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Amazing picture OP

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rock on

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Why aren’t you fully invested in the greatest and post powerful country in the world anon? You do know China is the future, right?

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weedbros...we're back

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Stocks, man...
I just... like?

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>CLF in the OP
Someone bake a new thread.

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>"Karp: do more for your employees than sending a generic congrats video while cross-country skiing in the Nordics."
>review date: december 2019
oh no no no no
this guy never does anything other than skiing

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WIMI bros the future is here

>WiMi Wins Bid for Second Phase of China Mobile AND Media Cloud Platform's Remote Interaction Holographic Project


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we demand a real thread

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You mena the Enron of countries?
>cooked books
>culture based on fraud
>constantly growing share price
Goddamn zoomers and milennials repeating history again and again.

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Tomorrow will be green as fuck check out these dubs

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So I'm assuming the guy spamming the PLTR FUD every thread thought it was going to go to $20 from earnings and lockout expiry and is sour grapes now?

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That’s America you’re talking about.

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What does SOXL even do? They're the real ghost company

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It's funny how you faggots always disappear when a chink stock gets fucked and the come back shilling another chink garbage.

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Based and Xi pilled
>imagine investing in tranny metal instead of the best country on the planet

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Print money.

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Green week?

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They make money. Their 300% debt ratio is a little concerning though.

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>more of a consultancy than a software company
Yup, checks out. Salesforce for deporting brown people.
Their business model can only scale with their workforce. And their workforce cannot scale with this kind of management
>CEO is a joke
>CFO has no finance experience
>Chaotic middle management

Salesforce only got where it is because they were very organized, and quickly pivoted to outsourcing the consultancy part with certifications and shit. PLTR is doing none of that.

(More talking points for you, copypasta FUDder)

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>Follow chinese stocks
>They all pump and sometimes dump

Who cares how shady it is just get out in time and you are golden.

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>ignore the second largest economy in the world because of stock nationalism
Name them cleetus

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>300% debt ratio
Elaborate? Is this another SOXL meme that went over my head? Its a Direxion fund

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PLTR bears don't understand the value in their government contracts. It's not just that government money is literally infinite, but that developing programs for the government first allows them to then take what they've learned and developed working for the government and apply it in the private sector. Being able to siphon money out of the government gives them all the time they need to make the business scalable throughout the private sector as well as the revenue they need to hit their revenue growth targets.

Saying it's a reddit stock isn't a bear thesis it's just FUD. Posting company reviews from employees who got fired for being too woke to work at a software company is just FUD.

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Did this fucker post the DD yet?

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Playing Duke Nukem Forever today, buying BASED pltr tomorrow

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who's baking a non tranny thread
>he called him Cleetus! Based and rojopilado

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I'm predicting green to midweek, crabby Thursday and red Friday based entirely on the fact that I'm taking a shit right now.

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>ignore the second largest economy in the world because of stock nationalism
Literally yes. I also avoid negroid neighborhoods. It's only logical.

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Poorly run company, led by novices. Structured poorly. Highly political. No upward movement. Constantly shifting strategy (or lack of it). Shady approach to gov work. Highly non transparent. Terrible product stability. Excessive churn on all fronts. Just so much to fix, but don't trust the people to fix it.


Constant context switching between business needs can take a toll. Hours are often long and the need to be constantly available via email or Slack can be very taxing. Turnover is increasing (especially amongst long-term employees) and there are salary discrepancies across the recruiting team which we aren't supposed to talk about because transparency doesn't exist. The structure is flat on the surface, so be prepared to find your own way, but once you find something you're good at, be prepared to be micro-managed. Leadership in the team is competitive and often toxic - some leads have been in their roles far too long and are completely disconnected from their peeps.

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Sounds like the Chinese way.

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ok hobbit

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Nah, the SOXL CEO disappeared after a pedophilia case. Stock's gonna tank on monday.

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So how can I invest in swords and sword related industries?
They can be functional or ceremonial swords.

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Bout to play some kingdom come deliverance. Got it on sale, pretty based so far except my character is too weak to carry anything else when he has on armor.

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Why do we aggressively ignore the fact that the US intervenes and weakens any country that tries to emerge as a fair rival in terms of economy.
The US loves the fact that Mexico and South America does not reach higher levels of development, just to name one example.

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Crypto mining bros, are we in a golden bullrun? currently in most with HIVE/ HVBTF. Whats the outlook for this week? Buy hold sell? I'm holding but want to take profits so bad

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not investing in china isn't "stock nationalism" it's avoiding the biggest scam economy on the fucking planet. >>29310261 is right in that china literally has a culture based on fraud. china is only good at making cheap reverse engineered shit that other countries created first and even companies that specialize in that you can't trust the books or have faith in the management.

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Hello biz I want to get into options and I'm trying to pick a first time strategy... Im thinking either covered calls or buying something and straddling it, maybe LEAPS? Or just start buying and selling contracts with no actual shares

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Lol. It's happening soon.

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Fuck it, I'm dumping $1000 into BTCC on Monday.

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take it from an inside PLTRannies:

Advice to Management

Treat people less like slaves that should be honored for the opportunity to work for you. Employees quickly figure out the company is all smoke and mirrors, the tech is unimpressive, and their effort will never be enough.

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>PLTR revenue
This is what their investor presentations were all about: revenue, revenue, revenue, revenue.

>Boss we are selling our products for a loss, what should we do?
>Sell more to compensate!

The moment VC money and free debt dries up, they will go tits upo real fast. They are the posterchild of a dotcom boom zombie company.

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>Name them cleetus
EH right now, imagine shilling a flying electric car made by bug people that can't even produce average quality cement.
Tell me now how it's actually not true and EH is some kind of great garbage Zhang.
I wouldn't trust a chink to take care of my dog yet you expect chinks to take care of a business lmao, delusional retard.

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Countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico didn't need America's help in becoming shitholes. Being corrupt banana republics with a retarded and violent population does.

