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The dump from August killed the best chart in all of crypto that had 18 months of support on the parabolic trend line (this is log scale). When we started climbing again in January we got rejected off the previous support line. However we have now establishing a new parabolic trend line on a steeper trajectory. March will be a critical month as to whether the previous support tend holds as resistance or if the new support trend wins out.

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but it just broke the new trend line

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I drew these meme lines 2 mins ago, it hasn’t broken

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not yet but it it goes literally any lower than here then yes.
theres a chance your TA plays out and i personally believe it will but if it does than the steeper trend will likely be broken and its older less steep trend will resume. there is however a small chance that linkbtc will fail the restest again and establish a new less steep bullish trend.

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just give up already and sell at this point it's just pure cope.

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This isn’t bullish or bearish, I’m saying the next month is going to dictate whether link actually has a bull run or continues to bleed SATs

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This isn’t cope or fud, I’m laying out possibilities. Either the dump from August coiled the spring and we are going to launch at an even steeper trajectory, or the resistance will win out and Link is kill for the entire bull run.

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Literally dumping right now

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im literally about to market sell 30k link tokens

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>y-you're coping
>says the faggot who missed out and has been coping for the last 3 years

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But when is steaking? Staked.us said q4 20, then q1 21 in that interview. I don't need insane returns. I'll take the easiest safest option just give me 3% so I can quit working and live it up big.

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Any kind of an announcement can push up higher, i just hope for some staling news... Arbitrum is releasing soon too

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Lets hope for some bullish news or Arbitrum release

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That would probably be a mistake. My guess is even in a bearish scenario we test resistance one more time before we tank

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>> Non FUD Link thread
>> Literally posts the most bearish chart trend

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Chainlink version 0.10.0 is due for release shortly. Not sure if that actually will have any impact on price

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I don't feel so good. It's the golden bullrun and I've lost money this week.

But I'm not selling. The time to sell has already passed us by. The only thing left is just to hold and see how it plays out. The die is cast.

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Gray hair and bruised eyes after holding this shit for 3 years
Half a million brown kids show up in the last 3 months and throw dimes at pure trash and are overnight millionaires
You better believe I'm ass-chaffed

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If I make it off of this (unlikely, but hey) I'll at least feel like I earned it.

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>The time to sell has already passed us by.
Checked and this. If you haven't 10x this bull run yet then it's not going to happen. All the shitcoins have done their runs and are currently in their blow off top phases. LINK is basically a do or die token for me, there is no going back. Maybe Dec 1st or Jan 1st there was, but not anymore.

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>WE'VE SEEN what LINK does in a bear market, just wait for bullrun!
I want off this ride. Some absolute bullshit like whatever the fuck BAO is did the entirety of my 3 year LINK gains in month of January alone, and is STILL, STILL up almost as much as LINK in its entirety. 3 years.

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>All the shitcoins have done their runs and are currently in their blow off top phases
Yeah. I was really hoping to be getting off this ride by this point. I'm concerned that the whole crypto market is gonna crash before LINK gets a chance to recover.

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I'd like to buy into the hopium. Fundamentally, Link looks bullish as ever. But the chart is shit.
That 59.4k sats is now 58.7k, below your trend line. It really does have to bounce back and hold here or it's more limp-dicked bullshit.

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will I make 1 million dollars with 3k LINK? Link would need to be $300 or so

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The daily close is important so as long as we are up before 4pm pacific Monday I’m not panicking

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not any time soon

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oh I've got time. 10 years? then I can retire early.

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True, we just had the weekly close with the trend in tact. Still, this is really down to the wire here..

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OCR makes it profitable to run a node and Arbitrum is coming in in the next 24 hours to two weeks.

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Welp I'm buying a Linky, you've finally convinced me

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source on arbitrum timeline?

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i'm just meme'ing. harry from offchain labs said on a call a couple weeks ago that they are optimistic about march for mainnet release.

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Never selling. Never ever.

