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Normies are absolutely getting filtered by gas fees.
This won't hold for long bros, ETH is going to shit itself very soon.

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See you at 4k lol

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eth is such a shitcoin

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leave ethereum to me

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Eth is an overvalued shitcoin.

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Oh no not the poorfags

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Disregard thread, bros. Clearly a pro cardano ETH fud thread

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This. If it wasnt, it is now.
>why would we care if normies hate gas fees?
Like the rest of us, theyll eat the cost if they want to see the insane profits that one can get.
>stay poor or dont, your choice
Not that any of this will matter when arbitrum, dot, ada, avax, eth2.0, any of these fix scaling

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Flare is decentralized with low transfer fees. Shoulda got the Spark airdrop back in December. For once, it looks like I was early.

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All these fucking shitcoin users.

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Good it was never a normie coin.

You live on L2 now. Can you read this?

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eth is for richboiz only. get priced out poorfags

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>Like the rest of us, theyll eat the cost if they want to see the insane profits that one can get.

Delusion. I hate ADA and think its just a piece of paper, but what the fuck kind of logic is that?

What kind of "insane profits" can a poorfag investing under 1000 make when fees completely destroy it and keep them buried? If you think this doesn't matter, watch as the volume on your erc20 tokens dies as time goes on. For your average joe, its just not worth it to keep losing simply because of gas fees and nothing else lol

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see you at $400 lol

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If they cant handle the fees on the app exchanges then they will have to wait for scaling to be fixed, no way around it. But you cant tell me they cant make a coinbase pro and turn 100 into 2 or 300. They can work up to 1k no problem and if they had 1k to begin with there is no reason they cant stack a couple more during this bull run. Theyre poor not stupid they just need to work off a hot wallet with decent rates until they have enough money to be ok with the annoying fees.

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ETH is being dumped OTC Watch out

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haha are those reviews for a wallet app?

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>If they cant handle the fees on the app exchanges then they will have to wait for scaling to be fixed, no way around it

Or.... They can just go use bsc/another chain instead lmfao

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Normies are the use case, not the users.

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buy an erc20 on CB pro is way better than buying some BSC rug shitcoin or ADA paper promise
once it doubles or triples gas fees become less of an issue
seriously zoom the fuck out, so sick of faggots that bought SNX last week crying because Nano is going up more.

If people really do abandon ETH gas fees will go down and we can start the whole process over again

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Cardano will be at $5 EOY

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>ten bad reviews for some random wallet app
Are NoEthers really this desperate?

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same thing happened to btc now look at it.

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ETH is NOT getting replaced by any of the ETH killers, not DOT, not AVAX, not ADA, not FTM or anything
You can try to argue, but truth is ETH is here to last

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99% chance Charles is a pedo

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what the fuck is the problem? I literally transferred like 32 ETH for less than $7 the other day at the highest gas price. It was fast as fuck too, nothing like 2017.

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This. Grayscale is buying ETH, it's not buying shitcoin #24576543 "ETHKILLA420".

CME futures are for ETH

Cope, seethe, and dilate

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bitch. i got that algo fee.
1? no problem 0.001 algo.
100? no problem. 0.001 algo.
999999999999999999 no problem. 0.001 algo.

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Hey guys im facing the same issue. Can any ETH bag holders send me some so I can transfer the funds to my wallet?

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I'm new to crypto, bought some first bitcoin 3 weeks ago, got on 3 exchanges, and set up a small portfolio to practice and learn, got a few other coins.
I've been avoiding eth like the plague because of fees.
Tried to something with it a few times, and learned right away it was 10-15% on any transaction or more. Tried to move small amount $10, and they actually wanted $10.50 just to move $10. It's completely retarded and for rich people only.
Makes so much more sense to just use swaps into BTC or some other coin and do everything that way for less than 3% and often under 1%.

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I never was much into the ETH killer meme, but you gotta admit, if normie can't join the party someone else will invite them.

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remember that video when vitalik said that 'costing 5 cents for a transaction for btc was bad' KEK what's that fuck saying now?

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ethfags a month ago:
>hurrrr that's the cost of doing business, you shouldn't be trading crypto if you can't afford the gas
not hearing much out of those losers now that we're making hundreds on BSC just like God intended

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I found an old wallet with 87 LEND in it. It cost me like $60 to transfer ETH to that wallet, send the LEND to the AAVE app and convert it to AAVE. I wanted to stake it, but it would have cost me another $100. Fuck that

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mETHheads don't care, they're making fat stacks mining.