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Yeah, Direxion funds them and the massive amount of debt is fine as long as their semiconductor business keeps going up.

Thank God (and JPowell) for zero interest rates, am I right?

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cope more, pltranny
based, thank you, I will be using them

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Are you bullish on coal yet?

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Hold as long as RIOT stays inflated and Bitcoin is above 50k probably. I think more people that missed RIOT might FOMO into the cheaper miner stocks this week.

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Id rather invest in Ugandan mecha if I'm gonna invest in third world sci Fi larp

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Friday very big news, japan approval coming

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Luckin Coffee

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I'm here to make money not promote nationalism.

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selling covered calls is how you get JUSTed by an unexpected news release that blows the share price through your strike price. for a first time strategy just buy near the money calls on stocks you have a position in that you're bullish about as a cheap way to get leverage on a stock without having to use margin. Always use the options profit calculator to see your break even price and the potential return you could realize. https://www.optionsprofitcalculator.com/

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I'm well aware the results are promising but we've known that since the 60s. It's sad that it is not an acceptable treatment path and it is only now being explored more, I just don't think it will become a big thing in the future, not for lack of efficacy though, it is entirely political and from industry opposition.

The weed legalization in the US was kinda under the medicinal pretext meme as well (which never materialized and I don't think weed is that beneficial anyway, certainly not as much as psys), so I'm all for going the same route with psys to get them legal, however just from an investment standpoint I don't see it.

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Blocking all images on 4chan was the best decision I ever made here, apart from the various memes that made me piles of money

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Post any pics of Bobo dying for a green week!!!

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Lol. They sold their CRBP. Before the Lupus news.

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Tickers? I am bullish on anything that people can lie about finding underground

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im fucking loving the planter fudding. its going to $9 next week you retards better get out...

>> No.29311054

Lol. I can't stop laughing. I'm howling from laughter. My stomach hurts. I'm cackling like a hyena. Lol.

>> No.29311068

"And on this great news CRBP shares skyrocket in price to 3.03!"

>> No.29311104

What do these screenshots prove, bitches? Nothing.

>> No.29311109

How heavy are those bags Pajeet?

>> No.29311131

I miss her...

>> No.29311136

He thinks he's being funny. He thinks it will crab. Even when the aglotrading accumulation was obvious for the last couple of weeks. Lol. It's okay. I am laughing. Laughing really hard. But for a different reason. Lol.

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But I did.

/clfbro on Twitch lol

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My body is ready

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Hodling, feeling bullish despite being deep in red. I think the next 4 weeks will be good to us

>> No.29311148

It literally proves news from Japan will be here in 6 more days

>> No.29311163

>The moment VC money and free debt dries up
They have 18 months of cash in the bank at their current burn rate and the government will just give them more money before they begin to dip into that even significantly.

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Which leaf coin-farmer do I invest in?


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hop on the nunu train if you are bored

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Also have a full size image

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Thank you anon, that sounds simple and like a good starting point, you mean buying and then selling the contract once it's in the money not exercising right

>> No.29311239

>Posting company reviews from employees who got fired for being too woke to work at a software company is just FUD.
this is very reductive
like >>29310453 said they will need to scale the workforce. and how can that be done when even the positive reviews mention that the work/life balance is hellish (in fact, it seems there is no "life" part there), the pay is subpar compared to other similar places, the actual work is disillusioning, the work culture is toxic and no one respects the CEO. you can't possibly disregard all of those reviews as just "woke trannies with an axe to grind".

>> No.29311240

>"There Will Be Fear" - ARK Invest's Cathie Wood Warns Of Stock Market Correction
Even mommy Cathie are now warning people of a correction

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Reminder that CLF is getting wrecked on Thursday and just wants to dump his bags before then. They beating earnings was priced in like two weeks ago. Don’t become a bagholder.

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I hope they don't squeeze us this week

I bought a shitton of stonks last week.

>> No.29311248


Do your DD. Find out if the coal company is processing rare earth/graphene or in the process of processing these things.

>> No.29311255

>PLTR going to $9 next week
I'm a PLTR bear, and nope. It will be carried higher based on leddit and media hype. It will be very similar to the Blackberry fad.
Just be sure to have a tight stop loss and don't plan to hold it for long.

(I own a ton of shares from thursday)

>> No.29311272

I got baited by DNN. I'm just gonna keep holding until I die, what's the point.

>> No.29311293


I told them about the insider trading. I told them about the dark pool activity. I told them about the high velocity at which the gap will be filled. I told them. I showed them the clinical trials page. I told them about the SEC Form 4 filings from insiders from February 2nd 2021. I told them all these things. Some bought in and were patient. Others were ADHD white milkbreaths who can't stand holding onto a stock for more than 2 weeks. Its okay. They will learn. Lol.

>> No.29311328

Then bankruptcy in 3 years, ok. What do you think the prospect of that will do to the stock price?

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Holy shit that image really encompasses globohomo corporate hell taking a dump on everything they touch

>pioneering pill popping chemicals to target your endocannabinoid system
>multicultural boomers running on a beach

>> No.29311379

Are you drunk?

>> No.29311389

No this is a good question. But I do know what they all are gonna need. And that's semis. That or just overall tech ETFs all seem like the best bet for the next 30 years

>> No.29311394

place your bets, /smg/

>> No.29311411

I'm sorry I only read things in infographic format. What's it mean? My ADHD brain doesn't let me read that much.

>> No.29311417

Same here bro. Only 5% of folio right now. It'll rise eventually and then we can exit.

>> No.29311468

That's some based schizophrenia right there.

>> No.29311473

Buy Altria.
Thank me later.

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>not owning a miner like HVBTF OR BFARF

>> No.29311497

True still looking at BFARF. undervalued on price/hashrate . May move money around in the sector, but not taking money out. imo RIOT and MARA continue to outperform because of options buyers

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Red all week, major crab egg laying frenzy, S&P plummets to 2000, dubs of truth

>> No.29311541

>wow pltrannies this sure sounds like a company that will be booming in the next
couple of years!!