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Yeah, my guess is we are about to see a big correction in BTC and after a quick scam wick down link will recover and start to climb keeping the Link/USD uptrend intact. Link/BtC will then head up toward 85k-90k SATs over the next week or two at which point we get the answer to our question on if it breaks resistance or gets rejected

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It's all this fat dumping fucks fault...he never betrayed us because he never gave a fuck about us in the first place

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>getting off this ride
I know, I fucking hate crypto and don't give a fuck really about any of it. Fucking nerds frothing at the mouth about shit they'll use, I blame Sergey for all this personally. Him dumping is fucking stupid, he's dumped 40+ million LINK in the last 6 months.

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he has to to subsidize node operators hes not doing it for fun

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And not a single bit of feedback about why they dumped so much apart from last year when they started it and claimed it was for hiring...well who the fuck are they hiring now? The Queen of England as the new tea lady?

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Blah blah bollocks...whats your source? Deluded Anons here is only place ive heard this..the team never said this just hundreds of millions worth dumped on investors heads during every pump without a word

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Exactly, they've dumped $580 million - $1.75 BILLION worth of LINK minus whatever the nodes cost, can't be anything more than $100 million minus employee costs, can't be any more than $50 million. You're looking at $430 million - $1.5 for Sergey alone.

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Been pretty much all in link 3 years now but this first time I've had doubts, any other project behaved this way everyone and their dog would calling it a scam. I don't think it's a scam but I think they have taken advantage of investors to a degree

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Same here, I didn't bother with any other token all this time because BTC was going through it's bear market as was ETH. All other shitcoins are not worth my time, even if they can pump 10x in a week. I felt it was too risky, and that LINK had something genuine going. Now Sergey may be strangling his own project because of his venture capitalist history. It seems like these San Fran venture fund guys will build the company up and up and then totally dump on everyone the first chance they get. Looks like Sergey is doing that here to some degree. The silence towards the public is only making me more paranoid, as is the cozying up to China - since when have Chinks told the truth? Sergey has been trying to penetrate that country from the beginning. Absolutely everything needs to be considered right, from all angles.

For me, if at March 31st there is no total OCR for all feeds or Arbitrum then I'll strongly consider dumping and moving on.

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shut up street shitters. node incentivization was literally in the WP snd was one of the reasons to be bullish

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>For me, if at March 31st there is no total OCR for all feeds or Arbitrum then I'll strongly consider dumping and moving on.
I've already begun diversifying right now. You're going to be kicking yourself for wasting a whole month. One month in a bull run is one whole year of bear market.

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>2 weeks
anon, stop playing with them lmao

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>fag thinks this enjoyable

Fuck off nigger. I want $1000 LINK and had Sergey not been dumping any more than he needed we'd probably be at $100 LINK easily. Did you read what I just said nigger? Would you rather have $100 LINK or $34? Fucking cunt. Even if Sergey was taking home $500k a month I would not have gave a fuck because the market can easily sustain that 15k - 35k LINK dump per MONTH, but 58 million divided by 8? Fuck no, it's quite clear this is not sustainable, Sergey is strangling the project you cunt.

Like I said earlier, I didn't pay attention to shit coins so I'd be going in blind.

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>For me, if at March 31st there is no total OCR for all feeds or Arbitrum then I'll strongly consider dumping and moving on.
You won’t do shit beyond hold thru the entire bullrun and miss out

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>he didn't start dumping in August after ChinkCon
You're late but not too late

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god i hate this board

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>he didnt start dumping in august
>price in august: $20
>price now: $33
i unironically cannot tell if the people fudding link have legitimate doubts, are retarded, or want to see link fail out of some petty feeling of anger that they either missed out or sold too soon

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It sucks but really dont care if it doesn’t hit 1k this run. Will give me more time to accumulate. I have 20k and bought my first 10k in early 2018.

I just dont want to see it hot 35k sats again. That wasnt nice. Its bern very stable while btc has gone from 30k-57k
Any anons think it could dump to 35k sats again?

