, ramblings, and other associated attempts at fudding...
you never stopped to consider that other people with larger stacks and bigger brains than you had split their stacks up into 3-4+ wallets like i have?

>> No.29352533

no problem, I never had anything before that
got fired from my shit job 3 years ago, only had $10k and put it all in link
I was happy I was riding the prices up and down with some turbo autists on the internet over these 3 years, fun times

the real gains were the friends we made along the way

>> No.29352786

unironically did the day before the google announcement and about two weeks before the defi craze last year. thought the exact same thing both times. i refuse to swing no matter how hard watching it crab has been.

>> No.29352836

Have you ever heard of yield farming anon?
The absolute state of this board....

>> No.29353024

lmao oh no $20 ill only be up a million dollars ohnoooo!

>> No.29353141

>every single og split there wallets in 2021 and are engaging in retarded scams


>> No.29353255

This is a tale as old as time, it literally only takes one fucking swing to fuck you up good. Especially now that it dollar swings.

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>1k suicide stack bought in 2017 (all i could afford)
>fucked around trying to swing
>500 tokens left

i fuckng suck at this.... but i'm confident that people will start selling and the opportunity to double maybe even triple my stack will present itself some point in the future.
i wait patiently.

side note: $200 per token when?

>> No.29353603

they're just poorfags that are seething they missed out when they literally had 3 years to accumulate

>> No.29353614

i like this picture
good luck anon

>> No.29353880

get hardware wallet pls

>> No.29354110

Never selling my link. Either the project is successful that in a decade even my measly 200 stack becomes profitable enough from stacking in a decade that i can retire or it doesn't and i have to wage slave even longer and hope i get lucky along the way. I have no problem swinging but my one rule is my link is off limits

>> No.29354222

Why are people selling all of their stack and not just holding a quarter, half, 3/4s, etc etc.? Still profitable and you could make more if you hold than if you cash out big time, given that link rises of course.

>> No.29355051

There's a race right now between two things: a pump from link announcing staking, and a market-wide crash. All I need is a pump to the 50-60$ range and I've made it. But every day I feel more apprehensive that the crash is going to come first. Then staking will be announced into a sea of wojaks and we'll never get our pump. It's going to be the biggest fucking anti-climax ever.
Link is going to >100$ guaranteed, but if we have bad luck with the timing of the market cycle we might all get fucked.

>> No.29355643

Yup, we're racing against time here and Sergey is fucking around

>> No.29357060

>implying staking actually matters
Where the fuck do you think you are? Actual utility and fundamentals does NOT matter for crypto if you care about price action. If anything, the second we hear anything about staking, no matter how positive it is, I guarantee you LINK will shit the bed.

Also just fucking shut up about staking, you are utterly deluded if you think we’re even going to get concrete details on staking this year, let alone an actual fucking mainnet release.

March is our last shot at having some action this bull run. If it’s yet another blunder like January and February we are fucked, time to accept that you’re either going to hold these bags for another 4 years or risk buying something else. I can’t tell you how destroyed I feel with the last few months. LINK has not managed a 2x since the pre-bullrun ATH last year. Wake up and realize we’re getting played you fucking retards.

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>selling your stack
>Not borrowing against it to keep your link position and gamble a big fuck stack on shit coins

>> No.29357403

no wonder all the other platform coins have been pumping. damnit why didn't i realize this

>> No.29357472

aLink is not the same as Link

>> No.29357675

Techinally my Wallet rank has dropped. But thats because half of my stack is in aave.

>> No.29357718


Are they buying these coins as a contingency or something? Why would they need the platform coins in order to integrate with them?

>> No.29357897

They are not buying anything retard.

>> No.29358413

gas fees on other smart contract platforms

>> No.29359445

This same anon is posting nonstop daily just losing his fucking mind top kek, you did have backup plans right? You didn’t actually go all-in on Chainlink did you? You realize most of us here are all yuppies with plenty of money to blow and are just buying LINK like we would buy a lotto ticket?

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>> No.29360633

Yeah I'm a moron for listening and making millions from chump change. Yeah fucking deluded lol

>> No.29360735

Classic pump and dump.

>> No.29360937

Just buy more link with aave dumbass I turned my 3k stack into 9k by taking loans on dips

>> No.29361118

go to church faggot

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