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What do you think is gonna happen?

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lol, that's a log chart, so that last tip just above the red line is most of the gains.

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Not very useful. Look at the last blow off top where it peaked just under the red line about 3 times

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You will suck my balls.

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Scenario A - It Breaks Through: Short bull market, we cap around 80k w/ a short alt cycle.

Scenario B - It bounces off a few times before breaking through in ~September: Long bull, much higher potential cap ~150k+, unbelievable gains in alts.

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baste and suckmyballspilled

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I really hope for B to happen, but i'm prepared for the worst

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Why don't you at least consider the other tops in the same manner and form an average between them or something, you lazy bastard

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imagine when ppl realise crypto is actually pic related

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>Short bull market
what do you mean by this? We've been in a bullrun that's lasted almost an entire year, were at the tail end of literally the biggest bullrun of all time, that's lasted over 10 years, if you factor in the stock market as well

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>not very useful
>proceeds to give very useful and specific analysis of the chart
Ladies, gentlemen and enbies, I give you bizthought.

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You know that they wont let the stock market to fall do you? New monetary policies are here to protect the stock market, quantitative easing is being implemented everywhere. Inflation wont happen for years, atleast 3-5 more years of bullrun is coming

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You realize we're specifically talking about the price chart of Bitcoin as presented in the OP, right? I mean short relative to the other patterns as can be clearly seen on the chart.

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250k eoy

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Remember it's a log chart you brainlet.

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this bullrun was pathetic

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WTF does that have to do with it ?
That's the exact chart you want to use to show my point.

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Jesus Christ you're a fucking nigger aren't you?

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Another 1 month dump at 70k, giving the cycle more time.

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Uhh why would the fed want to protect the stock market rather than protect the reserve currency (the only power the US has left)

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you do realize gains like this has never been possible before anywhere else and there is no way this is going to be possible in the future either
~10% a year, that is the normal gains you should be expecting

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