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>dump LINK in August for *insert literally any other crypto here*
>end up with 10x the money you have now

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OCR being implemented is the string keeping in this game right now. Take a look at the cost difference between a Flux and OCR contract below.

ETHUSD on OCR Contract with 31 Nodes:
Max gas spent in a day was 7.08 ETH or just over $12k USD.

ETHUSD on Flux Contract with 21 Nodes:
Max gas spent in a single day was
76.96 ETH or almost $148k USD.

1 - (12k / 148k) = 91.89% reduction in Gas costs, all other things being equal.

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Y’all niggas still holding this? Lol

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Eh...anon it was worth a hell of a lot more sats than it is now. Honestly guys the iq bar has dropped some around here

>> No.29346643

>dumping the coin that i bought for just over a dollar each when it could do 100x
no. no way in fucking hell. could i have dumped my link for more gains in other coins? yes, but that is what fiat is for, and i have a very nice steady income to supplement the other coins in my portfolio. if you cant see the potential in link that i dont know what to tell you.

>> No.29346981

Well if you saw so much potential why didn't you buy it before it mooned to over a dollar and bought in while it crabbed between 20c to 55c for over a year with little to no hype on Twitter facebook etc...yeah your just as guilty as any shit arsed moon chasing pajeet...Fuck sure you even thought it held more value now than last August...Christ almighty...why can't we have flags around here

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>had Sergey not been dumping any more than he needed we'd probably be at $100 LINK easily.

This is BS. Compare the dumps to the total daily trading volume. The dumps are insignificant.

The reason link hasn't mooned is because the development and deployment of the project is slow as shit. All we get is new useless price feeds every day.

>> No.29347143

You think 1/4 billion dollars worth in dumps as link tries to push to new highs wont have negative effect on price action...ok anon

>> No.29347282

Just fucking lol @ that retard. Clearly has no idea how not liquid crypto really is on exchanges and how little it takes to wipe off billions of market cap.

>> No.29347425

If that is your actual stance the. Reducing the dumps by 90% thanks to OCR, and 98% once arbitrum is released will remove massive sell pressure and cause link to moon, right? Cant have it both ways anon...

>> No.29347548

It's worryingly starting to look like the biggest cheerleaders here are newfags and hopeful moon boys...now I'm really having doubts. Hopefully march brings better news but starting to feel like it will likely to be more dumps

>> No.29347881

Yes? Wtf are you saying, I've been saying in this thread that 58 million LINK minus whatever being dumped over the last 8 months has grinded the price of LINK far lower than it should be. Removing that pressure will allow LINK to go up

>> No.29348062

Yes. This is the reason. LINK dropping out of the top 10 causes panic selling and capitulation profit taking. Tripling the price likewise liquidates the space. 1000 poor fags wanting millions of dollars equals billions that whales can't have. It's easier to hold LINK at #10 and hold it in limbo by moving tokens and coins around while the exchanges take profit on shit that isn't actually held in meaningful amounts by people who are already rich fucks.

It's the meta of crypto and will defy charts ad infinitum in this case.

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The real volume is probably 1/5 of the reported volume. Crypto 101 fucking retard

>> No.29348211

It won't. Selling link for eth keeps the money in house. Us seeing hundred dollar LINK and cashing out half our stacks to retire will actually eat a week of whatever fiat is coming into BTC and ETH amd it will happen on the open market. We'll sell LINK to ETH and BTC to fiat and crash all 3 in the process.

>> No.29348325

Check the liquidity. It's approximately 45-55 million USD which means the dumps could be consuming a significant portion of it on a weekly basis.

>> No.29348456

The big bloody question, is when will it happen

>> No.29348643

Brainlet here, so youre saying the price is being suppressed because if it moons then everything crashes due to liquidity crisis?

>> No.29349340

45+ million of liquidity that essentially goes "unanswered" because it's new tokens being added into circulation which means the LINK markets as a whole have to readjust, keep that up for 8 months straight at the volume they have and you get the disgusting LINKBTC charts we currently have. Sergey overdid it.