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>ETH is currently up 5% in 24 hours despite crashing hard because the last crash was exactly 24 hours ago
We can blame the Chinese for this, right? I swear you can set your watch by the pumps and dumps these days.

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a couple weeks ago I discovered it would cost $500 to remove my $400 of ETH from the Aave lending pool. It's not as bad now but that is an absolute joke.

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hahahahahahahahhaha the thought of normies getting butt hurt and leaving negative reviews on metamask is hilarious

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lol normies get fucked

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that's God punishing you for trading dust, get fucked faggot

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>it would cost $500 to remove my $400 of ETH from the Aave lending pool.
KEK but incredibly sad

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They were warned. Now they're priced out.

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eth assets are nearly frozen with how expensive it is to do anything with them

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yay guys eth is going to make us all rich, through adoption! POORFAGS PRICED OUT!

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I bought ETH at $14 as a newfag, and I'm still holding. Normalniggers eternally BTFO.

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What did you say?

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Solana is unironically better

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a couple of years ago, me and some other anon were shilling Holo here and we both pointed out why this shit is doomed to fail and not get adoption. This goes for all blockchain projects. YOU CAN'T NICKLE AND DIME YOUR FUCKING USERS AT EVERY STEP. THIS IS A SHIT USER EXPERIENCE AND IT WILL NOT FLY WHEN IT COMES TO MASS ADOPTION.

What users want is the following: the dev pays for all the infrastructure shit and then he recoups that from the users in another way: ads, subscription, one time fee, etc. Making the user pay for every fucking action that he takes is the most retarded thing ever, no matter how good the blockchain behind the app is. The more crypto gets adoption, the more obvious this becomes.

TL/DR: buy fucking Holo, imbeciles, even if you don't understand it properly. This fucking dinosaur tech will not survive the next 5 years. Screencap this.

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Rich people don't want to be on some centralized chink chain. Even if they get a bunch of poorfags the rich people and the best devs will be on eth. Then poorfags can join the party when 2.0 comes out and eth is like 10k a coin, lol.

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>everyone said paypal was a meme
>I dumped 2k into eth when it was $800~, fee free.
>mfw I cashed it all back at out at $2010 straight to a paypal debit card for 1.5% fee.

I day trade on paypal and make gains and love it. Such a fun hustle. Straight to a debit card I can pull out in cash.

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More hashpower would fix it yeah, Vitalik should build or contract a large datacentre to help

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Normie here, can confirm.

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I feel like eth is propped up thanks to centralized exchanges, people who actually use eth know the pain and suffering...

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*saves Ethereum*

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I’ve spent like $600 in fees to mint my art nfts worth it

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The whales I follow have all been telling people to exit eth and move into avax, sol etc

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its myetherwallet. not that random bro.

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of all the absolutely batshit retarded posts about eth, you might have just managed to outdo them all
this is so stupid it's hard to even address
the entire point of cryptocurrency is to move away from exploitative centralized models
if you want ads and subs, just... do these things??? there's literally no point in shoehorning a cryptocurrency into these models

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Yup FLR will smoke these shitcoins

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CZ isn't charging me a 100 bucks to move 1,000 bucks into my coin of choice. Eth miners are doing that because of eth's fucked infrastructure.

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** Cheap ETH is better **

Ethereum works better when the price of ETH is low, as it lowers costs of transactions in USD.

Is this why Vitalik didn't put a limit on how many can be mined? Unlike BTC which is hard capped.

Treat ETH like oil, valuable as it's good to get shit done (power a network) but it's not a good long term investment just to HODL.

This IS financial advice.

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Feels good to have a big dick chad stack of flare. Fuck it feels nice.

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You know who else isn't charging you $100 bucks, except without being a scammer? see >>29331475

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Lel all Turk and chink names, pretty sure all these guys work for either BNB or AVAX, stop ignoring the subhuman fudders, eth 2.0 is here soon, all white team and not a scam project

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Fun fact, despite what pedo skelly says eth is and never will be decentralized
>printed extra supply (70mil)
>centralized pre mining
>60% centralized nodes
>hosted on awp and cgp
When someone tries to defend fees because it's supposedly decentralized its the biggest hint they re a midwit
Without mentioning that Vitalik still hasn't delivered sharding and l2.
There's a reason 0 institution invest in ETH. It's dead. Eth has failed.