- Some incredibly incompetent people. Has history of promoting ICs with zero management experience to leads with no guidance, no support, and no training.
- Work life balance can be so bad that sleep deprivation will take a continuous toll on your health. For example, you can expect no sleep for your oncall rotations in BD since it will actually be 24/7.
- PD lacks good product direction. Great visual designers, but lack of product direction in designing products for technical users. E.g. not practical for product designers with no coding experience to be designing IDEs, etc, which results in some incredibly stupid UIs. Great engineering != great products.
- A lot of unhealthy friction between BD and PD, purposefully architected by higher management. Lack of proper communication channels.
- Selective BD teams have no idea what they are doing. No code reviews, terrible code quality, resulting in burnout/employees quitting from the absolute refusal to reduce tech debt.
- Don't know how people are promoted to leads, but it's definitely not based on competence.
- Below market pay.
- Selective teams are extremely political.

Advice to Management

Please carefully select and train middle management.

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My bags? Heavy? Look at this. This is one of my accounts right NOW. Lol. Dipshit. Idiot. Milkbreath. And that is only 1/2 of my portfolios. My other accounts CRBP postion has similar gains. And those will double, triple, quadruple, 5x soon. You have no idea what is coming for CRBP. You don't know. You think it is a pump and dump. Lol. I am lol'ing. A lot.

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She's just going to keep shipping PLTR more and more contracts and more and more money. The government will never let the company go bankrupt. The prospect of bankruptcy will never even be on the table.

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feels very bearish

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Haha imagine paying taxes of CFD's and stocks xD. Happy EuroFag her only need to pay 1.2% annually on my capital.
And if I loose money it's tax deductible

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Why does the mere mention of China make Amerilards seethe so much? Is it brainwashing?

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>t. inbred retard called cleetus
>misses the surge of American money into Chinese ADRs
>now has to cope post about China being fake and gay
You should just stick to investment advice from pic related
>not investing in china isn't "stock nationalism" it's avoiding the biggest scam economy on the fucking planet.
You could've just said that instead of writing a mini blog about why you hate yellow people
>asked to name the Chinese stocks which are commonly shilled on /smg/ that dumped
>lists stocks which only one anon shills
>the stocks mentioned involve flying cars and a company which cannot compete with SBUX in China

>> No.29311618

>Look anon, I've flipped this coin 6 times and it was heads all six times.
>You are stupid for not betting on heads
God crypto is insufferable. The thing has been extremely uncomfy since December.

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If I'm a poor fuck, will I get anywhere by putting between 10 and 20 bucks into a company, and selling any time I have around a quid profit? Have about 500 in total spread around this way and just keep buying and selling?

>> No.29311637

Wats the ticker again?
I do see orphan drug potential at least. I know family with lupus

>> No.29311640

He took too much Lenabasum (JBT-101).

>> No.29311674

Let's say you're 100% sure that a stock will go up, will you go all in?

>> No.29311675

Bears don't cum.

>> No.29311688

I don’t trust anyone who is still carrying NOK bags.

>> No.29311695

Tax refunds and more free govt money (1400 or 2800 married) is a coming.. Time to plan your what your buying.. So once the money lands in your bank you can strike quickly.

>> No.29311721

I took a giant dab of Lenabasum. Lol. Big globs.

>> No.29311737

>Is it brainwashing?
Americans have bad genes, bad food and mostly do drugs so they are inherently retarded anyway. No brainwashing needed. China is just something they don't know. Something foreign so they reject it like the primitve animals that they are

>> No.29311752

yes with 2x leverage

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>all of that
you will never be a woman

>> No.29311794

Lol. Why are you panicking? Are you scared? Which links are you talking about? Lol. Don't panic. Laugh, if you own CRBP.

>> No.29311805

Never has PLTR fud ever been this bad jfc worse than the CLFtrannies.

>> No.29311868

>Wats the ticker again?
Lol. CRBP. You don't have much time in the grand scheme of things. Just a few days left. Lol.

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where is john rocker?

>> No.29311891

dont forget DMGGF

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Never before have this many institutions backed bitcoin. Even children are talking about it. You obviously hate money. Short term in barf or hive, you can double if not triple your money. Quit being a boomer

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Sounds about right. If I lived in a nation known best for its obesity and poor education then I’d probably project my insecurities on another as well.

>> No.29311942

>calls me a tranny
>proceeds to watch a gay MIT grad who now makes gay porn and poops his bed

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In on BFARF with 2.5k shares
Hope those cryptofags pump btc to 100k

>> No.29311960

If you're "100% sure" then you're probably an inside trader, so yeah I guess

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Yes that's called inside trading and that's illegal

>> No.29311979

kek nocoiner cope
imagine still not being in crypto

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I need to do my taxes bro’s.

>> No.29312006

It means that by the end of the month (Feb 2021) CRBP is releasing their Primary Completion Results from their Lupus trials.

>> No.29312028

my know it all coworker think you need a margin account to do options. i thought i could just get an unregistered account (cant do options in my TFSA) and just throw a few grand to play around with and i cant loose more than what i put in.

i was under the assumption i buy a call for X price and if i dont sell it before it expires its worthless and the goal is to usually sell instead of exercising it but theres nothing forcing me to exercise an option right?? ive watched the usual videos thrown around on here and maybe i missed something were the broker can exercise my options for me and force me to buy 100 shares at whatever the strike was

>> No.29312047

It's illegal only if the feds find out
Or if you're a goy

>> No.29312048

Your analogy is autistic as fuck. Ride the wave up bro. Just don’t be the last one off

>> No.29312059

So there's still a 50/50 chance they failed. I got pajeet'd

>> No.29312073
File: 4 KB, 100x125, my asshole is in danger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come on anon, buy in right now, it's been going up, the sky's the limit
>posts literal shoeshine boy examples
>crypto shits the bed next week
>Oops, well, you were late anyway lol

>> No.29312080

I only own 2 stocks. I went all in gevo, took 30k in profits and stuck it in HVBTF. Diversity is if u want small gains low risk.