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Some of you might recognize what I’m about to say because I’ve been chimping out for the last several days but I’m really pissed off and honestly think we are fucked for this year. I’m gonna preface this by saying I’m all in, have been since 2017 and have checked /biz/ every single day of my life since I’ve been all in. Not a day has gone by where I don’t think about Chainlink, this project has consumed my life.

February is a complete write off. January was a disaster. I completely agree with OP that March is a make or break moment. If we have a decent month (at least a 2x that isn’t followed up with an immediate fucking dump) then there’s still a little bit of hope left. However, if March is as rubbish as these last two months have been then I unironically think it’s over. The ship for the bull run will have sailed and we aren’t on it.

The question around “why are we always dumping” and suppression is hard to answer, we don’t know for sure what the fuck is going on but I think one of the stronger arguments is the network subsidies being liquidated because of insane gas fees. The thing that is really concerning is the fact that the dumps are increasing. I think they’re increasing because the network is growing, both in usage and on boarding new node operators. As it is this is obviously not sustainable which is a red flag. Yes, Ethereum is a piece of shit and has some blame in this, but it’s still an uncomfortable position to be in right now. I don’t see the selling pressure letting up anytime soon. Which leads me to my next concern.

The lack of progress from the team is starting to concern me. I know what some of you retards will say. They’ll release it when it’s ready, shit like that. Bad communication shouldn’t be celebrated, no one is asking them to give hard deadlines they can’t commit to. But it’s extremely difficult to understand what the fuck has actually been going on for the last 12 months.

>> No.29349879

Sergey claims that Chainlink is now made up of over 100 employees. If you consider that and the work delivered in the last 12 months I don’t see how that’s something to be celebrated. It feels like there’s just been very incremental pieces of work delivered, which essentially just consists of new price feeds and on boarding node operators. That kind of integration work falls under business as usual work which really shouldn’t take up everyone’s capacity at Chainlink. So what the fuck is everyone else doing?

SmartCon was in what, September of last year? It’s almost been 6 months since then and we don’t have any word on when that updated white paper is coming. Don’t even bother thinking about staking until we actually have a white paper. Won’t even bother getting into things like threshold signatures and DECO. I doubt any progress has been made on those.

It’s just really disappointing because I think they have done great work. I’m not here to just shit on them. They’ve done a great job in delivering the price feeds that have been reliable and made competitors look like a complete joke. But I think people have valid concerns around the dumps which is ultimately a concern around how sustainable it is to keep subsidizing the network like this.

And yeah I’m salty as fuck that literally everything in the top 100 has mooned hard and we literally haven’t done a 2x from the previous bull run ATH. I don’t know how you retards can sit back and think everything is fine when you consider everything going on. But I guess I should just shut up and wait for staking, right?

>> No.29350100

You were coming across as Fuding Link

>> No.29350396

I agree with everything you've written here anon, as >>29347548 said, we're surrounded on /biz/ now by newfags and moon boys. We're neck deep in shit right now and I am not sure if I've got my hands on the diamond anymore. We went through shit like this in 2018 and early 2019, March 2020 was so bad watched 85% of my net worth evaporate in 12 hours.

But now it is even more difficult because it's not a bear market and everything else is mooning as you said. What a fucking disaster, and what total dumpster fire created by Sergey to be dumping and squirrelling away all the money he has thus far. I guess, in regards to Link, Sergey will be the only making off like a bandit this bull run.

>> No.29350483

I was just curious and decided to see how the top 10 has performed in the last 24 hours with respect to sats. At the time of writing this Chainlink is the second worst (down 4.1%) and Cardano is the worst (down 5.1%). I just don’t fucking get it bros.