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ETH is blockbuster in a Netflix world

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>the good ol' "this is so stupid that i'm not even gonna address it"
I've seen this phrase on /biz/ at least a few hundred times and every time it comes from brainlet-tier retards that get BTFO and don't have a proper reply because they are dumb programmable cattle with no opinion that hasn't been fed into them by someone else.

By all means, address it so I can dwarf you.

>the entire point of cryptocurrency is to move away from exploitative centralized models
>muh I'm in it for the tech and because I believe in the mission
>muh exploitative centralized models
kys now so you don't have to do it in a couple of months when you realize that nobody actually believes this bullshit and everyone is here to make money by dumping on retards like you that are late to the party

You better unfuck yourself, son and be more humble towards your Chadlords. Lurk more, ask questions and educate yourself. It might make the difference between you making it and you taking the rope.

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The only reason all my ERC20 shitcoins are still on exchange, why the fuck would I pay hundreds to move them?

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if you want to lose money gambling on scams on a chinese excel sheet, go for it

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had to send 0.001 ETH to confirm ownership of a wallet so i could receive a refund. cost me triple that to send the 0.001. it’s a piece of spastic shit and always has been. gas gwei bullshit was a sperg concept to begin with anybody who didn’t see this is a certified autist which means you’re retarded

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The funniest thing is it will stay this way for YEARS, ETHards are absolutely BTFO

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Vitalik is just waiting for maximum FUD to release 2.0

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*blocks your path*

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all the ERC20 tokens will move over to BSC gonna be funny as hell.

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Holochain will unironically kill ETH, last warning chads

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Fuck off retard

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this is just proof that all /biz/ anons (even newfags) are still getting into cryptos early. standard L1 fees are equally terrible for BTC and ETH right now, while the defi speculators are the only ones paying the insane $50+ fees for huge gas contract executions. turbo normies like this wouldn't understand how to use defi if their life depended on it.

there's no need for us to fight each other. in a few years, scaling solutions will be deployed and L2 transactions implemented across the board. fees will be a thing of the past and these turbo normies will be buying our fucking bags. BTC/ETH/BNB, all of them.

make gainz not war /biz/

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lowering the price doesn't lower the demand to get into blocks, lol that's not how it works at all

>> No.29336530

its a featureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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>> No.29337375


Does it not lower the bid price to get into blocks though when valued in USD?

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Yeah, and this wasn't an issue in the 2017/18 bullrun. I wonder if it might cut our remaining time short.

>> No.29337717

Grayscale buys on behalf of their clients. They have some 30-odd crypto trusts as of now. You can probably get grayscale Doge coin if you want.

>> No.29337961

he's literally right though defi isn't the real goal of any crypto project beyond the original btc. the rest may claim so but the real goal is getting their backers/developers rich in the same old same old standard controlled world currency like usd or euros

>> No.29338148

>BTC literally used to fuel drug rings, cp, blackhats, stolen credit card info
>still $50,000+
if you aren't cut out for the wild west, then you best not try to live here. 75% of people investing don't even understand how the shit works.

>> No.29338191

and this my friends is why BNB will flip ETH

>> No.29338388

the more interesting and potentially profitable question is whether defi has a future, not whether individual devs want to make money off of it, which is obviously true.

>> No.29338477

All wealth is built on their backs

>> No.29338584

This guy gets it

>> No.29338886

Most rich people are cheaper than poor people, which is part if the reason they became rich.

>> No.29339033

Regardless, anon is talking about mass adoption. The average wagecuck is not going to assess it like that, they're going to say why would I tip $1 to get my $3 coffee faster vs. paying $9 to get it delivered later...even when shit like doordash and grubhub thrive on that exact model alone. Or paying $20 a month vs. $200 a year. It is not a system that's digestible to the financially and digital illiterate.

>> No.29339059

Why are normies so stupid?

>> No.29339144

yuour such a fucking nigger i can smell the cocoa butter dripping off your dry apeskin

>> No.29339597

because they've never had to deviate from teh average path they fit into so perfectly, they're literally npcs

>> No.29339744

I literally just paid $60 for a trade lmao, it's so fucking dumb

>> No.29340359

the hubris of a dumb nigger that isn't going to make it

>> No.29340500

ETH fees are based on supply and demand, if they're too high for you then that's fine but someone is paying those fees or else they would decline. It's impossible for "high fees" to kill ETH because if people stop using ETH so much then the fees will decline dramatically. It's a self correcting system.