>> No.29312094

Nick went to MIT? You know more about him than me. I like watching him sperg out like (you)

>> No.29312154

Just 7 more days bro. Are you saving the screenshots so we can BTFO them later?

>> No.29312176

Whenever the market crashes, so will bitcoin.

>> No.29312188

>So there's still a 50/50 chance they failed.
Lol. Do you think insiders would have filed Form 4 SEC filings, which give them an option to buy CRBP share at a price of $2.58/share later months down the line if they didn't think the share price was going to skyrocket?


Here are the Form 4 SEC filings by just a few of the CRBP insiders a couple weeks ago where they initiated a vesting plan at a conversion price of $2.58. It means they want that price to be pumped way more that 2.58. Don't be a cattle goy.

>> No.29312198

How do I know I'm not the last one if I buy in right now?
That's right, I don't.

>> No.29312205

As far as I’m aware brokers will only auto exercise your option if it reaches it’s expiry and you’re ITM.

>> No.29312222
File: 343 KB, 850x1202, 1565623691971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29312236

most undervalued btc miner stock rn?

>> No.29312242

Why buy it now when I can buy BTC after it crashes for the second time :^)

>> No.29312249

You are implying a good sense on timing the market
I advise against that. Most of us fail at this for good reasons.
Save money and buy safe stocks or gamble on shitcoins and use that money for safe stocks

>> No.29312262

>Are you saving the screenshots so we can BTFO them later?
No. I am just masturbating to the people FUD'ing CRBP. Edging to their posts. Lol.

>> No.29312282

ITM means 'in the money' right?

>> No.29312290

But it's more likely that only bitcoin crashes and the market doesn't. Also I'm properly hedged against a market crash right now, so my body is ready.

>> No.29312292
File: 10 KB, 300x300, 38DF4353-A1FA-4FE9-ABA0-358BF45B4CFC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29312296

Prolly BFARF

>> No.29312314


>> No.29312324
File: 27 KB, 554x250, 4782939646.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

keep this PLTR fud up and I'll buy another thousand shares..

>> No.29312352
File: 97 KB, 1200x800, GettyImages-997255922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What exactly is this guys fucking problem?

>> No.29312384

That's an option, not an obligation, so if the result is a failure, they will be like "lol oops. Well, better wait another year".

>> No.29312391

Yeah. They won’t force you to lose more money than you paid for the premium. That would be counter intuitive.

>> No.29312394

Buy the dip, bastard
>they said more and more
Then shill this trash on /biz/
>good I have bot ocean subscription and use bots for trading and less risks on DEX

>> No.29312404
File: 14 KB, 250x250, OIP (10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do the needful sir

>> No.29312411

based image

>> No.29312416

I need advise from six figure Chads who sell premium please.

Do you /thetagang/ on stocks or index funds? I've been doing stocks for the last year but my account and greed have grown so much that it's becoming stressful and time intensive to move the needle with individual trades.

>> No.29312458

How do you not look at Bitcoin right now and see it yet again on the verge of an ATH then decide nah this opportunity it too spooky for me. I’m not telling you to go all in, but you’re a fucking fool to have no skin in this game right now

>> No.29312462
File: 758 KB, 1907x705, red.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29312469
File: 178 KB, 736x1104, 1609302255152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

whats that like 15$ entry? based
im planning to wait a couple months to re-asses them hoping the hype dies down and prices drop to a nicer entry than last week otherwise the return didnt seem worth it

>> No.29312489

Someone posted a screen cap of a linkedin account which might be his. I don't know if it's true, but it does make his downfall more funny

>> No.29312499

im retarded and just googled it, what if they exercise a call option and i dont have the cash to settle it in the account. i guess that would just be me being retarded anyway and losing out on gains. im just concerned about buying like 500$ in call options and suddenly being forced to pay out a ton of money. doesent seem like thats how it works tho..

>> No.29312503

I do not have schizophrenia. I just listen to the dark pools. I listen to what they have to say. Lol. They tell me things that make me laugh. I tell them things that make them laugh even harder. I tell the dark pools about how cynical people are about NOK. The dark pools laugh at me and tell me that goyim are usually too impatient. They don't have foresight. They let cattle goyim let the dark pools take you foreskin too and leave you with no foresight either.

Not me. I have my foreskin. And the foresight. I am a Hindu Brahmin priest. The dark pools do not try to mess with me. I am a goy but I am not a cattle.

>> No.29312535

>How do you not look at Bitcoin right now and [not buy]
I was alive in 2017. I guess you were like 12 then and wasn't allowed to trade.

>> No.29312543

>would you trust someone that wears orange sunglasses??

>> No.29312563

cool sounds good, thx fren

>> No.29312592

Many such cases

>> No.29312599

I only sell covered calls with a strike price slightly above what I expect the stock the reach so I can collect premiums and keep my shares.

>> No.29312608
File: 41 KB, 398x431, thumbsup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lel this is peak /biz/

>> No.29312634

>Bought GME
Damn it feels good. [email protected] GME bros? Whens the squeeze?
Went all in. 10 shares @ 40 dollars

>> No.29312685

y...you did make sure to take your meds... right anon?

>> No.29312706

There is no point of initiating a vesting plan if you didn't expect good results as an insider. Note the sequential manner of the vesting plan too.
The officers were granted stock options rights with 25% becoming vested in Feb/2022, and are at an exercise price of $2.58/sh. So that’s great news of course, demonstrating the officers/directors of the company expect the stock to be worth a lot more than $2.58 when the vesting period ends.

Please, do not be a cattle goy.