>> No.29350801

Indeed, I am fearful, uncertain and doubtful about the state of the Chainlink (ticker: LINK) project. I am demoralized and will be market selling my LINK tokens ASAP I hope this post will help influence other Chainlink holders to also sell their LINK tokens because I am geniuniely concerned about their financial wellbeing

>> No.29350820

Pretty much. Anyone who’s been in since the beginning is in a really awkward spot. We’re too committed at this stage, and selling now would be insane after everything has pumped hard. I don’t think anyone will be willing to take the risk.

It’s the first time I’ve genuinely been concerned holding these bags. Sergey and co are swimming in cash, but I’ve got this sick feeling it’s all happening at our expense and we’re going to be left holding the bags. It’s infuriating because we’ve bought into something that’s not even close to what was originally envisioned. Hand waving the KYC nodes was something I think we eventually, if not reluctantly, came around on but I dunno man, for the first time my gut is telling me something isn’t quite right.

>> No.29350890

Have some perspective you retards. If you got in anywhere remotely early enough you are sitting on at least half a million dollars. Take the money and run.

>> No.29351119

Sergey is an idealist and not the brutal capitalist /biz/ made him out to be. He doesn’t really care about money anymore, already set for several generations. He has a vision but his vision doesn’t necessarily require a bunch of neets getting rich. He would unironically spend the rest of his life trying to get people to use smart contracts without checking the LINK price again.

>> No.29351209

this bullshit isn't real when the devs can just dump on you
why are you TAfags like this

>> No.29351799

Only reason I haven’t dumped my stack ($2 mil worth) is I am hoping for atleast another 2-3x by eoy in a general bull market. I lost faith ages ago.

>> No.29351860

The truth is we need arbitratum to hurry the fuck up so the gas fee sell pressure from nodes is solved. But originally they were meant to come out in fucking q4 last year and now I'm having doubts they will bother to even release in q2 this year let alone q1.

What the fuck are they doing.

>> No.29352083

Everything was much easier to deal with during the bear market. Link was rightfully holding steady and climbing, while shitcoins were plummeting. The opposite now, which makes the pressure, fomo and fud compound

>> No.29352120

Oh and Oracle integration q4 where the fuck was that. Where's the white paper. Where's literally anything except for "yeah we partnered with this obscure gardening token run out of Tibet"

>> No.29352506

We are in the same boat, can’t help but feel insane anxiety over the whole thing because it feels like that $2 mil could become $1 mil and then back to 6 figs really quickly.

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OP your a tranny, you will never be woman. Drop the MTF transition, and buy Sentinel.

>> No.29352602

Go back to the discord you fucking clown.

>> No.29352797

You retards still LINK is being made for people like you and not institutions. Kys homos and sell

>> No.29353042

Where do you retards come from? We're having a discussion sperg, this is what it was like after the 2017 bull run. Fag

>> No.29353112

>it can go up
>it can go down
thank you OP, where would we be without you?

>> No.29353165

There's what, something like half billion chainlink tokens and the dev has another half billion he could dump at any moment. Shit will never be HUGE. If you made money off it, be grateful and get the fuck out.

>> No.29353181

you must of missed the threads where nodes are becoming more profitable, making them not sell their linkies. retard.

>> No.29353360

Oracle, along with everything else, is likely on hold until OCR and/or Arbitrum have solved gas fees.

>> No.29353386

Yes. LINK poor fags cashing out part of their positions is billions of dollars exiting and not getting reinvested.

>> No.29353456

I’m laying out thresholds/trend lines to keep an eye on. What are you complaining about?

>> No.29353512

My point was I’m not sure what is actually contained in the 0.10.0 release

>> No.29353596

kek imagine still holding this when literally everything even doge and tether are up 500% while this does a -5%

>> No.29353668

Tether up 500%...... come on man at least try something believable

>> No.29354097
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Don't you mean 0.9.11 (up to 9.99 with a new iteration annually)

>> No.29354238

The price action has been cancerous for sure but I still believe in Sergey and Link. There's no oracle network that comes even close and if smart contracts are ever going to be adopted, chainlink will be at the heart of it. And we all know smart contracts are not just going to be a fad, the pandora's box is already open. Once OCR or arbitrum cut gas costs, at that point the dumps should slow down but I don't expect them to ever stop until he runs out of tokens. Between overhead and runway, the dumps must go on and it's what we all signed up for when we bought in to a premined majority dev owned coin. I would hate to see the price dump along with everything else once this bullrun is over but my gut tells me that if my thesis is correct and smart contracts aren't a meme, chainlink is best positioned to be the standard oracle solution just like it is right now. All you need is patience.

