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Answer these questions:
>is there ever going to be another -80% drop in BTC/ETH price?
>how long will this bullrun last?
>what's the most undervalued crypto right now?

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>1-6 months

>> No.29313260

December 2021
The most of all? AMPL

>> No.29313643

i'll give mine as well
>3 months

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Why December? Seems a bit late to me. Unless we have a 'double-top' cycle like 2013.

Could be possible considering we're more parabolic right now than even 2017 was.

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>how long will this bullrun last?
Until the COMEX breaks in a few days. Buy silver and silver miners.

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But the speed we're going at right now means we could just see an early peak and then crash until next cycle.

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>>until the stock market falls

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You missed out lmao. Cope.

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yes - 400k dump to 50k

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this guy gets it. the real gains are about to be made in record numbers on silver. I'll be selling over the next 10 years as the price rockets and all the tech companies are outbidding each other for silver for use in their EVs, tablets, smartphones, solar panels, etc.

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