>> No.29312723

nobody this autistic can also be wrong. im doubling down on CRBP tomorrow

>> No.29312727

It would auto sell the shares you receive back to the market. They only do this if the amount you would lose selling the shares is less than the amount you would lose if the call expired worthless.

>> No.29312734
File: 3 KB, 125x121, 1613872694364s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bitcoin 57k, Eth 2k. Hvbtf is a eth miner with some bitcoin. Normies will flock to eth.

>> No.29312737

Ad hominem. Good luck with your picks then bro

>> No.29312802
File: 144 KB, 1001x547, 2021-02-21-1613932856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which of these would you throw 50 bucks in on monday?

>> No.29312823
File: 104 KB, 1000x600, kissofdeathinglesamaleedarlinginthefranxx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Exercising is only something you care about when you are writing options. You also never exercise options but sell them before they expire. If you keep options the broker will exercise them for you and, in whatever roundabout way specific to your broker, settle with cash.

>> No.29312825

I have a shitton of april CRBP calls my schizo friend.

>> No.29312838

I have calls in my tfsa

>> No.29312845

Add SRNE on any dips you can. Accumulation phase is not going to last much longer for it.

>> No.29312873

You can never lose more than the premium you paid unless you manually exercise your option at a retarded time.

>> No.29312875

So it's going back to 3.58 soon?

>> No.29312876
File: 82 KB, 913x702, 1612333537788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why this thread moving so slow today? I thought it'd be super-busy with people planning gets for the upcoming week.

Is /smg/ finally kill?

>> No.29312889
File: 215 KB, 350x431, 1612873800365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This time it's different

>> No.29312904
File: 436 KB, 1145x870, karb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.29312917

Lol. Are you scared? Of what is going to happen to CRBP?

>> No.29312939

How do you from MIT to violinist to vegan cult to gay mukkbang porn.
He's going to be a future case study like Christine Sonichu Ricardo Chandler

>> No.29312944

What exactly are they working on?
If its not an orphaned target like hardcore refractory seizures it will take decades before you make any real money off them.

>> No.29312945

are miners still a buy do you think? or would it be too risky to buy more shares

>> No.29312969
File: 7 KB, 500x500, 7BC72D6E-E46F-40A6-BC74-130FB47C428D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

USS שוקעת חירות Sinking of the USS Liberty שחררו את פלסטין Free Palestine צליבת ישו The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ הלוואה ללא ריבית Interest-Free Loan מלח מיוד Iodized Salt וקדים ישראלים Dancing Israelis בעלי ספינות עבדים Slave Ship Owners מקרי מוות בעקבות ברית מילה Deaths From Circumcision פסטרמה בינונית Pastrami Is Mediocre מספר המוות בצלב האדום Red Cross Death Toll הקבלה לאוניברסיטאות בליגה קיסוסית Ivy League University Admissions טנק החשיבה של אפגניסטן Afghanistan Think Tank יובל חוב Debt Jubilee מדינת לאום הומוגנית מבחינה אתנית Ethnically Homogeneous Nation-State אחריות אישית Personal Accountability עלילת דם Blood Libel עשרת הדיברות The Ten Commandments פרוטוקולים של זקני לימוד ציון Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion שנה ביחד 200 Two Hundred Years Together סיוע שנתי לישראל Annual Aid To Israel

>> No.29312972

Return to the norm

>> No.29313011

What in the shit are you talking about. It's finally comfy again.

I bought the calls. That means I'm bullish. jesus.

>> No.29313043
File: 26 KB, 562x500, FB_IMG_1612218014594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's already overvalued by alot so why not

>> No.29313052

I know you bought the calls. Lol. I am asking you if you are scared.

>> No.29313057

Some of the newfags got shaken out after experiencing their first red day last week.

>> No.29313068
File: 3.87 MB, 1780x1919, 1611441843727.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29313069
File: 1.35 MB, 1024x1536, karp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to invest in Palantir. The company itself is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of coding and sata structuring most of the tech and its applications will go over a typical investors head. There's also societys nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into a dystopian high tech future- this philosophy draws heavily from Orwellian literature, for instance. The PLTR investor understands this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this company, to realize that they're not just a company- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike PLTR ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the inclination in what PLTRs CEO said when he said, "We believe in augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it," which itself is a cryptic reference to Huxleys magnum opus Brave New World. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Alexander Karp's genius wit unfolds itself on their brokerage sites. What fools.. how I pity them.

>> No.29313071
File: 1.60 MB, 1278x713, Discount Saber 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes this might just cross the threshold from crazy - ignore to crazy - buy buy buy.

>> No.29313105

Is this legit? I'm reading their website atm. Can you tell me something else about them?

>> No.29313121

Not everyone is scared like you skitzo

>> No.29313125

I have accepted my financial future is in the hands of a soijak poster. If it fails I delete every soijak I have saved.

>> No.29313132
File: 32 KB, 414x354, 6B01D392-7CA3-4363-A490-060E0A1426D5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29313151

Hvbtf is Etherium, Bfarf is Btc. Barf will probably be the better pick. Doesn't really matter because both will go parabolic.

>> No.29313183

Pallitative care for lupus and sclerosis patients. It worked absolutely great fro dermal sclerosis. There's a high chance that it will be better than the current state of the art for other autoimmune stuff too.

Keep in mind that it's a clinical phase biomeme. We are only here for the positive result pump to $12. I don't really care if they can phase 3 or sell their shit.

>> No.29313200

It unironically is, both in terms of duration and overall size.

>> No.29313202

If bitcoin hits 60k, it'll probably correct to somewhere in the low 50s before making another leg up. 58k now and rising.

>> No.29313213

CRBP results won't be released on weekends. It will be released first week of March

>> No.29313229

newfag here never bought stocks only cryptos. How do i buy stock? I only want to buy stocks with funny names like KEK or FAG

>> No.29313249
File: 2.95 MB, 1280x720, huh gowon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ummm fuck you kpop is not anime im calling the ceo of SOXL

>> No.29313251

I'm not scared at all, I believe in CRBP. Lol-ing at people getting upset about a 20% daily volatility when the real upside is 150%.