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File: 1.61 MB, 473x498, 1613970679629.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oh nice it's holding 60k sats at least
>oh nice it's holding 59k sats at least
>oh nice it's holding 58k sats at least
>oh ....

>> No.29355525

my guts and feces are usually correct and they say no pants.

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File: 615 KB, 1106x1012, 1613418793752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait you guys actually thought this would hit $1000?

>> No.29356542

they were optimistic about a q4 release in q3. this is lightning network all over again

>> No.29357746

Woah i haven't seen a Delphi fud thread like this in quite a while. I suppose big things must be in the works.

>> No.29358140

Its not chainlinks site faggot

>> No.29358395

>and selling now would be insane after everything has pumped hard. I don’t think anyone will be willing to take the risk.
You're going to want to neck when everything else keeps on pumping and you think you missed out. This bull run is only just getting started and link sure as fucking hell isn't part of it.

>> No.29358441

what is by your standard?

>> No.29358480


>> No.29358530

sorry about that. what coin(s) is/are part of this bull run, by your standards of investment? I still see LINK as having viability personally but I'm a newfag

>> No.29358581

I mainly hold FTM/BNT

>> No.29358747

The chart is shit because we are in a clown market with clown gains made everywhere around you. Any link barren would dump some of their linkies into these garbage dumps for the easy 10xs

>> No.29358890

Risk reward ratio for link is still better than btc at the moment in my opinion
Don’t know what else I would buy. I’m happy with the gains from link. Did read and never selling. Sn=An. Trust sergey.

>> No.29358894

literally just broke holy shit /biz/ is the ultimate counter-indicator isn't it

>> No.29360080

Please activate your neurons before posting. Look at the LINK/BTC chart for a change.

>> No.29360712

Sergey doesnt give a fuck about neets getting rich. He doesnt give a fuck about price.

All he cares is about the project. If he needs to dump millions of dollars in Link to sustain the network, he will. He doesnt care about missing the bullrun just to satisfy some pump it up kids to get rich.

Link misses the bull run.. So what? Fundamentals are still going to go up.

Algos are probably dumping the price at every pump attempt to fund Sergeys needs.

>> No.29361670

You've got to give the fat man credit, he treats us like the bitches we are.

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The link/usd log chart shows link is pretty much exactly where it should be. The weekly link/btc chart says we're due for link to gain in sats, so i don't think btc will break 60k this week and instead will crab around 55k for a while allowing a proper alt season. $100 by july

>> No.29362747

sweet baby krishna that is a lot of rupees,, my hole village going to be riches!

>> No.29362923
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The alternative is link just slowly tracks btc's rise without really gaining or losing sats, but the market is too volatile for that and link doesn't really correlate with btc imo.

>> No.29363832

Did you think it was? I don't care if it's fucking Santa's, I want steaking.

>> No.29364602


It correlates heavily with btc recently. More than any other alts. Thats why its just slowly crabbing up in usd and fluctuating in a 20% range in sats

>> No.29364952

You're really begging me to make another larp Sergey Muslim pasta thread.

>> No.29365018

It's high effort concern trolling. I'll give them that. Jawline remains too pronounced tho. Dead giveaway.

>> No.29365061

Why aren't all the DeFi niggers like Aave, SNX whoever the fuck paying for the fucking feeds themselves? Sergey is literally making all DeFi gov token holders rich from the back of LINK holders.

>> No.29365118

you guys are so bad at ta
some other thread just had the only good ta ive ever seen on here other than that rare kind of event it's always dogshit

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