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>> No.29340604

Tezos is coming

>> No.29340618

BNB, DOT and even ADA are all going to flip ETH

>> No.29340628

CheapETH is cheap

>> No.29340690

god damn i wish i had over 120k algo..

>> No.29340773

Look at the desperate ETH maxis in here trying to spin gas fees as a positive thing

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binance is fucking manipulating eth gas fees to push their centralized ccp bnb shitcoin. it's so obvious

>> No.29340837

Eth is too big to fail. They will solve this problem before they die.

>> No.29341014

"too big to fail" is copium and denial

>> No.29341031

no ones talking about that poorfag
>It is not a system that's digestible to the financially and digital illiterate.
irrelevant, normalfags mean nothing to this bull. countless 10x's over the past months had nothing to do with them, same as the countless to come. the illusion that normalfag money matters is just that

>> No.29341035

wasn't loopring supposed to solve this?

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No, leave it to me

>> No.29341214

I already made it, you dumb shit. The markets work in cycles and every 3-4 years some new dumb fags come here and act like the dumb faggots that they are.
In every bull market it's the same shit. I make more money, I start hanging around /biz/ more to check the sentiment and gauge the cycle, and sometimes I try to educate the imbeciles (like you). Every time I do that it's the same shit: arrogance, euphoria, denial, retardation. The only reason I engage with you dipshits is that I know some people are paying attention. Today someone even posted a screencap of one of my posts from a few years back and it tickled me in just the right way.

If I post something or if I engage with you in conversation, 90% of the time it's not for you. It's for the newfags that know how to lurk and keep their dumb mouths shut until they understand how this shit works.

>> No.29341217

Better than whining and bitching about fees, I brought something positive to it.

>> No.29341324

I fucking love gas fees. It is the pleb normie filter for getting into soon to moon altcoins before they get listed onto 2layer trading platforms. you guys dont see the potential in this? It is the highest chance for any of you to become a billionaire when your project takes off . theres 1000 rugpulls but theres ec-20 token thats going to fucking 1cent.

>> No.29341429

ETH2 better come real fuckin soon or im probably gonna split my stack into GRT LINK and ALGO

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I still stand by my assertion that ETH is more akin to oil than gold.

Profitable to mine, good to power a network and eventually will get burned.

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File: 2.69 MB, 2872x1040, Screenshot 2021-02-22 at 02.38.36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow anon I .. desu I am not even surprised ppl like you exist, just wondering how difficult it was for you to start trading in crypto, you know, the tech stuff

maybe not so much if u just do it on cex

literal scam level subhuman, leech, nothing more, if your father splashed it into bush instead of ur whoremom the world would be better off without your pathetic existence, anhero u fucking weak ass faggot bitch

>> No.29343329

I think it's the opposite. The absurd fees have prompted people to start working on solutions. ETH better fix their issues or they will be replaced. Had they just kept fees reasonable, it wouldn't have come to this. The is free market 101.

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File: 408 KB, 964x995, ip.bitcointalk.org.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gas fees
way to prevent "log time investors" to dump on Vitalic and Foundation while they do pump

>> No.29343976

don't care didn't read fuck you

>> No.29343995

Yet you still pay it like a retard

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My apologies, I was being a dick. Keep learning & stacking those gains

>> No.29344651

Thank you anon, I wish you the best of luck in these coming times.
Unemployment boosts/stimulus will further elevate btc, in return eth. I hope.

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This is unironically why TRX will have a normie-fueled mega pump to $0.50

>> No.29344906

lmafo based

>> No.29344920

Gas fees are cheaper than taxes.
Theyre also tax deductible.
Seethe poorfags

>> No.29345549

you've been here for 2 cycles max faggot. Your guess is as good as the most s o y chugging redditor who just stumbled upon this board.
The 4 years cycle is a meme that will never repeat again.

>> No.29345675

Now you’re just trolling.
It’s possible to believe in crypto principles without being a perma-bull.
And transaction costs will be incorporated in such a way that they are less perceptible in the future. For instance there will be dapps that instead of someone having to pay for a txn they can opt to just get a worse fill and the transaction fee will hurt less psychologically.

>> No.29346466
File: 37 KB, 350x350, 1613522357705.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*beats you to it*

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