>> No.29313284

you say its overvalued. but what if btc continues steadily climbing to 100k

>> No.29313290
File: 45 KB, 600x700, 8d376a94b5489d83f8bdcc72b2a1f843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29313304

>Pallitative care for lupus and sclerosis patients
There's just to many established therapies for a physcian to prescribe a cb1/cb2 modulator.
Maybe in 10 years with a superiority study.

>> No.29313319

whats china? you mean taiwan or the rebelling inbred peasants?

>> No.29313325

Any good calls to make tomorrow

>> No.29313339
File: 9 KB, 346x346, cycav_ek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you have a problem with traps? ngmi

>> No.29313340

Failed endpoints multiple times for multiple drugs

>this time will be different

>> No.29313354

This guy gets it

>> No.29313360
File: 822 KB, 717x807, 1611445419740.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I 'm genuinely wondering if this could eventually lead to antigrav shit.

High energy magnetism. Probably dreaming though.

>> No.29313374

But what if it doesn't

>> No.29313392

>What exactly are they working on?
If their Lenabasum Lupus trial results are good enough to send to the FDA then CRBP will have revenue of 5 billion in 2022 at the minimum. Lenabasum is a THC-derived synthetic drug they are using to target Lupus, because other Lupus treatments on the market have side effects which apparently make the condition even more unbearable/unlivable with and Lupus is in the top 20 causes for death among young females.

The market for Lupus therapy is large in USA, EU, and Japan and Lenabasum poses a therapy avenue which can treat milder symptoms without the adverse side effects of other Lupus. Medicines specifically approved by the FDA for treatment of Lupus are aspirin, hydroxychloroquine, corticosteroids (for example, prednisone), the corticotropin injection Acthar and the immunosuppressive drug Benlysta. Other drugs that are not FDA approved for SLE but are often prescribed by physicians include methotrexate, mycophenolate, azathioprine and cyclophosphamide. These treatments may be associated with significant side effects, such as serious infections which Lupus patients report as making their lives even worse than before.

Lenabasum will attempt to fix that problem in the Lupus therapy market.

>> No.29313406
File: 290 KB, 1797x1368, pltr compilation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here's a compilation for those who don't have an account on glassdoor so you can see that what you call "FUD" is something actual insiders have said
>inb4 it's just fired employees with a grudge!!!
certain points come up over and over again, even in positive reviews:
-PLTR is a consultancy firm that tries to pretend they have a product
-work/life balance is torture
-the pay is not worth that torture
-the work culture is full of friction and politicking, inexperienced young people are in charge
-barely anyone respects Karp or takes him seriously
this is not a "comfy long hold", PLTRannies. this is a company that won't exist in five years.

>> No.29313424

>There's just to many established therapies for a physcian to prescribe a cb1/cb2 modulator.
Oh really? Name one.

>> No.29313425

why did it dump so much in September?

>> No.29313445

Next time I do DD I really have to check if my broker even has it.

>> No.29313452

But you’re gonna miss what to buy from people that post anime girls and cunny

>> No.29313456

I told you guys about HVBTF a week and a half ago. Feels good to be an early shill that isn't merely pajeeting!

>> No.29313461

Call your bank and ask to speak to your female(male) broker, then tell her you’d like to go all in on $25 calls for SQQQ. After she moans, give her a tip and hang up.

>> No.29313482


>> No.29313485
File: 32 KB, 736x160, xza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29313491

How can a made up internet token be over or undervalued

>> No.29313497

This is art. Thank you anon i haven't laughed like this in a long time.

>> No.29313498


>> No.29313499

CUK (Carnival Plc) - Cruise Ship

>> No.29313501
File: 67 KB, 603x754, pltr glass door.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

has he bought a pair of pants yet?

>> No.29313514

Cool and CRBP will go to $2

>> No.29313531

I've got 14 shares in RR as my sensible thing

>> No.29313550

Phase 2 fail of one of their trials. They said it was because some error on eastern european doctors' part, but it's kinda sketch.
The current phase 2 is for a different illness, and they already had a very successful phase 3.

>> No.29313567

For which? Both have established treatment algorithms.
You think a rheumatologist is gonna prescribe this shit over mycophenolate for lupus without a clear superiority trial?
Again, maybe for refractory cases of lupus nephritis or something but you'll be holding bags until then.

>> No.29313569

for real? source? another 2 weeks of holding this and it crabbing down will probably fuck up all profit potential for me

>> No.29313576

You have to wait at minimum 8 days

>> No.29313589

Nice dividend, but the stock isn't really going to move much

>> No.29313601

Kek, I think the moment the anti-soijak GME poster realized I was both the GME soijak poster and CRBP shill he just went postal or something I haven't seen that guy in a while

>> No.29313612

>crbp is just bcrx round 2

>> No.29313614
File: 98 KB, 475x407, 1613751808579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like Google. Bullish af.

>> No.29313625

read what employees have to say about him on glassdoor. guy is a mess, no wonder the stock plummeted when he started talking.
I'm sure you will not regret this decision, just like I'm sure the AMC and GME bagholders who also claimed they would buy more to spite the "fudders" and "hedgie shills" don't regret theirs :')

>> No.29313649
File: 217 KB, 1364x2048, 543543565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure that half if not all of the newfags got burned last week, there were so many memes going on that went straight red for days on end, along with a broader red hit, and then for it all just to go green on Thurs/Friday. That enough to make normalfags rage and exit the market entirely. Quite a sight, and a small litmus test. The market is based.

>> No.29313650
File: 137 KB, 716x1180, 1610792633540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buying only because you posted Kuro.

>> No.29313686

You can 100% do options in a TFSA. You just can't sell cash covered puts.

>> No.29313689
File: 212 KB, 319x337, 654564ed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>IV of CRBP calls is 200%

>> No.29313737

What's special about SRNE? They constantly dump from low teens to single digits.

>> No.29313769

does anyone remember when mcdonalds switched to all day breakfast? for all the times i showed up hungover at 11 wanting a fucking bfast sammich, and all the time i heard others express the same sentiment, i knew this move would make them money so i bought the stock. my point is that dont forget to use your eyes and ears. it's not all staring at charts and reading bullshit press releases. Volta chargers are popping up all over the bay area. thats why im in SNPR

>> No.29313771

>Beta is a measure of the volatility, or systematic risk, of a security or a portfolio in comparison to the market as a whole. Beta is used in the capital asset pricing model (CAPM), which calculates the predictable return of an asset based on its beta and predictable market returns. Beta is also known as the beta coefficient.

>A beta of 1 indicates that the security’s price moves with the market. A beta of less than 1 means that the security is theoretically less volatile than the market. A beta of greater than 1 indicates that the security’s price is theoretically more volatile than the market. After a recent check, beta value for this stock comes out to be 2.24. A statistical measure of the dispersion of returns (volatility) for CRBP producing salvation in Investors mouth, it has week volatility of 15.56% and for the month booked as 17.77%. Regardless of which metric you utilize, a firm understanding of the concept of volatility and how it is measured is essential to successful investing. A stock that maintains a relatively stable price has low volatility. When investing in a volatile security, the risk of success is increased just as much as the risk of failure.

>> No.29313786

yeah thursday was a shake out day, but there will be worse shake out days soon as the bull market ends

Wall street journal is reporting about SPACs now, they are onto us, time to find the next move

>> No.29313788

>bank fees
fuck that noise

>> No.29313791

Not even close. Do some DD and wait 6 days. You will see what I am saying
Also crbp can't get the fda to approve their drugs lol

>> No.29313792
File: 2.97 MB, 720x404, 1605207082512.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I do not have schizophrenia. I just listen to the dark pools.

>> No.29313797


Hold MNXXF long-term then? They have a subsidary called Graphano, for Graphene.

>> No.29313925

>I am a brahmin priest

Nigga workin with demons lmao. Repent and be saved.

>> No.29313927
File: 270 KB, 1280x720, cutetanlines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29313930
File: 114 KB, 740x924, 1599769156662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is comparing apple to oranges an argument? Don't even answer that, your inability to even type out a new sentence or thought process is enough for me to generalize what type of idiot you are.

>> No.29313985
File: 21 KB, 423x245, dividends are your fren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29314006

>prescribe a cb1/cb2 modulator.
You've done a terrible job searching on wikipedia. You could've scrolled down to mechanism of action at least.
The main point of the company is the very novel approach of targeting endocannabiod receptors. It is absolutely better than current care for Dermatomyositis. There's a good chance it will be better than current drugs for similar diseases.
The safety profile is also insanely good compared to competitors.

If you're just one of those guys trying to filter the shit by asking retarded questions, I suggest you simply read their results. It's easily available on their site.

>> No.29314012

has CLF had its pre-earnings run-up yet? would it be dumb to consider buying calls on monday and selling on wednesday?

>> No.29314039
File: 915 KB, 450x232, 14535275-2A72-4B7D-B6B5-49A066AB4CC0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pltr doesnt keep employees around and overpay them for no reason
>pltr doesnt hire enough women and minorities
>employees let go dont like the boss
>pltr is a racism
Jesus tap dancing christ
The absolute state of PLTR fud is fucking hilarious

>> No.29314067

Will I be fine putting 5k in MARA tomorrow morning?

>> No.29314085

Dividends are a scam. I only invest in pharma crabs.

>> No.29314109

is this the girl Jenny from In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories?

>> No.29314110
File: 334 KB, 849x546, 1613522957049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>work/life balance is torture
i mean i dont even own a share but i have to say this is bullish

>> No.29314135
File: 499 KB, 1080x1040, 1612894039197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29314141



>> No.29314180

Diverse pipeline of products which have use for years down the line. 50+ PT long term

>> No.29314203


>> No.29314221

Youre in the euphoria phase seriously. The miner stocks are not anymore based on the company value but just a way to leverage bitcoin. Which is not a good investment thesis, but might work out as an alright gamble.

>> No.29314225

my crypto holdings in June of 2019 was $400.

Today its $104, wtf I love crypto

just wish I didn't recycle my wallet information for 50 BTC back in 2012...

>> No.29314259

I warned you. I told you. You will be crying in a few days/weeks.

>> No.29314295


>> No.29314309

what happens to miners once all btc is mined?

>> No.29314313

Sell what?

>> No.29314321

$104 was more realistic DESU, so I'm going to go with that.

>> No.29314389

Why Did You All Sell Your CRBP. You Should Not Have Done That. You Will Be Upset You Did Not Buy CRBP Or If You Sold It. Why Did You All Sell CRBP.

>> No.29314397
File: 15 KB, 1144x96, SOXL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am a Hindu Brahmin priest
The anons attacking you are just angry sudra gandus
No, there's still loads of retards during trading days. Imagine losing money on SOXL

>> No.29314460

Question bros. Let's say I bought a 8$ 2022 uvxy call as just a year long honda to hedge if we actually have a market crash or deep correction. Could I also buy a 10$ 2022 put. To essentially cover the cost of the call over the year and essentially get my crash protection for free?

>> No.29314472
File: 425 KB, 2406x1814, crabbing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mycophenolate a gold standard for lupus fuckwit
MTX and azathioprine.
MTX especially is gold standard, dethrone it and I'll buy some bags.
>very novel approach of targeting *endocannabiod* receptors
It's a receptor, you either agonize or inhibit it.
Also autoimmune diseases respond very well to biologics, that's where most of the research is now not fucking endocannabinoids.
These diseases need to be controlled early, without clear superiority they will never have mainstream use.
Also you can't even fucking spell it man why are you buying into these shitty pharma companies?

>> No.29314563
File: 45 KB, 480x368, 3cf6p36ipw501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTC past 58k I hope you kept your miners anons! BFARF in particular

>> No.29314584

Depends on what they do with all the BTC they mined, BTC's price and their own plans, but that's far in the future still

>> No.29314606
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again, i dont own a share
but ignoring female inclusion and diversity is pretty based

isn't this how most silicon valley places work? cut the old people buy cheaper young ones

>> No.29314607

Don't worry you'll be able to buy it back at 2.78 all week as it continues its perpetual crab

>> No.29314644

>Mycophenolate a gold standard for lupus fuckwit
Causes you to piss and shit blood.
>MTX and azathioprine.
MTX causes you do grow hair on the inside of your throat.

Relatively speaking, Lenabasum has very good palliative properties and no side effects.

>> No.29314663
File: 7 KB, 245x229, 1602539251462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You should just stick to investment advice from pic related
If you did at her listed price you'd be up like 300% minimum.

>> No.29314691

not for a company whose future depends on their ability to scale their workforce
if the work/life balance is torturous AND the pay is not worth it, they will not be able to scale

>> No.29314749
File: 1.61 MB, 327x251, 2D6B4A43-5F3A-4B22-A285-E677E719F902.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29314775

maybe you could the last few weeks but not next week.

>> No.29314776
File: 88 KB, 371x348, aCJrpadx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29314778
File: 79 KB, 260x300, 3bf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what do you guys think of HOTH, SINO, and BRQS, bought in on wednesday, steadily increased until they tanked thursday,
How's RKT doing, earnings soon,
and whats the price target on UUUU, can I expect it to reach 7 in the next 2 weeks or is that asking too much

>> No.29314788

The most commonly reported side effects of Methotrexate for treating Systemic Lupus include:

Mouth sores
Poor appetite
Hair loss
Eye irritations
More serious side effects may include:

Unusual bleeding or bruising
Blood in the urine or stool
Extreme fatigue
The inability to eat or drink
Kidney toxicity or failure
Low Red Blood Cell count


>> No.29314795
File: 1.67 MB, 1251x703, 523a2ad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29314841

>be data analyst
>how do we convince the unwashed white masses to buy?
>ah, i know, we appeal to their angry side

I think they just try to rope in retail for the challenge, these guys are pretty good at what they do

>> No.29314848

That's okay I was acooomulating dips while FUDing weak hands out for 2 weeks now.

>> No.29314860

Its a long hold for me. Mine isn't gonna be doing anything for a couple years at least and there's the potential TSLA connection. It only cost me under $500 CAD to get 1000 shares, so why not hold for a bit? Even if battery chemistry changes in the future, manganese is still used to make high-strength steel allows used in stuff like power plant piping to reduce creep.

>> No.29314918

>No bro bro bro this drug which literally has an immaculate safety profile and great palliative efficacy for a painful disorder where palliative care is the greatest priority is worse than the drug which makes you randomly bruise and piss and shit blood and makes you unable to eat

>> No.29314924

They already released prelim earnings, so its probably priced in already.

>> No.29314944

this is why i'm bullish on DIS... as soon as they open California again, that shit's gonna moon

>> No.29314962

Take your meds, schizo

>> No.29314988

Jesus pajeet youre in full damage control now. No one is buying your bags no matter how much you scream

>> No.29315015


name is the general edition

>> No.29315026

Everyone knows that CRBP will release its result in first week of March. Don't know who started the meme that they would release it on weekend. Have you ever heard of a biotech releasing its result on a Saturday?

>> No.29315071
File: 52 KB, 800x596, reallynigga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MTX causes you do grow hair on the inside of your throat.
nigger what
>piss and shit blood
Do you understand what drug monitoring is?
Also MTX side effects like mouth sores are avoided by giving folic acid, which is standard of care.
Mycophenolate is very well tolarated at the lower doses that this population takes it at.
You're not a physician and seem to not know anything about pharmacology or therapeutics.
Why are you posting a list of side effects?
Do you not understand what a gold standard treatment is? You think I give a fuck if you get some runny stool for a few weeks while I try to delay the degeneration of your fucking kidneys?

>> No.29315082

Okay. I warned you. That was your last chance. It's fine.

>> No.29315083

When have employees ever paid attention to what their CEO says and how it will affect business?
This is obvious fud from a stonk person. No pleb employee would write this. Some faggot manipulator would write this. Not even butt hurt fag would write something like this.
Use your brain cells guys. Over a 98% chance this isn’t even an ex employee.

>> No.29315133

The miners will still have to run to process transactions. I saw one person talking about how the miners can increase the price you pay to move transactions and cause the price to continue to go up, but I don't really understand why that would make the price go up. Who knows what'll actually happen though, its still years away before all of them will be mined.

>> No.29315142


Completion date is apparently in Feb 2021

>> No.29315234

So it was true? Well fuck, it better not dump hard monday I need time to get out

>> No.29315257



>> No.29315296

I feel like I start getting the picture.
Silicon valley sissies are complaining that there isn't enough "diversity" and that they aren't inclusive enough, and Karp is having none of it. So he does the only logical thing and purges the ranks of all the social justice activists.

>> No.29315348


>> No.29315364

dont lie biz
if someone here says "I did some DD, I will show you my DD"
in 9 out of 10 cases they regurgitate an article they read on seeking alpha

>> No.29315501

Lenabasum reached around the same CDASI reduction in phase 2 as methotrexate. And as opposed to methotrexate, it is not a broad spectrum T-cell inhibitor (and fucking chemotherapy agent), but a more specific innate immune reaction inhibitor.
So it may as well become SOC in a few years.

>> No.29315608

Reading this manga hurt

>> No.29315760

u want to fuck n suck that was brilliant bro well done honesltly u biofags are not that bad

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